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2.01 Bugs and Inconsistencies Report Thread

Please report more in the comments in case you found something that's not on this list. Screenshots and ways to reproduce are appreciated! Remember to specify if the bug happens in 1st or 3rd person too!


  • Activity Center's notifications are showing in the wrong order: the most recents are showing at the bottom instead of at the top.
  • Some maps in the loading screen still don’t have a background, like Magistrate’s Archives.
    • For the Warder’s Gate (Siege version of the Dragon’s Call map) the preview at the bottom right corner in the match lobby shows Dragon Arena’s image instead.
  • Bans aren't cleared for the next match if someone doesn't pick. (reported by u/ketchup511)
  • The Switch Champion button in Casual now says "Lock In". (reported by u/ketchup511)
  • Skins won't equip until you go back to the Champions List page and enter the Champion's page again. (reported by u/ketchup511)
  • You can't buy skins in the Match Lobby anymore.
  • The Alpha Speeder, this Battle Pass' mount, is marked as Limited, but the Mecha Prowler, and Crimson Serpent aren't.
  • The Profile section shows "Season 3" instead of "Season 2". (Fix coming in a hotfix today)
  • Also under Profile, the Account Linking part doesn't work, and where used to be Facebook icon there is nothing. (I assume it's for Mixer, since Mixer Points now update when opening the store instead of relaunching the game.) (reported by u/Carda39)
  • Patch Summary screen doesn't show anything since OB66~67 (under Activity Center).
  • Unstoppable Onslaught quest requires 2 TDM games played, but playing Onslaught will grant progress too. Probably remained from back when TDM and Onslaguht were the same queue.
  • You can't use your abilities while in 3rd person free camera mode. (the one activated by holding Middle Mouse Button while in 3rd Person)
  • Abilities and Talents that grant CC immunity aren’t reducing Maeve’s Midnight duration, but Resilience is.
  • The items' description in the post-match lobby doesn't match its level. For example, if I bought a level 3 item, in the post-match lobby it will have the level 2 description with the level 3 icon.
  • Map names in post-match lobby at the top left corner for Onslaught, TDM and Siege don't match the map played in that match.
  • The title you get from playing Paladins Strike is supposed to be "Heavenly Striker", but the title in game is current just "Striker".
  • Resilience’s description doesn’t state that it reduces Blindness’ duration too, like Maeve’s Midnight and Strix’s Flashbang.
  • Champions' Selection voice line won't play until their model is loaded.
  • Gyro controls' sensitivity reverts to default value every time the game opens. (reported by u/anissed_odora)
  • In PS4 the Deal of The Day can no longer be bought with Crystals, they now cost $7,99. (reported by u/aniseed_odora)
  • The Season 2 Highest Ranking Loading Frame currently shows an "?" icon instead of an actual frame.
  • I've seen reports that the Citizen of the Realm achievement is not working too.
  • If you crash during a match your keybinds reset. Opening the Binding settings without changing anything and closing it fixes.
  • Bomb King Bomb King
    • Uncontrolled card's description is "Kills" ingame and "Eliminations on the Patch Notes.
  • Skye Skye
    • Dissipate card's description ingame doesn't match with the patch notes. 7% on Patch Notes, 8% ingame.
  • Sha Lin Sha Lin
    • Poise's description has a typo (reduced instead of reduces) and doesn't show the percentage.
  • Terminus Terminus
    • Abomination is listed as {2|2}% on Patch Notes but {1|1}% ingame.
  • Zhin Zhin
    • Master Stance has two typos ("Successfully" instead of "Successful" and "reduces" instead of "reduce").
  • Androxus Androxus
    • Magma and Twilight weapons for Androxus are labeled as Common instead of Rare (could be intended, but they don't have matching skin collections and all of the other standalone weapons in the game are Rare or above).
    • If you use Androxus' ultimate right after your third dash it will not activate and instead locks you from using it until you respawn. This bug is old, and probably really hard to fix, so, if I can do anything to help, is probably posting some videos of it to see what is triggering this bug. Video 1, Video 2, Video 3 and Video 4
  • Ash Ash
    • Ash's Shoulder Bash may hit an enemy behind her if close enough (reported by u/ryan__42)
  • Bomb King Bomb King
    • Grumpy Bomb interrupts BK's out of combat heal when he is in its radius, even when not hitting anyone.
    • Bomb King's Sticky Bombs have no explosion VFX or SFX in Spectator Mode.
  • Buck Buck
    In the 1.3 Update, Buck’s Ensnare talent was changed to last 2s “regardless of slow duration” instead of “for as long as the target is slowed”, but apparently this change never made into the game or wasn’t explained enough because:
    • The description hasn’t changed.
    • When I tested in the Shooting Range with Tangled 5, he was able to shoot for way more than 2 seconds, while without the card the damage increase only lasted 2s.
