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[Table] IAmA accident reconstructionist. I investigate vehicular accidents for a living AMA.

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Date: 2012-04-28
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Questions Answers
Hint: hit enter twice to create a break/paragraph. Wall of text is difficult to read. With that out of the way, thanks for the AMA, it sounds interesting. What are the salaries like for your work? Or is it more like contractor work, paid by the job? I would think public speaking skills are important, to appear credible/likeable if you need to testify in court. I'm assuming court testimony is part of the deal, but have no clue - is it? Salaries are competitive with those of Civil Engineers in conventional areas. Yes, testimony can be part of the deal. But most of the time a case will never see the court room.
Could you go into more detail about photogrammetry, e.g. what it is? This gives a good rundown of a program called PCRect we use for rectifying oblique photographs into plan view.
Link to imgur.com
What's your total station setup? I have a sokkia SET 513 with an HP data collector.
Can you post some sort of proof? Like a copy of your certificate from the accident reconstruction course? Thanks. I'm working on this, give me a sec. I'm answering more questions.
What is the most bizarre accident you've ever had to reconstruct? One that really made you wonder how the hell they managed it? Edit: spelling. My boss told me about the case, which happened long before I started doing this type of work. Based on the story he told me, I requested the set of depositions. My intention was to write a story based on them; they are Cohen Brothers script quality stories. I need to put it in motion.
Is it harder to reconstruct an accident when ABS brakes are involved (due to fewer skid marks)? Slightly harder, but nowadays vehicles are equipped to record a long period of pre-crash data through the Airbag system. This, along with damage to the vehicle tells the rest of the story.
How much historical data do those units record, i.e. is it recorded if the airbag doesn't deploy, and how far back does the information go? Thanks. There are two types of events that are recorded in the Airbag module. Most auto manufacturers since about the year 2000 are equipped with such devices. This varies from make to make. The event can be a deployment event, in which the bumper sensor tells the computer to deploy the airbag; usually at higher speeds. Also, non deployments get recorded at times, these are low speed impacts which tell the computer not to deploy the airbag. The amount of time and data recorded vary. Typically you'll see information such as driver seat buckle on or of, speed 5 seconds before deployment, brake on or of, accelerator throttle, etc.
Do you need some sort of authorization from the owner to get this information from the airbag module? EDIT: 'Black boxes' (event data recorders) mandatory for new cars in 2015. Source. This varies from state to state. In my state, It is necessary for us to fill out a form signed by whoever has taken ownership of the vehicle post accident.
So bumper sensors actually exist? I didn't think cars actually had airbag deployment sensors housed in the bumper, it sounds like an easy way to have an accidental deployment. I thought they deployed based on the input from a few accelerometers. It's a combination of both: Link to en.wikipedia.org
If I wanted to remove the computer after an accident, where would I look for it? Different on every car I'm sure, but you must know some general ltips (under the hood, inside the dash, you tell me.) Link to www.cdr-system.com
It's usually under the driver's seat in the center tunnel.
Cool! What kind of a background do you have in terms of education? I can imagine many subjects which would be beneficial, but none that would encompass all of the skills I presume need to be possessed. I have a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering as well as several accident reconstruction and software courses.
Whow. you were a civil engineer and switched into this ? If you dont mind me asking, what is the more lucrative career ? (I'm on my way to becoming a civil engineer. I don't ask because I plan to switch, just because I'm curious) They're pretty well aligned monetarily, though in this line of work I travel a whole lot.
The National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) had a student competition on forensic surveying a couple years back. Here's a write-up I found. There is an 8 hr test which makes an applicant ACTAR certified. It's not as hard as the PE.
What state do you work in? Is there some kind of licensure procedure, like PE, but for reconstructionists? Link to www.actar.org
Ah thanks, and is it fight-club-like travel i.e. short, in/out trips or do you ever get time off to sight-see etc ? Travel varies from 2 days to 4 or so. I get to meet a lot of interesting people and eat at a lot of great hidden treasure like places. From time to time I'll end up in a city where I know people and we'll have dinner, etc.
