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Half-Life FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PC. IDM used for faster downloading. Unlike many other games at the time, the player has almost uninterrupted control of Freeman, and the story is told mostly through scripted sequences. Can spawn from, Spawnmenu - Vehicles - Half-Life 2 Note to EP2 Users: Most likely I woundn't recommend you to download this since this replaces sounds that is little bit different from EP2 and has larger file size. Free game demo, patch and trailer downloads https://trisha-ls.ru/crack/?key=676. For a twist on the traditional card game War, assign values of 1 to the ace, 11 to the jack, 12 to the queen, and 13 to the king, and face value for the cards two through 10 (for younger children, limit the game to number cards only).

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Black Mesa, remake of the first Half-Life game released by Valve in 1998, has just launched on Steam Early Access program. Valve Corporation and publishers were also the same. Full Frame Compact System Camera (28-70 mm Zoom Lens 24.3 MP, 117 Points Hybrid Autofocus, 3 Inch Tiltable LCD, 5 FPS, XGA OLED Tru-Finder) - Black. Half Life 1.6 Mf game half life 1.1 mien phi half life 1.1. You can read all information on this under Shipping. The second version of Half-Life: Top-Down, with many improvements, fixes, and options to make the game much more playable in this form.

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You will learn about workers and the best machines, how. Full Crack + Serial Key Latest Office 2020 KMS Activator Ultimate 1.5 Full Latest. Counter Strike 1.6 (CS 1.6) is a first-person shooter game that has started out as a Half-Life modification. Game half life 1.3 full crack. It seems like a missed opportunity to me, that Steam does not make it easy for developers to promote this feature on their product pages, so that customers searching for DRM Free games can more. The game received a port to Xbox in 2020.

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Half-Life + Counter-Strike 1.3 ( with crack redirected here. LithUnwrap 1.3 [GameBanana] [Modding Tools]. Half-Life Counter-Strike Full PC Game Free Download https://trisha-ls.ru/crack/?key=665. A Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2020) (NFS: MW) Mod in the Other/Misc category, submitted by gargar. Half Life CD Key: 2186-42289-8687. Download restoro registration key serial number, keygen.

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Counter Strike Cd Key. A Half-Life 2 (HL2) Skin Mod in the Airboat category, submitted by MrDonaldDuck. For those unfamiliar with this mod, it is a multiplayer mod that is set in the Old West (American). It was initially released as a modification ("mod") for Half-Life that was designed by Minh "Gooseman" Le and Jess "Cliffe" Cliffe before the rights to the mod's intellectual property were acquired by Valve, the developers of Half-Life, who then turned Counter-Strike into a retail product. Revocation of defective goods or of the item description deviating goods. Download - Free download - Games & Mods https://trisha-ls.ru/crack/?key=663.

Utilizing the blessing of the Karlan Goddess

So you want to use Pramanix. You might have pulled/recruited her and want to know more about her, or you like her floof and thighs, or you just want to see a fellow Pramanix user (hi!). Regardless, you want to learn more about her game mechanic-wise.
Yes, I’m reusing the intro format as my last guide. Also I’m thinking of making this a series, writing detailed highlight on less used/popular 4-5 stars operators (that I also need to use a lot). I don’t know if it’ll be a good idea lul. (This is actually similar to a Disney cashgrabing sequel)
Pramanix is a debuff supporter, or in my favorite term, an enabler. The general consensus is that, why adding an enabler when you can just add MOAR DPS! But sometimes, depends on how much more she can boost your other allies, she can add more to the team than 1 more DPS operator. If you’re looking for a squad that work together and helps each other out instead of just each person being strong independently, this fluffy of an enabler is your thing.


