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Volume 10 summary (Spoilers)

Hi guys! I've finished reading the new light novel volume (Rascal Does Not Dream Of A Lost Singer) and made a summary for all of you who may want to get updated with the story and wonder where it is heading now.
Is assumed that you already read volume 8 and 9, if not here is another summary for those. If you have just seen the anime series + movie and want to get updated with the story please read it before to continue as you are just aware of volumes 1 to 7 (Anime series: 1 to 5, Movie: 6 and 7). If you don't, you may not get a clue of what's happening now. I made some annotations where I think is necessary.
Volume 10 has five chapters: 1. 思春期は終わらない (Puberty has not finished yet) 2. 空気の味は何の味?(What is the taste of the air?) 3. Social World 4. アイドルソング (Idol Song) 5. Congratulations
Some of the japanese blogs I've read use to divide the series in stages: High School Stage (Vol. 1 to 9) and College Stage (has just started with Vol. 10).
I'll divide this summary by the novel chapters, let's go:

Chapter 1

It's friday September 30th. The chapter begins with Sakuta in a social meeting for uni students at a tavern in downtown Yokohama where Miori (a newly introduced character, appears in the introduction ilustrativos, has long stilish brown hair and a caracteristic mole under one of her eyes) reaches him, the school term is about to start next monday and we get some interesting facts from their talk:
  • Sakuta is in the Statistics Sciences Faculty, Miori in the International Business Faculty, both in Yokohama City University.
  • He's now working as a lecturer in a cram school to afford his uni studies (still working in the restaurant but just as part-time job).
  • Miori has no cellphone, like Sakuta.
  • Looks like Sakuta is quite popular in the university for, as the rumors say, being Mai Sakurajima's boyfriend, as her career has been skyrocketing reciently and both are currenty studying in the same Uni. Looks like this was the reason why Miori talked to him in first place.
Later Sakuta leaves the meeting as he has to work as lecturer in the evening, Miori follows him and in their walk to the train station she mentions the Puberty Syndrome when they see a young woman giving out tissue-packs (a quite common marketing freebie in Japan) Miori asks "what if we are the only people able to see her?" (nobody was recieving the tissues or paying attention to the girl, but when approach, they and more people recieve one) they try to guess her age and this starts a little discussion about when adolescence ends. When reaching the station Miori leaves him beacuse she had to do shopping before comming home, Sakuta get on the train and thinks that it has been a long time since the last time he heard about the Puberty Syndrome.
He arrives at the cram school, has a boy and a girl on his class: Juri Yoshikazu (A tanned 1.60 m/5.2 ft girl, she's in the volleyball team and looks very polite and educated for Sakuta) and Kento Yamada (a funny guy, was playing a mobile ritmic game during the class). Both of them Minegahara High School freshmen. Futaba works here as a lecturer too, and is currently studying in the National School of Sciences. At the middle of the class Kento asks Sakuta how to achieve to get a cute girlfriend and have a weird talk that ends mentioning Futaba's breasts, Sakuta says that girls may hate him if he keeps that actitude. As the room is small, the walls are thin and don't get to the celling Futaba heard it and asked Satuka to keep silence as "her students are complaining about the noise".
When the class finishes Sakuta and Futaba go back home, Futaba mentions that she recieved an e-mail from Kunimi saying that he completed training and got selected to become a firefighter. When Sakuta arrives home Kaede and Mai where there, she came to visit after shoting a film in Hokkaido (At the very north of Japan, far away from Fujisawa that is in central Japan) there was a month since the last time they seen. Kaede is now doing part-time job in Benny's and is living some days with Sakuta in Fujisawa and some others with her parents in Yokohama, mentioned that she wants a cellphone. Sakuta talks to Mai about his day and later she leaves to her place and says she's going to start attending to the university next wednesday.
The next Monday Sakuta heads to the Uni and in the road he encounters with a guy named Fukuyama Takumi (Aparrenty the first person who talked to him when he got into the Uni and the one who invited him to the meeting last friday) he asks him if he's serious about going out with Mai and talks about what they did in the karaoke party Sakuta didn't assist, they sang a lot of Touko Kirshima's songs (the same anonymous ascending singer that has been mentioned by Kaede and Mai since V8 and V9) shows him a brand new wireless earphones commercial in his smartphone where a misterious idol (the lights set up doesn't let to see her face) is performing in an empty stadium and a Touko Kirishima's song is playing. Then tells him that there is a rumor in the internet pointing that Touko Kirishima and Mai are the same person, but Sakuta doesn't think so.
Sakuta arrives to his Spanish class where he finds Miori and Hirokawa Uzuki (a.k.a. Zukki, the Girl in the cover and main heroine for this volume, Sweet Bullet leader and Kaede's friend since V8) who reffers to Sakuta as "big brother" since she became close to him beacuse of Kaede. Miori now self-proclaims herself as Sakuta's candidate-to-friend after Uzuki asked what's her relation with Sakuta ("your new girlfriend?").
When the class finishes Sakuta had lunch with Takumi in the cafeteria, but Nodoka (who's studying in the Liberal Arts Faculty in the same university than Sakuta) aproaches him (in the last volume she dyed her hair brown for the graduation ceremony, but she has dyed it blond again) Nodoka asks if they can talk for a moment, they leave and sit in a bench. Then Nodoka asks if Sakuta has already met Uzuki, looks like there is some trouble between them; Nodoka explains that Uzuki has got a lot of attention reciently: She's doing work as model, apearing in commercials and most important, she heard from her manager that she is getting a chance to debut in a solo career. Uzuki is the most hard-working girl in the group and has a powerful voice. Since two Sweet Bullet members left the group reciently for similar reasons and the remaining ones are in a similar situation than Uzuki getting offers to work in showbiz, Nodoka is a bit concerned about the group future as they could even disband, three years ago their goal was to perform in The Nihon Budokan (a popular 15K capacity venue in Japan located in Tokyo, designed for martial arts exhibition, but also used for massive concerts) also want her girls to suceed and rise their careers but can't avoid to feel a bit upset. All of this has caused a distancing between Nodoka and Uzuki. Talk with Sakuta doesn't seems to be very helpful for Nodoka and she leaves.