Has the job changed the way you drive? Are you more wary of the dangers of driving, or put off certain brands of car? My job has changed the way drive indeed. I try to be very observant while driving through intersections.
If I'm driving behind someone and they purposefully slam their brakes to get me to rear end them, and there are no witnesses, can you prove that the accident was their fault? And how? It'd be difficult to prove that. The gold standard seems to be that the rear ender is usually at fault. If you can prove that his brake lights were not functioning before the collision, then you may have a case.
Is it remotely possible to prove that the brake lights weren't working? Without the use of a dash-cam. There's a method in which you analyze the filament of a light bulb of a car involved in a collision. If it's streched it means the lights were hot (on) when it got struck, if it's a brittle fracture it's likely the lights were off. This makes a decent argument.
Is it possible, at least in some scenarios, to examine tire marks to determine what happened? you'd think that the front driver suddenly slamming on the breaks would leave a trail on the asphalt. Yes. The deceleration rate (usually in units of g's or gravity-32.2 ft/s) is dependent upon condition of tires (new or old), surface details (new asphalt, grass, etc) and weather surfaces (rain, snow). A typical deceleration rate is 0.7 g's for normal wear tires on pavement.
But if you get rear ended the tail lights more often than not get damaged. what happens if the lightbulbs were crushed in the accident? You'd be surprised how well the filament will hold up
How much fun is it, after you've investigated the skid patterns, debris, etc. to prove in court that someone was clearly lying about their speed, etc.? Also, what's the craziest accident you've ever had to reconstruct, or the most challenging? Challenging involves multiple vehicles usually. There was this one where a tractor trailer was coming down a ramp at a rapid speed while merging onto the highway, the truck flipped on its side and vehicles traveling on the highway collided with it. There was a ton of evidence marks and speeds had to be determined for three different vehicles.
How did you get into that line of work? I started an internship while in college, liked it and stuck with it.
What is the most fucked up accident you saw? There was one where a farm vehicle was carrying a large wooden post horizontally and aligned with the horizon for approaching traffic (I hope that makes sense). He was driving on the side of the road and the wooden post was hovering above the lane of travel. A passenger truck drove through it and it seemed as thought the passenger who got hit by the post had literally exploded. The farm owner was liable for damages.
Do you work for a state, city or county agency? How long was the course you had to take to become an accident reconstructionist (yes, it is not something you just learn "on the job")? How many years have you done this? and of course, worst accidents you've had to be on scene for? I work for an independent third party. I've gone through several courses. I have a BS in Civil Engineering and took a 2 week course in Northwestern University. I've been doing this now for 7 yrs. Worst accidents are usually the ones involving families and head on collisions. There was one where the truck driver was impinged onto a tractor trailer while it was on fire. He was still alive and communicating before he died. I get to read many pages of depositions where all the unpleasant details come out.
Do you find that people driving larger (non-commercial) vehicles tend to cause more accidents? That's a loaded question. Kidding. Well truck drivers are operating a machine about 16 times the weight of the average passenger vehicle and traveling at similar speeds. They carry more energy and have a larger tendency to be involved in accidents. Also their perception/reaction time is longer so they have less distance to work with.
Do you ever analyze vehicles that were struck by a train? If so, does that involve different or more complex analysis than car-on-car collisions? What's your hourly rate? Does it change for serving as an expert witness? A train decelerates much much slower than tires on pavement. Investigating an accident involving a train requires permission from the railroad companies as well as research and evidence documentation. Were there cross bucks and gates? Lights? As far as methodology, it can be analyzed as a conservation of momentum case.
If someone were to make ridiculous House/Psyche/CSI dramatization of what you do with you as the quirky dick of a reconstructionist genius solving the most important car crashes ... ya know, Princess Diana shit... who would you like to play you? Will Ferrell.
What kind of advice would you have for road users? What do you think is realistically possible? (With these two I mean like, licensing changes? policy change? whatever, etc.) I'd advice to pay attention always, especially when on high speed highways. Don't travel when tired, intoxicated, etc.
