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Crazy multi 2.1 maplestory patch

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The player is no longer depending of pure luck and the outcome of the Random Number Generator to be able to win a game. The best list of MMORPG and RPG Games. Plus many other quality of life changes.

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When clicking the small box up in the right corner nothing happens. Crazy multi 2.1 maplestory patch. While higher-end video games will certainly call for more of a financial investment in hardware, there are numerous games that will run flawlessly well in.

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Only the top Battle Royale Games make this list! There are a few reasons your server link may be 'Invalid'. After you pass the beginner stage you can become a magician, this allows you to cast spells that can poison, heal or inflict damage.

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Maplestory Hack: http: //bit. A computer black screen on start up is a challenge for me and I always try to trouble shoot the problem manually, without using those fancy programs, because I believe it is the only way to learn. Team Collaboration Idea Management Web Conferencing Employee Communication Tools Screen Sharing CAD Webinar.

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Any Zoom Hack for patch? Ikoma's crazy feat of derailing a Speeding a train by just extending his arm. As a secondary, Wind Archers can equip Jewels.

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Or, there are certain ones that give Epic, Unique, and Legendary potential. In this guide we will refer 2 people, char 1 and char 2. Server Crash Dupe As you know in GMS 1.05.00, Servers were crashing crazy and this is the method we used to dupe. Immortals CO - Rise of Immortals ImmortalsCO is an active American Conquer private server with + active players daily, professionally developed according to the players needs, Experience our PVP/PVE events through the fairest game environment ever with the biggest English-community out there, Available for Windows and Mac OS X.

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Revealed Shared Sylph Ring. I there another way to play 2+ maplestory in 1 computer: confused: Stoped working Making 2 user account and playing maplestory does not work any more =(I heard crazimulti does not work anymore either. Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android games that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous week or so. Talk about a.

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Discuss anything about Flyff (Fly For Fun) in this forum. [TUT] How to use crazy multi on v.84. I downloaded CrazyMulti and put on the path as: C: \Nexon\MapleStory\[HOST] GameLaunching and still doesn't work.

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I also can't resize from either side of an open document. They'll receive alerts whenever someone replies to them, reacts to one of their posts, and more. Discuss anything about Tera in this forum.

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After the next patch, the hackers returned, and the GMs went back to being lazy. Are you looking for guidance to get to know how you will be able to sell the gold to get the best price. Don't forget to rep the author.

StoryMS is actually a total blast - perfect for a casual altoholic or madman completionist

Hi all,
Just wanted to give my take on StoryMS, which I never really saw get mentioned on my hunt for the server right for me. It was the last server I tried of many during this quarantine, and it's where I've decided to stay. I think it's an awesome casual/fun server for those who want to enjoy the oldschool vibe of pre-big bang Maplestory while also avoiding the pressure of partaking in the horrid "meta" of HP washing, using mules, running multiple clients, leeching, vote-abusing, etc. and like to play alts. If you are an altoholic and/or completionist like me, this server is fucking amazing.

One account / Incentive to be a completionist

StoryMS encourages you to have ONE account instead of having an account per character. All of the toons on your account gain percentage-based stat benefits the more you level up other characters on that same account. This is definitely OP and will take away some of the challenge (lol) offered in a pure vanilla experience, so if that turns you off, this server is already not for you. But damn is it incredibly satisfying to see that account progression go up. The boosts when you are new are very small and hardly noticeable, but they will get absolutely bonkers crazy later on when you have multiple alts at level 100+. Each successive toon you make will level slightly faster than the last because of your account status. There are also static stat bonuses from collecting monster cards and completing quests (these are per character, not account-wide).
Items you equip will level up as you gain exp, increasing the stat bonuses they give by a significant amount. This combined with the previously mentioned stat boosts might be over the top for a lot of people looking for an authentic experience, which is why I call this a "fun" server for casuals (though the ultimate hardcore completionist will absolutely revel in a server like this, too). It still very much has the chill gameplay and vibe of the great oldschool Maplestory we are all nostalgic about, just with a crazy twist on progression and power.

