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In 1961, Russian scientists have made the first teleporter. Teleportation is not what you think it’s like.

In the 1950–60s, Russian scientists discovered that that you could rip spacetime itself if you compress a massive amount of energy into a small space. This was discovered during a nuclear detonation test, when what looked like a mini black hole appeared in the center of the mushroom cloud, which disappeared after about fifty seconds.
Discovering this, the military ordered a group of scientists to research it. My father was one of the people in the research team. This story will be written in his point of view and was translated from Russian, so someImagine how teleportation works. Maybe you believe in wormholes, or that the machine breaks you down and stores you as information to be reproduced in another location. Now, throw it into the trash. None of that is true. of the details might be lost in translation. Also, I have cut out irrelevant content and other privacy related things.
Month 0, Week 1, Day 1
Today, the military forced me follow them into [redacted]. They threatened to silence my dear Olga and my newborn son. I had no choice but to comply with their demands.
I was forced to go into the building. The walls were wet and grimy. I was kicked into a grey room. There was a wooden table and two chairs, all of these bolted to the ground. After a few minutes, a man walked in. He sat down opposite me. He was a middle aged man, tall and muscular. He was wearing a military jacket, and had a big bushy beard.
“Hello, comrade, I am commander Sarov. How are you?.”
“Why did you bring me here?”I asked. I was angry as I had already told them when I was approached that wanted nothing to do with this.
He slid a photo across the table. The photo was white, with a circular black spot in the centre.
“In a nuclear blast test, we noticed a black circle in the centre of the mushroom cloud. I will have to ask you to research this phenomenon, since it has been suspected to be a miniature black hole. Can you do that, comrade?”
“Do I have a choice?” I remarked.
“You do. Research it or say goodbye to your wife and son.” The commander replied, grinning madly.
Hearing this, I begged him to leave them alone, and agreed to research the black thing. He laughed and patted me on the back. “Good to see that you are willing to do your part for the Motherland, comrade.”
Then, I was dragged out of the room, and brought to a lab. I was to do the research with a group of five other people.
They are as follows: Alexandre, Sergey, Sophia, Dmitri and Igor.
All of the research funds will be provided by the military, we will research as fast as possible so we can go home.
Month 3, Week 3, Day 2
We made a breakthrough after researching for 2 days without rest. We found out that if we use electromagnetic pulses to accelerate (plutonium) particles, we can generate similar looking black circles.
We are building a larger version of the contraption we used to accelerate the particles.
(Note: this was the first version of the modern particle accelerators that are used by scientists)
Month 5, week 3, day 4
The contraption has been built. We have moved it to Severny Island, in case it really is a black hole.
We will be doing our first test today at 19:30:00 hours(7:30 p.m.).
Month 8, week 1, day 6
The test worked. We created the black circle thing, but it was… different. It was more oblong and irregular in shape. The commander was watching, and ordered us to send someone in. We had a vote. We all decided to send Sergey into the hole.
“B-but there will be soldiers with me, no?” Sergey asked, trembling.
“Yes, comrade, but it is unlikely that they will be able to help if there is some problem.” Commander Sarov boomed.
Sergey had no choice but to do as he was ordered. We had already known that things could go into the hole, as it needed us to feed energy and items into it to keep it open, so the military just fed it the spent fuel rods of nuclear reactors to get rid of them while also keeping the hole open.
He went into the hole. It then closed behind him. No one could say a word. We saluted the loss of our dear comrade, and were forced to continue with the task at hand.
We restarted the particle accelerator and waited for the black hole to form again. After it stabilised, the military fed some (spent fuel rods) into it, and everyone was shocked to see Sergey get launched out of the hole, butt naked. He was relativity unhurt.
When asked what he saw in the hole, he told us that he was sitting in a black space, with no sound and few things in it. Curiously, he said that he never saw any spent fuel rods in the black area. He said that he felt as if he had spent eternity in the hole, without being able to see anyone or anything. He almost went insane, but when he finally lost hope, a hole opened up and light flowed into the dimension. He said he swam into the hole as quickly as he could. Yes, swam. The air was so thick that it was hard to breathe, and he could swim around as if it was like some thinner water.
