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Atlesian Math Squad: May Day Patch

*Edit 5/9/19: corrected Adam's stats. He is even stronger than I thought. Edit 5/9/19.1: added details on Boarbatusk buff.
1) Adam Taurus: 5 Aura legendary
I haven't gotten to play against him (and of course I don't have him) so I do not have any in game data. However, it appears that he is a fragile high-DPS character like Ren, with a very interesting pair of abilities.
Adam's health (1550) is stronger than DPS units like Ren (1114), Torchwick (1227), Neo (1314) or Nora (1430). It is still a lot weaker than a true tank like Qrow (1863), VJaune (1903), Pyrrha/Pom (2197), Yatsuhashi (2282) or Byang/BB (2813).
Adam's passive ability throws his sword for singletarget damage+stun, then teleports to the stunned unit and swipes in a for very wide area damage (this swipe does not stun). This happens every time he engages an enemy at range, similar to Ren with his charge.
What's interesting is that Adam's stun-and-charge animation is extremely fast. Judging by the menu screen it is a 0.4s animation for the initial stun, a 0.8s animation for the charge+swipe, and then a short recovery animation (hard to tell exactly).
Adam's 0.5s deploy time is also extremely fast, meaning you can drop him and near-instantly get value.
Each of Adam's skill hits and autoattacks deal 205 damage, enough to kill a WFG (166) but not a WFT (236). The combined damage of two skill hits and one autoattack is 615, enough to kill IcefloweRoy/Neptune/Cinder but not enough to kill a Sblake/Snooby/Ryang.
Adam's active ability is a short-cooldown short-range teleport, just like Shadow Blake's but it doesn't leave a clone behind. This gives Adam fantastic battlefield mobility, and gives him more opportunities to use his charge AoE. The blink activates instantly and has a 0.2s animation, after which he can start the next cycle of stun-charge-swipe.
Adam's stun-charge-blink-stun-charge-autoattack cycle can inflict ~3s stun, 1025 tank damage and 410 area damage in less than 3 seconds. That's far stronger than a Cinder AoE (300 damage and no stun) and comparable to post-nerf Ice Flower (~5.1s stun, 741 tank damage, 587 area damage).
Adam's autoattack is rather strong at 257 DPS, which is comparable to Beringal (247), Pomegrenade (257) and Spider Droid (266). It is not quite as high as Ren (298), Roman (310) or Neo (350).
A lot of people are already calling Adam the "New Ice Flower". I think that he fulfills a very similar role to Ice Flower, as a 5 aura card with strong defensive and offensive value. He has far more health than IF, especially the postnerf version, and is considerably better at swarm clear. While he does very good front loaded damage, once he finishes his stun combo he won't slow the target anymore. He is also completely unable to hit air units.
Crack Theory: All the whales will replace IF with Adam, causing Queen Lancer to suddenly become a high-tier unit.
- - - - -
2) Yatsuhashi:
ATK 205 -> 248 (+20%), DPS 185 -> 225 (+20%)
SKILL ATK 205 -> 248 (+20%)
For the first time ever, Yatsuhashi's drop ability one-shots equal level WFTs. This massively buffs his ability to defend swarms.
Buffing Yatsu's autoattack also makes him stronger than Pyrrha after he's already dropped. (Yatsu 2282 HP, 225 DPS vs Pyrrha 2197 HP, 220 DPS)
- - - - -
3) Boarbatusk:
Move speed NORM -> FAST
Roll Time 2.0 -> 1.5s
The Boarbatusk already deals ungodly amounts of damage but it was too slow to reliably hit turrets. This change dramatically increases its off-lane threat level.
I don’t have the stats of prebuff Boarbatusk, but the postbuff Boar takes only 3.8 seconds in between drop and hitting your turret: 1.0s to deploy, 1.5s to start rolling, 1.3s to roll into your turret.
The rolling movespeed appears to be a multiple of his base movespeed (3x?) which means that buffing his movespeed from AVG to FAST has made the roll incredibly speedy. He actually rolls at nearly the speed of a Cinder shot or airborne Zwei.
You can still drop units in his path to block him, but at 826 impact damage, whoever gets hit first is probably going to die. And the impact damage is enough to put a big dent in your turret, 26% damage at even levels.