EXP rates / Leveling experience

StoryMS has a curved exp rate, this is the highlight of the server for me. The higher level you are, the higher the exp multiplier goes. When I played Legends, I would get my alts to the 50s/60s and hit a huge wall and lose motivation to continue them. This sucked because I wanted to enjoy seeing my alts progress in a reasonable (reasonable to me) time-frame without succumbing to leeching. I fully believe that if you leech, the game has failed you, as you are quite literally paying to not play the game. (DISCLAIMER: THIS ENTIRE POST IS ALL SUBJECTIVE.) The exp curve in this server is tuned very well. It is not absolutely ridiculous light-speed like Windia. This server hits just the right spot for someone who tried Legends and couldn't bear to level alts after my main. Again, this is highly subjective of course and it's really hard to give feedback on, but personally, as someone who wanted an oldschool feeling experience, I am still getting a nice sense of accomplishment with my army of alts so far. Now if I played a single main and that main was my only focus, perhaps I would feel that the exp rates were indeed too high. In which case I would prefer MapleLegends after all (which I spent a considerable amount of time on, and would recommend as well). As an altoholic, StoryMS is just too cool. If you are feeling guilty by wanting to enjoy this, you gotta ask yourself how many people will criticize these exp rates for being too overkill only to turn around and pay for leech on Royals/Legends/even Phoenix.
I also feel like the mob spawn rates on maps have been tweaked to be higher than other vanilla-like oldschool servers, making leveling up a lot more fun for every class, even those with poor AoE or range. I could be wrong about this but I don't think I am.
The single-player experience is great on this server because of the account progression, the increased mob spawn rate and the exp curve. I don't feel obligated to spam PQs for exp (I also don't even know if I could if I wanted to, given the small server population). I feel like I'm making reasonable, gratifying gains myself, by solo grinding in peaceful solitude. There is an active discord, I assume if you want to make friends and party up, that option seems to be there.

Leeching? Multi-clienting? Mules?

I don't think there is anything wrong with wanting to follow a meta for the sake of being efficient. But I do think the currently popular metas in the top oldschool servers enforce such negative forms of gameplay that are straight up harmful. You can't stop people from meta-gaming and you shouldn't try to either. But you can encourage healthier metas, or at least make unhealthy practices unnecessary, which I think StoryMS does.
Those last few server features are why I think that leeching or mules wouldn't become huge metas on this server if it were to grow - the progress you can accomplish on all classes later in the game is much steadier and apparent, and progress is simply fun. Again, this is all in the mind of a casual altoholic. I'm not afraid to admit I am on the casual side, yet still want the oldchool vibe I enjoyed years ago. This server lets me enjoy the steady fun of progression on my large list of alts, even those that are higher level. The power progression lets me feel strong enough on my own to not feel the need to use mules.
I get the desire to be efficient, but are the solutions of leeching and multi-clienting (or hiring a mule) really better than the solution of simply higher exp rates and power progression? I know there is a line where exp rates and power progression are too high, but then there must also be a line where those are too low - maybe when you start to feel the need to abuse the aforementioned bullshit is where that line is, instead of just playing the fucking game.
The long leveling road ahead of you is part of the magic of the adventure in oldschool MS. But I brought up "the line", and for me it is when I would rather leech. This was the straw that broke the camel's back for me on Legends. People buy leech because they don't want to play the game. They buy leech to avoid playing the game, literally. They feel like it's not worth it, so they pay to skip it. I haven't felt that way while leveling my alts on StoryMS, and I seriously don't think I will. Yeah people still leech on this server, people even leech on Windia. But my point is if you are in the same boat I was in when I played Legends, I think the curved exp rate this server offers could be the solution for you as well.

Custom Balance

StoryMS offers custom balances to certain class abilities, which I think every server should strive to provide, regardless of rates. Most of the popular servers do this so props to them as well. It is just undeniable that some skills in oldschool MS are utterly stupid, useless and needed to be tweaked.

Voting and NX

Lastly, the voting rewards are enormous. No waiting a week+ to get your pet/outfit decked out on a single toon, not to mention purchasing character slots. Jesus why are so many servers stingy with the NX. It's a PRIVATE SERVER! My guess is Royals and Legends make a fucking KILLING off of players paying for NX (donating) so they can insta-buy AP resets for washing, rather than waiting literal years for NX from voting. Just a personal theory EDIT: cannot purchase APR on either.


The big problem this server has - it technically offers pay to win. Yeah, that is going to be a deal breaker for some, no doubt, but I think in this server's case, you will see it's not bad at all and people blow it out of proportion. You can use mesos to gain all of the same perks by buying the VIP status off of other players, which are not that impressive. What you get is a VIP status, which is per-character, that comes with a bunch of commands you can type in the chat. They include "@buffme", which gives your character haste, HS, etc. and "@goto", which lets you teleport around. No donor-only anything. Overall, for me, I believe the "p2w" offered is far less offensive than the metas dominating the top servers, and you've gotta settle on some things.
A second potential issue that I lightly mentioned is the low server population. However I don't really care as long as there aren't like 12 people online. On the website I see ~130 when I check. Plus, the discord is there and active. But you probably won't be seeing any randos while you are out and about grinding in maps.
Third, server stability is pretty solid, though not perfect. I have yet to experience a full-on DC, but I have noticed small lag spikes where all the monsters freeze and your attacks do no damage, then 2 seconds later all of that damage is calculated and applied. But this is pretty dang rare.


TLDR - If you are on the casual side or a total completionist nut, and want that sweet, oldschool feeling of pre-bb Maplestory with cool modernizations, love having alts, account-wide progression that make your toons more powerful, a moderate leveling rate (not mind-numbingly slow, not lightning fast, a slight increase in mob spawn), and want to avoid the awful HP washing/mules/multi-client/leeching meta, StoryMS kicks serious ass.
EDITS: corrected various misinformation, thank you to the comments
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