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Plants vs. Zombies 2 - Download for iPhone Free

With new characters, more ways to play and immersive new maps, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 taps into the heart of what fans loved about the original and goes above and beyond to deliver the funniest, craziest, and most over-the-top shooter. Cheats, game codes, unlockables, hints, easter eggs, glitches, guides, walkthroughs, trophies, achievements and more for Plants vs. Zombies on Xbox One. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, achievements, and secrets for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 for Xbox One. Zom-peashooter fires peas at plants, and the Zombie Chomper has a strong bite that instabtly kills a plant, but it needs time to chew.

Foot Soldier (Plants vs Zombies)

Hack 30+ Plants VS. Zombies ideas in 2020

Plants vs. Zombies Cheats and Cheat Codes, PC. Solved: Plants vs Zombies Neighborville on XBox One. Fast Food Frenzy is a world idea for Plants vs. Zombies 2. It takes place in a metropolitan city in the 1950s, around the time when fast food became popular. They only serve as obstacles being able to be destroyed either by Blaze class plants, normal attacking plants, or Grave. Choose the plants you would like to use for each level. Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 With Other Zombies 1.2 Battle Record 2 Possible Opponents 3 History 3.1 Garden Warfare 1 & 2 3.2 PVZ: Heroes 3.3 Darkhorse Comics 4 Weapons and Abilities 5 Variants 6 Feats 7 Faults 8 Victories 9 Failures 10 Trivia 11 Gallery 12 Poll Team Fortress 2 Soldier VS. Commonly multi-player online role-playing video game (MMORPG) is a plants vs zombies 2 kind of role-playing video games in which a huge range of people connect with the other within the virtual video game society.

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Plants vs zombies 1 hacked able character. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare is the third-person shooter version of the tower defense saga Plants vs. Zombies. Obtainable palnts include the Golden Pea, which can fire any type of pea projectile and more that we need to come up with. With each plant and zombie having a couple of attacks, the main weapon and an ideal way to play, there is a lot to see and learn, even if it seems rather simple. Find industry contacts & talent representation. PvZ GW PC Patch Notes - Answer HQ https://trisha-ls.ru/crack/?key=880. If you like this kind of stuff, or even if you don't, consider giving it a look.

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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat

For the first time, scientists have revealed how bacterial parasites can turn plants into. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 has changed drastically since the original Garden Warfare. If you guys want to see more #plantsvs. I played through Mass Effect 1, and decided to start Mass Effect 2. It started, but when I clicked to import ME1 character, it was saying that it didn't find anything and recommended me the configuration utility. PopCap has a new update for Plants vs. Zombies on iOS out that includes 5 new levels, 3 new achi Plants vs Zombies: Don't let the zombies eat your brains. Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes / Characters - TV Tropes. Tips and Tricks - Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 https://trisha-ls.ru/crack/?key=891.

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Menu Ask a Question Share a Post Account Search. About PVZ Garden Warfare 2 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 crack is a third-person shooter video game based on the famous series of tower defense. Download Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare https://trisha-ls.ru/crack/?key=883. Sproutrage's zombie counterpart is Just Brad. So with some quick thinking between my wife and I, we were able to put together a pretty decent costume. Zombies are invading your home, and the only defense is your arsenal of plants! Fast Food Frenzy's main gimmick is the road, which takes up the center three columns.

Rakuen (2017) - A touching, under the radar story-adventure game by Laura Shigihara

