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License keys for Windows 10 technical preview. Become an Insider: be one of the first to explore new Windows features for you and your business or use the latest Windows SDK to build great apps. Forums Microsoft Windows Windows 10 Windows (10) Technical Preview Pro-Ent build 9879 Torrent Discussion in ' Windows 10 ' started by murphy78, Nov 14, 2020. Being a Windows Insider and upgrading to the newest Windows 10 Insider Preview build on an eligible device that was running an activated earlier version of Windows and Windows 10 Preview. Windows 10 Technical Preview X 64 EN GB 9926: Free https://trisha-ls.ru/crack/?key=995.

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Activate Windows 10. If it still asks for the activation key, then you need to run KMSPico. Run Windows 10 pro Product Key and it will automatically start the Windows 10 Activation. If you are prompted for one though, you can use one of the following for the appropriate edition. Download Full PC softwares with Activation keys and cracks, Download Paid Android Applications and Games, Learn PC and Android devices Tips and Tricks. Page 1 of 2 - Question Regarding Windows 7 upgrade to Windows 10 Technical Preview - posted in Windows 10 Support: Hello, So basically my girlfriend has Windows 7, I decided to upgrade her.

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Windows 10 Pro Activator: Windows 10 Pro Activator have released a New advanced activator for windows 10 operating system released by Microsoft. You will be able to use the Windows Feedback app to report on any issues you encounter with the Windows 10 Technical Preview or tell us about something you like or dislike. Windows 10 then you can use this. Give your operating system a name (like "Windows 10 Technical Preview") and choose Windows from the list (since VirtualBox doesn't have a Windows 10 option yet). Technical preview upgrade help Samira.

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So, here was the guide for installing Windows 10 technical Preview on your Windows Phone, though there are very less differences between the Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 Technical Preview on a smartphone, you may like to be a little SWAGGY with your phone. Anyway I have heard that I don't need to pay for Windows 10 Technical Preview (in the computer there was Win 7 Prof before). It is a solid feature to enable Windows 10, Vista, 8, 8.1, 7, and Office 2020/2020/2020 Preview. Edited from duplicate post: I did an in-place upgrade from Windows Pro with a. It's easy to enroll and install.

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The safe side, I suggest you to pay to upgrade to a original licensed copy of Windows 10 after you install/run it. ///// If you just want to buy a cheap valid product key only, skip the content. Earlier this week we announced the availability of the first preview of the Visual Studio 2020 tools for building Windows 10 applications. Windows 10 Technical Preview was released a few hours ago to members of the Windows Insider Program. How To Install or Enable .NET Framework In Windows 10. How to activate windows 10 technical preview.

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Download Free Windows 10 Technical Preview via Windows. Starting in this technical preview release, you can now use this option on devices with modern standby and other devices that don't have that default power plan. The method of activating this crack is offline and there is no need for internet connection to activate.

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How do I activate Windows 10 Technical Preview. I have Disabled Windows Defender through the program and i now want to turn it back on. When I go to the control panel and press turn on now it does nothing. Apparently Microsoft is relying on the recorded hardware ID to determine whether it should grant device license and activate an. [v1.5.4, v1.0.7] KMSAuto Net – KMS Server based Windows more. Product keys, not a unique code.

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Match Card Write-Up (With Gifs) for ChocoPro 60: Akki VS Otoki...Airing Tonight at 9 pm EST!

Otoki challenges the Ace once more! Fresh off the insanity that was the Halloween Special (Which included the debut of both Jaki Numazawa and a character that the fans memed into existence (Fake Akki), Season Four rolls on! Tonight (October 31st at 9pm EST / November 1st: 1am GMT, 10am JST) Episode 60 of ChocoPro will be airing...a return, a rematch, and a fun tag match to start off November right! Time zone differences are tricky, but this will be a treat.
Never seen ChocoPro? You will be able to watch it here, LIVE and free, on the Gatoh Move YouTube channel. ChocoPro is wrestling unlike you've seen before, in an environment you're unfamiliar with, with a roster of extremely talented individuals, rising stars, and guests. Subscribe for more content than just the live matches! (AEW Watch Alongs, Discussions, Interviews, Food Challenges, etc)
Yunamon & Chie VS Apple-Honey (Mei & Anton)
Yunamon & Chie on the same team!? Adjust your volumes! These two bright stars will bring more than just damage to the speakers...they're two of the best ChocoPro has to offer! “Tropical”Yunamon tends to win over any crowd with her Idol charisma and Powerhouse moveset. She is incredible and captivating! You haven't lived until you've seen that Lariatropical! Chie on the other hand is a speed based fighter, former fencer, and the loudest living being on planet earth. Her unlimited energy leads to some of the most inventive takes on basic wrestling situations. These two need to work hard to take on one of the promotion's longest running combinations!
It has been a while since we have had the opportunity to see the chaos of Babu Mode. It is...hard to explain. Apple-Honey, a team that predates even the Best Bros, tends to employ a potent mixture of Comedy and Strategy that leaves the opponents bamboozled...and sometimes just confused. Anton brings his comedic timing, throwback references, and ancient fox spirit with him from DDT (Which you should be watching!). Mei (Who will be appearing at TJPW's Wrestle Princess!!!) is the dynamic technical prodigy of Gatoh Move. Her wide variety of skills and her new finisher (Lucifer) make her one to keep an eye on! Can they keep it together, or will Babu Mode consume them?