Have you heard of SATAI? Perhaps you have friends who are members. What is your opinion of the organization? I have. I am not from that state, but I am a member because I took a course with them. Accident Reconstruction associations are generally reputable; most of them are made up of ex-police officers.
So, my dad is a Marine Corps lifer.. and for a good portion of his career as a military police officer he doubled as an accident investigator. For a long time, he had a sawed in half tire filled with cement and a chain hanging out of it that lived in our garage. I assume it was some homemade instrument he used for teaching himself about tread marks.. I dunno. Anyway, during this particular part of his career I was conveniently learning how to drive. He decided one evening to show me pictures of some investigations he had been working on in an effort to scare me into driving more safely. It worked. I got my own Red Asphalt lesson right in our living room. My question is... have there been any particular accidents that have really shaken you or stuck with you throughout your career? Do you feel you drive more carefully knowing things like how fast your car will continue to travel after you hit the brakes if you're going 80 down the highway? Edit - I accidentally a word. That's called a drag sled (Link to www.gazettenet.com)
Police photos of a really bad accident are not very pleasant, but I've become a little more desensitized over time. I imagine people in the medical field have to adjust similarly. Working around death certainly lets me know to live my personal life to the fullest. And I'm not perfect driver, but I abide by all driving laws and try to share the road as much as possible.
Have you started fight club yet? I'm actually a huge Chuck Palahniuk fan.
Curious if you subscribe to the same sort of skepticism presented by the narrator in Fight Club when he's talking about analyzing accidents for the big corps. Do you feel there is that sort of jaded humanity-minimization element in the car industry, having seen their work first hand? Well this element can be translated well into other fields like the food industry for example. It was striking to find out that there are economic analysis companies that will put a pricetag on how much a deceased person involved in an accident is worth, based on age, profession and expected lifespan.
How do you feel working with cars in which people have died? It's strange to come across brain matter and other bodily fluids during a vehicle inspection; certainly not my cup of tea. But over time it has gotten easier.
How much do you hate CSI? It's meh.
How many accidents have you been in yourself? I was in a minor rear end collision in highschool and a slightly more serious one (other vehicle at fault) a few years after that.
I don't know if you are allowed talk about it, but can you tell us if you ever came upon an accident scene that was clearly faked?. Can you elaborate on the details? Thanks for the AMA! I believe an insurance adjustor commented on an earlier thread that most of insurance fraud is medical billing. People generally lie about how fast they were going.
What percentage of accidents you've investigated actually involved fraud, e.g. people intentionally crashing into things? This is a very low percentage. Fraud usually comes in the form of people claiming hail damage when a closer look reveals that the marks were done by small hammer or so.
Why do you use the term accident, as opposed to crash or incident? Some are quite clearly done on purpose. Accident and collision are interchangeable. Incident could be purposefully I suppose.
How accurate do you believe your field to be? More and more forensic science is being shown to be lacking in accuracy, to put it nicely. I'd have to say that experience is a major factor in this field. I work under people who've done it for over two decades and the amount of info they can deduct upon barely driving up to an accident scene is amazing.
How hard it is to determine whether someone crashed their car on purpose or was just driving recklessly? I assume some people would take out life insurance and try to off themselves driving into a bridge pillar at 220km/h. We've only investigated a couple of suicides and they involved pedestrians jumping in front of big trucks. To determine approach, it helps to know the driver's tendencies and state of mind at the time of accident. This comes to light eventually.
My girlfriend was stopped behind a car making a left turn and was rearended. Her rear axel was torn off and the car that hit her ended up under her jeep. She was pushed into the car in front of her with minimal damage. And there were no skid marks. The girl who hit her got off scot free and my girlfriend got points on her license and a fine for reckless driving. The judges and trooper were friends of the family of the girl who hit her. My question is... even though both insurance companies went to arbitration and the girl hitting my girlfriend was found 100 percent liable... how the fuck was the accident reconstruction information inadmissible in her court proceeding? Did your gf's insurance company hire an expert? If so, the expert might have reported his findings to the insurance company and they did not like what they heard.