Rakuen Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/559210/Rakuen/
Rakuen is a well reviewed indie game celebrating its 3rd anniversary by releasing new content, in the form of 3D animated short films set in the world of the game. Before creating Rakuen, its creator, Laura Shigihara, was known for her work as a game composer with numerous credits, most recognizably writing the soundtrack to Plants vs Zombies, the ending song to To the Moon, "Everything's Alright," and working with Chrono Trigger composer Yasunori Mitsuda on the Chrono TriggeChrono Cross arrangement album.
While Rakuen isn’t discussed as much as other heavy narrative games such as To The Moon or Undertale, I feel that it deserves to be in that conversation - I am a huge fan of that genre in general, and Rakuen is my favorite among them. What really shines to me is the writing and overall message of the game - the story is told through the eyes of a young boy in a hospital, trying to make sense of some of the most weighty and difficult things anyone can deal with, and only through kindness and empathy in helping and understanding others is he able to be able to navigate his way through it. The story is told in a beautiful allegory, seeing the world through a child’s imaginative eyes, a juxtaposition of the drab, harsh realities of the hospital with a colorful fantasy world, sprinkled with levity, humor, and memorable unique creatures and situations throughout like a Miyazaki film.
It is one of those stories told through games that really shows the power of the medium - where in playing through the game scenarios you can start to feel your investment to the world and the characters growing, wanting to understand character backstories and help them. This pays off as the full story unfolds and the main messages are revealed - you feel how the power of perception shapes the character’s views and how they have the power to control that perception to show strength and grace through hardships. While it deals with sad events, the overall message is hopeful and uplifting.
Another unique aspect of Rakuen is the celebration of mothers. In many games, the mother characters are relegated to a plot device or essentially an inn to visit while you go off on your real adventure - in Rakuen, the boy’s mother is with you throughout, and is part of the most moving moments in the game as you realize it is her journey as well, as she ends up embodying the game’s main message.
The game is made with RPG Maker (like To The Moon and OneShot), and the gameplay is without combat, making the overall feel more akin to point and click adventure games - solving small puzzles and searching around the environment to uncover backstory hints and get to the next story beats. The visuals are reminiscent of rpgs in the 16-bit era, with a timeless quality to them, and the music is wonderful - I think if you enjoy Laura Shigihara’s other work, such as “Everything’s Alright” from To The Moon, this soundtrack is full of emotional and beautiful performances of the same vein, with standouts like “Jump” and “Build a Little World” adding a great deal of impact to the emotion of the game.
It’s not an especially long game - my playthrough was around 7 hours - but it has left a lasting impression on me, and I highly highly recommend it.
submitted by billym2000 to Games

Ideas for a potential GW3

I don't 100% know if this is allowed, as the Original Content tag isn't allowed, but there's no rules saying I can't make this... so I'm gonna do it, but sorry if it's not allowed!
This is my ideas for how a potential Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 3 could go. I don't have ideas for new characters just now, because there are a LOT, but I will be making changes to them to smooth out the gameplay. There will be ideas for new modes, areas etc though.
Also, please keep in mind for character changes, the abilities will be far more toned down compared to BFN, since this is a Garden Warfare and crazy-over-the-top-end-all-be-all abilities just aren't fun to play against. Most of the notes about these abilities are just pointing out small things they do, but in an actual battle, these won't be crazy things you'll always notice, like being set on fire or having your location revealed doesn't equal death.

Character Changes


Peashooter's Primary has not been changed, but his abilities have all been tweaked. I feel like as more characters have been introduced and Herbal Assault was added, his abilities have become a bit outdated. Keep in mind that in the first garden warfare, plants were ALWAYS on defence, so everything was aimed around this, except now that Peashooter is an offensive character, changes have been made to make him more suited for this role. He is now a front-line attacker, or a sort of scout.
Chilli Bean Bomb has been updated to be more like imp punt, with a quicker explosion, but less damage. It will set zombies on fire caught in the blast radius, helping peashooter jump into battle with an advantage over the zombies.
Pea Gatling, I'm unsure how to change right now. Of course, the accuracy would be decreased and the damage falloff increased, just because that ability was slightly busted in the first place. However, I was considering swapping this one out for a different ability, or at least making pea gatling one of the other optional abilities you can have in place. This one would likely be swapped out for a long range attack, like the ZPG, which is good for offence, but on defence people can swap it back to pea gatling.
Hyper now just makes you run faster, since peashooter is more of a scout / front - line character now, and that would help you reach the next objective faster. This can be swapped out for Super Pea Jump on defence to get you to more strategic locations with pea gatling.