Emi Pencil (Sakura) VS An Chamu
Pipi, pipipi! Pencil Army! Wait, where is Lulu? The Fan Favorite Faction will be represented solely by Emi Pencil (the alter ego of Emi Sakura) this time, against a foe from long ago! Emi and Lulu have been struggling to keep the Army together as of late. Between Emi's bad back and penchant for villainy, against Lulu's recent divergence of character (including showing signs of aligning with Chris Brookes!), Pencil Army might be on its last legs...Lets hope for the best, and keep marching forward! While her moveset might be a sillier, dramatically slowed down version of her usual array...Emi Pencil still has a fairly strong win record.
But how will she do against the returning An Chamu? It has been 58 episodes since An Chamu's last arrival! She has been missed! Her appearance even predates the dominant use of Emojis for the roster and guests. Though to be fair, she is one of the most talked about stars by the community. A professional model who is both cute and deadly, the Alpaca loving wrestler was also trained by Emi! While it might be hard to not fall for her charms, her abilities are equally as enticing. I can't wait to watch her once again!
Akki “The Ace” VS “Supermodel Six-Pack” Otoki
The Ace is back! It has been great to see Akki wrestling so much in Season 4, since he was sorely missed in Season 3. There is a reason Akki is the Ace of ChocoPro. Possessing a natural talent for wrestling and a perfectionist mindset, You will someday undoubtedly see Baliyan Akki on your television screens in a dominant role. He most recently conquered his eternal antagonist, Fake Akki, in a spooky surprise match on Halloween...one of two matches he competed in that night! Sincerely, if you haven't watched Akki's match against Chris Brookes from Gatoh Move, seek it out! He's awesome. I can't do him justice here. While that might be the case, the dark horse of ChocoPro has come to challenge the Ace once again.
Otoki is a reliable big match candidate. It's great to see her in the main event. One of the “Sensational Six” Rookies (where have I heard that before?) Tokiko Kirihara is a super fit, super strong, super passionate fighter. Her Comaneci submissions, devastating kicks, and wildly impressive throws set her apart from the other Rookies quite well. There is a reason we refer to her as the Super Rookie! This season seems to be more focused on Chie and Sayuri, but Otoki has always been a rising dark horse candidate for MVP each season. She delivers every time, showing nonstop growth as a wrestler. Her match against Cherry was one of the best ground based matches ChocoPro has seen! But is she ready to take down the Ace?
Come and see the wild excitement of the creativity that produced Two of the Three AEW Women's Champions! (The cast will be having you wonder if you're seeing future champs, as well!) The Frontier of Pro Wrestling! It's unlike anything you've seen before! Match after match of hard hitting, chaotic, fun bouts with a welcoming online audience. The fan base also has an active Discord server now!
We're slowly growing, and you're welcome to join the community! ChocoPro has featured stars such as Minoru Suzuki, Chris Brookes, Masato Tanaka, Makoto, Tsubasa Kuragaki, Hanako Nakamori, Hagane Shinno and Riho! They're still aiming for 10k subscribers and the ultimate goal of a 1000 viewer live show. Join us for the frantic fun!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on here or on Twitter, where I'm probably talking about ChocoPro, DDT, TJPW, NOAH, Stardom, or DG (Only with a lingering Halloween theme). Also, for a better take on the events check out this write up by Last Word on Pro Wrestling!!
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:
What is this?”
ChocoPro is an entirely online promotion, that takes place in the legendary Ichigaya Chocolate Square! It is free! It features a breakneck pace of live Episode releases, fan interaction, season long story arcs, and much more! A place where the turnbuckles are replaced with 14th floor windows, unforgiving walls provide creative avenues for skills otherwise unthinkable, and you can take solace in knowing that the referees usually do nothing. While it might be a shocking change at first, give it a shot! You might just find a new flavor that you didn't know you love!
Why are they fighting in ____?”
Short answer is that it is a cost effective, unique venue with a better availability schedule and allows the roster access for training. Emi Sakura has been using this place for a long time, and you might be surprised at some of the names that have used it (even outside of ChocoPro!). There are a few in-ring Episodes, and Gatoh Move has in ring shows with crowds on the YouTube channel. Thanks Xalazi for the inspiration here!
Why are you posting this here? / Are you paid for this?”
This is a wrestling forum, and I'm trying to broaden the horizons of others! There is a lot of good wrestling out there...Plus growing the fan base means more people for me to joke around with! I honestly do believe this is what a lot of fans are looking for, even if it is too different for some! But different tastes are good. Variety is the spice of life. This is a labor of love (it really doesn't take that long) considering how much work they do, to put on so many shows for free. ChocoPro is wonderful.
submitted by dogglesnake to SquaredCircle

Does anyone remember a TV channel called ‘Beneath the Static’? (Part 6)

1 | 2| 3 |4 | 5 | 7 | 8 (FINAL) |
Let me begin by following up on the aftermath of The Day Of Separation.