What's the salary range in the field like? It's pretty parallel to typical Civil Engineering work like project managing or transportation engineering.
What Car manufacturer do you work for? A major one? We've gotten hired by Toyota and Ford before. On a Toyota case there was a claim of sudden acceleration: Link to www.huffingtonpost.com
Do you investigate vehicular fires? Especially ones that didn't result from a collision? We do not investigate vehicular fires, but we do have someone we refer those cases to.
Are all single vehicle fires reported to the manufacturer? When dealing with vehicles that have been in fires, how difficult is it to determine where and how a fire ignited after the vehicle has been completely destroyed? I'm not sure if I know the answer to your second question, but this site has great vehicle fire stats: Link to www.usfa.fema.gov
What clues to do you look for to accurately determine the cause of a collision (or fire, especially fire) as being deliberate (like an insurance job), as opposed to a design flaw or poor maintenance? Once again, I'm not a fire expert, but this is a great article on how fire investigation is approached Link to www.google.com
Accidents are investigated backwards. You start off at the final rest of the vehicles, then work your way back using known deceleration rates for different conditions. Roadway evidence is extremely helpful.
Are you better than this guy? Why is he so bad?! I've seen this before. What a dolt.
Which car company do you work for? We're a third party company. We get hired by insurance companies, attorneys, car makers.
What do you feel has been the most important case you've worked on? Have you ever felt as though you have been the main reason a certain case was decided foagainst someone? Do you testify as an expert witness in court? Has anyone ever threatened you or intimidated you because of your testimony? We do a lot of visibility testing. In fact, we have these glasses with a camera dot on the center of the eyes. We get a hold of someone the same height to wear them in the driver seat and record different points of view. This tool proved important in a case where a truck driver didn't see a pedestrian crossing as he accelerated after being stopped and therefore collided with the pedestrian. The case settled for an undisclosed amount.
Is there any make or model of car that you wouldn't buy based on some insight you gained from your line of work? Well I would just stay away from a vehicle like the mini cooper or anything that's so low and small that it may give you a disadvantage against a larger and more common vehicle, like a Ford F150.
Is text messaging at the time of the accident frequently looked into? Over the past few years I've noticed more and more attorneys request phone records of people involved in accidents to see if they may have been texting or on the phone at the time of the accident.
I drive a reconstructed vehicle which has previously been in an accident. How much more difficult would that make your job? If your vehicle has a salvage title, chances are that after it was rebuilt, the airbags were not present. If these are not present, then there is no report filed by the module. As far as analyzing the damage to your vehicle, we usually run a carfax report on the vehicles we investigate for that same reason.
In a middle school math class, we had a police officer come in to give us an overview of accident reconstruction (specifically using skid marks and thugs to determine speed at an accident...many years ago do I don't remember much). Do some areas leave this type of investigation up to law enforcement only? How closely do you work with LEOs? We have a good working relation with the local Police department.
I have always wondered this. With the increase in vehicle safety systems, such as 10 airbag equipped vehicles, preemptive brakes, pre tensioning belts and rollover sensors, are people surviving auto crashes better then vehicles without these systems in place? I drive a 98 Lexus ES300. Am i more likely to die in a collision in that vehicle versus a 2012 Lexus with more advanced safety features? What would you consider a "safe" vehicle? what would you consider a "dangerous" vehicle? thanks. A safe vehicle, in my opinion, is one of low rollover propensity (center of mass is lower, but not too low). Obviously the more airbags you add the better. Side curtains make a vehicle safer. My boss switched from Ford to Nissan a few years back because Nissan offers side airbags.