    • The bonus damage against the CC immune Cassies actually only lasted 2s too.
    • So either it is a bug or it is intended but poorly explained.
  • Dredge Dredge
    • Dredge’s Shortcut description does not state that allies can pass through your portal too.
  • Drogoz Drogoz
    • Drogoz’ Dragon Punch description says that the punch deals 100% of the target’s max health, so, in theory, this could be reduced by Haven, but, since it’s True Damage, it cannot be reduced, but this isn’t explained in the game. It should be reworded to “a high velocity punch that instantly kills the target” or something like that.
  • Fernando Fernando
  • Furia Furia
    • Furia's Battlesuit Angel weapon is missing the "Battlesuit" on the name. (It’s currently only “Angel’s Star Sabre")
  • Grover Grover
  • Imani Imani
    • Imani’s Pyre Ball description says that she deals 1000 damage, but this got buffed in PTS to 1100.
    • Imani's MVP pose and Emote icons on the Customize tab at Imani's section are swapped.
    • Imani’s weapon description is written as “Pyre Ball”, but her Heat Sink card is written as “Pyreball”.
    • You can’t preview the Dragon in Imani’s Weapon section in Customize, her model is shown instead.
    • Imani will get stuck in Victory screen if she uses ult at the end of the match where you can still control the dragon (reported by u/ketchup511)
    • Imani’s dragon uses the default voice pack (reported by u/ketchup511)
    • Mana Rift talent doesn't have an icon on the Scoreboard (the TAB screen).
    • Neither Imani or the Dragon can be headshotted while Dragon's Call is active. (reported by u/jhaquen)
    • Imani's Frost Bomb and Inferno Cannon sometimes won't activate at the first press. The animation starts but no damage is dealt and the cooldown doesn't start. (reported by u/Pentrus
    • When Imani's ultimate ends the camera doesn't go back to Imani until 3~4 seconds later but you still control her. (reported by u/linkzlegacy)
    • The Avatar's Frostfire Breath VFX stays up after the Dragon dies/ends (video and report by u/Rytoryk)
  • Jenos Jenos
    • In Jenos' Parting Gift emote, the cosmos on his hand does not disappear when the "GG" shows up (all skins)
    • Healing Imani while Dragon's Call is active will cause the Lotus icon to show above the Dragon, while actually healing Imani. (reported by u/ryan__42)
  • Khan Khan
  • Koga Koga
    • When Koga gets stunned while in Dragon Stance the claws' animation will not work until you die or use an ability.
  • Lex Lex
    • Lex’s damage was reduced from 350 to 320 in the 1.8 update, but the description still says 350.
    • Lex's bounty kill extra credits now go to anyone who got an elimination on that target. (reported by u/Doc_Zilarra)
  • Lian Lian
    • If Lian starts reloading her weapon then activates Grace, the reload is cancelled but the animation still plays. (1st Person).
  • Maeve Maeve
    • When Maeve was launched with the Nine Lives heal in her base kit, the icon for the ability had a green effect that was turned into pink when the heal went to Artful Dodger. Now her heal is back but her icon hasn’t changed back. (literally unplayable)
    • Maeve’s Midnight description has a typo (“30 foot radius”)
    • One of Demonette Maeve's taunts plays "Sorry kitten." instead of "Sorry kitten. You wouldn't last a day in the Abyss", as shown in the Patch Showcase.
  • Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
    • Shadow Lord Mal'Damba has no Select voice line
  • Moji Moji
    • The Ability section for Moji shows Familiar Spray as her Primary Attack, but her LMB is actually the Familiar Spit.
  • Pip Pip
  • Pepper Pip/Pepper
  • Seris Seris
  • Sha Lin Sha Lin
    • Sha Lin’s Poise card doesn’t show its percentage ({20|20}%)
    • Sha Lin’s Heat Haze description has a typo on it “You draw your bow 50% faster but (not “and”) reveal yourself each time you fire”
  • Skye Skye
  • Strix Strix
    • Infiltrator Strix is not listed as Exclusive even though it's only available through chests.
    • Strix's ult causes a black screen after it ends for ~2s on DX11 users.
  • Terminus Terminus
  • Torvald Torvald
    • Killing an enemy with Torvald's Nullify with an illusion close will transfer the Nullify effect to the illusion instead of the closest enemy.
    • If Torvald starts reloading his weapon then activates Protection the reload is cancelled but the animation still plays (1st Person).
  • Viktor Viktor
    • Viktor's Tactical Assault emote doesn't make a sound while walking, or the sound is really low.
  • Ying Ying
    • Ying's Life Exchange talent has a typo ("Shatters")
  • Zhin Zhin
    • Zhin’s Counter description doesn’t mention that he fires a projectile and hasn’t updated the damage value (600 now instead of 560)
    • Zhin’s Guillotine makes Spite’s target take 25% damage of their maximum HP per strike, but Zhin strikes 5 times, so it deals 125% of the enemy’s maximum health. Not sure if intended, just wanted to point it out.
    • Zhin's projecties get "eaten" by walls or objects when they shouldn't. (reported by u/Doc_Zilarra)