Chapter 2

The next day in the morning Sakuta comes to his linear algebra class, the same for Takumi and Uzuki, Sakuta notices that Uzuki is acting a bit weird today: Hasn't adressed him as "big brother", is wearing the same clothes than her friends and is acting less like herself and more like the others. Sakuta asks Takumi what does he think about Uzuki but he only answer that "she's cute". Uzuki who had little contact with other people (studied in an online high school) and assist to the university started to read the air (the same japanese concept than the series has been managing since the very beggining where is expected that everybody thinks collectively, is able to catch every indirect the people throws and hence notices the same [apparently] obvious facts, like in Mai's syndrome where nobody was able to see her due the "school's air"). Later Sakuta told Nodoka about that, she got talk with Uzuki to solve her concerns, and coincedes that Uzuki's behavior has changed, Sakuta assumes that now she is reading the air and they are the only ones able to notice her change (remember that even if Sakuta is able to read the air, he has decided to stop doing it since Kaede's Syndrome).
The next day the situation is the same, later on lunch time Sakuta goes to the cafeteria as he arranged to meet Mai there, she is next to a window an beckons Sakuta to find her, Sakuta goes with her and discovers than Miori was with Mai. They are classmates in English class and the peer talk activities have allowed them to meet ("it's unusual, Mai is bad making friends" he said). Since the 1st chapter Miori has been joking about she would like to have a partner and asking Sakuta if he could lend Mai since she "likes" her ("If you can have a lover you can pick whoever you want, isn't it?" said that time). "I don't belong to anyone and I'm not a thing for two!" Mai replies. When lunch finishes Mai and Sakuta agree to have a date soon. This meeting let Miori confirm the rumor that Mai and Sakuta are a couple.
That night Futaba and Sakuta meet after work in Benny's, Kaede's and Koga's turn as waiternesses is ongoing. Sakuta talks about Uzuki's strange situation, Futaba suspects that it would be a Puberty Syndrome and relates it to Quantum Entanglement (a Quantum Physics phenomenon where two or more particles who share the same set of states [ie. what color are they] can be "entangled", so if one of them changes of state [turns red] the other(s) will update instantly [turn red too] no matter how far away they are, could be even millions of light years away and the update will be instantaneous): Uzuki wasn't "entangled" with the others, but since she is attending to the university, now is entangled with the community and can read the air. Anyway Sakuta is not very convinced about that, takes a more statistical approach and suspects that the problem has more to do with the way that social groups are built and organized. Also notices that since she got into the uni, Futaba uses makeup, or at least lipstick. Later she leaves but Sakuta stays, notices that Kaede and Tomoe are watching something in a smartphone: It's the same commercial that Takumi showed him, but is a novel extended version that reveals that the idol dancing in the video is Uzuki (this doesn't mean that Uzuki and Touko are the same person, it's just that Uzuki is the girl who was hired to perform for the commercial).
The next day Sakuta finds Uzuki on the train, who's wearing a cap and mask to get unnoticed due the commercial released yesterday, nonetheless people still see her and suspects about her identity, talks about some of her concerns with Sakuta, like as she has never been able to make friends properly she has always thought of Sweet Bullet members as them. Also she feels awkward, like if the people would be making fun of her.
When arriving near to the university Sakuta and Uzuki find Ikumi (the same girl that at the end of V9, she appeared fleetingly carring an English book in chapter 1 when Sakuta was on the train to the School, they had an irrelevant small talk then) doing recruitment for a new students organization, but few people are interested and most of them just ignore her.

