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Counter Strike 1.6 (21 Downloads Available)

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Endgame Gear XM1 RGB Review - Kailh GM switches and beautiful RGB

Today Endgame Gear is launching the XM1 RGB in black and white


XM1 RGB gallery

Hi and welcome to my review of the new XM1 RGB. Endgame Gear was nice enough to send me a copy early and give me the opportunity to review their newest mouse with some quite interesting changes!
I've been using the XM1 since release day and have been testing the RGB version for about 3 weeks now. My main games are CS GO ( some Matchmaking with friends or esportal, played a lot more seriously in the 1.6 days), Apex Legends and Valorant. I use a claw/relaxed claw grip (hand size 20x10,5 cm) and some of the mice I enjoyed before I got the XM1, were the Finalmouse Phantom, FK1+, ZA12, GPW, Zowie S2



Design and RGB:

The design is still the same as the regular XM1, but for the RGB they added a translucent ring on the bottom plate, the Endgame Gear logo is translucent and a translucent scroll wheel. I think they did a great job with the RGB placement. It’s not too much, doesn’t look forced or overly gamery. Just a very tasteful way to give the XM1 some pop. The ring on the bottom plate leaves a beautiful glowing aura around the mouse.

Build Quality:

Nothing has changed here from the original XM1. This mouse is solid and built like a tank. No creaking, no flexing. The whole mouse just feels very premium.


The cable seems to be the same Flex-Cord that they started using with the XM1 refresh or I at least can’t tell a difference. Still one of the best, if not the best, stock cables on the market
pasted from my XM1 review:
The new cable is the real star of the new batch and the white version. The XM1 now comes with a black paracord cable which they call Flex Cord! People don't seem to think that it's such a bad thing that Zowie puts rubber cables on their mice, but with the XM1 people were complaining about it the whole time, so Endgame Gear went ahead and fixed it. I usually paracord all of my mice, but with this one I absolutely don't feel the need to swap out the cable... unless I wanted to go for a specific color scheme.
For me personally, the MM710 had the best stock cable I've used so far in terms of coming close to a custom paracord but this cable on the XM1 is even better. They don't tighten the paracord mantle that much which gives the wires inside a little play and combined with some pretty soft wires it makes the cable very flexible. In my opinion, this is the best stock cable on any mouse currently on the market.
new stock cable vs custom paracord on my black XM1

Sensor and sensor position:

The XM1 RGB still uses the same PixArt 3389, which is pretty much the best non-exclusive Sensor you can currently get. I personally only use 400 DPI so I don't really take advantage of lots of the benefits that the 3389 offers but it works absolutely flawless for me. I never experienced any spin-outs or tracking issues, no acceleration whatsoever. It worked with all pads I’ve tried so far ( about 8 different ones). Sensor position is a little towards the front, around the same area where I put my thumb on the side so that feels very natural to me and I have good control over the sensor.


With the new XM1 RGB, Endgame Gear is also changing the skates. Now the mouse has bigger feet, kind of like the Zowie FK/ZA/S feet. I didn’t mind the shape of the original XM1 skates but I was never a huge fan of the stock feet. I do really enjoy the new ones though. Glide is very consistent, no scratching since the edges are rounded and they break in very fast. I still like the small 100% PTFE feet of the regular XM1 better but I’m excited to try the 100% PTFE version of the bigger feet. A very welcome change in my opinion and a lot of people will be happy about this.
new bigger skates

Switches, Clicks and new MMB:

