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Java6 update 18; Steps for finding registry keys for any version of Java 1.5. The advanced ranking shows what you want at the top. Digital Gem Professional Plug In 1.0.1 anonymous. Ava Find Pro 1.5 + Portable [TRUSTED] download: 862 (867 kb/s) 25/12/10: Ava Find Pro 1.5 + Portable recommended download: 7858 (824 kb/s) 25/12/10: Ava Find Pro 1.5 + Portable (full cracked) download: 5244 (944 kb/s) 25/12/10: Ava Find Pro 1.5 + Portable [100% seeded] download: 6223 (1031 kb/s) 24/12/10: Ava Find Pro 1.5 + Portable (2020.

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The purposes of Crack IDE from Komodo Mac contain the whole editing and debugging, as fine as brainy gears for steady words. Every software that you are able to download on our site is legal. Dec 6, 2020 - IDM 6.37 Build 5 Patch is a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads. Free Softwarte For Every One: Ava Find Professional.

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Ava find 1.5 crack. Ava find free download (Windows). Serials in the database: Added today: 0 Added within the last week: 5 Top uploaders are: [Ghosty] [fox] [Ahmed] [Gips] Recent serials rating is: % Overall average rating is: %. The word "serial" in warez context means a unique number which identifies the license of the software as being valid.

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Copy Download Link (paste this to your browser) Comments. Ava Find, free download. Map Labels Satellite Discover how the heatmap was built. Ava Find Licence Software - Free Download Ava Find Licence.

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Ava Find Professional runs on the following operating systems: Windows. Latest: How the Mighty Have Fallen - A NeoRoman Review (Kinda) Bruynzeel, Jul 23, 2020.

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Quick and Easy way to compile and run programs online. Download Zapya for Windows. Ava Find 1.5 Key (7 Downloads Available) https://trisha-ls.ru/crack/?key=720. Is there a way to tell what to put in the parenthesis when.

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DOWNLOAD Ava Find 1.5 + Crack Keygen Serial. Ava Find will enable you quick access to locate media files, documents, and programs on your computer. MATLAB will use pretty much any network interface it can find, and activation should work long as there at least one network interface present. Today Popular and Related.

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Main features: Ava Trader. Download Ava Find 1.5, install ava find.exe. It features a series of tracing games to help kids recognize letter shapes, associate them. Write a Java program that reads a floating-point number.

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Ava Find, free and safe download. Ava Find (sometimes referred to as AvaFind) was added by MORACHINI in Mar 2020 and the latest. Ava Find 1.5 Crack With Serial Key Latest 2020. After complete installation go to bluestacks home page then click on All apps, here you will find Zapya app icon.

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$5 minimum for my sanity plz.
Shipping starts at $4 US. Willing to ship to Canada but it starts at $11 and International Shipping starts at $13 .. Put where your from in the comment if you want exact shipping plz. Also adding a $1 per buy for PayPal fees.
Willing to look at swap lists! Feel free to make offers because Im new to this sales stuff lol

《Commercial Perfume》

Eva - 2ml rollerball- full - by Eva Longoria contains notes including aldehydes, citrus, sandalwood, bergamot tea, neroli, muguet, sheer jasmine, violet, skin musk, freesia, amber -$5
Bombshell by Victoria Secret- 2ml spray- full Notes: French cypress, night blooming jasmine, white cedarwood -$5


Phgriad- 1ml decant -can't find any notes on this one -$3
Bastets Garden Luxor Jasmine White Star 1ml full -Luxor Jasmine, White Star (White Chocolate Cocoa with hints of White Raspberry, Egyptian Musk, aged Kobalt Vanilla, French Vanilla and rich Mallow Root Absolute) followed with a hint of Vanilla Musk and Amber Musk. -$5
Jack Al Lantern LE (DC) aged ‘08 decant full -Pumpkin, Cedar, Egyptian Nag Champa, Black Vanilla, Patchouli -$6
Eidolon LE - French Blue sleeping Lavender, Amber Arabian Sandalwood, Blue Musk and the memories of phantoms -$5

《BPAL 》 *

Midnight on the Midway - (AGED) Original Formula- just under TOL- Lightning splits the sky, illuminating the skeletal skyline of the carnival rides: sugared incense, flickering blue musk, and night-blooming flowers - ** Swap or make an offer **
Venus Erycina - (DISC) 5ml a little above the bottom of the label - Honeysuckle absolute with white gardenia, red patchouli, red amber, and crushed diamond accord. -$7
Beautiful Death - (RETAIL EXCLUSIVE)Lace Family - 5ml 60% full - A tragedy in one act: pale sandalwood threaded with a vanilla filigree, bitter green cognac, white tobacco, and Roman chamomile, stained by a splash of black tea and the deceptively sweet juice of belladonna berries - ** Swap or Make an offer **
The Gilman House Hotel (LE)-5ml over half full-Musty, dilapidated furnishings, peeling paint, swamp gas, and decay. -$25
Leather Phoenix aged HTF (LE) just under TOL - matcha tea, wild frankincense, champaca, petitgrain, star anise, aged oudh, rose taifi, narcissus, Himalayan cedar, 11-year aged patchouli, and black leather accord.- $70 obo
Sprinkle Cake aged HTF (LE)just under TOL - This is the scent of the cupcakes that her (kind, generous, and wonderful!) Aunt Sarah made for her birthday! Lilith's request was for sprinkle flavored cupcakes ("sprinklecakes!") with pink and purple glitter frosting, and that's what she got. That's what you're getting, too: this cupcake fragrance is the sweetest of the sweet, the sugariest of the sugary! Rainbow sprinkles baked into rich vanilla cake with thick, creamy frosting topped with glittery candy flakes. - $45
Robotic Scarab aged '08-TOL - Polished metallic notes, glossy leather, frankincense, star anise, and thin lubricating oils.- $25
Tweedledee aged -just under TOL- Ridiculous! Kumquat, white pepper, white tea and orange blossom. - $25
Phoenix Steamworks aged - Full- Burnished gold and oiled bronze notes with Abramelin incense and sage - $20
Alma Venus - little over a decant left in bottle- Amber-infused blood orange with Italian neroli, ambergris, orange flower absolute, French beeswax, tuberose, Himalayan cedar, and honey - $4
Signoir Dildo sniffie bottle - A scent of pearls and ivory: orris, violet leaf, narcissus, and Madagascar vanilla. -$4 or free with bottle purchase

