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The old 1.25-litre four is gone, replaced by the three-cylinder in unblown 1.1-litre form. Its object-oriented architecture allows it to perform. TORN City is a massive multiplayer browser game where only.

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The Top 500 Players in the NBA (Episode 3)

488. Max Strus (Chicago Bulls)
6’6, 24.4 years old
In 13 G-League games, Strus averaged over 18 PPG before tearing his ACL in December. Strus is an excellent catch-and-shoot player, but he only shoots 30% from 3 and has some work to do. Either way, get well soon, Max.
487. Jacob Evans (Minnesota Timberwolves)
6’6, 23.2 years old
In 59 career NBA games, Evans is shooting less than 34% from the field. Even worse is he hit 27% in 10 G-League games in 2020. Still, he was a 1st round pick for Golden State while their dynasty was yet resumed, and we will see where his career goes from here.
486. Josh Maggette (Orlando Magic)
6’1, 30.7 years old
Maggette was one of 3 players to make the all-G-League team, and all 3 players are listed in a row here. At 30, Maggette had the best season of his career with 21.1 PPG, 9.8 APG, and 2.2 SPG. The Magic have one of the better G-League teams in the league, and they have some excellent promising young players.
485. Vic Law (Orlando Magic)
6’7, 24.7 years old
Law is a very talented offensive player who shot over 40% from 3 and made the All G-League 3rd team. His go-to is a mid-range jumper (which he can hit consistently), and I would not be surprised to see him move up this list in 2021.
484. BJ Johnson (Orlando Magic)
6’7, 24.6 years old
Like Law, Johnson was great in the G-League (All G-League 2nd team); Johnson averaged over 22 PPG and shot over 41% from 3. He has a leaning left-handed jumper and is the 3rd Magic player in a row to crack the list.
483. Justin Anderson (Brooklyn Nets)
6’6, 26.7 years old
Signed by the Nets after Wilson Chandler opted out, Anderson averaged over 20 PPG in the G-League with decent efficiency to show that he still had value, and Brooklyn saw this value. Anderson said he planned to bring a “junkyard dog” mentality to the Nets by focusing on defense, and he even scored 11 points in a win against Milwaukee on August 4th. Time has yet to tell whether Anderson will have a consistent spot in the league moving forward.
482. Ty Jerome (Phoenix Suns)
6’5, 23.1 years old
Jerome played in 31 games for the Suns but shot just 33.6% from the field. Don’t count him out despite his lack of athleticism only yet, though. He has ideal size for the point guard position and finished in the 77th percentile in the entire NBA with a 1.8 steal%. His knack for stealing the ball is the 1st aspect that stands out in his highlights as well, and the shooting is something that can be improved. I still think he has a bright future.
481. Tyrone Wallace (Atlanta Hawks)
6’5, 26.2 years old
I really liked Wallace as a rookie in 2018 for the Clippers (9.7 PPG in 30 games), but after 14 games for the Hawks this past season, he averaged just 2.9 PPG. Honestly, he probably could have been ranked lower than this. Again I really liked him on the Clippers a couple of years ago (and if I’m not mistaken, he finished in my top 300 that year). I don’t know what happened after 2018.
480. Dusty Hannahs (Memphis Grizzlies)
6’3. 27.0 years old
His game matches his name. Hannahs routinely takes shots from Curry range..even crazier is he averaged over 21 PPG while shooting over 44% from 3-point-range this past season while finishing on the All-G-League 3rd team and scoring the 5th most points in the G-League this past season. He also scored 8 points with a couple of 3-pointers against the Rockets in 1 of his 2 NBA games. As a Memphis fan myself, I think he is fun to watch and will go as far as to say he should be on an NBA roster.
479. Malik Newman (Cleveland Cavaliers)
6’3, 23.5 years old
Newman was once a 5-star-prospect who averaged 16 PPG in the G-League this past season while shooting just 42% FG and 32% from 3. Still, he is just only 23 and has some more room to grow.
478. Johnathan Motley (LA Clippers)
6’10, 25.3 years old
In 13 NBA games, Motley shot over 73% from the field. He has made the All-G-League team 3 seasons in a row now. He is a dangerous low-post scorer who is starting to develop an outside shot (over 35% from 3). Will he be a G-League lifer? We will see.
477. Derrick Walton Jr (LA Clippers)
6’1, 25.4 years old
Walton only played in 26 games this past year, but he showed some potential in the limited time he did see. Shooting over 41% from 3, and he finished in the 100th percentile on points-per-shot-attempt (144.7). He also has excellent ball control, finishing in the 94th percentile for TOV% (8.8). Based on the sample size, I think he can be a 2nd string point guard in the league right now, depending on the situation.
476. Tyler Cook (Cleveland Cavaliers)
6’9, 22.9 years old
Cook is a muscular, athletic finisher who can dunk on people (shot over 57% from the G-League floor and 66% in 13 NBA games). He lacks the outside scoring ability, and with where he’s at in his career, he could be a dangerous 2nd string specialist.