- Attack and attack speed:
Being an enabler, PMN (mind if I shorten her name to that?) doesn’t pack that much of a punch by herself. However it doesn’t mean she’s at the bottom of the DPS list, and she attacks faster than normal slowing support (just 0.3s faster though). She can deal somewhat of a decent damage, through different means than just her basic stats, which we will take note of it later. Unlike with FW last guide, PMN is actually pretty good at clearing swarm of weak enemies through her talents and debuff (though not like she can deal actual AoE damage so she can still struggle)
- HP and Defense (and RES):
PMN has surprisingly good defensive stats. Highest HP and RES among the Supporters (as of this post's date), which means she’s pretty decent at taking magic damage (just don’t use her to block Art Guard in CE-5). Her RES actually ties with Angelina at E2, but PMN has potential upgrade for 8 more which by then she will have one of the best RES in the game (along with Matterhorn, and one other in CN I think). Plus, she also has another way to help her (and her allies) survives better with one of her skill, which we will look at later.
- Cost:
PMN is on the lower cost range of most supporters (10 at base, 12 at E1). This means she’s relatively easy to deploy. Her cost is only higher than Sora (cuz duh), Mayer, and Tentacle master.

So far, it’s been simple stuffs, but let’s keep going.


As of the date of this post and in global server, PMN’s range is unique for her type. It’s basically the normal slow support range, but with 2 additional tiles on each side. She can reach someone 2 tiles from her left or right, and 5 tiles horizontally in front of her (you can check her range here). Those extra tiles are actually my favorite, as I can place her facing a straight lane, and she will cover 5 tiles of distance, basically a horizontal Ifrit. And, just like with my FW guide, she can cover a place that is 2 tiles away from her side, and is great for a map that has 2 lanes, that is split by a middle high ground area, especially if said middle area is wider than 1 tile.


Deals arts damage. That’s it. If you need help with this section, you might as well leave this post, and go check this site.


Now we’re at a great section. PMN’s first talent is the first of the kind in the game, only Shamare later will have the same talent type as well.
First talent: Weakening
This talent applies a debuff to all enemies in her range continuously, which end after they leave her range. This debuff is actually applied all the time, but only active if the enemies are under 40% HP. When they are under 40% HP, they receive 1.15 at E1, 1.3 at E2, times more damage from all sources. From Gamepress, it is applies after everything is calculated (i.e. after defense or resistance is subtracted). Regardless, just like with Firewatch, the important idea is that this multiplier stacks multiplicatively with others, unlike with basic attack buffs where they just stack additively.
Now you may think this is unnecessary. Most enemies at 40% HP would dies in the next 1 or 2 hit already. But for the much tougher enemies, including bosses, the journey to take them from 40% HP to 0 might be strenuous for some, especially against bosses that enrages at 50% HP, or you know, the more dreadful one lately for some, the samurais. #GoJap! Sadly, this doesn't increase the damage of the originium tile tick, I think, though it's kinda hard to notice.
Edit: maybe it does increase the damage from the originium tile, it's best to assume that they don't and plan around it though.
PMN is lucky enough to be a 5* unit that has a second talent, but it’s not as amazing as the first one (still good though)
Second talent: Double Tinkle
It’s actually called The Bell Tolls Twice, but this was only after a recent patch (I think it’s the OF event patch), but screw that noise.
This is a simple talent, available at E2. PMN will now attacking 2 enemies at once.
→ This is why I said earlier that PMN can deal with a swarm of weakling, as her lower ATK doesn’t really matter (yet) against weak enemies, her first talent that increase more damage as they get to lower HP, and now her second talent granting multi-target attack. Combine with the last idea in the Range section, she can attack both of those lanes at once, which is kinda nice.


As a debuff supporter, all of PMN’s skill obviously cause debuffs. One notable thing is that, both skills have relatively low duration, even after masteries (though you can argue that her S2 might have decent duration at M3, just not high uptime)
Also funny thing is that, both skills has the same cooldown of 40s (30.77s with E2 Ptilopsis, 28.57s with E2 Suzuran), and both skills also do 2 things differently each for PMN.
Another detail that I'm not sure is important or not is that, both skills convert PMN's attack from a projectile to instant hit, which means PMN will now instantly hit someone when she performs an attack animation.
RIIC skills:
- Karlan Saint: Restore +0.5 Morale/h for 1 operator that isn’t full and doesn’t stack. Additionally restore Morale/h for self by 0.25. (always available)
What I like the most is the combination of both self and other morale increase recovery. She can increase morale recovery of both herself and one other operator at once (which other single morale recovery booster like Shining or Ansel couldn't). Durin, Myrtle, and a couple more can increase recovery to all other ops, but for a smaller amount. PMN can go work somewhere in the base, and then quickly restore her morale in the base, leaving space for other to come in to rest faster.
- Supporter Expert β: Increase supporter training speed by 50%. (available at E2)
This effect reduces skill mastery duration of supporter by a third. Remember that trainer cannot train themselves (for some reasons).