Chapter 3

Sakuta has finished his turn in the cram school, he was watching a TV Game Show where Uzuki participated while writing students report in the teacher's room. When finished finds Tomoe while walking to the train station. They see a man playing the guitar and selling some CD's in the street with few people noticing him and Sakuta asks Tomoe what she thinks about him, "well, he's awesome" and Sakuta compares the situation with the one the last day where nobody was paying attention to Ikumi.
Then Himeji Sara appears (New character, is a Tomoe's friend and Kento's classmate in the Minegahara High School, also it seems like Kento has a crush on her). Himeji is searching for math tutoring and asks Sakuta about the cram school as Kento suggested it, but instread he encourages her to take Futaba's class. Also Tomoe is going to finish high school in six months and wants to get a recommendation for a university in Tokyo, she suggest that as a graduation gift she would like to recieve the new earphones from the commercial where Uzuki appears as they saw the item in an electronics store showcase that was nearby.
The next day Sakuta finds Nodoka out of his building (Remember than since V4, Nodoka lives with Mai in the same neighborhood than Sakuta) they talk about a couple of concerts than Sweet Bullet will perform the next weekend in Odaiba and Hakkeijima as Uzuki's situation, the rumors about her leaving the group have spread. When they arrive to the train station that is near to the university, they find Uzuki boarding the same train that Sakuta and Nodoka have just left. Sakuta achieve to get on the train again to follow her but the door closes suddenly and Nodoka stays on the platform.
Finally they arrive to the terminal in Misakiguchi (30 km/18.6 miles away from the university, 40 minutes by train) Sakuta aproaches to Uzuki anda asks her what's she doing there, she replies that is "trying to find myself". Then a kind of date occurs: They ate tuna in an Izakaya Bar and rented bicycles to ride by the farmlands and the coast. This time Uzuki behaves less distant and more like herself. Sakuta asks why Uzuki enrolled into the Statistics Faculty in the same university than him, Nodoka an Mai, she returned the question and Sakuta replied than "was beacuse the applicant rate was low" so Uzuki just repeated his answer, obiously it was a lie.
Later they sit down next to the coast to chat and drink something. Sakuta suggests to visit The Nihon Budokan (84 km/52 miles away from Misakiguchi, two hours away by train) so they go, when they arrive it was already dark. Uzuki lacks confidence in the goal to perform in Budokan with Sweet Bullet as the attendance rate has never been so high (the use to get at most like 2000 people in their shows) also, now that Uzuki is able to read the air, she can understand a lot of expressions and stuff that the people show to her but couldn't get before (like Sakuta sarcastic jokes) and find feelings that she developed long time ago but was not able to understand before (this is apparently her Puberty Syndrome) but all of this new stuff overwhelms and takes her out of the comfort zone where she was. Sakuta explains that "if you get to know the others feelings, you feelings will change", "you cannot go back to yourself now that you know how yourself look" and they talk about how the SNS (social networks) fade the limits of people personalities (apparently this is the main topic in Touko Kirisihima's song "Social World").
At the end Uzuki has to go to a rehearsal scheduled for that evening, she leaves and invites Sakuta to attend to their shows for that weekend, Sakuta accepts and says that he'll bring Mai too.