475. Gabe Vincent (Miami Heat)
6’3, 24.2 years old
Vincent only played 9 games in the NBA, but he did show promise in the G-League with averages of over 21 PPG while shooting over 40% from the field while being named the G-League’s most improved player.
474. Luc Mbah a Moute (Houston Rockets)
6’8, 34.0 years old
Mbah a Moute has only played 3 games in the bubble (1.7 PPG) but gets a little bump for being on a playoff team and being a 10+ year veteran.
473. JR Smith (LA Lakers)
6’6, 35.0 years old
Smith’s best performance was 20 points in a scrimmage against the Wizards, but unfortunately, that does not count because he is shooting just 25% in the bubble so far. Even looking at his playoff stats, I couldn’t move him higher than this. As a locker room guy, though, he’s played with LeBron, and who knows, we might have a crazy performance from him coming up.
472. Oshae Brissett (Toronto Raptors)
6’8, 22.1 years old
Brissett saw action in 19 games (including 12 points with multiple clutch buckets vs. the Portland Trailblazers) and watching him play, you can tell he is passionate. His jumper looks nice, but he also shot under 30% from 3 this past year in both the G-League and NBA. The potential is there, but it has not been close to meeting the ceiling.
471. Stanton Kidd (Utah Jazz)
6’7, 28.2 years old
Kidd averaged just 11.5 points-per-game his senior season at Colorado State in 2015, and over 4 years after leaving college, he made his NBA debut. On the talent scale alone, he probably should have been a lot lower, but I will admit a bit of favoritism towards long shots.
470. Admiral Schofield (Washington Wizards)
6’5, 23.4 years old
Schofield is an excellent mid-range scorer (96th percentile on mid-range accuracy in the NBA). If that same type of efficiency can extend to the 3-point-line (18th percentile 3PT accuracy), then he could be a dangerous player in the future. A 2K sim I did over the summer had him retiring in 2040 at the age of 41.
469. KZ Okpala (Miami Heat)
6’9, 21.3 years old
Okpala has potential, but this is probably an excellent ranking for him. Still, there were some good signs. He is an excellent rebounder (7.1 RPG in G-League), and he shows promise as a defender (1.3 SPG, 1.1 BPG in G-League. Okpala was a late bloomer, starting high school 5’10 and having grown nearly a full foot since then. He has a lot of improvement on the offensive end, but the potential is there right now.
468. Noah Vonleh (Denver Nuggets)
6’9, 25.0 years old
I liked Vonleh a lot for the Knicks last year and felt he was an under-the-radar player. He seemingly got lost in the shuffle during 2020. He has only played 3 minutes for the Nuggets in the bubble, and we like to make fun of the Kings for “Nik Rocks” while also forgetting the other big player they were looking at was Noah Vonleh.
467. Gary Payton II (Washington Wizards)
6’3, 27.7 years old
In Payton’s debut for the Wizards this season, he had 10 points, 11 rebounds, 6 steals, and 5 assists (a game in which he also wore his father’s number 20 in an NBA game for the 1st time ever). If he had more games like that, he would have finished a lot higher than 469th. Payton talked to The Athletic about his new potential nickname:
“Yeah, that might be it,” he laughed before repeating it just to see if he liked the sound. “The Biiiig Mitten. We’ll see how it rocks.”
466. Talen Horton-Tucker (LA Lakers)
6’4, 19.8 years old
At 234 pounds, Horton-Tucker is built like a smaller Zion Williamson. He has a 7’1 wingspan, is athletic, can finish near the basket, averaged 18 PPG in the G-League, and is not even 20 years old. The Lakers found a hidden gem in the 2nd round of last year’s draft.
465. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Dallas Mavericks)
6’7, 26.9 years old
MKG is not even 27 years old, and his NBA career looks over right now. The number 2 pick in the 2012 draft averaged a career-low 6.7 PPG in 2019. That number fell to 2.4 in 2020, at just 33% from the field.
464. Henry Ellenson (Brooklyn Nets)
6’11, 23.6 years old
Henry was trying to stay optimistic before the 2020 season. As he told The Athletic:
“It’s just the way things have worked out,” he told The Athletic. “Going from Detroit after being there two and a half years and then finishing last season with the Knicks. Just situations I didn’t expect. I know I’m still young. I have my own NBA story ahead of me.”
I was high on him before he was drafted in the 1st round of the 2016 draft, but he is entering the bust territory. Watching him play in the G-League, the man still has talent (20.4 PPG, 9.3 RPG) with surprising quickness, and he can play inside/out. He just needs to put on 5-10 pounds, but I honestly think he is an under-the-radar guy who could make an NBA impact if given a chance.