Soldier is basically the exact same, all of his abilities are fine and well suited for most situations.


Acorn has had quite a few changes, because I like his idea but I think it's a bit unbalanced and... well, a bit weird to be honest. Acorn is now the counterpart to the imp as opposed to the space cadet, who has also been changed up. First off, acorn's size has been increased so he's around the same size as the imp, he was a bit too hard to hit before.
Sap Trap is a lot more like Junkrat's concussion mine, where you can use it to give yourself some vertical movement. If it hits a zombie, it will cover them in sap, slowing them down.
Acorn Dash is pretty much the same.
Invoke oak now works like the Z-Mech. You can only become Oak after a certain amount of time.
Inside of an oak, the abilities are slightly different as well.
Sap Trap will be replaced with an 'Pinecone Drone' ability or something. This is similar to the Space Cadet's rocket ability, but it goes across the ground and is a lot faster. While active, enemies nearby will be revealed to Oak and the Passengers for about 10 - 20 seconds, making this a good scouting ability to see what is ahead and help out oak.
The Lumber Support ability is less powerful. It can't be used to tank oak through major damage anymore, but instead the Acorn will stop fighting to do a little dance that heals Oak over time.


Oak works similar to BFN in some ways, but now is a lot more like the Z-Mech. Once summoned, he is a powerful character, but only lasts for a limited time. He can still have up to 3 acorn passengers though, since I think that is a nice idea, and with Oak only being available every now and again, it encourages the teamwork aspect much more. I liked that you could become Oak at any time, but it was a bit annoying to go up against, and rendered Acorn pretty much useless. It wouldn't be nice if Imp could become Z-Mech at any time. If an Oak dies, so will the acorn, like Z-Mech off GW2. I think the eject feature was a bit broken, Also, if an oak dies, all of the passengers will take some damage, about 25.
Roll for Damage is kind of the same, but it covers much more ground. This is good for clearing off areas, or dealing with smaller targets jumping around you.
Treeject is now the same as Explosive Escape. When activated, the oak will shoot out the acorn, and after a shirt while, explode.
Super Sap Trap is gone. It was a really annoying and busted ability, and I have ideas for a different ability that would encourage the Teamwork aspect. Now, he has a new ability.
Let's just call it 'Fired Up' for now, or something like that. Oak will set on fire for a short amount of time, similar to Torchwood's Smoldering Madness, but with far less duration. Oak will shoot explosive projectiles, and all the passengers will get increased damaged, as well as fire damage. This ability will only be available once or twice when using Oak though, so think of it like an 'ultimate ability' for him. It will not be available at first, so this will encourage players to try and stay alive as oak, and not just charge into battle and then Treeject.


Basically the exact same, but now, similar to Acorn, he can become a passenger in Z-Mechs and help out the Driving Imp. Please keep in mind these abilities below are for Passenger Imps, not regular Imp.
Inside of the mech, each passenger will get a little drone that flies around the Mech they can shoot out of. It's similar to their usual primary fire, but with less scatter.
Airstrike is a new ability inside of the mech that gives the Imp a Birdseye view of the battlefield. When they fire the ability, it will quickly come flying down and take out any plants it hits, as well as deploying a little satellite that will stay up until they use this ability again. It will reveal plants in the radius, until they leave the area or it is destroyed.
Overdrive is like a counter to the 'Fired Up' ability, except each passenger gets one of these. When activated, for a short while it will boost the Z-Mech's firepower, as well as granting 25 extra health for each imp that activates it. These will both disappear after about 10 or 15 seconds.