《Bpal Imps》

The Knave of Hearts- 1ml imp- full- Crushed roses and blackcurrant tarts -$3 -SOLD
Gunpowder ‘08 decant full -Carrot peelings, hay, chaff, molasses, maple oats, red apples, stable wood, and musk-$4 -TRADED
Troll ‘08 lab full- A lurching, hateful, bitter scent. This is a gruesome blend of ghastly greens and blacks: vetiver, pine pitch, troll musk, black basil, clove smoke, and scorched cumin -$2
OPS given out @will call ‘10 full LE- All three Will Call locations held a canned food drive in November 2010. For each can of food you received one imp of Ops -$5
The Shivering Boy ‘09 decant ½ -The scent of frozen, dormant vineyards, bitter sleet, and piercing ozone, hurled through labdanum, benzoin, and olibanum -$3
Miaiphonos ‘10 decant ½ -Blood-Stained Clove, anise, mandarin, and cumin -$4
Ingenue ‘04 DC tol- A tawdry Hollywood tragedy, the essence of innocence lost amongst casting couch cushions. Wild clover and gentle melon interlaced with violet leaf, water lilies, smooth wooden notes, and blushing rose -$5
Jabberwocky ‘04 tol DC-An earthy yet buoyant scent: pine, eucalyptus and orange -$3
How Doth the Little Crocodile ‘09 tol-Chocolate peppermint, mint-soaked vanilla, pistachio, oakmoss, and green cedar -$3 -SOLD
Maenad ‘07 DC rare tol- Orgiastic mayhem in the extreme: sweet strawberry and orange blossom distorted by carnation, black poppy and hibiscus -$4 -PENDING
Jezirat al Tennyn ‘06 DC tol ripped label -The Dragon’s Isle: smoke and fire, earth and wind. The rage of the elements blasting over a primordial paradise -$4
Oneiroi ‘04 tol - Soporific, dark and unfathomable: a somnambular blend of deep lavender, white sandalwood, jasmine, bergamot and mugwort -$3
A Countenance of Forbodding Evil ‘09 full aged -Patchouli, ylang ylang, blood orange, and vetiver -$3
Cheshire Cat ‘11 aged full lab- Grapefruit, red currant, dark musk, Roman chamomile, delphinium, and lavender -$2
Chaos Theory IV ‘08 Rare decant mccxciv -no description found -$4
Chaos Theory IV ‘08 Rare decant cdlxxxi label damage- no description found -$4
Black Forest GC full lab- Thick, viscous pine with ambergris, black musk, juniper and cypress -$2
Bayou ‘10 tol -Spanish moss, evergreen and cypress with watery blue-green notes and an eddy of hothouse flowers and swamp blooms -$2 -PENDING
Whitechapel ‘04 tol aged- A gentlemen's blend, possessed of dignity, charm and refinement, but in truth masking a corrupted, hideous, soulless core. White musk, lime, lilac and citron -$3
Kostnice ‘04 DC full rare- A celebration of the Bone Church of Prague. Frankincense, rosewood, lily, and geranium rose -$5
Highwayman ‘06 full aged - Stand and deliver! Vetiver with gardenia, blood red rose, night-blooming jasmine, a dash of cinnamon and a faint hint of leather -$3
Grog full lab- Arrr! Avast ye, matey! This be the scent of pirate rum! -$2
Ava Maria Gratia Plena Aged tol lab- A pale, delicate, truly angelic blend. A scent created to emulate Adonis' halo of beauty: fragile, distant, and radiant. Rosewood with Sicilian lemon peel, red Mysore sandalwood, pale musks, sweet mountain sage and a dusting of lily, night-blooming jasmine and orris -$2
The Passionate Shepard to His Love ‘08 DC decant tol -Heather, clover, Irish moss, English ivy, tea rose, and carnation -$3 -PENDING
Harvest Moon ‘08 decant ½ -This Harvest lunacy combines the autumnal scents of dry leaves, mulling spices, balsam fir, cedar, juniper berry, clove, saffron, damson plum, sage, yarrow, and lily twined with Dionysus' sacred grapes and ivy, a bounty of apple and pumpkin, and the amaranth and lingum aloes of Janus, all touched by a gentle breath of festival woodsmoke and sweet wine -$4
Lear ‘04 DC tol - A regal, commanding scent, but poignant. White cedarwood, blue sage and bay leaf -$3 -PENDING
Evening Cicadas & Red Peppers ‘09 decant tol - Frost-limned, ice-bejeweled branches, scattered blood-red maple leaves, a few camellia petals, red peppers, and nacreous, multi-colored musks that shimmer like gently-beating cicada wings -$3
Zombi tol -Dried roses, rose leaf, Spanish moss, oakmoss and deep brown earth -$2
The Robotic Scarab ‘08 aged tol -Polished metallic notes, glossy leather, frankincense, star anise, and thin lubricating oils -$3
Kill-devil ‘07 tol -Sugar cane, molasses, oak wood, and honey -$4
Coyote ‘07 aged tol - The Native American Creator / Trickster God of Chaos and Change. The warmth of doeskin, dry plains grasses and soft, dusty woods warmed by amber and a downy, gentle coat of deep musk -$3 -PENDING
Twilight label damage tol -An enigmatic, otherworldly scent, brimming with power and mystery. Lavender and jasmine, with a touch of glowing honeysuckle -$2
Nephilim out of stock tol aged- Holy frankincense and hyssop in union with earthy fig, defiled by black patchouli and vetiver, with a chaotic infusion of lavender, cardamom, tamarind, rosemary, oakmoss and cypress -$3
Love's Torment ‘08 DC tol rare- White sandalwood, neroli, and vetiver -$4
The Ghost ‘10 tol ×2 -A thin, sinuous, creeping chill, the scent of glee-filled undeath: white iris, osmanthus, Calla lily, tomb-crawling ivy and a coffin spray of gladiolus, lisianthus and delphinium -$3 each
Dumb Cake (DC) decant ‘14 - This is the scent of an awkward encounter with a Yule-evoked doppelgänger mate: spectral cologne, blurry herbs, fireplace ash, and a dusting of crumbs -$4
Low Lit Candle Room decant ‘13 tol- Candle wax and waxen "skin," rotting leather and reeking damp wood, and the ashes of a yawning, cold fireplace -$3
Titus Andronicus aged tol x2 - Dark musk and black amber with frankincense, red sandalwood, neroli and bergamot -$3 each
My Mom with the Sun in Her Hands ‘13 full - (LE) -Crayon on copier paper, 2012 This is my mom with the sun in her hands. I put my name on it because it's my mom. Champaca flower, cardamom, yellow sandalwood, Italian bergamot, magnolia, and lemon peel -$4
Wood Phoenix aged ‘08 decant full- Flexibility, cooperation, expansiveness, and altruism: Chinese musk and five woods with newly budding bamboo shoots, hyssop, chamomile, pink clove, magnolia, walnut, and fig -$5
Storytime at Dark Delicacies aged ‘09 decant full - Heavy oak shelving, cracked leather bindings, incense-soaked parchment, ancient inks, baneful aromatic herbs, and crumbs of spilled sugar-glazed lemon butter cookies that have been accidentally dragged from the kiddie section of the store -$5
R’lyeh aged full- The sunken city of the Great God Cthulhu. A hellishly dark aquatic scent, evocative of fathomless oceanic deeps, the mysteries of madness buried under crushing black waters, and the brooding eternal evil that lies beneath the waves -$3
El Dia de Reyes decant aged full - Hot cocoa with cinnamon, coffee, and brown sugar -$5
Rat aged decant 50%- Orangewood, pine, wood moss, and vetiver -$3
Fire Mingled with the Hail ½ decant - Fields smashed by torrential rain, seared by gouts of celestial fire -$3
Angel of Death ½ decant - Aged frankincense and white sandalwood gilded by a richly spiced agarwood -$3
A grievous swarm ½ decant-Black pepper and vetiver with cardamom, blackened vanilla, and tobacco absolute -$3
Tarantula Fascinator ‘14 decant 40%- Done and done: fuzzy cacao-drenched hazelnut with hay absolute, black pepper, and nutmeg, laced with stripes of wild plum and white sandalwood -$4
Cairo- ‘04 aged- pristine condition- The essence of holy Kyphi, beloved incense of the Egyptian Gods. -$5
Wicked- aged- oil stained label- A sophisticated, womanly scent: rich myrrh and jasmine draped in the subtlest rose. -$3