Chapter 4

Sakuta is waiting for Mai outside the restaurant after work. Mai arrives in her car and Sakuta is a bit impressed as he hasn't know that Mai had her own car, she shows him her driving license and tells that she got into the driving school last year in the autumn-spring period. After all it wasn't that impressive for a girl who has her own apartment since high school to have a car. During the road Sakuta talks with Mai about his "date" with Uzuki and explained her situation (Sakuta didn't want to name it a date but Mai was a bit jealous and said that for she it sounds like a date, but as she already knows Sakuta and all the Puberty Syndrome stuff was comprensive about the situation). Later they arrive to Odaiba (55 km/34 miles away from Fujisawa, like 1 hour by car, anyway due road traffic they spent 2 hours on the road) for the Idol festival where Sweet Bullet would be performing, the attendance is approximately 2000 people. A random idol group appeared first and sang three songs. Sweet Bullet was 2nd, they show in stage, Uzuki though that "if they want to perform in Budokan they need a lot bigger public" again. After a few minutes performing she suddenly lost her voice and at the end of the first song she left the stage. Mai and Sakuta noticed that something was wrong, Sweet Bullet concert ended after three songs and Mai and Sakuta left the building. Mai sends a message to Nodoka asking what happened and an hour later she answer that they are in the hospital, so they head there. Uzuki and her mom are there. Aparrently Uzuki had a stress shock and still can't speak, the recomendation was that she should rest and finally leaves with her mother. The rest of Sweet Bullet members and their manager were there too, there was another show scheduled for tomorrow and they agree to perform without Uzuki. Later Mai, Sakuta and Nodoka leave in Mai's car. Nodoka is a bit sad about what happened. Mai can't attend to Sweet Bullet's live performance tomorrow as she has to work, but Sakuta will do.
The next morning Kaede asks Sakuta for Uzuki as she has read in internet that something happened last night, there are a lot of articles with exaggerated titles and the rumor of Uzuki leaving Sweet Bullet increases.
Later Sakuta is on Hakkeijima (35 km/21 miles away from Fujisawa, one hour by train), an small island in Kanagawa with a park, aquarium and amusement attractions where Sweet Bullet would be performing as part of an Outdoor Music Festival, there was a similar attendance quantity than yesterday in Odaiba.
When Sweet Bullet appears on stage they have a bit stuggle to perform without their leader, the weather report for that day was imprecise and it started to rain, later speakers stopped working, attendants start to leave so Nodoka and company had a bad time trying to still perform. Sakuta sights Uzuki among the spectators, aproaches her and discovers that she is able to speak again. Uzuki is conflicted with herself for being able to be unfeeling of Sweet Bullet's situation, but after a bit of struggle and talking with Sakuta she achieves to overcome the prejudices she got for reading the air and apreciate the effort of Nodoka and her coworkers. Takes out the cap she was wearing to hide her identity and get on stage to perform the rest of the show with them.
The show was a sucess and finally Uzuki announces that she is about to start her solo career but she's not leaving Sweet Bullet, and promises that they'll be performing in Budokan soon.