Of course, Z-Mech is now replacing the space station. It is a powerful tool for the imp that can help storm into enemy lines and yada yada you already know what it does. Now, as you probably read back there, it can hold up to 3 imp passages who can aid the Driver Imp while their Mechs are still waiting to be ready. However, similar to GW2, the imp goes down with the mech once more if it is destroyed, since I think the imp surviving was a bit annoying and unnecessary.
Missle Madness is now the Z-Mech's 'Ultimate' ability, where his primary gets replaced with the missile firing abilities. This will quickly cover lots of area, for major firepower in a short burst. This can cause more damage per second than 'fired up', but lasts for less time. Maybe this can give the Passengers slight aim assist to help them, but I think that might be going a bit overboard.
Explosive Escape works the same as everything else. Woo.
Bionic Bash, since it's kiiinda the Z-Mech's only ability now, has been swapped out for something more 'interesting'. Let's call this Zap Zop or something. (I'm lazy for names.) The imp's mech will put up a finger gun that will shoot a large energy ball that travels in an arc, and will explode on contact, for quick but major damage.


Chomper has been changed up a bit, since his kit has always been a bit... lacking. He has had no range in either of the Garden Warfare games, and even still it's not always useful in BFN. His abilities are a bit outdated too, as he was another character designed for defence only, but hasn't really translated well into Offense. Chomper in this hypothetical GW3 will be a melee class, like Super Brains, but trades Mobility for moving others for him.
For a start, he has his ability to chomp enemies from behind back, but this is less effective than burrow, as this will take longer because he has to kind off toss the zombies into his mouth first. This is to try and stop constant suicide chomps, but if the enemy is on low health the chomping process will be a lot faster. He still has the Slobber Shot ability, except like Super Brainz's beam ability (which is back by the way, the shield was a stupid addition) it isn't super reliable. Just good for finishing off enemies trying to escape.
Spikeweed are gone entirely. They are outdated and were only really useful in his defence days so he could sneak up on unsuspecting zombies. Instead, he now has a "Grapple Goop" ability, which works similar to Road Hog's chain hook. He can pull Zombies towards him who are on rooftops or trying to escape to finish them off. (Zombies always face him when using this though, so he can't pull someone towards him then instantly chomp them. You need to have a plan if you want to pull someone towards you.)
Burrow works the exact same, except minus the wait time from the usual chomp. This one is a lot faster.
Grody Goop can now be powered up by chomping zombies, up to 3 times. At first it's like a weaker goop from usual GW (these all seem to have the word goop in them... how odd.) the second power up will be more like the version from BFN, and the final version will last longer, slow down zombies, damage them etc. However, this is very high risk high reward, as dying will reset this power up meter. This is another method to prevent Suicide Chomps, as to get your most powerful attack, you need to stay alive.

Super Brainz

He's basically gone back to how he was in GW2. He was fine, I don't really understand why they changed him.
Turbo Twister will work a lot more like BFN though, dealing lots of damage to nearby plants. This is supposed to be an equivalent to Burrow or the Chomp, as it can deal lots of damage over a short period of time.

Kernel Corn

I don't know how to change this guy right now, but butter beacon can go. That was stupid. I don't know if butter barrage should come back though, as I want to keep the Area Control for Snap Dragon.

80's Action Hero

I don't know what to do for this guy either, but I hear people complain about him a lot. Any ideas would be appreciated!

Night Cap

Night Cap is similar to BFN, still being the Assassin Class (or infiltrator), but her abilities have been toned down a bit.
Shadow Sneak takes slightly longer to active and you only get one, but it lasts for slightly longer, and gives you a slight speed boost. Nothing much, but enough to escape danger or go behind enemy lines.
Fung Fu is basically the same as it is in BFN currently, but it deals slightly less damage at first and quickly starts to ramp up.
Casting Shadowsis gone, that was a bit over the top and annoying to deal with. Invisibility for all plants, and completely destroyed controls for zombies in a large radius? Naw. Instead, we'll have an ability more like a counterpart to the Space Cadet's Big Bang beam. I have two ideas.
Either, Shadow Slice where the night cap homes in on an enemy and does a dash attack like Gengi, damaging them and taking out smaller targets like Imps,,
Or Orble.. Florble... I have no idea, uh, ability name here. where the night cap shoots out an orb that temporarily slows down zombies caught in it, like time snare, allowing zombies like Imps to be taken out easier.