Down the Rabbit Hole atmo spray - goblin squirt- full- lab- Daisies and dirt with a hint of orange marmalade, dry leaves, and crunchy old sticks -$4
Hua Mulan- aged -sniffie decant- Pink musk, white ginger, tea leaf, night blooming jasmine, bergamot, and leather. - free with bottle purchase


《Samples 1ml 》

Philtre: Consumed aged (DC) full - In its wake, this potion is said to leave a trail of ravenous longing and insatiable lust. Three gingers--fresh ginger, ginger extract, and gingerbread--are blended with a cheesecake accord, French cognac, butter co2 extract, caramel, black pepper, sugared milk, copaiba balsam, a pinch of ho wood, and a shameless slap of cassia.- $4
Holy Terror ½ There are utterly somber and fearsome spirits which are known to haunt certain long-deserted chapels, monasteries, and abbeys. An unsettling, austere blend of burning frankincense, sandalwood, deep myrrh, and dusty beeswax candles - $3
Philtre: Adoration LE (out of stock) Three vanillas, sweet cream, banana custard, white pepper, exotic amber, pearl musk, black pepper, and cardamom. - $4
Herne (DC) Horned trickster, lord of the forest, god of the wild hunt. Cassia cinnamon, Atlas cedarwood, fir needle oil, and a whiff of Herne's holy oak tree -$4