Year 1, month 2 , week 2, day 3
After much testing, we have discovered the following things about the phenomenon. • when a non-living thing enters the hole, it seems to be decomposed into energy to keep it open, as can be deduced by a stream of radiation coming out whenever matter is fed into the hole. • When a living thing is inserted into the hole, time seems to be stretched for them. • If two holes are opened at once, you can see the other hole in the first hole. I.e. you can see into the first hole and see an opening and see a window with what is on the other side • Space seems to be compressed in the dimension. I.e. if two holes are 10 metres away from each other in our dimension, it is only 2 metres away in the other dimension.
We are planning an expedition to travel through the dimension.
Year 1, month 3, week 4, day 1
We have the approval to enter the hole. Our group will enter the hole with a group of soldiers.
We have prepared everything we could need, although it will most likely be converted into energy.
Year 1, month 3, week 5, day 2
We are ready. We will enter the hole at 10:00:00 hours(10:00 a.m.). We will attempt to go from the first hole to the second hole, which will be placed 100 metres away from the first.
We saluted to the commander and walked into the hole. We were plunged into the darkness. Luckily, the hole did not close behind us. Unluckily, all of our clothes and equipment disappeared. We swam to the other hole, which appeared to only be 20 metres away from us.
When we emerged from the other hole, we asked the soldier who was helping me up what was the time. He told me that we emerged at exactly 10:00:00 hours. I started grinning as I realised that we have covered 100 metres in less than a second.
I grinned and ran around, ecstatic. I realised that we have made the first version of teleportation.
Year 1, month 5, week 7, day 4
Pardon my shaky handwriting. I am writing with my left hand as my right hand is missing. I think that we have awakened a terrible power.
I’ll start from what happened after the first expedition. We entered a second time with no incident, and a third time. However, on the fourth time, disaster struck. We entered yesterday, confident after our previous successes. This time, we tried to not only travel, but to explore the dimension. We started by going downwards. We swam down, and we saw some land. There was a great plains, with a lake the exact shape of the island we were doing research on. There were bizarre buildings, in weird shapes we have never seen before.
All of a sudden, a enormous creature zoomed towards us, and it made a guttural shriek. It had an immense pressure. Under its pressure, I realised how insignificant I actually was. I realised that it could destroy the world if it wanted, and that we could not do anything to stop it.
Under the pressure, the other four people were literally crushed under their own weight. There was a wet splatter, while I was not even hurt. It shrieked, but I could not understand what it was saying, but I knew what it meant. It asked me to tell the others to stop and never come back again. It told me that if another human ever puts a single atom into the hole, the whole universe they are in will pay. As a warning, it seemed to lazily shake its hand, which shot a powerful stream of air that blew my right arm off. The pain was unbearable.
When I exited, commander Sarov was shocked to see only me return. He asked me what happened and I described everything that happened.
He laughed and asked me to tell him the truth. I kept on insisting that it was the truth but he shouted, “To hell with all of your alien bullshit, tell me what happened!” I told him that it was the truth.
“Ok, if you will not tell the truth, then forget about seeing your family.” He yelled, infuriated. He then ordered for me to be executed in a week to prove that I would watch my lie be proven to be wrong.
Year 1, month 5, week 7, day 2.
Today, I was brought out of my cell to watch a group of soldiers enter the hole. However, immediately, a massive arm stretch out of the hole, trying to pull the hole open larger for it to get through.
All hell broke loose as everyone rushed to the boats that are moored at the port on the island. I managed to get onto the boat by wearing a soldier’s suit and pretending to be a soldier.
On the boat, the commander ordered a nuke to be dropped on the island. A plane brought the nuke close to the island before dropping it. For a moment, a second sun landed on earth. The shockwave flipped the boat. We could feel the heat even though we were still underwater.
Afterwards, we swam to the shore, which would normally be impossible, but is now as the water was heated to a swimming pool temperature due to the blast. The incident was known to be the nuke test where the tsar bomba was dropped.
If you are reading this, please release this to the public so that we do not repeat such an incident, for I am scared for the fate of the world if it does.
Edit: I forgot to add the ‘series’ flair
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100 credits in 84 days - Thoughts on how to accelerate and get the most of out of your WGU experience

Hey WGU!
I wanted to stop in and pass along a write-up of my undergrad experience now that I’ve completed my BSBA, Marketing degree program. This is mainly for people who are considering whether getting a degree with WGU is a good idea, are about to start a program and are looking for tips, or plan to accelerate. Some thoughts in no particular order…
Should you enroll in WGU?
As our boy Shia would say, Just Do It. It’s one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, university experiences you can get. It’s high-quality education and has most of the advantages of an in-person experience, with several you can’t get anywhere else.