Space Cadet

You might be wondering why I gave Night Cap an ability as a counterpart to Big Bang Beam, and that's because I thought Space Cadet would be a good class for the Zombie Assassin, since she lost her status as the tank... thing. Whenever I played her in BFN, I rarely played her as a defensive class. She's very mobile, has great abilities for taking out targets like Big Bang Beam, and great powerful attacks like Space Slam (it's called gravity smash but that's a way better name) and I decided since she has technology and stuff like that, she could make for a sort of 'Hacker' or something that would work as an Assassin (or infiltrator) theme wise.
Space Slam is the same as in BFN, as it's a great ability for taking out Passenger Acorns, Sunflowers or just about any other plant.
Big Bang Beam is the same as well as it's phenomenal at taking out those smaller plants.
However, as you probably figured, the space station is gone. Instead, she now has a counterpart to Shadow Sneak, called.. (I'm so lazy with names uuhhhhh) Invisibleinator where after a short delay from activation, turns her invisible for a while as well as a speed boost. Think like Sombra's invisibility ability. (That would be a good name)

Snap Dragon

Snap dragon is mostly designed for area control / crowd control, but he doesn't always do the best job at that, so these changes are designed to help with that.
His primary fire now has a lot less range and a lot more spread, but does lots of close range damage. His optimal range is close range, which means that Zombies will want to stay away from him.
Swoop Slam now knocks enemies back when you hit the floor with a shockwave. The closer they are, the further they go.
Hot Potato is a bomb that functions similarly to the old Chilli Bean Bomb, and replacing blazing trail. As cool an idea that was, it wasn't very practical in a lot of situations and hardly stood in the way of the zombies. Back to the hot potato, when thrown out, it will flash, making lots of sound with fire and smoke coming off it before exploding. This will do lots of damage, to nearby zombies, setting them on fire and even temporarily setting some of the surroundings on fire. Naturally, a Zombie will want to stay far away from this, making them flee the area. Plus it says "Supdow!" when it explodes, so why would you not want this?
Nova Fire Thing IDK replaces Blue Blazes. When using this ability, you will spit out a little black hole looking projectile that will quickly travel in an arc. When it hits a surface, or is activated again midair, it will stop and pull nearby zombies towards it for a few seconds, similarly to Orisa's "Halt!"

Electric Slide

Electric Slide is pretty similar to BFN, but toned down a bit, and I changed some of the visuals because of visual clarity.
Disco Tornado is now the ability that will carry plants around instead of funky bouncer, just because visually, when you see a tornado that's what you'd first assume. Not that it would explode into electric. Of course though, it doesn't bounce up and down anymore, just going in straight lines and bouncing off walls.
Makeshift Bomb now creates that little electric field. Electric Slide will throw out a device made of magnets, gears, all sorts of electrical gears and trinkets. This will bounce around a bit, beeping a lot, and will gradually begin to slow down before settling in one place and exploding into the electric field that damages plants inside it.
Outta Fight is an ability that feels a bit unfair, since she can just warp away somewhere safe and avoid major damage with ease. I've not had many ideas for this, but she could maybe have an ability that gives her vertical hight, similar to swoop slam.


I don't have many solid ideas on how to change cactus. I don't like the scope mechanic very much, however. It leads to very campy behaviour, and a even though it's fun for the sniper, playing against that feels very unfair. I'm also not 100% sold on the rapid fire up close, as I feel like you need to have good positioning and a plan without it, and good aim, but of course I don't really know. It'd be nice to hear some other people's thoughts on this!
I did think the firing could be slightly faster outside of scope, but in scope it does more damage but slower, similar to Ashe (I swear I'm not just ripping off overwatch I swear I'm not)
One thought though, this could be a subclass of cactus, or just a passive ability she gets anyways, but maybe when you hit a zombie, it will reveal their location for either her or all plants, for 5 or so seconds, to help your team, and to help you keep track of them.