First skill: Echolocation

Contrary to what it’s called, this skill does a different thing. First, the skill allows PMN to attack two targets at once. If it sounds familiar to you, yes it is exactly her 2nd talent. The most stupid thing about that is that, they don’t stack, PMN can only ever attack 2 enemies at most. Which means, if you E2-ed her, you effectively removed one of the effects of this skill. (Hypergryph pls fix/buff)
This sounds bad so far, but the 2nd effect of this skill is a doozy. It cuts attack speed of all enemies in her range by a substantial amount. At level 7, this skill has a 16 second duration, and cut all enemies’ attack speed by half (-50), and has 20 initial SP (the SP given when first deploy)
This attack speed reduction is amazing. Most enemies can’t ever perform more than 3 hits during the duration (mostly because either they die before that, or the one that can survive usually has much lower attack speed to begin with). I always considered attack speed reduction to always be better than attack damage reduction, or at least there’s only a few cases where damage reduction is better. High damage doesn’t really matter when you can’t deal it (recall FW’s attack section on my previous post). A specific example is against Defender Crusher without counting Lappland's talent, you can reduce their damage all you want, they will still stun your melee operators after 3 hits. But stopping them from attacking and they wouldn’t be able to both dealing damage and stunning your ops. This will also stop Faust from making a lot of attack, which is ultra-powered every 4 shots in 5-10, and every 6 shots in H5-4. Taking much more longer to make an attack means that those purple shot will come out much less often, leaving more breathing room, though since Faust is invincible for a long part after spawning, it doesn't really matter in those time.
However, considering how physical damage is calculated in this game (atk - def), if the attack damage reduction is enough to push the enemies' attack to near your ally's DEF, that's much better than attack rate reduction since they now deal far less damage. As for art damage and magic casters, attack slow still performs much better.
Sneaky post chap 6 edit: Aside from Def Crusher, there's also a new enemies with a special effect every few attack (yeti caster), slowing their attack means that their special freezing bolt come out much less often. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, this skill slows FrostNova's (only test with her second life so far) basic attack rate so much that she cannot perform any during the duration. Because her attack rate is now much slower than her skill's cooldown, and since performing those skill reset her attack, FN can no longer perform normal attack under this skill's influence. Effectively, this skill remove a third of FN's skill set (basic attack, AoE attack, and Ice drop thingy).
Note, be careful when you have a defensive-recovery-skill operator nearby, since making enemies' attack weaker is better than slowing their attack speed, which slows our allies' SP recovery rate.
Extra/miscellaneous info:
- Because of the attack speed slow, ranged enemies will start move "faster" than usual, since they stop much less often to make an attack. (remember that molotov guy in GT-EX-2 CM map that attack so fast that he couldn't move?). To follow up from an earlier example, since Faust cannot be blocked, it may be a disaster to make him attack less often, since he'll move more often, depends on how you look at things. Here's more example for this.
- Another "issue" with this skill is that, despite being called Echolocation, it does not reveal invisible enemies (Hypergryph pls). Technology aside, if they were ever revealed once inside her range during the skill, they will get the debuff even if they go back to invi (and still in range). I noticed this in CC area 59 when YEeter yeeted them out after being blocked and their attack speed remains the same even after they went back invi (along with the symbol on their head). I will assume this info will also apply to her S2, but since invisible enemy don’t get damaged during invi anyway (except for lingering DoT like BP or Ifrit S2), it might as well doesn’t apply until they get revealed, either by being blocked or by a certain OP operator (as of global).