Why go into massive debt to learn the same things you would learn at a brick-and-mortar? Use that money for something else like a down payment on a house, a new car, a sweet-ass vacation around the world to celebrate, or throw it into a college fund for your kids.
If you are worried about the potential social stigma of having completed an online degree - DON’T BE. Employers don’t give a damn. Your friends, if they aren’t rubbish, will support you. We live in the future now. We use Tinder to find potential mates. We use Amazon to do our retail shopping. Get your education needs filled online too, and ditch antiquated methods of learning.
The online learn-when-it-works-for-you model should be enough on its own to persuade you. Why waste hundreds or thousands of hours of your life putting up with bullshit like driving to classes where the professor doesn’t remember your name in a crowd of hundreds, sitting in traffic frustrated you aren’t doing something you love, or having to do all the countless little things a physical university requires of you which don’t help you meet your goals.
“The time will pass anyway,” as the saying goes. And you’ll be surprised at how quickly it does. So why not get a college degree and push toward your goals while time moves along?
What’s your story?
Glad you asked. I’m a young working professional in my early thirties who finished a little community college more than a decade ago and then started working full-time. I’ve been a mid-level marketing/communications director at a cushy job for about ten years now and have few complaints other than I’m stuck at my current level of compensation based on my education level. I knew a couple of years ago I wanted to go back and finish my degree and consider a Master’s program after to bump up my salary and shift toward work long-term which aligns with my goals better. WGU was a good fit to meet those needs for me.
I’ve got tons of experience in my field, so this is more of a checkbox item to move up rather than a brand new learning experience. Your mileage may vary.
How did your experience turn out?
Top-notch. Better than I expected and an A+++ all around. I had an excellent mentor, good proctors, and got tons of support from other students and staff. I went into the program looking to complete my undergrad in one six month term. I ended up completing 8 classes in the first 8 days, and a total of 100 credit hours of the 104 I needed to finish in 84 days.
The flexibility of the program allowed me to put off my capstone until the end of the 6-month term in favor of dealing with other family, work, and life challenges. I basically did no work on the program for about three months, and it was 100% fine.
Life happens. WGU allowed me to put what matters most first, and still kick ass.
What would you recommend to new students?
Figure out your “Why?” - Have an anchor of motivation to stick to so when things get hard you can have something to cling to which keeps you moving forward. Mine was to 1) earn more money in the future and 2) be the first of my siblings to finish a college degree and make my parents proud. Decide in advance why this accomplishment is important to you, get it stuck in your mind, and write it down.
Get ready ahead of time. Use the month before your program begins to get ahead in every possible way. Knock out your Orientation class. Read everything you can on WGU and on Facebook groups. Seriously, everything. Get cozy with your mentor and be on the same page with them about expectations. Plan out which courses you want to tackle first. Do everything you can so day one you can hit the ground running. Consider even taking time off from work/life the first week so you can springboard into action.
Figure out what your priorities are. Mine was: My Partner > Living well (without getting burned out) > Work > My WGU Program > Everything else. I spent about 10-20 hours a week on WGU, because that’s what I felt good doing without going so hard it negatively impacted my job or caused stress in my dating life. Figure out what works for you and be honest about it.
Get in-sync with your partner or loved ones. Having a support network is key. Sit down and talk with your loved ones about this endeavor and why it matters to you. Get them on board and ask them to be in your corner. For me this meant talking with my partner over a bottle of wine, and figured out practical changes like not cooking dinner as much so I could study or negotiating the best time for a date night and weekend slots for taking tests. Set expectations; communicate early and often with those you care about.
Figure out how much time each week you can dedicate to your program based on your priorities. It may change from week to week if you have a family, or it may not if you are a student full-time. Map out your days and get things on a calendar. When you are set to study or take a test you’ll know in advance and can chart a path to do those things well.
Get this webcam, it makes testing super easy (no affiliation): https://webcam1000.myshopify.com/products/web-cam
Tips for people looking to accelerate through their program?
Join every accelerator group you can. Make a plan for each class.
Learn to take tests well. If you know how to take tests, you’ll dominate WGU’s PA/OA structure. Take a class on how to take the SAT, or read a few books while you wait for your program to start on how to take online tests. Being good at taking tests is crucial to finishing quickly.