《Darling Clandestine》

Step Right Up (HTF) clean, oceanic, very unisex fragrance with notes of tea and vanilla and wood and spice. -$3


Coconut Madness (DC)- 5ml rollerball - Coconut so tropical it gives you a fever! Ok I am stretching it a bit - $12


Highway 666 aged '08 (DC) -5ml 55% full- honey, vanilla, woods, sweetgrasses, resins - $10
Penelope the Virtual Store Cat aged '07 - 6ml full- damaged label- The most winsome of the kitty scents, Penelope combines a red currant and pomegranate base with playful foody and sweet topnotes. This one is a lovie, just like the cat for whom it's named. Very sexy and pretty, feminine and grown up but retaining just enough of the kitten to keep the tone light. I would really recommend your putting this one on after a bath and enjoying the feeling of being clean and petable all day long. Penelope is the virtual shop cat of Possets Perfumes and half of all proceeds from sales go to O'Bryonville Animal Rescue (OAR) for the continuation of their good work. Fruity, sweet, foody, gourmand. Cat - $15 -SOLD

《Sample Size 1ml》

Perpetual Motion Machine (DC)- full -Smooth action makes you think it can go on forever, sweet and non medicinal, this is the seductive side of science. Deeply buffed wood and suave vanilla, a secret emollient and something wonderfully perfumy. Perpetual Motion will get your attention. Unisex and perpetually moving. The icon is a real perpetual motion machine, Perpetuum Mobile of Villard de Honnecourt (about 1230). Vanilla, foody, gourmand, woody, brass-like - $3
Alizarin Pink full - Sweetly seductive, attractively clingy, slightly spicy, with a refreshing coolness hiding in it when you need it most. Lemon like but with the zest again and slightly bitter and then a delayed musk which is dry and emollient, followed with a roseate side. There is just enough bitterness in this one to remind you of the pleasantry of Cinzano but with the sweetart side to keep it from tipping over to being dry and bringing it back to being very attractive again. This one is deceptively complex but starts off as quite simple indeed -$3
Mary Shelly decant aged full - Blond teakwood and smooth sweetbriar dance somberly with black Mexican vanilla and a hint of boxwood for gravity. The combination of these essences is really superb, rich and an almost wise fragrance -$4

《Solstice Scents》

《Sample Sizes 1ml - $2 each *unless marked》

Private Eye -Cocoa Absolute, Myrrh EO, Pink Pepper EO, Black Pepper EO, Tonka absolute, Buddha Wood, Tobacco absolute, Coffee EO, Guiacwood, Rosewood EO, etc. in undenatured organic cane sugar alcohol. 100% natural blend. SHAKE BEFORE EACH USE AS PRODUCT WILL SETTLE. NOT FOR USE BY WOMEN WHO ARE PREGNANT OR NURSING. RESIN/GOURMAND/TOBACCO/SPICE -TRADED
*Devil's Tounge x2-(DC)- Chypre, Brown Leather, Warm Tobacco, Woods and more -$4 each
*Foxcraft Fairgrounds- seasonal -Cotton Candy, Cream Soda, Vanilla Taffy, Gridling's Funnel Cakes, Powdered Sugar, Crisp Fall Air, Woodsmoke & a Tendril of Incense. GOURMAND/INCENSE
*Devils Millhopper- (LE)- A fresh and green blend of Heather, African Bluegrass EO, Hinoki EO, Oakmoss Absolute, Ho Wood EO, Sandalwood, Rosewood EO, Virginia Cedarwood EO & Muhuhu EO (Perfume, Bar Soap, Ganache). Not for women who are pregnant or nursing- $4 -PENDING
*Halloween Night- seasonal- (Formerly known as Fright Night) Sweet Candy Corn, Chocolate Candy Wrappers, Melty Gooey Marshmallows, Sticky Caramels & Black Jelly Beans- $3
*Sirocco - UA- Sandalwood, Saffron Threads, Hot Baked Earth, Myrrh, Spices, Oud & Jasmine WOODS/SPICE/RESIN -$4
*Courtyard- (DC)- Lavender, Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Coriander, Lime, Labdanum, Gardenia & More


《Sample sizes 2 mL, $3 each》

Wicked- Three vanillas, dark aged patchouli, almond buttercream
Baba Yaga- Fiery dragon’s blood incense, sweet woodsmoke, dried herbs, dripping candle wax, forest dirt

《Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie》

《Sample 2ml - 3ml》

Flowers in the Moat (LE) - 3ml- full- bladderwrack (also known as seaweed), wet earth and agua accord, made beautiful by water lily and lotus, heather and a sweet kiss of light muscovado sugar -$5
Lunantishee (DC)- 3ml- full- FAIRY CAKE (Vanilla, Flour, Sugar, Butter) ~ Wishes granted, lust, nurturing, love, favor, feminine energy. BLACKTHORN WOOD & BERRIES ~ Powerful magic, amplifies personal power (take care to use for positive purposes). ROSEWOOD ~ Love and healing. VETIVER ~ Power amplifier, enhances perception of beauty, love, sensuality, money, luck, hex-breaking -$5
Esther (LE)- 2ml- full - Magickal Meanings of Ingredients: MYRRH ~ Stimulating, soothing. Powerful guard against evil. FIG ~ Wisdom, fertility, love, luck, protection, aids restful sleep, divination. Feminine sexuality. APRICOT ~ Love, love, love! Romance, passion, femininity. HONEY ~ Enticing, seductive; use to bewitch a straying or hesitant lover. Happiness, fulfillment. CARDAMOM ~ Lust, love. PEPPER ~ Protection, fidelity, dispels envy and evil, exorcism, breaks hexes. CLOVE ~ Money attracting, deflects negative and hostile energies -$4
Pourde de Bourdons (DC) - 2ml - full- Spring honey, orange blossom honey, and plant-sourced honey (Aja) with arousing dashes of ginger, blended with silky soft powdered sugar and a tangy topping of lemon -$5
Crayon Collection Carbon Black- 2ml - full - A shade so very dark, sexy and dangerous…a heart of lush mysterious black orchid enhanced by a blend of deep black Indian musks and "dirty" honey, draped with a velvety veil of oakmoss and powdered sugar…utterly seductive! -$5
Land of Nog- 2ml- full- The noggiest of nogginess from the land where the Nog is born! Creamy eggnog oils boosted with almond milk, candied and slightly boozy butterscotch oils, topped with a sprinkling of nutmeg and sweet syrupy amber in the base. A long-lasting creamy dream, fans of our Lick of Cream fragrance will want to visit The Land of Nog without delay! -$4
Nola - 2ml - full - VANILLA ~ Aphrodisiac, inspires happiness, playfulness, sexual arousal, lust, vitalizing. FERMENTED ALCOHOL: (BOURBON) ~ Intoxicant, used as an offering or appeasement for Gods, used in love spells, and celebratory spells. ANISE (SAMBUCA) ~ Sexual potency, cleansing, wards away nightmares, protective, purification, happiness, youth, psychic powers, luck, calming, soothing, meditation. Wedding rituals. BROWN SUGAR ~ Attracts love, luck, sweetness and riches. Lust inducing, wishes granted. PECAN ~ Money, employment, mental acuity. AMBER ~ Fertility, creativity, love, luck, riches. WOOD SMOKE ~ In addition to the attributes of whatever is being burned (resins, woods, etc), smoke is for cleansing, purification, renewal, consecration, concealment and celebration. It is also the foremost mode of communication from this world to the realm of spirits and the gods -$5 -SOLD
Gloria- 2ml- (DC) - full- A glorious mixture of nine different coffee oils, layered with a trio of caramel accords, vanilla absolute and cocoa absolute, with generous swirls of cream, a potent melange of liqueurs - including bourbon and hot buttered rum - and topped with a fluffy cloud of whipped cream. COFFEE ~ Focus, stamina, concentration, determination. CARAMELIZED SUGAR ~ Attracts love, luck, sweetness and riches. Lust inducing, wishes granted. VANILLA ABSOLUTE ~ Aphrodisiac, inspires happiness, playfulness, sexual arousal, lust, vitalizing. COCOA ABSOLUTE ~ Lightens emotions, evokes feelings of love. BUTTECREAM ~ Nurturing, soothing, eases troubled relationships. Goddess energy. FERMENTED ALCOHOLS ~ Intoxicant, used as an offering or appeasement for Gods, used in love spells, and celebratory spells. -$5 -TRADED

《Deconstructing Eden 2ml spray 》

Green Man- 70% full- Earth, moss, dark woods, rosewood, cedar, amber, agarwood, mahogany, green leaves and conifer branches -$3

《Conjure Oils》

O Caffeine - 5ml TOL- A butter cream vanilla cupcake drizzled with caramel sauce and served with espresso and a devilish grin -$15

《Sample 1ml》

Aunt Caroline Dye full (DC) - heady Southern floral featuring peach sweet tea, magnolia blossoms and a splash of Florida Water -$3 -PENDING
Yule full - (LE)- {WINTER SOLSTICE} the sun is born. Pine cones and a sleigh ride in the snow. Warm up by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa. Spruce, snow, tobacco and a slice of a chocolate orange- $2

《Dorian + Dahl 1ml sample damaged label

Femme Fatale (DC) - full - Spicy pink peppercorn and cedarwood dripping with amber caress a mysterious patchouli blend, suggestive berries, and midnight jasmine with a hints of ripe peaches, apple and pomegranate -$5
Forem- (DC) - full- no scent description found -$5

《Kyse by Terri》

Frollino Lavanda-Lavender, Sugar, Butter, Caramel, Beeswax, Vanilla, Blackberry -$3 -SOLD
Confit de Rose- Moroccan rose absolute, Plum, Red berries, Creamy notes, Cocoa, Cookie -$3 -SOLD

《ZOMG Smells 》

Jager #3- full- A little dark, a little dirty, but with undeniable sweetness under the rough edges-- this is a Jäger to watch out for. No Jäger is subtle, but this one approaches suaveness wearing elephant boots. Dangerously sexy. Olibanum, ginger, toasted cardamom, vetiver, and molasses -$16

《Cocoa Pink 》

Monster in the Wall - dram - full - Smoky, aged patchouli swirled with sweet agar wood and sparkling aldehydes. ♣ -$4
Zombie Apocalypse- dram- full- Dark empty musk infected with lashes of black vanilla, petitgrain essential oil, magnolia flowers, jasmine sambac with the empty remains of vanilla sandalwood -$4
Peppermint Snow Angel- dram- full- A twist of peppermint, creamy white chocolate, buttercream frosting, spiritueuse double vanilla and a splash of CP black. -$4 -SOLD
Black Widow- dram- full- Smoldering dragon blood resin, sweet aged white patchouli, a pinch of sugared black vanilla beans and wood smoke from a distant crackling fire. -$4