- - - - -
4) Boundless Jaune:
Deploy Time 1.0 -> 0.5s
ASPD 2.0s -> 1.5s (-25%), ATK 238 -> 178 (-25%), DPS 119 -> 119 (0%)
HP 1436 -> 1292 (-10%)
SKILL HEAL 119 -> 178 (+50%); MAX HEAL 476 -> 712 (+50%)
SKILL HP DRAIN 119 -> 89 (-25%); MAX DRAIN 476 -> 356 (-25%)
HP AFTER MAX HEAL 960 -> 936 (-3%)
This was a large set of changes that dramatically improves BJaune in every way. The important thing is that he REALLY HEALS NOW.
For 4 aura, 80% the cost of AK130 or Beopack, you can restore 76% max HP of AK130s, or 94% max HP of Beopack. The individual healing going from 119/s to 178/s means that BJaune now outheals lane turrets (159), as well as the autoattack damage of a post-nerf Ice Flower (154).
The HP and Heal Drain changes mean that Jaune has -10% HP before he heals, but -3% HP after he heals. So not that much of a nerf.
The attack changes are fairly irrelevant as no one uses BJaune for his autoattack. Still, it's nice to have a faster and weaker attack; the decreased damage means it no longer one-shots WFTs, but it still one-shots equal level WFGs. In practice this may be a nerf, as BJaune will never one-shot WFGs outside of tournament/friendly levels.
- - - - -
5) Ice Flower:
HP 631 -> 522 (-17%)
ATK 185 -> 154 (-17%), DPS 185 -> 154 (-17%)
Ice Blast DMG 150 -> 125 (-17%)
Ice Bullets DMG 185 -> 154 (-17%), Freeze Time 4.0s -> 2.0s (-50%)
First of all, the patch notes have a major typo as all of the stats are nerfed by 17%, not 13%. (I looked thru prepatch and postpatch screenshots, 17% is correct) This is equivalent to giving every Ice Flower -2 levels. (so now you need level-3 IF to equal the powerlevel of prenerf level-1 IF)
Ice Flower's HP nerf crosses a major threshold, as she is now killed by Zwei (564), Sniper Ruby (555), Pyrrha (616), and Neo Counterstrike (630).
Ice Flower's ability damage nerf also crosses a major threshold, as her total four-hit ability damage is 587 instead of 705. This means that the 631-HP trio of Sniper Ruby, Rocket Yang, and Shadow Blake will survive all four hits, and even Roy Stallion (606) can survive the full blast. They'll probably die while frozen, but not if there is a heavy tank in front of them.
Speaking of heavy tanks... the ice bullet nerf is hugely impactful for IF's tank-clearing power. There is a ~3.1s period of time between the initial ice blast and the final ice bullet hit, meaning that prenerf IF could freeze an incoming Ursa for a huge 7.1s. Now she only freezes it for 5.1s, a -28% nerf.
When defending ursa with Turret + IF, you used to get 9 turret shots (1143 damage) + 705 ability damage + 3 IF autoattacks (555) = 2403 damage while ursa is frozen.
Post-nerf Turret + IF gets 6 turret shots (762) + 587 ability damage + 1 IF autoattack (154) = 1503 damage while ursa is frozen, a 37% nerf. That is truly immense.
- - - - -
6) WF Lieutenant:
ASPD 2.2 -> 2.0 (-9%), DPS 426 -> 468 (+10%)
First attack motion sped up (no numbers)
This makes WF Lieutenant more damaging, and I believe his swing is now fast enough that it won't be totally prevented by BYang / Bumblebee.
He now does more autoattack DPS than 3x WFTs (429). He's still outdamaged by Enraged Neo (490), 4xSun (516), 4x AK130 (600), 5xSun (645), and 6x Lancer (720).
- - - - -
7) Nora:
ASPD 1.4 -> 1.2 (-14%), ATK 245 -> 245 (0%), DPS 175 -> 205 (+17%)
SKILL CD 23s -> 18s (-22%)
The 17% improved attack speed is quite significant, her autoattack DPS of 205 now exceeds Scythe Ruby (185) Cinder (188), VJaune (194) or Junior (200). It is still weaker than Pyrrha (220) or Yatsuhashi (225).
At 23s skill cooldown it was virtually impossible to get two Smashes out of Nora. At 18s it is difficult but plausible. With her fast movespeed it takes just over 7s (~7.2) for Nora to get from the back of the map to midfield. So if you use her Smash to delay her progress, Nora only needs to survive 11s of combat in order to use a second Smash.
Using smash to delay her is still a gamble, as there's no guarantee you can keep her alive through 11s of fighting. Her HP remains unchanged at 1430, which is -15% weaker than Scythe Ruby (1684).