Everything happened extremely quickly; my Mom went out in a frenzy to search for Tristan, she didn’t even try to register what we said beyond “he’d been taken” and spared no time or expense in getting the wheels moving. The sheriff’s department, our county SAR and a public appeal on state-wide television all yielded absolutely nothing. But you knew that, as did we. If anything, it made it all the harder for us to sit by the sidelines and watch my Mom, who had already lost the only man she loved at a young age, now struggle to deal with the reality of losing her only son. She took sabbaticals from work, spent most of her time researching, calling anyone, putting grounded ideas on a drawing board until the grounded gave way to the fanciful, things beyond what actually happened. She steadily lost her grip with reality until the 3rd anniversary of his disappearance when she passed from a heart attack, Doctors called it broken heart syndrome. I think looking back, she found it too tough to deal with not seeing her boy reach his 21st, even if she had me.
During those years, I tried everything to help her and push the search forward, only ever speaking of what happened in muted tones and furtive conversations late at night with far too much wine in either of our systems. Mom never said she believed me, but she didn’t discount the ideas either. Instead, she sat there every time, wide eyed and patient, slurring her words of revenge on whoever stole her boy away from her. “If I ever catch the person or persons who took Tristan away from me… from us… I will make sure they never rest a day in their lives again. My sweet boy deserved better…” She’d slosh the wine across our couch as she wept, I’d put her to bed and cry myself to sleep, before pushing all the emotions down and returning to the role of the responsible Muldoon.
In the weeks and months after he first “went missing”, the gang went through changes of their own. Preston, perhaps feeling an obligation to stay and help because of his own brother, stayed close by for the first year and made sure we always had something to eat in the highly likely event we were too exhausted to cook. His boyfriend Zachary would always be on hand to help too, full of zest and the kind of dry wit you can’t teach a person. I adored the both of them. Eventually, Zachary got a job offer he couldn’t turn down across the country and asked Preston to join him, which he did. I tearfully watched them go at the airport the following fall and we promised to stay in touch, we didn’t.
Warren went on something of a rampage to begin with, picking fights with anyone and everyone over the smallest issues. He escalated to sticking his nose into disputes that didn’t need him, trying to get any reason for someone to hit him first so he could go to town on them. He said all he saw was Mathias’ and JJ’s faces when he swung, that it didn’t matter how many times he struck them, the rage didn’t go away. This would one day lead to a grievous bodily harm charge in the UK when he got involved in a dispute between a man and his girlfriend. The man slapped his partner so hard it drew blood, Warren clocked him with a clean left and another, then another and so on until the guy was barely moving on the floor, his girlfriend screaming to stop. He was sentenced to 4 and a half years, but was released after 2. When we talked, he seemed oddly at peace, though I wouldn’t truly see the change until he came over.
Millie was the outlier, I know very little about what she got up to. 6 weeks after the day of separation and a few frayed phone-calls, she turned 18 and said she was going to New York to get her bachelor’s degree, to continue her goal and become a mortician. She’d already had her acceptance letter, but was hoping to see how the summer with Tristan went and give a long distance relationship a shot, though she openly admitted they barely got beyond discussing feelings. She came over the day of her move, car packed up with all her things and asked to go into Tristan’s room one last time. Naturally, I obliged and let her in, his room preserved the exact same way we left it; video games stacked on his desk with a laptop perched on a small mini unit, a slew of sticky notes for advice on how to make the blog better and market it efficiently. He truly believed we would be famous one day. Millie sat on the edge of his bed, a sweater of his draped over the gaming chair that she picked up and held in her hands. Even though Tristan was my twin, I knew she was hurting in a way I could never understand. She wept into it, the familiar smell ripping open the wound and letting all the pain out. I told her to keep the sweater and to call once in a while. She promised to call every year on our birthday, but her waving from her Sedan was the last I’d ever see of her.
Not long after the first entry went up, I received an email from Mathias that sent shivers down my spine, especially as I thought I was the only one who’d stayed in the town;
To: Lying bitch
From: Your one and only.
Subject: I guess it’s almost time
I had hoped you’d resurface one day. Folks around town said they’ve not seen you in years! I always kept my distance, mind you. But I knew you were getting on okay and that I’d eventually get my chance to swoop in and comfort you. Only… that never happened. You refused all visitors, drank yourself into oblivion and sold your “tortured art” to make ends meet. You took what could’ve been a beautiful life between us and you wasted it. We’re nearly 30 now, Fay. Nobody is going to want a washed up spinster who can’t even have kids. They say your eggs are largely gone by this point… doesn’t that bother you? Doesn’t it concern you that the ONLY man you’ve ever pined for in your life is your DEAD BROTHER? Women are meant to be more than this… I at least learned that much from Callista.
I get that you’ve never much cared for physical interaction, but I think I could change your mind if you’d just look past my indiscretions and let me in. Besides, that was what was promised to me all those years ago and I fully intend to collect what I’m owed one way or another.
Maybe it doesn’t matter if you don’t oblige, maybe it’ll never happen in your lifetime. But some things transcend the world we live in and maybe this is just one of those times, Fay.