Now this is probably the biggest change from the original XM1. The RGB version now comes with pre-selected Kailh GM 4.0 switches. This is a specially binned version of the GM 4.0 switch exclusively for Endgame Gear which has an actuation force of 60g while only having a manufacturing tolerance of +-5g. This should give the switches a way more consistent feel and sound compared to the previously used Omron switches.
If you’re active on /mousereview there is no way around reading about the Kailh switches. They’re a very popular aftermarket switch and come with a 60 million click lifespan. The clicks feel a little more tactile and crispier compared to the 50m Omrons while also having less pre- and post-travel than the Omrons. I was never a huge fan of the GM 4.0 cause the stock version comes with 70g of actuation force and I found them to be very stiff and tiresome but the 60g version is absolutely fantastic. Definitely a great switch for FPS Gamers!
Of course the mouse still uses the same analog technology for processing the clicks. That means still below 1ms click delay, no need for debounce time, no double clicking and no problems with aging switches.
Side buttons still use the same switch as the regular XM1 and my copy has very very little pre travel but a little bit of post travel. That’s what all of my XM1s have been like and I don’t really mind it.
Also a very nice change is the new middle mouse button switch. Instead of a 100g actuation force switch, they changed it to a 75g Panasonic switch. This one feels a thousand times better. I never had issues with the old 100g MMB but after using the 75g for a few weeks now, I have no idea how I was ever comfortable using the 100g MMB especially in Apex Legends where you really need to use it a lot. The new one is a lot softer and has a great crispy sound and feel.
button sound test

Scroll Wheel:

Scroll wheel still uses the same Alps encoder. No reason for them to change it in my opinion. This is by far the best encoder you could have in a mouse and my favorite mouse wheel of all mice I’ve tried so far. It’s a little on the louder side but has great steps and doesn’t get stuck between steps.
scroll wheel comparison XM1 vs GPW vs Viper Ultimate vs S2

Shape and Weight:

The shape hasn’t changed from the XM1 so most of my XM1 review is still relevant for this mouse. Weight on the XM1 RGB increases from 70g to 82g which is almost 20%. I can definitely tell the difference in terms of weight but it’s not something I couldn’t get used to. There are lots of Counter-Strike professionals who prefer the heavier mice like Zowie and not the ultralight style. If you are concerned about the weight, there are options to make the RGB version lighter in case you already have a regular XM1. More info on modding the XM1 RGB for lower weight is further down in the review under “Want RGB but lighter?”
pasted from my XM1 review:
The XM1 is an ambidextrous mouse with a weight of about 70g. So not really ultra lightweight but still a lightweight mouse by today's standards and they were able to achieve that without any holes in the shell. Obviously shape is personal preference so I won't be able to tell you that this is the best shape or whether this shape will work for you. I have 20x10.5 cm hands and am a claw/relaxed claw grip user. I usually prefer mice with a hump towards the back to rest my palm and knuckles on.
The XM1 combines some of the best features of my favorite mice. The button height is very low and feels very similar to the G303 (I mained this before I got the XM1 and overall the mice feel very similar while the XM1 has a wider grip width in the front part [G303 vs XM1]). The low front is one of my favorite parts about the shape. I feel like i have more control of the front part of the mouse with my fingers this close to the mousepad and it also helps my wrist sit at a lower angle to the table. Some mice with a higher front give me wrist pain after some time, not the case with the XM1.
Overall shape is quite similar to the S2 but for me better in every way [S2 vs XM1]. Grip width on the XM1 is wider and the butt section flares out a little more which I absolutely love cause my whole thumb can make contact with the side of the mouse (grip comparison), therefore giving me a little more control while tracking enemies. The hump for me personally is at the perfect spot. I can rest my knuckles on it and the back of the mouse touches my palm which gives me some extra control during spray control..
Another thing I absolutely love about the shape, are the sides. This mouse is so easy to pick up. The curved sides help a lot and I don't have to squeeze or hold on to it in any way. Side buttons don't get in your way and can't really be clicked by accident (this was a big issue for me with the S2)


When I first received the RGB version, I thought that they must’ve changed the coating cause the mouse felt different. Turns out the coating is actually the same but since the shell is made from translucent ABS, they have to use a different primer and that makes the coating feel a little different... but in a good way.
It has a very matte look to it and feels super grippy and a little more rubbery compared to the regular XM1. Never had any issues with this coating. For me it works great in the summer and winter time. The mouse doesn’t get slippery and I haven’t seen any discoloration on my white XM1 that I’ve been using for 9 months now.