463. Jerian Grant (Washington Wizards)
6’4, 27.9 years old
Jerian Grant was supposed to play a critical role for the Orlando Magic in 2019 but only averaged just over 4 PPG and did not make an NBA roster until the bubble, and in 6 games in the bubble, Grant shot just 37% from the floor. Former Magic teammates raved about his professionalism and positive attitude, hoping he finds a spot next season.
462. John Konchar (Memphis Grizzlies)
6’5, 24.4 years old
In 19 NBA games, Konchar shot over 64% from the field, 50% from 3, and even blocked Dwight Howard. Konchar was a 5th-year under-the-radar senior who did not get much attention, and really still has not. This is fine for John, who told The Athletic this last season:
“I just go out there and play basketball,” Konchar says. “That’s the only thing that’s on my mind. I don’t get bothered by added stress.”
461. Carsen Edwards (Boston Celtics)
6’0, 22.4 years old
Many thought that Edwards was a 2nd round steal, but in 37 NBA games, he shot under 33% from the field. I still think he has the talent, and it was probably a case of going from being “the man” at Purdue to a rotation player. Some issues carried over to the G-League as well (28% from 3), but I’m not giving up on him yet.
460. Kevin Hervey (Oklahoma City Thunder)
6’8, 24.1 years old
Hervey played in 10 games for the Thunder, showing superior potential as an inside/outside guy..but he also shot just 25% from the field. There is plenty of room to grow, but he needs to show some of that potential to move up further next season.
459. Vlatko Cancar (Denver Nuggets)
6’9, 23.4 years old
Goran Dragic (Vlatko’s mentor) thinks that Cancar has a bright future. As he told The Athletic:
“Vlatko is my guy,” Dragić said. “He’s still young and I just want to be there for him and give him support and let him know to be patient. Do your job and sooner or later, you will get your opportunity.”
In the G-League he did show nice shooting range (39.3% from 3, 78.6% from FT). He’s on a deep Nuggets roster and just recently broke his foot so his impact in 2021 isn’t optimistic right now. However, what goes up comes down and what goes down comes up.
458. Devon Hall (Oklahoma City Thunder)
6’5, 25.2 years old
Hall has a well-rounded offensive game and he isn’t afraid to shoot from long range. Devon only played in 11 NBA games but impressed in the G-League (15.6 PPG, 5.7 RPG, 4.1 APG). I could see him breaking OKC’s rotation as the 4th or 5th guard to start 2021.
457. Sindarius Thornwell (New Orleans Pelicans)
6’5, 25.8 years old
Thornwell only played 2 games in the bubble for the 2020 season but scored 7 in his 1st game and 9 in his 2nd, so having two nice NBA games certainly gave his ranking a bump. I do remember Doc Rivers raving about his game so we’ll see if he has a spot in the big leagues for 2021.
456. CJ Miles (Washington Wizards)
6’6, 33.4 years old
Miles played in 10 games to start the 2020 season for the Wizards but shot just over 32% from the field and was waived. Miles is one of the last one-and-done players still in the league, and people would have thought you were crazy if you told them in 2010 that Miles would last 5 years longer than Andrew Bynum.
455. Amile Jefferson (Orlando Magic)
6’9, 27.3 years old
Jefferson has played in 30 games total the last 2 seasons for the Orlando Magic, and in 7 G-League games in 2020, averaged over 25 PPG while shooting over 65% from the field. Amile was a rare 5th-year-senior at Duke, and the experience has showed with him being a pretty decent fringe NBA player.
454. Marko Guduric (Memphis Grizzlies)
6’6, 25.5 years old
Guduric had a 15 point/4 assist performance back in November against Dallas and even hit a shot over Luka Doncic. Still, in 39 NBA games he shot under 40% from the field and less than 4 PPG. Still, Marko is just happy to make the NBA. As he told The Athletic back in October:
“I was always under the radar,” Gudurić said. “But I was working hard every day and just trying to pick as many information as possible from players, coaches. I love basketball. I watch a lot of games and just try to get better. And here I am today. I’m so happy.”
453. Kyle Guy (Sacramento Kings)
6’1, 23.1 years old
Guy did not play much in the NBA but excelled in his rookie G-League season (21.5 PPG, over 40% 3 PT shooting). He also has a nice AST/TO ratio (4.6/2.4) and that shows when watching his highlights. He plays a bit flashy too and when he made his NBA debut his Kings teammates were giving him a ton of love on Twitter. I like his future.
452. Darius Miller (New Orleans Pelicans)
6’8, 30.4 years old
Miller was injured with a torn right achilles before the season started but before that was a solid role player for the New Orleans Pelicans multiple seasons. Get well soon, Darius.
451. Lance Thomas (Brooklyn Nets)
6’8, 32.3 years old
Thomas played 7 games in the bubble for the Nets and started 4 of them (including a 12 point game against Orlando). A fun fact about Lance is that fishing is his profession outside of basketball.
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