《Cocoapink 1ml sample》

Black Voodoo full-Limited Edition Perfume Oil (Discontinued)Cocoapink's "Black" is a custom formulated blend of three ambers, including natural amber oil, and sweet sandalwoods with a hint of woodsy vanilla. This blend is the basis for all our popular "Black" mixtures: Black Voodoo (Black, Spiritueuse Double Vanilla, Butterscotch, Bourbon Vanilla, Hot Buttered Rum, Coconut)-$2 -PENDING


** Silver and Gold were offered together so they can go together for $40**
*Silver- 5ml- (DC)- Silver’s perfume is a cool, metallic grey, satiny blend of violet, Earl Grey tea, white amber, pale silver fir, lavande de Provence, myrtle, lilac and a feminine ozone. -$25
*Gold- 5ml- (DC)- Gold’s perfume is a radiant, softly warming, glowing metallic blend of amber, champaca, honeysuckle, vanillaed sandalwood, honey, mid-season orange, seasonal resins, saffron and a pinch of mulling spices -$25
Incantation- (LE) old bottle silver lid- Did someone summon up something down by the swamp, in the mosquito riddled woods? Honeysuckle, apples, late harvest peaches and deep, dark spices. - $20

《Future Primitive Soap Co.》

Chocolatier- aged (DC)- 5ml- Dark artisan chocolate made in an old back street shoppe with tiny leaded windows. The scent of orange-infused pure cacao chocolate with Fig Syrup, Tahitian Vanilla Beans & West Indian Almond -$10

《Demeter 1ml decants $3》


《Lathers & Lights》

Caramel Banana Twinkie Cake - 10ml rollerball - slight label damage- no scent description-$4

《Altitude Soap》

Yeti Foot Butter - Wolf Creek County Fair- cleanly used with a spatula- full - $8

《Haus of Gloi 》

Sample 1ml $2 - unless marked
Ye Olde Cake of Fruit - full - new scent-Rich brandy soaked spice cake filled with candied citron, pecans, candied cherries and pineapple

《Whisper Sisters》

Crow Jane - dram- full- damaged label- nag champa incense, marshmallow, myrrh, vanilla, spice -$4
Strawberry Cupcake (DC) -mini- full - damaged label- strawberry, vanilla, vanilla bean, sugar.-$3

《Sucreabeille 》

Angel Dupe 1ml sample full -$2

《Fortune Cookie Soap 》

Bunny Vomit - dram- full (DC) - oil damaged label- What happens when the Easter Bunny eats too much candy? A colorful rainbow of liquid fragrance... zesty orange peels and sweet berries topped with a dollop of fluffy whipped cream -$5
Paradise Found- 1.5 ml rollerball- full- unreleased no label- Delicate freesia, bruised rose petals, fresh mangos & strawberries darkened by tonka bean & amber. Beautiful perfection.-$8
Sample wc - Futterwacken - never used-Sun warmed lilies brightened with a splash of grapefruit and a breath of fresh air -$5
More then a Handful CYO (50% 1 in a melon + 25% sweet spot + 25% joy ride) - small dram- full- $3
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Polyjuice Potion 4oz wc- never opened- old label -magical blend of fresh oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, ripe melon, peaches and kiwi..sprinkled with a touch of sugar -$10
Polyjuice Potion Mist Me- full size- old label, never opened- magical blend of fresh oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, ripe melon, peaches and kiwi..sprinkled with a touch of sugar -$10

《Valhalla Soap 》

《Perfume sample 2ml $2》

Lime Sugar Sorbet -Beautiful green layers of fresh squeezed limes and sweet notes of sugary syrup entangled around a white background of delicate white musk and petite white flowers. -SOLD
Sex and Candy -Contains Vanillin (high amounts) A fantastically warm, rich, sexy scent. This flirty fun, blend of cotton candy, vanilla, citrus, caramel and raspberry jam, is sexed up with middle notes of muguet, plum on a sophisticated base of fig leaves, anise, woods and warm musky notes that seem to say "If you can catch me, you can have me." wink -TRADED
Wicked Lullaby- couldn't find the notes

《L'aromatica 》

Custom #13 1ml - sweet clover,grass,dandelion,ginger,lily,and angelica root -$4


Love potion #9- dram rollerball- full- love spell dupe -$3
Peaches and Cream lip balm -tin- never used- $3
Butterfree's Goodbye 10ml rollerball CYO -Georgia Sunrise, Butterfly Garden -$5
Lemon Fluff Lip Jelly- never used- jar -$5

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Swank ⅓ oz rollerball - damaged label- raw honey, cocoa butter, and chocolate -$4
Intrigue ⅓ oz rollerball- damaged label- ocean notes, peach,pineapple,cucumber,and green stem -$4


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Wax Shots lrg size

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A Commander's Endeavor Part 75- Scars

WARNING: This ending may be a bit confusing and risky as it is a big development in a time jump from the previous part. However, I am considering writing a bonus part to explain how things got this way, so stay tuned.