Chapter 5

Sakuta is walking to his faculty from the train station, then he finds Uzuki walking in the opposite direction and have a small talk: Uzuki has dropped the university to devote herself to her artistic career, also realized that statistics was not for her, at the beggining she felt inspired by Nodoka to get enrolled in the university, also though that statistics would help her to understand "everyone's reality", but now that she solved her own problems, doesn't need it anymore. Finally Sakuta congratulates Uzuki on her "graduation", she thanks him and leaves. But then, a unknown girl in a Santa Claus costume and miniskirt aproaches and salutes him by his name, "I'm surprised, you still can see me" she said, Sakuta doesn't recognize her and looks like no one of the students walking by there can see her but himself. The girl introduces: "My name is Touko Kirishima".
Volume 10 ends here.


Mr. Hajime Kamoshida (AoButa Series author) recognizes that the series popularity increased substantially since the animated adaptation, thanks to the readers and his editors for their support and reading his work until now. Finally mentions that the next volume will be about "that girl", surely refering to Touko Kirishima.
And there you have it, now you are up to date with AoButa Series story! Despite the new characters roaster, all the questions without answer (What is the relation between Mai and Touko? How the new character like Miori, Takumi or Sakuta's students will intervene in the story?, etc...) and the actual status looks like the story is pretty far to end soon. It's still early to speak about a potential 2nd season (remember that the series director already said that the animated adaptation for the series was concluded with the movie release and there are no plans to continue it) nothing is assured but while the novel series are still being published, there is hope.
See you in the next volume!
submitted by Ahexo to SeishunButaYarou

My Isekai/Transmigration/Reincarnation Tier List | 120+ Stories

Total Stories - 123

Finished Stories - 11
Disclaimer - These are my opinions. Feel free to disagree but please don't be rude.


{} = Available media I am aware of, Bold = recommended media out of what I have read; A = Anime ; M = Comic (Manga/Manhua/Manha) ; LN = Light novel ; WN = Web novel | [] = Language ; JP = Japanese ; CN = Chinese ; KR = Korean ; EN = English | () = Type; I = Isekai ; TMG = Mental transmigration ; RE1/RE2/RE3 = reincarnation ; W2S = weak to strong
More Info About Tags
  • Isekai (I) - Mind and body transported to new world intact.
  • Transmigration (TMG) - Mind transported to new body,
  • Reincarnation (RE) - Starting again from zero. Reclaiming fallen grace (1) OR memories of past life (2) OR reincarnated into past self (aka regression) (3)
  • (TMG/RE) - Transmigrated into a different body on Earth.