Internal changes and MCU:

Due to the RGB LEDs being placed on the PCB, the whole PCB has been redesigned and is now white instead of green. The mouse has also been upgraded with a bigger 32bit STM ARM Cortex-M0 MCU because RGB does need some processing power and with the bigger MCU you should be able to expect the same flawless performance and polling rates as with the regular XM1.


The software has been improved a lot recently and they added a lot of cool features. You can now bind Keyboard keys to your mouse buttons (excluding M1 and M2). Deactivating DPI profiles is also an option now in case you just switch between 400 DPI and 800 DPI, you can just deactivate the other 2 profiles so you don’t have to cycle through all 4 profiles. Then of course they added the control panel for the RGB lights.
There are 3 preset modes for which you can’t change the colors: Color Flow, Color Cycle and Comet and 2 custom modes (Breathing and solid) for which you can change the colors to whatever you want. For the custom modes, you can sync all LEDs to the same color or actually change each part independently. So for example setting the bottom ring to blue and scroll wheel and logo to the Endgame Gear yellow, perfectly matches the color scheme of the MPC pad. Looks very cool!
You can change the speed of the preset modes and also adjust brightness in 25% steps if you don’t want the LEDs to be super bright. And of course the LEDs can be turned off all together.

Want RGB but lighter?

Now this is where things get interesting for people who are searching for a lightweight mouse but with a little bit of RGB. The XM1 and the XM1 RGB use interchangeable parts. So if you’re turned off by the weight of the RGB version but wanna try the new switches and maybe want just a little bit of RGB, you can take the top shell and PCB from the RGB version and throw it on the bottom plate of a regular XM1, you will get a mouse with just scroll wheel RGB and the Endgame Gear logo but with a total weight of just 75g.
  • XM1 RGB with XM1 bottom plate and XM1 skates: 75g
  • XM1 with XM1 RGB PCB: 72.5g (in case you just want to try the new switches and MMB)

XM1 RGB vs XM1:

These are the key differences between the two mice:
  • Kailh GM 4.0 60g 60m vs Omron D2FC-F-K 50M 60g
  • Panasonic 75g MMB vs 100g MMB
  • RGB on mouse wheel, Logo and RGB ring on bottom plate
  • 82g vs 70g weight
  • 2 big skates vs 4 small skates
  • bigger MCU on the XM1 RGB


The price for the new XM1 RGB is 69,90€/69,99$/62,99£. I’m really glad the community is finally showing the XM1 the love it deserves. More and more people are buying them cause it really is an impressive product for a very reasonable price. With the RGB version Endgame Gear is entering the higher price tier of the mouse market though. Is this your best choice if you’re looking for the best value and don’t care about RGB? No, probably not. You should be looking at the regular XM1 then. But this gives you a very close to perfect product. You don’t have to swap out the cable or get replacement skates so you might end up saving money in the long run. Plus you get a mouse with some of the best switches and therefore clicks on the market. To my knowledge, this is the only high end mouse that comes with Kailh GM 4.0 switches pre-installed.  


Nothing has changed for me concerning the XM1. The shape is still endgame territory for me and now with the Kailh GM 4.0 switches, the improved MMB and the new skates, the XM1 has gotten a lot better. The cable is still one of the best out there and the scroll wheel is still my favorite one on the market. It’s just a great overall package that you buy. I’m personally just not a huge RGB guy and if I have to choose between performance/ weight or RGB, I will definitely choose weight. I do love the improvements that they made to all of the components and I do like a little bit of RGB here and there (e.g. a glowing logo), so I will be putting together my own XM1 Frankenstein with the original XM1’s bottom plate but with the RGB PCB and RGB top shell. Sadly the pictures don’t do the mouse justice as it is really hard to capture the light on camera. It’s absolutely gorgeous and you will definitely love it!
credit to Gearsearch.gg for the comparison pics
submitted by zhandri to MouseReview

Counter Strike 1.6 ( wallhack , HeadShoot , Speed )

Counter Strike 1.6 ( wallhack , HeadShoot , Speed ) submitted by hfgjhr646r6r6r66 to u/hfgjhr646r6r6r66

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