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The Vastness of Ocanthus, the Fourth Layer of Acheron

I remember it like it was yesterday... so many great princes and captains were assembled. And yet not so many, nor so fair, as when the Elves deemed that evil was ended forever, and it was not so. My memory reaches back even to the elder days. I have seen three ages in the West of the world, and many defeats, and many fruitless victories.
All things die. I know that you know that, but it bears repeating: all things die. People love to turn this into "all people I know will die," or "all mortal things will die," or "all living things will die," but that's not what I said, and that's not what I meant. Just now, somewhere in the world, a wizard turned herself into a lich; a dragon just hatched from his egg; and two gods had a child. The seeds of a globe-spanning civilization were planted, a carver just finished a stone statue, and a mathematical proof was realized. They're all going to die. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to tell you that life doesn't matter. I'm trying to tell you that everything dies.
Most people don't much care when I tell them this, and that might be fine. The problem comes when they realize it for themselves a few years down the line, and they get very, very angry. If they're powerful enough, they wage war. Bloody, brutal, senseless war, that ends in a statue the size of a mountain and their name on the lips of students millennia down the line. But not tens of millenniums. Or hundreds. They hurl the discus as far as they can, but time is a field that cannot end. Their wreckage will be remembered after they are, for a while, which will make for some moving poetry. The real death doesn't even come when they're forgotten, though; it comes when any evidence of them is gone, so they can't be rediscovered. And that will happen.
But that isn't the important part. The important part is that this has already happened. For every fruitless victory, there have been thousands before. A wizard who keeps a secret, a tactic a general devises, a sweet-tasting fruit, an interesting life story; all of these things have been created and forgotten more times than anyone could remember. Ten thousand lost libraries could be filled with the knowledge we simply forgot.
But one place still remembers.
The souls of the dead all pass through the river Styx on their way to Hell, and whoever said the dead don't talk was a liar. The dead love to whisper, and water does not forget. And the river Styx has to end somewhere.

Travel to Ocanthus

Ocanthus is the fourth and deepest layer of the plane of Acheron. Beneath all the gore and the mud, there is nothing left but darkness, ice, and broken shards of glass- the last remnants of the colliding steel cubes flying high above.
From Tintibulus, the most obvious way to delve deeper is through the Patterned Web, the domain of the goddess of magic and death. Her realm is constructed in the skies of Ocanthus, but it reaches out its towers into Tintibulus, and in this way acts as a bridge for those who dare to enter.
The most reliable path- if you have the money -is to sail along the river Styx. Merrenoloths patrol the coasts, waiting to guide travelers to the afterlife for some coin. These solemn ferrymen will row past the mountainous wastes of Chamada, through the fires of Avernus, until you reach Acheron, where there is no ground; Acheron, where the river cascades down the floating cubes; where only the merrenoloths could possibly navigate. There, at the end of the line, the ferryman will leave you in the icy darkness of Ocanthus.
Some say that the layers of Acheron are geographical as much as interplanar, and that a creature who falls off a cube in Avalas, should they avoid all the other cubes in that realm and the realms below, would eventually fall down to Ocanthus by way of gravity. If you'd like to test that theory, be my guest.

Survival in the Murky Glass

It was cold and there was snow on the ground and he rode past me and kept on goin. Never said nothin. He just rode on past and I seen he was carryin fire in a horn the way people used to do. And in the dream I knew that he was goin on ahead and that he was fixin to make a fire somewhere out there in all that dark, and all that cold. And I knew, that whenever I got there, he'd be there. And then I woke up.
-Ed Tom Bell
The plane of Acheron can be imagined as a deep well, and Ocanthus is the bottom of the well.
The world here is icy and dark. You will need a source of light, and you will need heavy winter clothes. Some travelers attempt to dig out the ice to drink, and quickly discover that all those who drink such water forget who they are, and many are reduced to mindlessness. A few drop dead. You will need to bring all your food and water with you; easier to bring a cleric.
The water deteriorates the mind because it is the same water that flows in the infamous Styx. Ocanthus is the ocean that the Styx issues into at the end of its long journey.
A good portion of Acheron is suspended in the pitch-black sky, where travelers can find what they are looking for on huge shards of glass whirling through the darkness. If a person can't see, they will be eviscerated. But if they live, they may find the long-lost secrets they seek, and many they do not.
And this touches upon the purpose which might bring a traveler here:

The Minds of the Evil Dead

When a soul passes on, they are judged by the Raven Queen, who sends them forth to one of two rivers: the Oceanus, or the Styx. While bathed in these rivers, the poor soul loses all memory of who they were and what they may be, and are washed up on the shore of their destined afterlife, ready to begin their eternal life in heaven or hell.
The water doesn't just discard these memories: it steals them. The waters of these celestials rivers two are full of the memories and lives of the newly dead, to be swept away downstream. The Oceanus does this to purify a soul, to cleanse it of material values before it lives on forevermore, and these memories are swept downstream and dispersed into the roots of the towers in the garden of dreams. The Styx, however, hoards these memories, and they drift down the river to Ocanthus. Here, the very air is like a vault of whispers, wherein the plane dwells on the past like the elderly miser running her hands through her gold, or the wracked sleeper anxiously eating himself over embarrassments long-forgotten, or the bitter boor pulling their mind over slights and insults long-remembered.
Have you ever had a nightmare you didn't understand? Have you ever been desperate for a lost technique of some ancient great, or the family secret someone close to you took to the grave? Have you ever wondered what happened at the site of a tragedy, or questioned the truth of the ancient legends?
The answers lie fallow in Ocanthus.
Memory Encounters
If you have secrets in your world, this is the place they can be found. Below are examples of things that might be ancient memories, and examples of how they might appear to travelers, but only secrets relevant to and true within your world can be found here. A dungeon master may plan ahead with a list of possible secrets to be found. Each of these encounters can be seen from 60 feet away.
  • A young, black, rough apple tree with roots growing over a pale corpse leaning up against its base. If approached, the corpse regains consciousness, and has pale skin and sharp canines. If the players identify the corpse as a vampire, it will ask them how they would have handled coming face to face with a person like them. It will not explain its predicament, and it will laugh as they walk away.
  • A woman standing over a a circle of primitive candles, gathering together various ingredients. If called out to, she will calmly say she is "inventing a new spell," and she cannot be persuaded to stop. A DC 18 Intelligence (Arcana) check (DC 13 if made by a wizard or sorcerer) made within 10 feet of her will reveal that she is preparing the ingredients for a fireball spell, which will erupt centered on her shortly after the party reaches her. After the fireball, all traces of her are gone.
  • A man floating off the ground, swimming straight up through the air, whose leg is chained to a heavy iron ball below him. The party can make a DC 16 Dexterity check with their thieves' tools or a DC 21 Strength (athletics) check to untether the man, who will then float up and up and be torn apart by glass. If the players do not set him free, after a minute, he will drown, and float up lifelessly in the air as if hanged.
  • Two people who have set up a small camp and torches around a large block of ice with a dark silhouette inside of it. They will tell the party that they're waiting for it to melt to claim the treasure inside, and upon inspection the ice is wet to the touch. The ice will take 5 hours to melt, during which the campers will invite the party to rest and play cards if they choose to stay. A DC 15 Perception check after 2 hours or a DC 10 Perception check after 1 hour will reveal that the dark shape inside the ice is humanoid and warped, but the campers will brush this off. If the party stays for the full five hours, five vampire spawn are released from the ice and attempt to tear apart the party. If the party survives, they realize that the campers have been mauled during the fight, even if no vampire spawn get past the party.
  • A tall, muscular warrior is standing on a pedestal, facing away from the party. They make no sound or movements. As the party approaches, the battlefield around the warrior becomes more and more littered with bloody, freshly bisected corpses. If the party approaches the warrior, they turn around, revealing they have no face. They attempt to ask the party a question, but without a mouth, they can't; they grab party members by the shoulders, but let go easily if they try to get away. If at any point no party member is looking at the scene, it disappears.
  • A woman is standing up in front of a crowd of kneeling people. She is dressed in shaman's robes, and dances shortly around a brazier spewing purple smoke. She tells the crowd, "I see a vision- travelers, far from now, long after this place is lost. They will need our help. The gods/spirits tell me to tell them," and she speaks a cryptic riddle that includes information that the party needs to hear, which the crowd around her doesn't understand.
  • A black dragon rests, old and withered. They are visibly ancient, sunken and wrinkled and pained. They watch as the party approaches them, training their eyes on them, but they say nothing. They may attempt to get up, grunting at the effort, but their limbs are too weak. If the party stays around for more than a minute, the dragon, struggling to keep its eyes open, closes its eyes. Upon inspection, it becomes clear that the dragon has died.
  • An older man and a younger man are standing together, looking off into the distance, wearing wax wings. The older man warns the younger man multiple times "remember, please remember, it is extremely important you not fly too close to the sun. Stay down, near the water," and the younger man brushes him off with a "yeah, I know, I got it." If the party tries to intervene to stop the incoming tragedy, both men are resolute in their goal and cannot be persuaded not to leave their imprisonment. Eventually they will both fly away until they are out of sight in the darkness.