Basically all the same as Cactus.
Also nerf eggsplosion, a massive burst of quick damage is a lot more powerful than slow damage over time.


I like what they did with him in BFN, I like the shield as it makes him a really good tank.
Sprinting is gone though, so replace that weird beam ability with the ball again.

All Star

Again, basically the same as in BFN. I like the shield, maybe there could be another ability you can swap it out for with a front facing shield with more health.


In BFN, they made her healing capacity waaaaay too high.
Sunny Side Up is going back to just being the Healing Flower, but I think it should stay until it either dies or you place another. This means you can place them in strategic locations on defence for people to go heal up, or you can maybe swap it out for sunny side up, but a version that you only have one of and it does healing over time to nearby allies.
Also, bring back the faster walking speed and faster revives. Maybe not quite as fast as in the originals, but definitely faster than everyone else. (Maybe not though, I liked that feature but others might have found it annoying)


Same story as Sunflower, too much healing. Go back to the Zombie Heal Station but it lasts infinitely, or the sticky Healy thing but with less healing capacity as an alternative. (Also back to 2 warps)


I honestly liked a lot of the changes they made in BFN! She works very well as a support character, and I always like supports that don't just heal. There's a reason it's called Support and not Healing.
Thorn Apart, I think, should stay as a normal ability. It's very good at getting people to help out their teammates.
Goatify is a tough one, it felt a bit too overpowered in BFN but a bit bland in normal Garden Warfare. I think it should stick to it's GW roots though, as that was usually a much more balanced game.
Arcane Enigma was another very cool change, I like how you can help speed up your entire team, maybe you can swap it out for another ability, Arcane Aura which heals teammates. I do think that the duration should be shortened by being shot though, so you can't use it to soak up unlimited damage.


Lastly onto engineer. Even though he's the counterpart to rose, I didn't like the changes made in BFN. He was pretty much reduced to sitting next to a turret, firing around the corner, and getting free kills. First off, his primary should go back to how it was in GW. In BFN, with the bouncy projectiles, he is a very low effort character to play.
Double Time is not a very good ability, it's small, doesn't offer much distance, and it's hard to group up your teammates with it. Maybe instead it could be a Zombie Teleporter, like Symmetra's, that allows multiple teammates to use it and even gain hight advantage. However, it can be destroyed, needs time to build, and takes a while to recharge.
The turret should go. It's way too versatile and easy to use. I like the idea though. Maybe instead you place down structures, let's call them Tverygood Toolboxes or something awful like that. These structures give boosts to teammates surrounding them, maybe one of them could recharge ammo and speed up firing rate, or heal teammates around it etc.
I think the bullhorn swarm was a bit too excessive, and also not very good. It should just go back to being the Sonic Grenade.

I don't think I'll keep new classes introduced in BFN

Gameplay Changes

Spriting is gone.
Reviving works like it does in BFN.
Also the art style is back to how it was in Garden Warfare, considering this is a Garden Warfare.
Overtime works like BFN's overtime.

Sound design is different, because there is so many classes now. Sounds will be more threatening to the enemy team, but less so to your team. For example, if a soldier were to fire a ZPG, for the plants they'd hear the usual *BEEP BEEP BEEP ZOOOOM* sound thing, but for the zombies it would be a lot more quiet, probably just a little *thwonk* as it sets off then minimal sound. This is just so newer players don't have a hard time catching up with what is dangerous.

Turf Takeover

In turf takeover, there are the classic two modes and one new one.
  • Gardens and Graveyards
  • Payload
  • No Plant's Land (I don't know lol)
I liked how the system worked in BFN a lot better, even though it was basically ripping off overwatch. Maybe there could be 5 objectives or so, but I do think the 7 of GW was a tiny bit excessive.
Anyways, let's talk about this new map type / mode idea.
No plant's land (NPS for short) is like TF2's king of the hill, or Control from Overwatch, except with an expanding map and multiple objectives. Neither Plants or Zombies are defending the point, but fighting each other for it. It's a lot faster to capture the zone and to win the objective, you have to hold that zone for a certain amount of time. To win, you either have to win 3 of the objectives, or win the Minigame at the end if neither team manages this. Of course, this idea might not work. It's a lot more complicated than usual turf takeover, and doesn't work like either of the other modes, since there is no specific Attacker and Defender. It could do to just work the same as TF2 or Overwatch and be on a normal map, but it might be fun as a mode on Turf Takeover.
Anyway, now let's talk map ideas.