The sages are coming to visit, the moment the borders are open again I KNOW they will. That’s fine, I welcome it. WE welcome it. The job was never done. You didn’t tell JJ or Ernesto what happened at Mantis Reach and I sure as hell wasn’t about to, not without the whole “gang” there to admit their guilt. Luckily, I know you well enough. All of you will want to end this and I couldn’t agree more. So, here’s the footage, do your review and when it’s over… come find me.
You know where we’ll be.
I love you. You make my skin bubble and feel hot to the touch in a world where everything is pins and needles.
I don’t need to tell you why it makes me more uncomfortable than anything else in so many years. But the timing could not be ignored. Attached was a .mov file I had never thought would still be intact, but with Mathias being the technical expert he is, I wasn’t the least bit surprised. I saved the email and began making contact with the group. First with Preston, then Warren and finally Millie, resolving we’d meet back here where it all began when the time was right.
They flew in on Friday and the first thing we did when we got to the basement was play the file Mathias sent;
“The Fall Of Mantis Reach.Mov”
The first thing that struck me about the group as we traversed back to my home was that age-old adage; The more things change, the more they stay the same.
I don’t know if the alcohol-filled nights and lack of change in my routine had not aged me much, but save for a few inches in height growth and a pixie haircut to my still-dyed red hair, I hadn’t changed all that much. Sure, I had a few more stylistic changes to my wardrobe and a scaffold piercing, but that was about it. “You literally look like you’ve had a minor wardrobe change, and that’s it. How the hell is that possible after 10 years?!” Preston exclaimed with tears in his eyes. He was taller, slightly leaner and with a bit more muscle to his frame, but happily still a larger man. He wore custom sweaters he’d print under his own clothing line “P & Z Streetwear”. This one was a demonic Gengar devouring Ash Ketchum, mini Haunters ladened across the sleeves.
“I guess I just got lucky. Meanwhile, you look fresh to death!” I replied, beaming at him as he chuckled and combed his afro.
“Well, I still think I’m pretty sensitive, but Zachary definitely imbued me with confidence! He sends his apologies, he couldn’t be with us, he wanted to come but… Sages only, right?” He gave a weak grin and patted me on the shoulder before heading downstairs, laughing as I repeated my brother’s cheesy line; “mmm… you may pass!”
Warren, to his credit, didn’t look as old as I’d imagined he’d be post-prison. His mohawk now a slicked back undercut and a thick black beard, sporting a business casual attire and a black metal band tee underneath that he flashed us with a quick grin.
“Didn’t want you thinking I’d gone all corporate.” He smiled, pulling me in for a one-armed hug, his more defined frame shocking me at first as he whispered, “I’m sorry it’s been so long, Fay. We’ll figure this out, no matter what. I fuckin’ promise you.” Before stroking my hair for a moment and heading downstairs.
Lastly, there was Millie. Even more beautiful than I remembered, she sported an all black attire and was clad in a Neo-goth outfit from the multi-clasped platform boots up to her choker that ended in the same lucky cat’s paw. Her face filled with piercings from the septum to her stretched ears, which prompted me to tap my own as she flashed a small smile. Before we even said anything, she hugged me tight, an unexpected bit of affection from someone we’d always known to be incredibly distant.
“I wish I’d been in touch. But the longer it went and the closer I got to that day, I just… I…” her voice breaking, the shame bubbling over. I soothed her and pulled away, smiling.
“What matters is you’re here now and come rain or shine, we’re gonna finish this, right?” I beamed at her and she nodded affirmatively, clutching at her choker.
“10 years is long enough, let’s do this.”
The basement was much like Tristan’s room; frozen in time. We’d decided early on to not change anything, in case we ever elected to go back and finish things. Though, I imagine most of us were too broken and terrified to ever do so back then. The same amount of chairs positioned themselves across the room and we could see small bloodstains where Mathias had once sat, crumbs in Prestons area and a distinct groove from how Warren fidgeted in his. Without saying anything, we moved our seats around and left Tristans directly in the middle where it belonged, turning Mathias’ to face the wall. It may sound silly, but it was symbolic. He was gone to us.
As we set up the Apple TV to cast the file to, we began catching up on what we’d lost.
Fay: So, what’s the biggest changes for you guys? I mean, a decade is a hell of a long time… though the last few months definitely felt like a lifetime in of itself.
Preston: I hear ya. We were lucky to operate our business from home, but not everyone was so fortunate. I guess the biggest thing for me is Zack & I’s wedding, we’re aiming for 2021 and of course we’d like you all there.
Fay: That’s… that’s wonderful! Of course we will be, I bet you’ve got a hell of a caterer, right?
Warren: Well, mine’ll kinda shock you guys… but I have a little boy.
He was right; it did. Warren had never shown much interest in anyone and didn’t seem the type to let anyone close, but the way he smiled and the love in his eyes in that moment suggested otherwise.
Millie: No shit… how old? What’s his name? Is he anywhere near as loud as you?
Warren laughed, heartily in fact. The insecurity he had as a teenager clearly long gone. He pulled out his phone and showed us a smiling boy, gap toothed and holding up a drawing of his family, including Warren and his partner.
Warren: He’s 3 and his name… is Frankie. After my little brother. Damn talkative and I gotta watch what I say around him now, or Zara will have my head. But, I love him, love my family. They saved me.