Second skill: Natural Deterrent

The first skill is a defensive-oriented debuff, but the second is a full-on offensive-oriented one. Again, this skill does 2 things, but this time it does 2 sides of the same things. The first effect reduces the defense of all enemies in range by a percentage, and the second effect reduces the resistance of all enemies in range... also by a percentage.
At level 7, this skill shreds 45% and 26% of the enemies DEF and RES respectively, lasting 18s. Note that more masteries level doesn’t increase the RES reduction until the third level, which capped at 30%. Which, at M3, the skill can cut 60% and 30% DEF and RES for 25 seconds, and has 20 initial SP.
Because it is based on a percentage of their stats, this skill can be either amazing or terrible depends on who you use it against. Obviously, the higher the enemies’ defensive stats, the better amount the skill can cut down. It can trivialize tough enemies, especially for your physical squad. (At M3, when it is activated, my Exu of E2 lv10 with S3 at lv5 went from tickling to destroying everything in Area 59 even with the +DEF and 2nd HP risks)
- The % reduction is calculated after any flat reduction, so this skill still cannot reduce all of their defensive stats to 0 by itself (unless it's already 0, in which case it doesn't matter).
- Because the skill reduce an enemy's RES, it can boost PMN own attack, which means, more from the last time I mentioned this, she can further deal with a small mob of weak enemies (low cost, multi shot, decent range, somewhat decent talent debuff, relatively decent attack speed, and now RES reduction).
The best part about this skill is that since it reduces both DEF and RES of an enemy, PMN can be fit into any team comp with this skill and she will still be useful to them, i.e. both physical team and magical team, even hybrid team. Of course, the DEF reduction is much better than RES, and Ifrit can already reduces RES better. Plus, Ifrit and Eiyav can also reduce RES permanently, as long as the enemies are still in range. Even further, those two can also do DPS much better by themselves, including dealing actual AoE damage rather than hitting just 2 targets at once, but…uhhh… Pramanix cost less to deploy, and uhhh....… she’s....... cute.…..maybe?........and uhhh….............
Jokes aside, some people might not be lucky enough to get those 6*, so PMN might be a decent alternative to boost your other casters to be good enough to fill their void. Especially, if you draw her from the good ole exchange ticket way back in global server opening days (I got Red though, sorry fluffy). Bottom line is, you can consider that PMN can boost your other operators by half a rarity (a 5* ops will now be about as good as a 5.5*). Remember, an enabler job is to boost their allies in order to do well together. A mutualism symbiotic relationship between all of your operators, you could say.
This one is shorter than my last guide, because honestly, Pramanix is a little straightforward to use, or at least, more straightforward than Firewatch. I found a couple details that I think most people wouldn't know or think about, but the rest can be pretty much decipher from checking online stats, I think. Hopefully the guide didn't turn out too bad or worse, just showing things people already know.
Thanks for reading guys, and tell me what I missed, or got wrong, and what are the nice thing about this post (so I can know what to avoid or replicate for a possible next time).
Side extra: with the news of Shamare in CN, Pramanix starts to be a liiiiiiittle overshadowed by her new counterpart. In a technical term, Shamare can have a better debuff talent than PMN’s, or she can have both of PMN’s skill in one, albeit a lil bit of half each skill. I made an argument earlier about atk spd red > atk dmg red for this reason, but for PMN’s case, she can only bring 1 skill at once, which mean it’s either defensive or offensive and not both. The DEF reduction from Shamare is lower, and she can’t reduce RES so she cannot boost herself, since she deal magic dmg, but her debuff is global, as well as having more uptime. But let’s save the discussion for when she actually comes to global server.
submitted by Windgesang_ to arknights


Season 7 launches November 4th 8 PM PT and it's our biggest season yet for Apex Legends! Join the designers as they discuss all the new stuff coming in Season 7 and breakdown some of the bigger changes coming to Legends and weapons.