  • Some skins have the champion's name on it, which isn't needed since the name already shows below the skin's name on the Loading Screen. Example. These skins are:
    • Coldsnap: Furia, Strix;
    • Remix: Jenos, Pepper, Seris, Strix (Redux too);
    • Golden: Ash, Dredge, Furia, Grover, Imani, Koga, Skye;
    • Cosmic and Obsidian: Androxus, Barik, Bomb King, Buck, Cassie, Drogoz, Evie, Fernando, Grohk, Inara, Lex, Maeve, Makoa, Mal'Damba, Pip, Seris, Skye, Torvald, Tyra, Viktor, Willo and Ying;
    • Invitational: Fernando, Viktor;
    • Merrymaker: Dredge, Evie, Lian, Maeve;
    • Cuddly: Makoa, Moji;
    • Other Skins: Abominable Terminus, Chieftain Grohk, Dreamhack Maeve, Grohk Lobster, Heartbreaker Skye, Legionnaire Viktor, Mixer Khan, Sugar Plum Willo, Guild Skye, Twilight Skye.
General General
  • All of the Cosmic and Obsidian skins
Bomb King Bomb King
Evie Evie
  • The loading screen art for Black Ice Evie shows the hair as blue instead of white.
Torvald Torvald
  • Dark Lord
Pip Pip
  • Invader (does not have a 3D model as a loading art like Steam Demon Andro and other skins without splash art)
Talus Talus
  • Trick or Treat
Kinessa Kinessa
  • Cutthroat


  • Pressing "*" will cause bug the camera FOV instead of going 3P. Pressing "/" fixes it, but there is no other way to activate 3P (no, pressing C doesn't work for some reason).
  • Pressing "<" or ">" causes the game to go back a few seconds but the characters will be shown literally inside their mount forever. When they are actually mounted it will show 2 mounts.
  • By default Q and E are the keys to go up or down. If you change the keybind for Ultimate and the Ability 1 (in my case I swapped them) they won't work at all on Spectator. By the way, there is no spectator section at the Keybind section. That would be really useful.
  • Eventually when spectating a match and switching between champions and charts the Ability icons at the mid bottom/bottom left (depending on the setting) just disappear. Doesn't happen to all of the champions at the same time, it happens over time.
submitted by andrebarros308 to Paladins

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