He looks so fulfilled, I couldn’t help but feel overjoyed.
Millie: Well, in my case, I became the mortician I’d always said I’d be. Got *really* good at it, in fact. I teach other students while I foster animals in my spare time. I know, I know. Lucky cat’s paw and dead things are still fun, but there’s something… wonderful about helping them find love again, y’know? It’s… part of why I wanted to come back here. To put this to rest, both what happened and who we were back then.
There was a murmuring of agreement before the video flashed up and a preview of the file greeted us. It was a shot of the whole group standing in front of a large wooded building, me and Tristan pulling the fusion dance from DragonBall Z, Warren fake punching Preston as he holds up his hands, Millie smiling while looking over at Tristan and Mathias staring at the kid near the centre of the photo, squatting down with his hands clasped, wiry brown hair protruding from beneath a red trucker hat;
Dallas “Livewire” Mendoza.
This was the night it happened.
00:01 - The camera turns on as the group is seen hiking up the trail and joking to themselves. The camera zooms in and out dramatically on Warren as he makes huge strides up the trail as a younger me laughs from behind the camera.
“Ohh look at our Super Saiyan as he leads the way to our glorious hideout!” I declared, putting on my most announcer-like voice. Warren grinned and pulled Preston in for a headlock, who immediately tapped as Millie laughed.
“You guys are such dorks, what are we discussing in the hideout today?” Millie called out as the camera pans over to her, brushing her hair out of her face. Livewire could be seen at the top of the hill, fumbling with the keys to get in the main door.
“Matters of the utmost importance, my good lady.” Livewire replied in his most regal voice, much to our delight. The brass key turned in the lock with a deft clunk and the steel door creaked open as our younger selves sauntered inside, giddy that we’d reached a place where we could be ourselves.
Preston: Man, it’s kinda crazy to think that this was 15 years ago, and it still looks fresh even now. Technology is insane. Warren: You’re telling me, was I always that fuckin’ small?Millie & Fay: Always. Fay: And loud, don’t forget loud.
Warren: Alright, alright. You got me there, but man… doesn’t the old place give you the willies?Preston: No… but seeing LiveWire does.
00:05 - We watched as the camera followed the group inside. The structure was imposing, warped and downright bizarre. Situated over three floors, the building had been left to the annuls of time after Mantis Reach was declared an unsafe commodity by the local councils back in the mid-80s. Restoration and housing was a big part of the governmental promise and I suppose they felt the need to foreclose any unsightliness or ugliness that the town perceived to have. So, much like lancing a boil, Mantis Reach was cut off from the world and hidden away so the tourists didn’t see it.
Now, one of the last derelict buildings stood there, a monolithic skeleton of mortar, cast iron and steel. The inside re-arranged and suited to our comfort, but still very much a reminder of the age old rule the town had; if it’s unsightly, store it away. We felt a kinship with the place and when the world turned its back on us; we sank away into the guts of this beast.
There was a cut on the feed and it skipped ahead some time later when we were all sat around what we called “The Green Room”, several old velvet couches and some make-up tables lined the dusty room, the wood-rotted floorboards threatening to give way at any moment. Mathias sat in an old wicker chair, rocking back and forth, pretending he was a prospector and fake-spitting at the end of every sentence, the group delighting in the spectacle.
“Y’know, I heard a legend about this place…” Livewire spoke up, sat across both armrests of an oxblood recliner. “Supposedly, this was all shut down due to an issue with the manager. Dude went crazy and broke protocol, shot his entire staff before turning the gun on himself. They said the building was totally unusable after that, that it was straight up haunted.” He snorted, back flipping off the chair and calling out in his most melodic voice “bullshit”.
“I mean, there’s one way we could find out. None of us have ever stayed the night here.” Mathias remarked, rocking back gently and waxing poetically. "Legend has it that if a soul spends a hallowed eve here, they'll never be the same. But you..." He points a shaky finger at Livewire for dramatic effect. "You have that live spark that could manage it!"
The group chuckles as Livewire scratches the back of his head, uncertain.
"I dunno guys, I get distracted easily and this place isn't exactly "safe" y'know? How do we know it'll be okay?"
We chanted his name, clapping and stomping as he began nodding and moving to the beat, psyching himself up.
"C'mon Dallas, you're the fearless one! You can do ANYTHING!" Preston said, genuine admiration in his voice.
"Hell yeah, I bet you could climb the ladder at the top of the building and hang your shoes over the powerlines!" Warren cried, pumping his fist in the air. "THAT'S top tier shit right there.
Younger me turned to Tristan as they're discussing the feat, a tinge of nervousness in my voice.
"Do you think that's safe? I mean, obviously it's NOT, but you know what I mean."
"Dude, the power to this building has been dead for a long time, that's why we have that big ass generator Mathias got us. The power lines definitely don't run anymore. You can do it man!"
The camera cuts to Millie, leaning against the wall and shaking her head, she looks uncomfortable but doesn't protest.
"Hm... Well, fuck it! Been a while since we did anything crazy and maybe this'd get me worked up to stay the night!" he rolled forward and jumped up, hair flopping as we clapped. "Call it marking my territory!"