I'm currently taking a course on Traffic Theory (Criminal Justice degree) and we just studied a major 3-scene crash that happened on I-43 near Sheboygan, WI, in 2002. 50 vehicles were involved, 39 people injured, and 10 people fatally injured. What's the most messed up accident you've had to reconstruct? Also -- what is your education? Are you employed with the IL State Police? Thanks for doing this AMA! I have a degree in Engineering and I've taken several courses as well. I am employed by a third party company. We saw a similar case to that in Phoenix that occurred during a sand storm. Several trucking companies were involved and I believe two people perished.
Might get buried but, any cool tips and tricks of the trade? Like any cool little details that says a lot about what has happened during a car crash? (Sort of like what you've mentioned already about the brake lights and filament) Thank you all for your interest. I contemplated for a while as to whether to do an AMA or not but so far 3/4 of the response has been positive. I'm semi-new to reddit.
Thanks for doing the AMA your work seems very interesting. As far as tricks of the trade goes I can think of only a couple of things. A major tip I can share is that if you're ever involved in a vehicular accident, whether it's your fault or not, take a high amount of photographs and remember that everything you say initially will end up in a police document at one point or another. If the accident is severe enough, hire an attorney. We live in a litigious society.
How much data is being recorded by the car? How many of driving is recorded at a given time? This varies from make to year of manufacture. This is a good article on it: Link to www.rudydegger.com
Do you use the drag sled? No, we use a GPS accelerometer (Link to www.vericomcomputers.com) and brake suddenly at the accident scene to acquire a deceleration value under those conditions.
Was your job accurately portrayed in fight club? Tyler Durden (or Jack) was product recall specialist for an unnamed car company, where as I work for an independent employer hired by insurance companies, attorneys and sometimes the State generally in order to figure out speeds of vehicles involved..
What sort of computer program do you use? Was it bought or did someone make it? What variables are commonly used? We use a number of programs for different functions. PC Crash is a brilliant piece of software for simulation/animation of accidents. We also use AutoCAD and Sketchup video trial exhibits.
Can you tell if someone's headlights or turn signal were on at the time of a collision? Inspecting the filament int he bulb, if stretchted it's likely it was running hot (on) when the collision happened. This is known as hot shock. If the break of the filament is brittle or if it's undamaged, it's likely the lights were off. This is cold shock.
Saw that you have a BS in civil engineering, and was wondering if this was a job you could get with any bachelors degree or if you had to be more specialized? I realize you went through some specific training, but did the engineering degree make it easier to be accepted into the more specialized training? There are ex-police officers who do this, but generally an engineering firm will have more credibility because of a solid background knowledge of mathematics and physics. This job is suited for a civil (because of the transportation aspect of it) and mechanical (because of vehicular failures in brakes, engine, etc.) engineer. Yes, the engineering degree made it much easier.
Personally, I have a bachelors and masters degree in music, but would like to switch careers for a little while (just burnt out of the music scene). This genuinely seems like a pretty interesting job. Ironically, I've been trying to break into the music scene for the past decade as a hobby. Thanks for reading.
I am a Biomechanical engineer with a Phd, and have been looking for forensic injury biomechanics positions with consulting companies like Exponent and other smaller companies. Problem is I am fresh out of school so companies are not willing to hire me because I don't have any experience. I know with many of these companies Accident Reconstructionists and Injury Biomechanists work side by side for many of the cases. Would you have any recommendations for me where to look? Will taking that two week course at Northwestern help (I am right here in Chicago)? It's usually the company who would pay for something like that, but if you can't get employment after a while, it may be a good investment to look into. I would recommend getting a linked in account and preparing a nice profile of your resume. Also, "follow" and join groups relating to this field; i.e. forensic engineering companies and accident reconstruction as well.
Also, when you reconstruct accidents, can you tell by the angle at which the tire rutting departs from the roadway whether the driver was executing an evasive maneuver or just drifted off the road? The heading angle of skids and how gradual the drift is can be helpful if there are pre-skids left, other wise only impact gouges tell whether somebody drifted onto oncoming traffic, etc.
Did this change the way you drive somehow? What are the most common mistakes you've seen that have caused accidents? Well the nastiest accidents involve vehicles crashing at high speeds in opposite direction (head on collision). These tend to happen on two lane divided highways (usually about 75MPH speed limit). People drive tired, or are distracted somehow and go left of center.