Mode: Gardens and Graveyards
Defending Team: plants
Time: Day
Description: "The plants have got a new machine that creates rainbows, and they're hurting Dr Zomboss' eyes! With all this sunshine and happiness, he can't focus on his evildoings! Can the Zombies shut it down, and save their Boss' eyesight?"
This map takes place in good old suburbia, capturing locations a lot like you'd see in PvZ1 or BFN. At the start, the zombies are taking over the suburbs and destroying smaller rainbow machines (the objectives) along their way. The first objective would be in the suburbs, then the parks, then the town, then the docks before blasting their way into the mini-game with cannons.
The mini game takes place in the old garden centre, except it's way up in the sky. Dave has grown a new Mega Flower, which is holding it up in the sky. She is creating lots of sunshine, mixing with the rain and creating those blasted rainbows.
First off, the zombies need to make their way in, climbing up the staircase while wallnuts come down trying to knock them back. If they destroy the coconut cannons firing them, it will be a lot easier for them to make it into the Garden Centre. The Mega Sunflower however, is invulnerable at the minute. Similar to Mega Zombot, she cannot be harmed until her defences are lowered. To the left and right of the store, there are two Sunflower Guardians that must be first taken out. With two up, the Mega Sunflower cannot be harmed at all, with one she only takes half damage, and with both down she's completely vulnerable. These both regrow individually over time. To win, the Zombies need to take her down before time runs out.

P-Tech Industries

Mode: Payload
Defending Team: plants
Time: Night
Description: "The plants are developing a new super weapon called the Can of Doom, but Dr Zomboss wants to harness this power for himself! Can the plants hold off the Zombie Forces?"
I had fun designing this map, as it's very different for PVZ. This one takes place in a very high tech city, probably somewhere in Japan, and it's all based off places in Japan, and the plants have a very high tech, futuristic fancy building which is normally not what they get.
The first objective takes place in a Japanese garden, with lakes, rowboats, Bonsai trees and Blossom trees. They'll also visit the town, with lots of Japanese buildings, bridges, plazas etc. Finally, they make it to the city, with lots of tall skyscrapers made of glass, high tech neon signs, and eventually they make it to P-Tech Industries.
This is the mini game, which takes place in a very fancy building, the inside looks like Apple HQ or another high tech building. First the Zombies make it through the parking lot, with cars, hedges, fountains, and Cob Cannons raining down Corn Missiles. Then they go through the lobby, into the offices, then into the security room with the Super Weapon in it. It's like a capture the flag mini game, where the Can of Doom is the flag, and the zombies have to take it back to the van to escape with it. The map is designed to be more closed off towards the Can of Doom room, and then more open the further you get from it, making it harder to find cover and escape with the Can of Doom.
This one is based off Turning Point, except it's supposed to be a little more fair. In turning point, you had to CONSTANTLY watch your back for any plants, and if one got past the bridge, there was more and more cover, making it an uphill battle and far too hard for the zombies. However, with only one objective, it should be a lot easier for the defending team.
To win, you have to take the can of doom back to the Van / Payload.