Millie: I hated everything about this, still do.
Preston: Why didn't you say anything at the time? We'd have listened.
Millie: C'mon, group mentality combined with his infectious personality and daredevil mentality? I'd have just been bringing everyone down.
Warren: I get that, you didn't feel comfortable. But it sounds like you thought you didn't fit in with us.
Millie: Because at that point, I didn't. A misfit amongst the misfits. A fuckup beyond fuckups. It's not like I was proud of it, but...
Fay: I get it, you didn't wanna make waves or let your guard down too much, even at this point. I'm sorry.
She shrugged and didn't take her eyes off the screen.
Millie: Yeah, me too. Believe me.
00:30 - The camera is panned upwards towards the second floor, a makeshift bedroom we'd used for naps that housed little more than a faded mattress and a mirrored closet we kept snacks in. By the upper landing, there was a small metallic ladder leading some 15ft up onto the roof where the power-lines hung overhead. The rest of the group stood outside as Fay got an establishing shot before hurriedly running outside to join them.
The sky was clear, but the air was thick and the summer heat was bearing down on us. Some clouds lurking in the distance, far away from the cliff and bearing no real threat. At the time, the worst we thought may happen is sheer heat exhaustion.
But as Livewire climbed up and hooked his leg underneath one of the last steps as a safety measure while he threw his shoes over the line, the following moments would betray that.
We knew Livewire was easily swayed by others and that his daredevil attitude came as a habit of wanting to impress even when he didn't need to, we'd done it many times before without major incident. But he often took things too far of his own accord, emboldened by the excitement and cheers.
In this case, when he successfully got his shoes over the power-lines and we erupted with cheers, he decided to go a step further.
He pulled on the wires to prove they weren't active.
There was a spark, his body tensed up and smoke erupted from his body and for whatever reason, maybe even shock, I kept my camera unflinchingly on him as he sizzled and gurgled while our younger selves screamed.
After a few seconds, his body fell limp and we watched in horror as the once steadfast leg locked into the bar slipped out and he plummeted to the floor below, the sickening thud sending shockwaves through us and making us rush to him as the camera blurs and cuts out.
Millie: Even now, that's horrifying to look back on, the sound of his shock and even the smell of his body...
Warren: Makes me wanna dry heave, but not as much as what we did after seeing him like that.
Preston: Yeah, I'm not sure I wanna see it again.
Fay: I know, but we're going to.
Millie: We need to.
Preston: Yeah, we have to...
00:45 - The camera cuts to feet dashing through the trail as frantic voices call out to one another. Thunder and lightning can be heard rolling in as they get further and further away.
“Fuck… FUCK! WHY DID WE LEAVE HIM?!” Warren was bent over, dry heaving and punching his head.
“Because he was fucking DEAD, Warren. We’ve got to focus on what we do now. How we cover this up.” Mathias looked back at the house and Fay zoomed in on him through shaky hands. He looked resolved, distant.
“Cov- Cover it up? We have to fucking TELL someone!” Millie was shaking, pulling at the ends of her sleeves nervously, looking around at the group as they looked away, shamefully. “… Right?”
There was a pause, Warren speaking first.
“I already fucked up once, it cost me everything. I can’t fuck up again, guys. I can't do that to my mom... I'm all she has.” He clenched his fists and looked down, rain falling and causing his mohawk to flatten. “Do whatever you have to, I’m out.”
He walked off, Preston a few feet behind him, tears in his eyes and shaking his head.“I know we did wrong, but I have a good future… I can’t let this get in the way. If he's gone, he's gone.” He sighed. “I hate myself for saying that, but what else can we do?”
Millie stood there, indignant. “Tell the truth. We can tell the fucking truth!”
“That would cause more harm than good, Millie. We’d ALL go down for it and I don’t think any of us can handle that.” Fay called from behind the camera, fear breaking her voice as she spoke. “We were never meant to be here, what happened to him was our fault. If we tell someone, it could so easily come back on us. None of us were supposed to be out, we knew he had a propensity to go too far and we pushed him… fuck…” Tristan pinched the bridge of his nose and breathed heavily, Fay putting out a hand to comfort him, but Millie getting there first and hugging him tight, whispering something to him. She lingered for a moment on the shot of the two of them before putting the camera down to her feet as they walked away, cutting to black.
Millie: All that anger didn’t do much in the end, did it? Mathias was right, we were cowards and we deserve some kind of justice.
Warren: Maybe, but we were just kids. What were we supposed to do? The guy was dead.
Fay: No, he wasn’t.
I took a deep breath and tried to put my mind in a safer place, remembering better times, fun birthdays and meaningful songs.
I was about to see him again.
01:55 - The camera switches on, it’s the dead of night and Tristan trudges up the hill, panting and seemingly anxious. The moon hangs high overhead, a singular luminous eye following his trajectory and I swear I can see ripples around it, as if something is stirring in the infinite void, black clouds could be seen in the distance. Like it knows why he’s come back.
He stops short of going through the large steel door, letting the camera linger while catching his breath.