Meet Horizon! She’s the newest Legend, a brilliant scientist, and a master of gravity manipulation. She has a deep connection to the new arena, and a motivation that will tug at your heartstrings.
Horizon’s custom space suit allows her to fall from great heights and control her movements in the air. Using her custom technology, she can use gravity lifts to give her team a vertical boost, and she can even deploy NEWT (her small robot named after her son, Newton) to drop a micro black hole that pulls opponents into the center for some serious crowd control.

Passive: Spacewalk
Increase air control and reduce fall impacts with Horizon’s custom spacesuit.

Tactical: Gravity Lift
Reverse the flow of gravity, lifting players upward and boosting them outward when they exit.

Ultimate: Black hole
Deploy NEWT to create a micro black hole that sucks in nearby Legends.


The Legends have entered a new arena: the sky city of Olympus.
A utopia floating in clouds above Psamathe, it was once a place where the brightest minds in the Outlands could gather and exchange ideas. However, an accident in an experimental research facility led to the creation of the Phase Rift (a massive bubble of Phase energy), and the city was abandoned.
Now players can use Olympus’ luxurious amenities to their advantage. Rotating agricultural towers, beautiful gardens and classy restaurants serve as new stages for intense skirmishes. New vehicles called Tridents give your squad a way to boost into battle and take your enemies by surprise. The Phase Runner – a tunnel of Phase energy running through the center of Olympus – lets you cross the map in seconds. And the Rift stands tall over everything, mysterious and beckoning . . .


Exclusive to Olympus, the Trident is a hover car designed for your whole squad.
Cruise the highways to avoid chokepoints or use the boost to soar over jumps, this thing is made to speed up those early game rotations. Drive in third person, or ride as a passenger in first person with full shooting capabilities. The Trident is durable, so it will never explode, but damage applied from enemy fire will be dispersed amongst the players in the car. Don’t worry, you can still do full damage to players by hitting them directly so we expect to see some amazing Kraber shots. Disembark to park it anywhere and use it as makeshift cover in the late game.
The Trident interacts with Legend abilities in many different ways, experiment and have fun!


To help you understand and explore the map without fear of getting shot, we are introducing a new playlist called Olympus Preview. This mode teams you up with 30 Legends on Olympus and allows you to roam the map to learn map drops, loot areas, and practice your routes to the end game. Circles are still on and once circle 4 finishes, players are brought back up to the plane to start the second skydive run. There are a total of 3 runs before the match ends. This mode is only available for one week.


With this season, we are introducing clubs. Join a club with like minded legends and make it easier to find your champion squad. Don’t see a particular club you like, then create one and let your friends know to join! Read more on clubs here.


Boot up Steam and start downloading and play Apex Legends! If you’re coming from Origin, all your progress and unlocks will carry over. And for a limited time, log into Steam and receive these Half-Life and Portal inspired weapon charms.


The Season 7 Battle Pass is all about that high fashion. Level up your Pass to unlock the skins like the Wraith “High Class” and Octane’s “Fast Fashion”.

Challenges are no longer points-based and are now granted between 1 to 5 stars, depending on their difficulty. Collecting 10 stars will take you to the next Battle Pass level. We have also added tabs to the challenges menu in the lobby that allow you to toggle between daily, top weekly, and event challenges. Within a match, players can open the map and see this same widget in game.

For more on the changes to Challenges, check out this dev blog.


Attachment Swap Improvements
When replacing an attachment with one from the ground, if the old attachment is an improvement for your other weapon, the old attachment will get automatically transferred.

Replicator Updates
  • For Season 7, we have removed weapons from the crafting pool and have replaced them with Shield batteries. The high level attachments will still be tailored towards a weapon category.
  • We now prevent other players from picking up items that you crafted for the first 5 seconds after crafting. This can be disabled by pinging the item.

Air Drop Clarity
  • The colors of the beams have been changed to differentiate between normal airdrops, Lifeline's airdrops, and Replicator airdrops. Normal drops are a light tan, Lifeline's drops are blue, and Replicator drops and teal.
  • All of the airdrops' landing area FX while it's coming down matches their colors.
  • Airdrop beams still stay visible when close to the airdrop, instead of fading when you get close. The beam still disappears when the pod is opened.
  • The Arc Star now shows an Arc Star model when one is thrown near you, instead of a grenade.
  • Added a new VO line when you are using a Phoenix Kit
  • Added a new VO line when you drop a Holo Spray
  • You can now ping ammo in your inventory to request more from your squad
  • Made modifications to The Ring to reduce the amount of unplayable space in the circles.