Tier List

X --- The concept of reincarnation has died and is reborn. Ethereal enlightenment achieved. The phoenix and the snake become one.
  • Hametsu no Mars
S --- "S-Class is insane." - ONE. These have an incredible world. The story takes place in the world rather than it being a story about a world. Very detailed and crazy amount of thought put into it.
(S) ---
  • Overlord {WN/LN/M/A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Anime+Movies/V13 + side stories/Manga
(S-) ---
A --- A very very solid story, world, and/or great tactics and system. Must wow me in at least one aspect.
(A+) ---
  • No Game No Life {LN/A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Anime/V7
  • Konosuba - God's Blessing on this Wonderful World {LN/A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Anime only
(A) ---
  • (S Candidate) Log Horizon {WN/LN/A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Anime only
  • Mushoku Tensei {WN/LN/M} [JP] (RE1,2) | Progress - V4/manga ch45
  • Release That Witch {WN/M} [CN] (TMG) | Progress - ch335
  • Ascendance of a Bookworm {LN/A} [JP] (TMG) | Progress - Anime only
(A-) ---
  • A Wild Last Boss Appeared! {LN} [JP] (I) | Progress - V2/Manga ch31
  • Now and Then, Here and There {A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Finished (ep13)
  • How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom {LN} [JP] (I) | Progress - V1
  • Second Life Ranker {LN/M} [KR] (I/RE1) | Progress - ch239
  • A Returner’s Magic Must Be Special {WN/M} [KR] (RE3) | Progress - WNch62/MHch112
((A--)rifureta Tier) ---
B --- These are very good and/or have potential to be very good and are fun to read/watch. Must have at least some underlying themes or depth to the world, characters, etc. or do something unique and do it well
(B+) ---
  • A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return {WN/M} [CN] (TMG/RE1,2) | Progress - WT/WNch200ish
  • Dungeon Defense {LN} [KR] (TMG) | Progress - V3
  • Summoning the Holy Sword {WN} [CN] (I) | Progress - ch178
  • My Next Life as a Villainess - All routes lead to doom {LN/M} [JP] (TMG) | Progress - V3
  • (+) Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? {WN/LN} [JP] (RE2) | Progress - V10/WNch330
(B) ---
  • This Hero is Invincible But Too Cautious {LN/A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Anime only
  • The Rising of the Shield Hero {WN/LN/M/A} [JP] (I) | Progress - V1/Anime
  • Sword Art Online Progressive {LN} [JP] (I) | Progress - V1
  • Her Summon {M} [KR] (I) | Progress - ch60
  • The Legendary Mechanic {WN} [CN] (TMG) | Progress - ch444
  • Deathbound Duke’s Daughter (Erica Aurelia, the Villainous Lady) {WN} [JP] (TMG) | Progress - V1/WNch4
(B-) ---
  • The Tutorial is Too Hard {WN} [KR] (I) | Progress - ch230+
  • The Novel's Extra {WN} [KR] (TMG) | Progress - Finished (ch378)
  • Erased {M/A} [JP] (RE3) | Progress - Finished (ep12)
  • (NEW) The Demon Sword Master of Excalibur Academy {LN} [JP] (TMG/RE) | Progress - V1
  • The Death Mage who Doesn't Want a Fourth Time {WN/LN/M} [JP] (RE1,2) | Progress - manga ch11/WN V2
C --- These are slightly inferior in quality to B, but they are still fun to read/watch. May have some unique aspects but the writing is weaker, or is generic and is well written.
(C+) ---
  • Sword Art Online: Alicization {LN/A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Anime only
  • God of Crime {WN} [KR] (RE3) | Progress - Finished (ch164)
  • The Magic in this Other World is Too Far Behind! {LN/M} [JP] (I) | Progress - V3
  • Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash {LN/A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Anime only
  • Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken {WN/LN/M/A} [JP] (RE2) | Progress - Anime/V4/manga ch46/full WN
  • The Last Human {M} [CN] (RE3) | Progress - ch267
  • The Reason Why Raelianna Ended Up at the Duke's Mansion {M} [KR] (TMG) | Progress - ch95
(C) ---
  • Emperor of Solo Play {WN} [KR] (RE3) | Progress - Finished (ch191)
  • Outbreak Company {A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Anime only
  • I Reincarnated For Nothing {WN} [KR] (TMG/RE3) | Progress - ch73
  • The S-Classes That I Raised {WN} [KR] (RE3) | Progress - ch20
  • Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint {WN/M} [KR] (I) | Progress - WNch39
  • Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita {LN/WN} [JP] (RE2) | Progress - V1/WNch306
  • Knight's and Magic {A} [JP] (RE2) | Progress - Anime only
  • The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years {WN} [KR] (TMG/RE) | Progress - ch90
  • Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World For My Retirement {LN} [JP] (I) | Progress - V1
  • Journey of a Betrayed Hero {LN} [EN] (I) | Progress - V1
  • Tales of Demons and Gods {WN/M} [CN] (RE3) | Progress - WNch159
  • Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World {WN} [CN] (RE3) | Progress - Finished (ch995)
  • Hataage! Kemono Michi {M/A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Anime only
  • GATE {LN/A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Anime only
  • My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending {WN/LN} [JP] (TMG) | Progress - ch50ish
  • Sword Art Online Franchise {Benchmark} (doesn't count as a story)
  • Re:Monster {WN/M} [JP] (RE2) | Progress - Manga ch53
  • Zero no Tsukaima {A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Anime only
(C-) ---
  • 100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru {A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Anime only
  • (NEW) One Man Army {WN} [KR] (RE3) | Progress - ch100+
  • Lazy Dungeon Master {LN} [JP] (I) | Progress - V1
  • (NEW) Level 1 Strongest Sage {WN} [JP] (TMG) | Progress - ch7
  • Mato Seihei no Slave {MG} [JP] (I) | Progress - ch28
  • FFF-Class Trashero {WN} [KR] (I/RE3) | Progress - ch65
  • I Shall Survive Using Potions! {LN} [JP] (I) | Progress - V2
  • Skeleton Knight in Another World {LN} [JP] (I) | Progress - V1
  • Reborn Little Girl Won't Give Up {WN} [JP] (RE2) | Progress - ch85
  • Versatile Mage {WN/A} | Progress - WNch50+/Animation
  • How Not to Summon a Demon Lord {A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Anime only
  • The Misfit of Demon King Academy: History's Strongest Demon King Reincarnates and Goes to School with His Descendants {M/A} [JP] (TMG/RE) | Progress - manga ch13/WN ch83/ep2
  • Redo of Healer {LN/M} [JP] (RE3) | Progress - Manga ch21/WN V7
D --- These are either generic, have a quirk that only holds out for a single volume, or are extremely formulaic.
(D+) ---
  • Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God {WN} [CN] (RE3) | Progress - ch2697
  • Sword Art Online {A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Anime only (not in image ver.)
  • Kenja no Mago {LN/M} [JP] (RE2) | Progress - Manga ch43/Anime
  • Hachi-nan tte, sore wa nai desho! {A} [JP] (TMG) | Progress - Anime only
  • Reincarnation of the Businesswoman at School {WN} [CN] (TMG/RE) | Progress - ch453
  • Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Cultivator {WN/M} [CN] (RE3) | Progress - WNch900+
(D) ---
  • Rebirth of an 8 circled mage {M} [KR] (TMG/RE) | Progress - ch28
  • Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon {LN} [JP] (RE2) | Progress - V1
  • I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level {LN} [JP] (RE2) | Progress - V2
  • Sozai Saishuka no Isekai Ryokouki {WN} [JP] (RE2) | Progress - ch10
  • Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life? {LN} [JP] (RE2) | Progress - V5/Anime
  • Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear {LN} [JP] (I) | Progress - V1/Anime
  • Chou Onna Kirai na Ore ga Isekai no Joshikou ni Ryuugaku Suru Koto ni Natta {M} [JP] (I) | Progress - ch6
  • Kami-tachi ni Hirowareta Otoko {A} [JP] (RE2) | Progress - Anime only
  • Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around! {WN} [CN] (RE3) | Progress - ch55
  • The World Online {WN} [CN] (RE3) | Progress - ch10
  • Rebirth: City Deity {M} [CN] (RE3) | Progress - ch45
(D-) ---
  • (NEW) Black Summoner {LN} [JP] (I) | Progress - V1
  • World’s Strongest Rearguard: Labyrinth Country’s Novice Seeker {LN} [JP] (I) | Progress - V1
  • The Rebirth of the Demon God {M} [CN] (TMG/RE1,2) | Progress - ch49
  • Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? {LN/A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Anime only
  • Woof Woof Story: I Told You to Turn Me Into a Pampered Pooch, Not Fenrir! {LN} [JP] (RE2) | Progress - V1
F --- These are incredibly generic and don't try to add a flair to the story or world and/or the story quality is poor. Some make me laugh at how bad they are.
(F+) ---
  • Maou-sama Retry! {A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Anime only
(F) ---
  • Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody {WN/LN/M/A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Anime/WNch16-40
  • High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World! {LN/A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Anime only
(F-) ---
  • Rebirth of the Urban Mad Immortal {M} [CN] (RE3) | Progress - ch10
  • Isekai wa Smartphone Totomo ni. {LN/A} [JP] (I) | Progress - ep3
  • Mythical Tyrant {WN} [CN] (RE3) | Progress - ch1
L --- Legendary tier. These make me question why they were even released.
(L+) ---
  • The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar {LN/A} [JP] (I) | Progress - ep1
  • Isekai Cheat Magician {M/A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Anime only
(L) ---
  • Conception {A} [JP] (I) | Progress - ep1
(L-) ---
  • Garzey's Wing {A} [JP] (I) | Progress - ep1