Glass Storms

Geographically speaking, what sets Ocanthus apart from the other layers of Acheron is the lack of great cubes flying through the sky. The cubes and blocks have been withered away into shards of metal, stone, and glass which storm through the air. Sometimes, these shards are large enough to walk on, and they create moving platforms very similar to the preceding layers; most times, they are much more dangerous.
  • Glass Shards. For each minute a creature spends in Ocanthus unprotected, they take 2 piercing damage.
  • Worsened Glass Shards. This area is a cube with 137 (10d10 x 1d4) feet on a side or a sphere with an equal radius. Whenever a creature starts their turn in this area or enters this area for the first time on each of their turns, they take 2 piercing damage.
  • Glass Rain. This area is a cube with 30 feet on a side. Whenever a creature starts their turn in this area or enters this area for the first time on each of their turns, they take 10 piercing damage.
  • Glass Hurricane. This area is a sphere with a radius of 10 feet. Whenever a creature starts their turn in this area or enters this area for the first time on each of their turns, they take 10d10 piercing damage. On initiative count 10 each turn, the hurricane moves 3d10 feet in a random direction, chosen by a d8 role or by the DM.

Bladelings and the Blood Forest

Unlike Tintibulus, which is entirely empty, Ocanthus has a certain kind of inhabitants.
The people of Ocanthus have been named "Bladelings" by the few human scholars who know of them. Their language cannot be deciphered by spells such as comprehend languages, and all attempts to make contact have failed. They are created by the plane, amassed out of the stone, metal, and glass that's left of the great floating cubes of Acheron. They are the people who live after the end of our civilizations.
Bladelings have metal skin, and demon ichor for blood. They appear mostly humanoid, but for metal shards and spikes poking and peeling out of their incorrodable hull. Centuries or Millennia of surviving at the bottom of Acheron have made them incredibly resilient and hostile, and distrusting towards any outsiders who come their way.

  • Bladeling. Use the statistics of a cambion*, with the following changes: the bladeling cannot fly, and their AC comes from natural armor; the bladeling is immune to acid, cold, and bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from nonmagical attacks, and it is resistant to necrotic and thunder; instead of innate spellcasting, the bladeling has the* azer*'s "heated body" trait, except that it deals piercing damage; the the bladeling does not have the "fiendish charm" or "fire ray" actions, and instead has "Metal Shard. Ranged Weapon Attack. +7 to hit, range 60 ft., one target. Hit: 14 (3d6+4) piercing damage."*
  • Bladeling Scouts primarily use shards of their skin as projectiles, in much the way a human might use a bow. They jump from branch to branch in the dark bloody treetops to chase invaders. Use the statistics of a bladeling, with the following changes: the scout's strength score is 16 and its dexterity score is 20 (thereby increasing its to-hit and its damage modifier by 1), and it has a speed of 40 ft. and a climbing speed of 40 ft.
  • Bladeling Priestesses worship unknown bladeling gods, which no scholar has ever been told about or recognized. Some believe they worship an aspect of Bane, but there is no evidence for this. Use the statistics of a bladeling, with the following changes: The priestess has 136 (16d8+64) hit points and a Constitution score of 19 (+4); the priestess has either the priest*'s, the* kraken priest*'s, or the* war priest*'s "Spellcasting" trait.*
  • Bladeling Lords rule over the disparate bladeling villages throughout the blood forest. They are rarely seen by scholars, but they are said to pay offering to the bladelings' unknown gods. Bladeling Lords spend most of their days fighting amongst each other for territory, but band together quickly when faced with an outside threat such as adventurers. Use the statistics of a bladeling priestess*, with the following changes: the lord has AC 21 and 147 (15d10+64) hit points, and strength, constitution, and charisma scores of 20 (+5); the lord wields a longsword with two hands instead of a spear.*
The "Blood Forest" can be found on the floor of Ocanthus, beneath the flying metal and glass but still very much cut by them. The floor of Ocanthus is an infinite expanse of ice, like an entire ocean frozen over, and the bladelings live in igloos made of scraped up shavings of ice. The trees that surround their villages are warped and dark, with fleshy bark and inky leaves, and they ooze out a horrible, viscous red ooze which by all measures is humanoid blood. This awful forest is the plane's reaction to the bladelings- its immune system, trying to remove them with pus and swelling. No living thing capable of memory should live in Ocanthus, but the bladelings do.
Blood Forest Encounters
  • 2 bladeling scouts who fire warning shots into the ground around the players, then retreat if violence breaks out.
  • 2 bladeling scouts who shoot for the head immediately upon sight, staying as far away as possible and taking cover.
  • Pounding and screaming for help can be heard from inside one of the blood trees. If the tree is cut down, which results in a bath of blood, it is revealed to be hollow and empty and a deep sigh can be heard.
  • An empty igloo, which a DC 14 Intelligence (Investigation) check reveals was hastily abandoned only recently. Space for a small fire pit, indentations of 1d4+1 cots or beds, and 1d2 trinkets can still be found.
  • The red blood oozing out of the blood trees attacks the party, using the statistics of any number of black puddings or one white maw (TYP).
  • A bladeling priestess rambling in deep speech, clawing at the ice and prone to strike out at anyone who approaches.
  • A mummy, partly melded with a blood tree, begging the party for a way out of this place.
  • A party member is targeted by a geas spell, demanding they convince their allies to leave this place.