Neon Mixtape Tour

Mode: Gardens & Graveyards
Time: Night
Defending Team: Zombies
Description: "Dr Zomboss is throwing a suburbia-wide party, which is fine for Zombies who are always awake. However, none of the Plants can sleep through it! Will the plants be able to crash this party and shut it down for good, or say goodbye to their peaceful nights of sleep?
This one is based off Neon Mixtape Tour from PVZ 2, where the plants are going around Suburbia destroying smaller parties that are keeping everyone awake. First off, the plants cannon from their base into the apartments, where the Punk Jam machine is blasting out loud music. After capturing and destroying this, they make their way into the Mall's underground parking lot where there is the Rap Jam Machine. After this, they invade the mall and in the arcade, you guessed it, the 8-Bit Jam Machine is playing. After coming out of the mall, they make their way into the School Campus where there is the final Jam Machine for the Pop Jam is located. After successfully destroying all 4 Jam machines, the plants make their way inside the school where Zomboss has built the master Party Machine.
I like the idea for this mini game a lot, but it might not work just because it puts the spotlight on certain individuals and could cause people to be mad at them if they miss.
Anyway, the idea is that there are laser light machines around the machine, but the plants are able to hijack these to destroy the party machine (which is immune to normal plant fire) The plants can use these like mountable sentry things to shoot parts of the party machine and destroy them, which like the drill level, will start to move about and get harder to shoot. Of course though, since this would put a lot of weight on the backs of the people using them, I might go for the lazy route and make it Suburbination Ripoff 3.0 like Great white north or Peachy District's mini game if that would be too much for the load bearing plants.
Recap: to win, the plants have to hijack the laser lights and destroy the party machine with them.

Deadeye Docks

Mode: Payload
Time: Day (Fog)
Defending Team: Zombies
Description: "Zomboss has found out about a secret island the plants have built, and he's using his freighter to locate and destroy it! Can the Plants stop him before it's too late?"
This one is located at the docks (suggested by the name) and the plants are driving a delivery truck to the Indstrial Zone to break in and take down the Freighter. (Called the ZZ.Something I dunno) First off, the plants drive the Van (payload) through the Suburbs, before taking a detour into a secret cave. Then, they exit said cave, drive through the beach, then into the Shops (think of Turning point / Pressure Pier off BFN) then finally, they make it to the Gates of the industrial zone. The doors open, thinking it is a Z-Tech van, and the plants are able to access the cannons to fire themselves onto Dr Zomboss' offshore freighter. This is where the mini game takes place.
First off, the plants have to make their way to the control room. This is a bit of a prelude to the true mini game, where the Zombies can buy as much time as they can. The plants have to destroy walls and doors to make their way up, and there is some optional areas they can open up to make reaching the objective faster for later on.
Once they make it to the control room, there are three override keys that they have to turn to make the ship self destruct. Once one of the keys has been turned, they have to turn the other two within 45 seconds, or all the keys will turn back and they have to try again. If they turn all of the keys within 45 seconds of each other though, they will win the mini game and the ship will self destruct, stopping Zomboss from destroying their secret island.
Recap: to win, the plants must turn all keys in the control room within 45 seconds of each other. (The whole mini game lasts about 5 minutes though, not 45 seconds.)

Holly Woods

Mode: no plant's land
Time: I dunno
Defending Team: this is that weird mode I invented did you forget about it?
Description: "It's the battle of a century! Which genre is better, Action or Romanze? Well, the plants and zombies decided the only way to settle this is with WAR. Which film will prevail, and see the big screen?"
With this one, there are different film sets. The capture zones are cameras, and when you're capturing them, you're "Recording footage" (although I don't know what Romanze film has a couple soldiers shooting peashooters. oh well) You'll go through different film sets, like Western, City, Mansion (etc stuff like that) and if neither team secures at least 3 sets, you'll move onto the mini game.
The finale is a payload race to the cinema. You both have your carts full of footage to play your ideal film, so it's down to who can get there first. Plants and Zombies both have Payloads going down mirrored paths, and you have to push your payload while stopping the other team from pushing theirs. The winning team is whoever pushes their payload to the end first.
(Also no, Dr Zomboss doesn't really have a maniacal plan here, he just wants everyone to see his beautiful Romaze films.)

So yeah! These are my ideas for a potential GW3. Please share your ideas with me! I'd LOVE to hear them!
Seriously gimme your ideas right now or else >:)
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