Honorable Mentions

These don't really follow the format of an isekai/reincarnation/transmigration per se, but they are close enough to be mentioned here. Either that, or they are recommended for isekai fans.
S ---
(S-) ---
  • The King's Avatar {WN} [CN] (RE1) | Progress - Finished (ch1728+Animation) - VERY reincarnation-like. If you like reincarnation, this is my #1 recommendation BY FAR.
A ---
(A-) ---
  • Spirited Away {A} [JP] (I) | Progress - Finished (movie)
B ---
(B+) ---
  • Solo Leveling/Only I Level Up {WN/MH} [KR] (W2S) - W2S w/ game elements | Progress - Finished (ch243/MH)
  • The Devil is a Part Timer {A} [JP] - reverse isekai | Progress - Anime only
  • Re:LIFE {A} [JP] - 27 y/o gets a chance to relive high school under certain conditions. | Progress - Finished (s1+ova)
  • Dr. Stone {M/A} [JP] (RE1?) - Shonen. World population is frozen in time until 5000 years later. Rebuilding the modern world from zero.
(B) ---
  • Overgeared {WN} [KR] (W2S) - VRMMORPG story | Progress - WN ch200+
  • Re:CREATORS {A} [JP] - reverse isekai with a bunch of characters | Progress - Finished (ep25)
  • Goblin Slayer {LN} [JP] - D&D game. | Progress - V3/Anime
(B-) ---
  • Legendary Moonlight Scluptor {LN/WT} [KR] (W2S) - VRMMORPG story | Progress - MH Season 2
C ---
(C+) ---
  • Redefining the Meta at VRMMO Academy {LN} [JP] - VRMMORPG story | Progress - V2
  • Darwin's Game {M/A} [JP] - Death game with the concept of alternate dimensions. They are isekai'd in chapter 73 of the manga. | Progress - ch83
  • Mages are Too OP {WN} [CN] - VRMMORPG story | Progress - ch115+
(C) ---
  • Btooom! (NEW) {M/A} [JP] - Death game with similar aspects to a video game where MC is taken to an island | Progress - Anime only
  • Battle Through the Heavens {WN/MA} [CN] (W2S/RE1) - beginning of the story and very last chapter suggests it may be an isekai. Reincarnation-like. | Progress - ch375ish
  • Danmachi: Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? {LN/A} [JP] (W2S) - W2S w/ game elements, dungeon crawler | Progress - Anime only
  • Accel World - {LN/A} [JP] - VAR amalgamation | Progress - Anime only
  • Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun! {A} - Isekai'd to Hell. Is not really an isekai because Hell already exists within the scope of their world. | Progress - Anime only
  • ore no genjitsu wa renai game ka to omottara inochigake no game datta {M} [JP] - Death game w/ time loop (save/load) | Progress - ch34
(C-) ---
  • Bofuri: I Hate Getting Hurt, So I Put All My Skill Points Into Defense {A} - VRMMORPG story | Progress - Anime only
  • Ranker's Return {WN} [KR] (RE1) - VRMMORPG story | Progress - ch20
D ---
(D+) ---
  • Infinite Dendrogram {A} - VRMMORPG story | Progress - Anime only
(D) ---
  • Shachou, Battle no Jikan Desu! {A} - Dungeon crawler | Progress - ep2
X --- The death of quality sparks rebirth. If you've made it this far, everything is connected; everything becomes true.
  • Tenkuu Danzai Skelter+Heaven
N/A --- Unranked
  • Middle Aged Businessman, Arise in Another World!
  • New Life +: Young Again in a New World
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