The Patterned Web

"I must know the truth, the truth beyond magic."
"There is no truth beyond magic," said the king.
The prince was full of sadness. He said, "I will kill myself."
The king by magic caused Death to appear. Death stood in the door and beckoned to the prince. The prince shuddered. He remembered the beautiful but unreal islands and the unreal but beautiful princesses.
The Lady of Books and Bones has built her complex of towers and libraries in the skies of Ocanthus. She is the goddess of magic and death, and her domain is for anyone who follows her path; it stretches out from her tower like a spider's web, and within it none of the flying shards of the plane can penetrate.
Here, she conducts dark rituals and dangerous spells, atramentous observations and crepuscular experiments. Her necromancer priests and priestesses practice these adumbral liturgies, and are sent out into Ocanthus to collect any whispers of strange magic which dance among the dead. The Dark-Eyed Lady is a neutral god, and she expects those passing through to contribute to her stygian works.
Patterned Web Encounters:
All of the following characters are necromancer priests, clerical wizards who have set up strange experiments. They can be found engrossed in their work, furiously writing down any observations that occur, and may or may not enlist the party for help.
  • Ejanum, a halfling attempting to discover the secret to eternal life. She is currently vivisecting a quasit, occasionally dripping in a drop of some painful chemical or other, searching for what biology prevents demons from aging. She can't kill it, or it melts into demon ichor.
  • Krr'k'kik'kthik, a vegepygmy in a large glass tube filled with a strange clear blue liquid with the consistency of liquid soap. He appears to be waiting for whatever scientist was in here to come back and finish experimenting on him.
  • Geb, a gargoyle slowly plucking the feathers out of various species of birds, optionally including one aarokocra. He is writing down how much pain the birds feel with each pluck, and charting the birds based on how much pain the feel, whether that pain increases or decreases over time, and the violence of their reactions to it.
  • Amana Leit, a goliath who has built a 25-foot tesla coil. When turned on, it annihilates everything with in 120 feet of it, dealing As the party finds her, she's trying to brainstorm experiments to use it for.
  • Natalia Oen, an aarokocra who's set up a race track. She has a menagerie of a half dozen of each kind of beast, and routinely races each member of a species after giving them some new potion or transmutation to observe its effects on their speed, metabolism, and overall health.
  • Bor, a merfolk whose laboratory is a massive glass tank, eighty feet on a side. He has several arcane concoctions in crystal beakers, each one glowing with a different kind of magical light, which he is observing the effects of.
  • Sayka Noringta, a human who has set up five great pillars, each which periodically emits a massive sonic boom (DC 11, 13, 15, 17, and 19 Constitution saving throw within 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120 feet to avoid being stunned for one round and take 1d6 thunder damage). They have an arrangement of magical materials (mithril, glowstone, etc.) which they observe being exposed to varying decibels of sound.
  • Koepka, a meazel (VGM) with a wide array of mechanical tools, frustrated with a mess of gears, pistons, springs, and cogs in front of him that he has failed to turn into a useful device. He's done this before, but now he's going to have to start all over.
  • Nathiazzle, a marid. She has given life to a collection of magical spells (E:RLW), and studies how they react to various stimuli, such as temperature, magnetism, light, sound, and touch.
  • Thall Gleamingstone, an elf giving captive human subjects varying magical potions, topicals, pills, and other drugs, and testing how long the subjects can hold their breath in a vacuum under the effects of each of these.
  • Zakthaeva, a bearded devil testing how a variety of supernatural arcane materials burn. She pays special attention to the color, heat, size, and varying magical effects that the fires have.
  • Kyro Daystream, an elf injecting herself with strange arcane formulas, producing some manner of new appendage, such as a wing, a claw, a tail, an additional eye, or any number of things.