Regular Map Rotation
For 2 weeks, Olympus will be the only map you can play on. After that week we go into a normal rotation between Olympus and World’s Edge. We will be vaulting Kings Canyon for the time being.

Season 7 Ranked Rotation
The first half of Ranked Split will be played on Olympus. The second half of ranked will be played on World’s Edge. For more information on this season’s ranked updates, check out the ranked blog here.


  • Rolling Thunder: Reduced the time it takes for explosion from 8 seconds to 6 seconds.
Dev Note:
Not much to say here. Rolling Thunder will continue to function primarily as a zoning ability, but with a somewhat shorter fuse, it will encourage enemies to leave the zone slightly faster.

  • Nox Gas Trap/Nox Gas Grenade: Legends no longer get a blurred vision effect while in the gas. Damage updated from 4-10 ticks of damage to 6-12 ticks of damage.
Dev Note:
Fighting in Caustic Gas is one of the most frustrating things in Apex Legends, and yet we need the gas to represent a meaningful threat or else enemies will just ignore it. With this change we’re attacking what we think is the greatest contributor to this frustration: the fact that your vision is blurred while you’re in gas. This made it extremely hard to fight back. To make up for lost power, we’re upping the damage from the gas a bit.

  • Psyche Out/Life of the Party: Decoys now have 45 health
Dev Note:
Our bamboozler-in-chief is a hard Legend to keep relevant. Every time we make a change to decoys, there is a clear uptick in usage and power as Mirage mains learn to use their new tools, and then as the rest of the world catches on and starts being able to tell the real Mirage from his equally handsome holographs, that uptick disappears. This time around we want to try and make it a little bit harder to clear out decoys. We’re giving them health, but to make this very clear up front: they will not work as a shield. While they take damage from bullets, the bullet also passes through them and hits whatever’s behind them. This is what we call the hallway test: you should not be able to win an engagement against an enemy in a straight coverless hallway by snapcasting a decoy and having said decoy eat an entire Wingman shot. Decoys will also play unique hit effects and briefly flicker out of existence when taking damage to help you differentiate between them and the real Mirage.

  • Swift Mend: Doubled healing rate (from 0.5 hp/s to 1.0 hp/s)
Dev note:
Octane is a Legend for players who like to go fast, run face first into the enemy, and get knocked down a lot. We think that’s absolutely fine; the fact that his Trios winrate isn’t great doesn’t really bother us because both his encounter win rate (think of this as his ability to score knockdowns) and his pick rate are very healthy. That said, we figured we could give him a little extra out of combat help. His passive’s heal rate was very slow, requiring up to 200s to fully heal your health bar.

  • Perimeter Security: Increased damage per touch from 10 to 15.
Dev Note:
Wattson is the anti-Octane: not super powerful individually, not picked very often at all below Plat, but an absolute must have for competitive squads. We’re also happy with that niche, but figured it would be safe to give her a little extra power in her best case: people running into her fences. We’re aiming for this to bring up her power and attractiveness at lower levels of play especially, since we don’t see a lot of players run into Wattson fences in high skill matches.

  • Black Market: Ammo taken no longer counts towards Black Market’s maximum. You can scoop up all the ammo in range.
Dev Note:
We’re taking another swing at making Loba the ultimate Legend to bring to solve all of your team’s loot needs. We have heard your feedback that you want improvements to her tactical as well, and while that’s certainly not off the table, our data suggest that her encounter win rate (how many knockdowns she gets compared to how many times she’s knocked down, across all matches) is quite healthy. It’s her Trios winrate that’s worryingly low. Make no mistake: this is a major swing at making Black Market powerful.