“I know this is stupid, I know everything about what I’m going to do is stupid. Breaking in, filming… what happens next, but…”
He turns the camera towards his face, a far more youthful Tristan staring back as my stomach contacts and I feel a sharp pang rip through my heart.
My baby brother.
“I can’t do this. I need to know if… if he’s… and if he is, I need to do the right thing. Then, I’ll take the tape to the Sheriffs county, or leak it online or… or… I don’t know, I just need to make sure that if someone has to pay for this… it’s me.” He pauses again, eyes welling up with tears before he tries to crack a smile. “Who knows? Maybe ol’ Livewire is pulling a prank, and he’s totally fine, ready to punk me. Maybe it’s not so bad and we can laugh this off when he’s better!” This last pause has his lips trembling, breathing heavily and holding back sobs as he swallows. “But if he’s as bad as I think he is, if it’s beyond help… I’ll make sure the right thing is done. For him. For us.”
He wipes his eyes and sniffs deep, shaking his head slightly before nodding and turning the camera back to the door, the key clunking in the old lock before giving way as he gingerly opens it, careful not to make too much noise.
The camera points down, but we know where he’s going, what he’s seeing.
A charred spot from so many days prior, the entire building shrouded in darkness. What was once our safe haven now just an imposing structure with lingering death. Dried blood caking the rotted wood and fell through the cracks to the floor below. The floor lined with scratches in the floorboards where someone had dug their nails in, dragging themselves desperately to safety, food or maybe even help. He followed it to the adjacent room, and the camera shook for a moment, lingering on the imposing frame leading to where Livewire lay.
The camera panned up, and we saw the charred, still living remains of Dallas “Livewire” Mendoza. His flesh charred in places and his body frail, malnourished and sickly. If he noticed Tristan coming in, he didn’t show it. Breathing softly, the exhalation like that of rusty bellows, Tristan put the camera on the floor beside him as he knelt at Livewire’s side, sobbing.
Millie: So he wasn’t lying… Oh, Tristan… Why?
Warren: He felt the same thing we all did, that immense guilt that we did something wrong. Amplified by the idea that maybe he was okay, just needed some extra help, but…
Preston: But he didn’t account on how bad it was. Fuck, why did he do this on his own?
Fay: Because he wanted to protect us all, he felt it was his words that sealed Livewires fate and so it was his responsibility to go back. I had tears in my eyes as we watched the footage, my twin and better half a broken boy trying to do what was right. This dismal room letting in no light, a small makeshift bed of discarded clothes and magazines we’d read on kinder days now propping up only part of Livewire’s body, a disused wardrobe with a filthy mirror covered in large smudges laying in the corner. This was where Livewire had spent the last few days of his life, and the crippling loneliness of that moment crushed me entirely.
Warren: Well, we know what happens next. Should I turn it off? He got up to reach for the remote and pause, but I put a gentle hand on his, shaking my head.
Fay: We watch it in full, we owe it to Tristan…and to Dallas.The group nodded solemnly and we continued watching, all of us sat forward with our hands ringing together.
There was only one thing left.
02:00 - After some time, Tristan slung the backpack he’d been carrying off of his back and pulled out a couple of items; a prized copy of smash bros. melee that he & Livewire had spent countless hours beating each other senseless on, a pair of coins, a photo we’d taken of the group some weeks prior…
And a pillow.
Placing all the items by his side, tears still running down his face, Tristan grabbed the pillow and looked into Livewires face one last time. The shallow, pained breathing unchanged.
“I’m so, so sorry, Dallas.” He whispered, before pushing the pillow onto his face.
There are few things we have witnessed in this world that match the sheer horror of watching a friend, a loved one, a sibling commit murder, even if it’s a mercy killing. Tristan never stopped weeping, he didn’t lose focus or become violent, but he held his grip tight as the already weak struggles from Dallas grew weaker as the seconds dragged into minutes.
But it was what we saw in the mirror that cemented our fear, steeled our resolve, and brought our anger to fresh heights.
That huge, unsightly smudge in the mirror was not a smudge.
It was a person, holding themselves up in the door frame behind Tristan and gleefully swinging like a child at the park.
It was Mathias. A deranged, younger, joyful Mathias stood over one of his best friends and, like the most depraved peeping tom, leered at the sight of the murder. His hair normally pinned back in a neat bun, now wild and greasy, covering his face and painting a far less composed individual. He simply swung in place as Tristan held the pillow down long after Dallas stopped moving before leaning over his friend and sobbing harder, apologising profusely. After a few moments, he placed the coins on his eyes, put the pendant over his neck and laid the game on his chest.
He was giving him a proper burial.
Millie: How in the fuck did Mathias know all this and NEVER say anything? Didn’t he say he felt guilty before?
Fay: Yeah, his desire to put this all into motion was because he felt we deserved to be punished for what happened to livewi- to Dallas, that our lies had consumed us and what we did warranted justice.
Warren: How that creepy fuck got away with it is beyond me though, wouldn’t Tristan have noticed him there?
Preston shook in his seat and when we turned to him, we saw that same fear he’d shown during his own show “Name That Anomaly”.
Preston: It’s just like last time, this isn’t real.