- - - - -
8) King Taijutu:
ATK 203 -> 225 (+11%), DPS 119 -> 133 (+11%)
SKILL DPS 203 -> 225 (+11%)
This buff brings KT's autoattack DPS up from the cellar dwellars of Oobleck (116) and BJaune (119), but not by much. 133 DPS is still less than Ice Weiss (141) or a single WF Thug (143). And 225 ATK is barely not enough to kill a WF Thug (236).
On the other hand, 225 skill DPS is quite formidable, comparable to Pyrrha (220) and Yatsuhashi (225). This means it will be that much harder for opponents to rescue a wrapped unit before it is crushed to death.
- - - - -
9) Xiong Family:
Aura cost 6 -> 5
Junior and his henchmen have been buffed several times but they remained non-viable due to their 6-aura cost and vulnerability to 5-aura waveclear (IF, Ryang).
Now that they only cost 5, XF is a legitimate contender for "AK-130 alternative".
Junior has ranged area damage with very large splash, allowing him to hit all 4 AK130s at once (200 DPS per unit, 800 DPS total). This means that XF absolutely lays waste to AK130s in a fair fight. They're also reasonably potent when defending a swarm, as incoming WFTs clump up when fighting henchmen and get one-shot by Junior.
However, XF is a much weaker "heavy tank card" than AK130s. Compared to AK-130s, Henchmen have 9% less HP (854 v 934) and Junior has 39% less HP (574), for a total HP differential of -39% (2282 vs 3736). Their total singletarget damage is also -39% (366 vs 600). For this reason it remains to be seen whether they'll seriously replace AK130s.
- - - - -
10) Nolan:
ASPD 1.9 -> 2.1 (+11%), DPS 94 -> 85 (-10%), Stun Percent 53% -> 48% (-10%)
Yet another Nolan nerf makes him considerably weaker against Beowolf Alpha. The big wolf will get stunned once but leap onto your tower immediately afterward. He is also 10% less effective at slowing down Ursas, making ursa indirectly stronger. (granted, many people were already using BDS Den or Torchwick instead of nolan)
In addition, it is entirely possible now for a mis-timed Nolan to lose 1v1 to an incoming solo Cinder. (if you drop him so that your turret is not hitting Cinder) This makes 4BDS a much safer Cinder-cleaner.
Nolan remains a highly cost-effective tank and a way to draw strong enemies toward center, but it's now questionable whether he is stronger than 4BDS.
- - - - -
11) Ice Weiss:
Skill Range 5 -> 6 (AoE radius unchanged at 3)
Combined with the Ice Flower nerf, this restores Weiss to Ice Queen status. She can hit units from 6+3 = 9 range now... beating Pyrrha's 8 range but losing to Ice Flower and Sniper Ruby's 9.5. It is exactly enough range for Weiss to hit an enemy turret from midfield.
The biggest effect of this change is that Weiss can freeze enemy turrets from midfield, well outside of the turret's range. You can forward-deploy Weiss and she only needs to walk forward a few pixels (less than half a second) before casting Ice at the turret. This makes her hugely more reliable on offense. She can still be interrupted by a defensive Nolan or Neptune, but the time window for defensive stuns is very brief.
submitted by piousflea84 to RWBYAmityArena

What do you think of this position? Need help (contract included)

Hey guys. I was offered a position at (franchised) CDI (I know, I know) and I'm strongly considering taking it.
I have 1 year experience in Korea and I talked to a 2 teacher who were a couple and taught there for about 4 years. Their situation was a bit different and included hourly pay with no benefits and a 3:30 to 10 schedule (with some halfdays.)
The gist I got was "the school is decent, and gives you leeway on teaching because they just want to retain students. you can skip sections if it's super boring, watch YouTube videos, etc so long as it relates and they go home learning something concrete (within reason). Ages of kids are from low elementary or kindy to high school."
I interviewed with someone there and she was super nice and friendly, I definitely got great vibes from her, for what that's worth. I would be teaching 5, maybe 6 classes a day ranging from 40-55 minutes.
Only 5 hours and 10 minutes a day is enticing. I do hate that if it's chungdahm classes (as opposed to april), I will have to make up the classes if they can't combine classes later.
The position starts in a month and they're going to do some hourly, sort of under the table stuff until my contract starts, which helps me out a lot in terms of money.
Please tell me what you think about the position / contract. I could use some advice. My biggest priority is just working the least amount of hours possible while making at least 2.1 with benefits. I understand CDI isn't the best, and the curriculum didn't seem that bad considering how much leeway I'm going to have.