  • Sheila: Now takes 1.25 seconds to fully spin up, down from 2 seconds.
  • Amped Wall: Now takes 3 seconds to fully build, down from 4 seconds.
Dev Note:
In patch 6.1, we made a small change to how long it takes Sheila to tighten her bullet spread. This didn’t meaningfully increase her winrate. The other half of that change is in this patch. We do not want to change Rampart away from being a Legend that requires setup, but we do want to make it faster to set up. Amped Wall should remain a mostly out of combat setup ability rather than a reactive ability and Sheila should remain an area denial tool rather than a murder machine, but like all things, these balance points exist on a spectrum, and with this patch we’re moving them slightly closer to reactive/murder machine territory.

Dev Note:
Pathfinder continues to be an overachiever in terms of win rate. The good news is that his grapple change in 6.1 didn’t move his win rate by much (it went up 1% in total). We’re doing two things this patch: we’re adjusting his hitboxes and we’re putting in tuning for Grappling Hook that will firmly move it into buff territory. More context below!
Hitbox: Pathfinder has a tall but extremely skinny hitbox. A lot of his model isn’t actually shootable and particularly his arms and legs do not represent a lot of shootable area either. Here is a before and after comparison of Pathfinder’s hitboxes:
As you can see, there is still a lot of negative space around his arms and legs. We’re hoping that by making it a little easier to hit Pathfinder, we can bring his win rate under control to the point where we can put meaningful power into his kit.
Because the question is sure to come up: we are not yet removing Low Profile from Pathfinder with this change. Even with these increased hitboxes, Pathfinder will still be considerably harder to hit than most other characters in the game. If this change does make a meaningful difference in terms of his win rate we will drop Low Profile; but we really didn’t want to take it off him this patch only to have to put it back next patch when it turns out his winrate spiked.

Grappling Hook: We’re making a number of changes to Grappling Hook. In 6.1 we shipped a very conservative version of this change; now that we know this didn’t meaningfully affect his winrate or, anecdotally, how frustrating it is to fight him, we’re shipping the much more aggressive version of the changelist. We also want to make it clear that players should not be punished for chaining grappling hook perfectly into other movement mechanics.
  • Pathfinder no longer needs to be on the ground for Grappling Hook to be considered finished.
  • The speed to which Pathfinder needs to drop for us to consider Grappling Hook finished was increased from 300 units/second to 500 units/second
  • The maximum cooldown grapple can be set to was lowered to 30 seconds, from 35 seconds; the maximum amount of travel time before a new cooldown is set is now 5 seconds, rather than being uncapped. This means that effectively, you can never incur more than a 35 second cooldown.
  • The amount of distance you can travel before you hit maximum cooldown was roughly doubled.


Supply Drop
R99 Out of Supply Drop: The R99 will be returning to the normal loot pool this season, with the same stats it had before it went into the supply drop at the start of season 6.
  • Damage: 12 -> 11 (from Care Package version to normal pre-season 6)
  • Ammo 20/22/24/27

Prowler Into Supply Drop: The prowler is replacing the R99 in the supply drop. Despite the Selectfire hop-up being removed from the loot pool this season, the Prowler will still have the ability to change between 5 round bursts and full-auto.
  • Magazine size: 35; reserve ammo: 175
Fully Kitted Weapons
  • Removed: Devotion, Mastiff, Triple Take, Flatline, Volt
  • New: Wingman, Sentinel, Havoc, G7, Alternator

  • Increasing horizontal recoil of the first 3 shots slightly to the right (first burst when in burst mode)
  • Increasing recoil magnitude in the later stages of the pattern
  • Reducing recoil multiplier in single fire mode to help compensate for additional recoil in pattern. Recoil should mostly be increased in burst mode rather than single fire mode
  • Reducing headshot multiplier 2.0 -> 1.75 (44 -> 39 damage headshot against no helmet base character)
Dev Notes:
While we are happy to see the Hemlok get more attention with the recent buffs, we think it is a little too strong in season 6. The effective range of the burst mode felt a bit too far, and the spike damage capabilities of a full headshot burst were too strong in high level play.