His hands shook, and he pointed before adding;
02:05 - Once Tristan had finished, the form of Mathias silently let his body drop to the floor before standing up and tiptoeing across the room and towards Tristan. His hands raised and fingers gnarled into claws, he looked ready to pull at any appendage Tristan had within his reach. But, just as he reached out, Tristan moved and picked up the camera to leave.
When he turned it back towards the doorway, there was nothing there.
I couldn’t tell you if Tristan had sensed something or if it was just timing, but he sighed for a moment before putting his backpack on and preparing to leave the building. As he did, the sounds of thunder and lightning could be heard overhead. He muttered a curse before the thunder clap scared him enough to drop the camera. We get a shot of him stumbling back and staring up at something as the lightning strikes and the whole building is illuminated.
On every wall, every piece of furniture and every previously unseen speck of wood was writing. Red writing.
“YOUR TURN.” lined the walls over and over.
A spark had been set and the red glow of the fire rose up in front of Tristan and across the stairs rapidly, the rotting wood providing excellent kindling for the hungry blaze to consume.
Dumbstruck, Tristan reached for the camera before seeing the blaze rip through the foundations and running for the door, most likely cutting his losses that the footage would be gone.
This was the night our hideout burned down and many of us, though terrified and still guilt-ridden, breathed a sigh of relief.
The shot lingered on the door as he ran out; the image flickering as the flames drew closer before the camera was raised from the floor and picked up, zooming in on Tristan as he ran away.
“Run away from your guilt, wallow in your shame, our time will come, they’ll know our name.” The voice cooed.
The camera switched to the scorched face of JJ as his flesh melted, the beams dropping from the ceiling and crashing into the wood, the red signs declaring “YOUR TURN” beginning to glow, almost throbbing in the light.
“Here’s the beginning, now we have the end. Mantis Reach. Tonight.”
His smile grew as teeth blackened, fell out and black blood flowed down his face, filling his mouth as images of the older footage inter spliced rapidly, the fires consuming his face as images of all of us laughing together played.
A young Millie showing off her lucky cat’s paw, brand new and accompanying a box of dead animals she was studying, much to the group’s disgust.
His smile stayed wide, the lips peeling.
Preston bringing foods he’d baked with his mom, Tristan nudging Fay and whispering something before the both of them warmly smiled and nodded.
His eyes sank into their sockets, the white flesh bubbling and melting, running down his face.
Warren, head banging to a record and flailing like a madman as we clapped, laughed and eventually joined in.
His hair singed, falling out in clumps as the scalp reddened and split. Something behind him stirs in the smoke.
Tristan and Fay imitating the fusion dance and operating as a multi-limbed being, speaking in unison and heartily laughing.
The figure behind him moves closer, awkwardly dragging its limbs in and out of focus.
Mathias hooking up a projector so the gang could play Mario Kart together, the whole group thanking him and patting his back. He looked genuinely overwhelmed.
The corpse of Dallas moved into view and stood beside JJ as the two continued to melt.
The final image being that of Dallas and Mathias standing shoulder to shoulder in the archived footage alongside Dallas & JJ’s fetid corpses, a pair of raspy voices echoing as the camera footage grew twisted and corrupted before shutting off.
“Upon Mantis Reach, you will look Beneath The Static. One last time.”
We sat in silence for a long time, no dramatic vomit, screaming or shouting. Just deafening silence as we processed it in our own way. Maybe we were just desensitised after so long and seeing so much, I don’t know. But the calm was unnerving for us all. We were hoping for some kind of large, Earth shattering revelation.
But instead, we simply had our guilt laid bare as well as confirming what I think we all knew; Tristan took the ultimate sacrifice for us.
Warren: Well, I guess we know what we have to do next, right?
He stood up, stretched and sighed, hunching his shoulders.
Preston: We have to go back. But isn’t the place gone? What else could be there now?
Millie: I think it’s more than that. I think we need to face this head on, whatever it is. We need to come to terms with what happened as well as acknowledging our part in this. I don’t know about you, but I want to sleep well at night all the time, not some of the time.
We nodded, but I felt a sickness I hadn’t felt since that day.
Preston: What if we don’t make it out? What if whatever is there takes us all one by one?
Fay: Well, then we’ll die knowing we did the right thing. Even if it’s over a decade too late.
We hugged for what felt like an eternity, the bonds between us all still strong and I swear I could feel someone’s hands on my shoulders, those of the people we left behind.
Setting off later that night, we arrived at the cordoned off dirt trail leading to Mantis Reach, a slew of messages from “CONDEMNED” to telling us to stay away under penalty of law. We clipped open the gate and trudged up the trail, no laptop to dictate but instead a nifty dictaphone Millie brought with her from work.
Millie: We use it all the time for patient reports, figured it may come in handy.
When we reached the summit and stared at the spot where our hideout had once stood, the gravity and finality of the situation hit us all like a freight train. There was no storm, no heavy rain, no ominous backdrop to greet us.
But there was a building.
It towered into the sky, several floors high. Some with blacked-out windows and other glowing with a faint purple light. A broadcast tower attached to the roof and a neon sign latched to the side of the building as we heard the glass doors beep and slide open for us.
It was a broadcast station and as that name flashed at me; I felt a chill run through my bones.
This was it.
“Beneath The Static.”
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