If you're still in Illinois, were you part of the investigation of the crash that killed 3 teens in Prospect Heights or had any insider info in that case? No I was not. I only spent 2 weeks in Evanston for the class.
I am a licensed engineer and have noticed job postings everywhere I look (newspaper, craisglist, monster, etc.) for licensed engineers to do forensics work. I have even gotten letters in the mail trying to recruit me, I assume they got my info from the list of PE's in my state. So is your field really short on engineers right now? Is this some sort of scam? Well anytime multiple vehicles are involved, all attorneys will schedule vehicle inspections so that all experts involved are present at the same time. In my part of the country, there does not seem to be a shortage.
Is there a way to get information on an accident that occurred more than 30 years ago? Also, is it possible to use that information, should it conflict with an official story or confirm a suspicion, as evidence for wrongful death? The more time has passed since an event, the more difficult is to work with and to prove.
Why do you use published data instead of measuring the coefficient of friction of a particular section of roadway? Is photogrammetry accurate? Photogrammetry has a good degree of accuracy. We acquire the coefficient of friction by using a GPS accelerometer and breaking hard at the accident scene at those conditions.
Have you ever any investigations in SE Wisconsin? No.
*Braking. This worries me if it is your profession. I apologize, I've just been trying to get to as many questions as possible and was hasty in my spelling.
What are the qualifications/requirements to become an accident reconstructionist? (i.e. degree or certificate?) ACTAR certification. It's moslty ex-police officers who do this work, but dedicated engineering firms do it too, and its competitiveness is growing.
What kind of camera/photo gear is used for your work? Do you use the photo signing tools that Nikon/Canon provide? We use something like this: Link to www.imaging-resource.com
The rotating lens allows for flexibility when hanging under cars.
Do you have a formula sheet? Link to www.youtube.com. Yes, this was referenced in an earlier thread. I have seen it. Doing simple math shouldn't require a formula sheet.
I perform a lot of safety recalls on cars. Have you ever had to check if a recall has been done or not that involves safety? Do you reciever any info at all on safety recalls? Yes, we have a program that, when inputted a VIN, will list the vehicle specifications and recall data.
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Way of the Monk - Unarmed Overhaul - Part 1 by Woverdude
THE BATMAN doesn't use any weapons! He uses his FISTS to take out THUGS by the HUNDREDS! Way of the Monk is a fantastic unarmed overhall that is another good addition to your mod list!
Crowded Cities (v5) by Velvokay and Populated Cities by Pandazooka
These mods will FILL Solitude with CITIZENS in need of protection and CRIMINALS lurking the night (well, not really, you have to make them yourselves, and we'll get to that later)
Interpret an unarmed kill as non-lethal! Using SHOCK PELLETS or POISON POITIONS are OK too in my book. Use whatever seems acceptable to YOU!
For my major skills I picked ALCHEMY, SMITHING, and ENCHANTING to show that Bruce Wayne is highly knowledgable; HEAVY ARMOR for the unarmed damage bonus and cool looking armor; ILLUSION and finally SNEAK for the ability to stay hidden and mess with enemies' heads.
Unfortunatly, there isn't a good mod for criminal nightlife right now in Skyrim, so you will have to MAKE YOUR OWN! Using the console, spawn in some bandits/thugs/whatever. Set their aggression to '2' by using 'setav aggression 2' and set nearby citizens and guards using 'setav confidence 0' to have them run away.
Well, that's about it, folks. If there are any other good mods out there, tell me in the comments and I'll update this post here! Other than that, I hope you enjoyed reading this guide and hope you will enjoy playing!
The Dance Of Death - A Killmoves Mod
Apocalypse Spell Package (1.19)
No Spinning Death Animation
EDIT 2: mljato has just posted regarding a NEW mod that replaces the Nightingale textures with a batsuit!
Batman Dark Knight Suit by xseph1rothx
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