  • Updated recoil pattern. Kicks up, then right, then left, then up again.
Dev Notes:
With 6.0, the Havoc got a new recoil pattern. This new recoil pattern was a bit too erratic and difficult to control, due to multiple rapid changes in direction. We have adjusted the recoil pattern to have the same general movement while simplifying the motions required to control the pattern.

  • LSTAR has a new recoil pattern that kicks horizontally at first and then settles into a relatively consistent upward recoil. Players who feather the trigger will be able to keep the LSTAR in the good portion of the recoil pattern.
  • LSTAR venting time after letting go of the trigger has been reduced 0.4s -> 0.15s.
  • LSTAR will now reduce heat faster when not overheated -- 1.15s from 99.9% to 0% charge if not overheated, still 2.45s if overheated.
Dev Notes:
The LSTAR had some limitations that caused it to feel worse than we’d like. The recoil pattern snaked back and forth, which was difficult to control reliably. Additionally, firing for short bursts and then releasing the trigger repeatedly, or “feathering the trigger”, felt somewhat clunky due to the long venting time after firing and the slow heat reduction. So, we are reducing those pain points to improve the viability and feel of feathering the trigger, and adjusting the recoil pattern to reward players who can effectively control the LSTAR’s heat.

  • Energized Sentinel now has a pure damage increase, instead of bonus damage only vs shields
  • Energized Sentinel base damage 70 -> 88
Dev Notes:
The Sentinel was still a bit weak. We think a good place to improve it is the energize ability. It seems a bit too situational, only being a benefit if the opponent has >70 shields. So, we are changing the energize from a “disruptor” anti-shield effect to an “amp” damage boost effect.

Triple Take
  • Fire rate 1.3 -> 1.2
Dev Note:
The Triple Take is still performing a bit too well after the most recent nerf, so we are reducing the fire rate back to what it was before the 6.0 patch. We will be watching in the future to see how just the integrated choke, sniper ammo increase, and new popularity affect the weapon’s performance.

  • Quickdraw Holster Hop-up: This new hop-up attaches to the RE-45 and Wingman. When equipped, the gun becomes quicker to raise and lower, takes less time to ADS, and has reduced hipfire spread (particularly when not actively moving). This should open up new opportunities to use the two weapons, especially in close-quarters combat.
  • The Selectfire Receiver hop-up will be removed from the loot pool to make room.


Evo Armor requirements increased
We increased the requirements to evolve Evo Armor in order to reduce the amount of players with Red Evo Armor during the end game.
  • Level 0 -> 1 : 100 damage (from 50)
  • Level 1 -> 2 : 150 damage (from 125)
  • Level 2 -> 3 : 300 damage (from 250)
  • Level 3 -> 4 : 750 damage (from 500)
Ring damage reduced
  • Ring 1: 2% per tick (same)
  • Ring 2: 3% per tick (from 5%)
  • Particularly this change should allow players enough time to pop a syringe if they are picked up in Ring 2.
  • Ring 3: 5% per tick (from 10%)
  • Ring 4: 10% per tick (from 20%)
  • Ring 5: 10% per tick (from 20%)
  • Ring 6: 15% per tick (from 25%)
  • Ring 7: 15% per tick (from 25%)


  • We’ve made some advancements in footstep audio playing more reliably. We have more work being done that we’ll continue to roll out as it gets completed.
  • Fixed an issue with ziplines going through platforms when deployed from underneath.
  • Fixed an issue with priming a grenade cancelling Wraith's ultimate.
  • Fixed an issue with getting stuck in double jump after using a jump pad.
  • Fixed an issue with Octane being able to use healing items while on a zipline.
  • Fixed an issue with his drone being able to drop items from Crypto’s inventory.
  • Fixed an issue with his drone not being able to fit through certain windows.
  • Fixed an issue with his drone marking friendly Mirage decoys as enemies.
  • Fixed an issue with Revenant getting pushed into geo when his totem was deployed in tight spaces.
  • Fixed an issue with Rampart not being able to place an amp wall while jumping.
  • Fixed an issue with Sheila teleporting when placed on a hatch in World’s Edge Staging.

Source: https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends/news/ascension-patch-notes
Devstream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iJP8QnNgg8
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