Read “The Evelyn Wood Seven-Day Speed Reading and Learning Program” and apply what you learn from the book. Or pick other books/courses and learn how to speed read. Want to finish your program in six months or less? Here’s the secret sauce. If you read everything 500% more quickly and retain the knowledge you ingest better you’ll blow through your program, plus you’ll be a better employee and level up as a person. If you take nothing else away from what I say, this is the most part of this whole post. This is one of the most valuable life skills I have, and guess what...you can too, quite easily.
Research each class before it opens that way you know what to expect and what you might struggle with. Search the class name/number on each subreddit and Facebook group for tips before it opens. No need to reinvent the wheel here kids.
Make an organized plan of study and testing. Spreadsheets are your friend. Use Google Drive, get a second monitor, utilize the techniques other people have outlined in this subreddit. I’m no expert here. Honestly I rarely even looked at the material WGU provided, and never once took notes. It’s not how I operate. If this is what works for you, find a system that does it efficiently.
Maybe the most important piece of advice I can give >>> As soon as a class opens take the PA cold, immediately. If you fail, study up until you feel more comfortable. Even if you don’t feel ready, take the PA again as many times as you want until you pass by at least 5% over the cut line.
Once you’ve passed the PA, immediately schedule the OA for sometime within the next three days. Put yourself on a clock. In most cases the PA is similar in style to the OA. Then cram it in. You aren’t here to get 100% on each test, you are here to pass.
Remember what you scored on your cursive handwriting final in fifth grade? Of course not because it doesn’t matter. The only thing which matters is passing. Cram in by reviewing the material they provide to get ready for the OA while your testing time approaches. Focus on anything you missed in the PAs - that’s where you need to shore up your weaknesses.
Use Quizlet when studying for an OA. A lot. Flashcards are like cheat codes for education. Review every Quizlet resource for your class which is available. Focus on the ones which are the highest rated since they tend to be the most valuable/comprehensive/accurate.
Massively important >>> An hour or two before your OA, spend time reviewing keywords and concepts. Those are all the words in bold through the study material. That’s what’s on the test, so get it fresh in your brain. 15 minutes before the start time, turn off your phone, get rid of any distractions like pets or kids and “get your mind right” as Tony Horton likes to yell.
Stretch, get water, move around a bit to get your blood flowing. Make sure your computer, webcam, and accessories are ready to go then spend a few minutes doing whatever works for you to let go of stress and accept internally you are about to destroy your test. Yoga, affirmations, breathing exercises, visualizing your success...whatever gets you in a positive space and letting go of negative thoughts.
If you come across something you aren’t 90% sure on when taking an OA, mark it for review and keep moving. At the end come back and review everything you highlighted and make decisions. Don’t care bogged down along the way; if a question takes more than one minute flag it and move on.
When you complete an OA or submit a papeproject, IMMEDIATELY email your mentor and have them open up the next series of classes. Don’t wait, because they might not get around to it for a wee bit. Get the next set of material opened up. Always have something you can look at or study! Don’t wait for papers to come back, jump into your next class ASAP.
Once you pass your OA do something for yourself. Self-care is important in any journey, especially when your aim is to go fast. Treat yourself to a movie. Get fast food. Go for a run. Spend time with loved ones if you need a reminder of why the hell you are doing this to begin with. Personally, I make myself a nice cocktail and play video games for a few hours most often. Find what makes you feel good here.
Use all the resources WGU provides to aid your success as needed along the way. If you are weak in math and have a College Algebra class coming up, spend time in the Student Support area getting mentored. Have questions? Get their staff on the phone and you’ll find an answer. Any time you get stuck, WGU will have a resource to get you past it. Make use of those tools.
Repeat these steps until you are done.
Oh, and if you don’t mesh with your mentor, ditch them immediately. Don’t wait. Don’t feel bad. You are their boss. If they are slowing you down unnecessarily fire them and get someone else, and be clear with WGU staff what you are looking for. Luckily I didn’t have to do this.
So what’s next for me?
I loved my undergrad experience so much I’m enrolled in WGU’s MBA program and will begin December 1. I plan to use what I've learned from how to accelerate in the undergrad program to work through this program even more quickly. After that is complete there are a handful of certificates I plan to add to recent education accomplishments, and then I’ll likely be looking for a new position that commands a higher tier salary and makes use of the MBA skill set in 2021.
Once I’ve completed the MBA program I’ll do another summary to pass along my evaluation to any other Night Owls looking for advice.
Thanks again WGU for all your help and wisdom! :)
submitted by Kyrene to WGU

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