The Vastness of Ice

It is absolutely necessary, for the peace and safety of mankind, that some of earth’s dark, dead corners and unplumbed depths be let alone; lest sleeping abnormalities wake to resurgent life, and blasphemously surviving nightmares squirm and splash out of their black lairs to newer and wider conquests.
- Robert Arnold Cyst, a Maglubiyan University professor of foreign planes
Outside the Blood Forest and Death's Guardian's domain, and beyond the reaching whispers of the plane, there is only void to be found in Ocanthus. There is only what you brought with you, and the ice.
The ice is the frozen surface of the Styx sea. Wandering here is not unlike wandering the Shadowfell, if the plane of shadows was more like the arctic sea. You will not come across food, or water, or shelter, but your very concept of who you are will be siphoned out of you by the ambient Styx, your memory and identity stolen in the frozen wastes.
Rarely, it is said, visitors to the plane will encounter corporeal undead which were never raised. Rather, they were naturally formed out of passing adventurers by the malice of the Styx.
Out here frigid cold can be felt, grinding glass can be heard, and the stench of death rests on your tongue. What can be seen, besides the infinite darkness above and the reflection of your torch in the ice, is movement down below. Under the ice, which has inscrutable thickness, adventurers report seeing massive movements of some unknown beasts. Some describe tentacles as big around as an ogre, others describe writhing of a mess of dead colors. Others have described a massive red light, or lights, following them like a great dread eye. Scholars have speculated that Ocanthus is located where the barrier between our many worlds and the elder realms is weakened by strain, or by design. They greatly stress that no one travel to Ocanthus, for the risk they might awaken something old, and something evil.
Ocanthus Encounters:
  • A muffled cry for help coming from below the ice. The ice here is ten feet thick, and the vague outline of a humanoid can be seen beneath the ice. Each foot thick of ice AC 12, 30 hp, and vulnerable to fire damage. If left for one minute, the apparent humanoid will be swept down below.
  • One of the party members steps out of the darkness, and proceeds to mimic everything that the real party member does to a perfect degree. Use the statistics of a doppelganger, but it is instantly removed from existence upon reaching 0 hit points.
  • A loud crash, like ice breaking, accompanied by a small earthquake. A creature can determine the direction the sound came from with a DC 22 Perception check, and if they head in that direction they'll find a large section of the ice missing, open to the black depths below. Falling into this water has the same effects as falling into the river Styx.
  • Ice begins to grow on the player. The player must make a DC 16 Constitution saving throw or gain one level of exhaustion. They must repeat this saving throw for each day that the ice grows on them, gaining an additional level of exhaustion for each subsequent failure. These levels of exhaustions cannot be removed until the ice is removed.
  • Algax, a sentient +3 maul. Algax acts as a dragon humanoid slayer, and deals double damage to objects and structures. Algax will beg the players to dig down into the ice and drop them into the dark depths; if asked, they will say they're here because they floated down the river styx, and they want to drop down into the depths to be closer to "the dark priest."
  • Deep speech writing, melted into the ice. The writing is gibberish, a string of unrelated words. Sometimes, this writing is a few inches tall. Other times, it may not be obvious to creatures on the ground that these lines in the ice are writing at all.
  • 3 bladeling scouts, who will attempt to forcibly escort the party to the mouth of the river Styx so they can pay a merrenoloth to leave Ocanthus. If the party refuses, the bladelings will attempt to kill them.
  • A shrine to some dark god, half-buried in the ice. the shrine is an oily black stone pedestal, grabbing onto a large, perfectly clear glass prism. If a creature prays to the shrine, they may make a DC 17 Religion check. On a success, they gain "Charm of a dark god. You may cast the dream, dominate person, and sleep (8th level) spells once each within the next thirty days. You may only cast one spell this way per day." and the flaw "my master must be returned to the land of the awake." On a failure, they are targeted by a feeblemind spell, with DC 15.
Traversing these realms of Ocanthus is a journey filled with darkness. Above you, a jet black sky, touched only the with whistling and occasional glint of the whirling glass. Below you, only the cold ice, and the horrors it promises beneath. You will endure loss and suffering. You will endure hopelessness. In the end, you will seize to notice, as the blood-red haze on the horizon begins to impede your vision.
When the numbness in your bones brought on by the cold becomes the numbness in your heart, and you forget even the bloody intensity of Avalas, you have found the end of Acheron- the fate of war.
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