3 Years Later...

Ava stood alone, in a long black coat, the air so cold her breath condensates.
She bows her head to the grave she is standing before.
The silence around her is only broken by the wind causing the leaves to rustle.
"I...know I'm too late..." She starts to tear up. "But I wanted...to give you this..."
She places a stuffed toy on top of the headstone and ties it there, through tears.
"You said...you had lost it..." Ava wipes her eyes. "I found it...in vain..."
Her weeping was interrupted by approaching footsteps.
She turned to see Akagi and Taihou coming towards her, in their own long coats.
As they stopped, Ava addressed them.
"You're here..." She said in a melancholic tone.
Akagi replies in a somber voice. "I wouldn't miss this..."
Taihou softly embraces Ava to try and calm her as Akagi pays her respects to the grave.
All three stay silent for a few minutes, save for Ava's sniffles.

Commander's Perspective

I have to get back.
Ava must be incredibly distraught by the fact I was reported K.I.A.
Not to mention, Akagi, Taihou, Junyou and Chapayev.
I've been trying to return, but once you're on the opposite side of the world with no practical means to do so, it's difficult.
Though, right now, I'm on the ferry to my home country.
It's been a long time. I wonder what they will make of my cybernetic enhancements?
I inspect my robotic arm, checking the operational status with my replacement eye.
All good...though, now I wish I never got them...they will only scare my most beloved.
I just hope they can look past it and focus on the fact that I'm alive.
...These enhancements were necessary...I would of died permanently without them.
"5 minutes to arrival!"
There's still a 40 minute drive to Ava's town.
Even then, there's no guarantee that I'll meet her.
She might be out somewhere.
I guess I can ask around...she's quite well known in the community...so they should know where she is.
I see my old port, now a ferry station getting closer.
What a downgrade!
Then again, I have no need for it now, since everyone is off, living their own lives.
Meanwhile, my life recently has been on the run, desperate to get back.
Maybe it is better than being dead...maybe not...
The ferry stops and I immediately rush to the nearest exit, eager to leave.
Reminders of how to safely exit play over the intercom, but I ignore it.
Finally, the doors open and I barrel out and down the gangway, making a run for the nearest car park.
There should be a a vehicle waiting for me there...at least, that's what the contact said.
I just have to hope he's reliable.

Ava's Perspective

I didn't want to leave the graveyard...but Akagi and Taihou basically forced me.
If only I'd been there to save him...things would be different.
He did accomplish his original goal.
Akagi and Taihou are now good friends who laugh at who they used to be.
Chapayev lived, though needs a carer with her at all times.
I don't know where Junyou is.
Dunkerque has opened a successful bakery in the city that I frequent.
Last time we talked, she was thinking of starting a chain.
All this prosperity...and Robert's not here to see it...
No, I can't cry again, not on the way to a restaurant with friends.
"Afa, you alrighth?" Taihou looks at me with a concerned expression.
I simply nod, unable to muster a word.
"Justh let ush know iv you need anything." She tries to smile and cheer me up.
"W-will do..." I put her mind at rest.
"We're here." Akagi says and stops us.
Well...this is quite fancy...

Commander's Perspective

All I can think about for the past 20 minutes I've been on the road is what I'm going to say to them.
I mean, what can I say?
I'm literally a dead man revived with cybernetics.
Half biological, half technical...I'm...I'm an amalgamation...and not the good kind.
To top it off, I know that my scars haven't healed...
A sign for Ava's town...only 10 miles now.
10 miles...to decide how I'm going to greet people who think I died...it's not exactly going to be a casual greeting.
And I am pretty sure I'm going to see my name on a grave...how weird...
I increase my speed a little...I just want to get this over with...
There is a small worry about how Ava's reaction to this could put her in danger.
An overreaction would not do her diabetic heart any favors...I'll try my best to keep her as calm as possible.
Suddenly, an overwhelming feeling of hunger takes me by storm...
That's right...I haven't eaten in 2 days now...
Ugh, hurry up!
5 miles to go...I don't know if I can wait that long.
Come on, come on.

Ava's Perspective

Our orders have been placed, but the table is draped in an awkward silence.
It works fine for me, as I can freely contemplate everything that has happened.
I remember being told that it wasn't my fault and there was nothing I could've done.
But I can feel guilt eating away at me slowly...an irrational feeling, but one that I can't shake.
I stare at the empty chair on our table as Akagi and Taihou slip into their own conversation.
Images of Robert appear in that chair...taunting me...
I put my hands over my eyes to cover them and get a hold of myself.
Ava, snap out of it!
You are better than this...don't let it get to you...
I remove my hands and the chair is back to normal.
Why did things play out this way?
It's been 1.5 years since Robert died...and yet I've never truly accepted it fully.
There is a small glimmer of hope in me that tells me he's alive, but it is quickly overwritten by the pessimist in me saying there's no chance.
...Robert...I miss you...

Commander's Perspective

I pull into the first car park I see...nice free parking.
Exiting the car, I can instantly tell people are weary of me.
I sigh...why did things play out this way?
Who can I ask if they are all afraid?
Luck strikes me as I see the head of the town council on a walk.
"Mr. Bennington!" I call to him.
He stops and turns around...his expression changes to a slightly nervous one. "Can I help you?"
"It's me, Robert Florentine." I try to be friendly but I'm just focused on finding my closest peoples.
"Ah, you..." He looks me over. "What's up with your arm, leg and your eye?"
"I wish I could explain...but I desperately need to find Ava Flowersworth." I make the urgency in my voice apparent.
"Well, if you really must know, I overheard her talking about meeting with friends and going to a restaurant, or something." He looks past me.
"Did you hear which restaurant?" I ask, sounding even more urgent.
"I think it was called...'The Vineyard'...maybe?" He strokes his chin.
I know where that is.
"Thank you, Sir." I start to walk away. "Maybe we will meet again and I will explain everything then."
I begin to run without hearing his reply.
This reunion is going to be uplifting...but it's also nerve racking.
I don't want to put Ava in danger...though, knowing her, it will be hard.
The Vineyard is a high-end place, so it must be a special occasion.
I'm getting close...how am I going to find Ava anyway?
Is it alright to say that I'm meeting people there?
I'll just have to try...
There it is!
The entrance is drawing nearer... here we go!
I casually enter the building and am greeted by the hostess.
"W-welcome, sir." She says with a slight shake. "Do you have a reservation?"
"I'm meeting someone here..." I elucidate.
"What's the name of them and you?" She looks at her clipboard.
"I'm meeting a girl called Ava and my name is Robert." I express my impatience.
She seems to pick up on it. "R-right this way, Sir."
I follow her, anxious about how this will go.
Glances from the other people at their tables are directed at me, but I choose to ignore them.
I see Taihou, Akagi and Ava around a 4 seat table a little bit ahead.
Looks like I'm in luck...I get a seat.
I take a deep breath as we arrive.
"Here you are, Sir." The hostess gestures to the table, getting the girls' attention.
All 3 have about the same initial reaction.
"Um...hello, girls..." I find myself at a loss for words.
Ava suddenly leaps up and throws herself at me, not remarking my differences.
"I-is this really you, Robert?" She asks with a squeak.
"Yes, it's me." I return her hug, taking care to manage my strength.
Taihou and Akagi both stand as well and start slowly coming over to us.
Ava's grip tightens excessively.
"Ow...Ava, relax a bit..." I say, but she either didn't hear me or she doesn't care.
"My Commainder..." Taihou looks at me with wide eyes, threatening to overflow with tears.
"Commander..." Akagi looks like she wants to get closer, but hesitates.
This is way calmer than I expected...
Ava moves back a bit, but doesn't release me. "W-where were you?"
"I was a nomad, constantly moving countries, trying to get back to you all." I stare at her eyes, a sight I've missed.
All of a sudden, I'm on the receiving end of a kiss from Ava.
But it's nothing like she's ever done before, it's directly on the lips.
We stay like this until I have to break for air.
"It's...true..." Ava looks about ready to curl up into a ball and start bawling to herself. "You are alive!"
I am unsure of what to say. "...I am alive..."
Ava explodes into happy tears that start to drench me...it doesn't help that she is still clinging to me.
Akagi and Taihou both finish closing in and join the hug as they both silently cry out of joy.
"I missed you." Me and Ava say at the same time.
She starts giggling through her tears...still as sweet as ever.
"Um...your meals are here." I say, relieving the stunned waiter.
All 3 resume a formal stance before taking their seats again.
Ava, however, drags me to the empty seat next to her and places me in it before assuming her own.
And she doesn't let go of my synthetic hand.
Plates are given to the girls and I'm given a menu.
I'd eat anything right now...I pick the first thing that sounds even slightly good and order it.
"Don't wait for me." I tell the girls.
"No, no, it's only proper." Ava tightens her hold on my hand.
"It's going to be cold!" I say, with a slight importance.
"Do you really think I care about that when you've suddenly shown yourself, alive and well?" She changes her expression to a serious one.
"Don't let me ruin your day out." I don't want to argue, but she can be so stubborn at times.
She sighs. "Right now, I just want to be with you, nothing more. So please, don't make this hard."
"Alright...I'll stop..." I give in, not wanting to fight her upon my return.
We've got a lot of catching up to do.
"So, Robert...care to explain how you ended up this way?" Ava smiles as her streams of tears dry.
I begin my story.
The afternoon has grown dark by the time we leave.
It's cold...I'm shivering a lot.
"Robert, come here." Ava opens her coat and holds one side out inviting me to join her in it.
"You need it more than I do..." I refuse.
She sighs again and forcefully throws the free side over me and drags me close to her.
"You are staying with me, until and unless you get your own house." She whispers to me. "Though, I do not know how you're going to to manage, as you are technically d-dead."
I hear her breathe through her teeth at the end of her sentence.
"I'll find a way..." I reassure her.
"Commander, let's all have another meet up some time." Akagi comes over to us with Taihou by her side.
"I agwee..." Taihou steps forward and hugs me. "Commainder, pleashe look after Afa."
"I will, Taihou." I return it. "I will."
Taihou moves away and Akagi hugs me next.
"I'll always be here for you, Commander." She says. "If you ever need support in any way and Ava's not available, me and/or Taihou will come to your aid."
"...Thank you both." I feel myself start to tear up.
We break.
"Goodbye, you two." I say to them. "Have a safe journey home!"
"Same to you!" They both call back to me and Ava.
We all wave each other off.
Ava tugs on me once they are a fair distance away.
"Come on, there's so much I want to do with you." She says in her signature optimistic tone.
"Lead the way." I tell her.
Ava takes my hand and we both walk into the night together.
I've still got a lot of my life left...and it looks like it will be spent with Ava.
Well, here we are, at the end. Thanks to everyone who gave me the support I needed to get this to 75 parts. As I said at the start, there is still a chance for a bonus part explaining the events that led to the context of the ending. There might be a bit of a delay on that as I haven't fully planned that out yet, but I hope this is good enough to make up for that. Thanks for reading!
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