One thing I noticed is the 120 hours per month is contradictory to having a maximum of 24 teaching hours per week.
1. Work Period and Compensation
1.1 Subject to the terms and provisions of this Agreement, the Owner hereby appoint the Instructor as one of its independent-contractor instructors and pays for services to be provided by the Instructor and the Instructor hereby accepts such appointment and agrees to offer services to the Owner, during the period (the “Initial Term”) commencing on February 21, 2018 (the "Commencement Date") and ending on February 20, 2019 (the “End Date”), unless extended as provided below or terminated sooner as provided in Article 3 hereof ("Termination"). This Agreement shall become effective only upon the Instructor having successfully passed the CHUNGDAHM Learning training program and obtaining a teaching certificate issued by CHUNGDAHM Learning. This Agreement shall not become effective if there is a refusal of the training program by the Instructor or poor performance resulting in a failure to pass the training program by the Instructor. 1.2 During the term of this Agreement, the Instructor is required to prepare, teach, and perform any required consulting and administrative duties assigned by the Owner. The requirement is a total of One Hundred Twenty (120) actual teaching hours per month. The total teaching hours may exceed One Hundred Twenty (120) hours in one month.
1.3 The daily work hours are from 3:30pm-8:40pm Monday to Friday, with a maximum of 24 teaching hours per week. The monthly compensation for this contract shall initially be set at Two Million Two Hundred Thousand (2,200,000) Korean Won, which shall be paid monthly only upon full completion of all duties and obligations arising from the applicable month of the contract. The monthly wage calculation will commence from the first day of teaching and shall be pro-rated for the first month in the event that the Instructor does not work for the full month during the first pay period. When an instructor is absent from scheduled teaching duties, monthly pay will be deducted according to the substitute instructor’s overtime rate per Article 1.12.
1.4 The Instructor shall be eligible for statutory severance pay which will accrue at the rate of 30 days' average wage or Two Million Two Hundred Thousand (2,200,000) Korean Won as severance pay upon the successful completion of the full term of this Agreement and for each consecutive year of service with the Owner, minus any applicable taxes and other withholdings as required by law. Severance pay shall be paid along with the monthly wage in the final month of the final teaching services agreement. No severance shall be paid if the Initial Term is not fulfilled.
1.5 The monthly compensation, deducted by any applicable taxes required by law, will be paid by the 5th, 10th, or 15th day of each month (depending on location); provided, however, that in the case where such date falls on a holiday or any other days on which banks are normally closed (including weekend), the monthly compensation will be paid on the following business day.
1.6 The Owner will assist in procuring adequate health insurance for the Instructor and make applicable pension payments on behalf of the Instructor during the duration of this contract. The Owner and the Instructor will each bear Fifty (50) percent of the total cost of health insurance and applicable pension payments. The Instructor is required to return the health insurance card upon completion or termination of this Agreement and to report to the appropriate organizations and agencies, the Instructor’s change in contract status.
1.7 The Owner shall provide a monthly housing allowance compensation in the amount of 500,000won for the duration of the contract.
1.8 The Instructor may be required to teach classes on weekend days (Saturday or Sunday) should the schedule designated by the Owner call for such classes to be taught by the Instructor. The Instructor is also required to attend periodic training sessions held by the Owner in order to improve the quality of his/her services to be provided hereunder. The hours spent in relation to these periodic training sessions shall not be construed as teaching hours and the Instructor shall not be compensated for preparing for, traveling to, or attending such training sessions.
1.9 In the event that the Instructor is required to teach additional special classes during regular school vacation periods (Spring, Summer and/or Winter vacations), the same hourly rate as stipulated in Article 1.13 shall apply if and only if the Instructor’s teaching hours exceed One Hundred Twenty (120) teaching hours in that particular month’s work period.
1.10 The Owner may, at its sole discretion, provide the Instructor with stipends or other additional remuneration; provided, however, that such stipends or other additional remuneration shall neither be expected nor required by either party.
1.11 Subject to Article 2 below, the Instructor shall be entitled to up to 7 consecutive days (class days and non-class days included) of paid professional development leave per year to be taken during regular Korean school examination periods: provided, however, that the Instructor shall comply with the notification procedures designated by the Owner and obtain prior written approval of the Owner for such leave(s). Instructor shall neither apply for any professional development leave until the completion of six (6) full months of providing services under this Agreement nor apply for any professional development leave more than once in any consecutive nine (9) months.
1.12 The Owner shall pay ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬Twenty Five Thousand (25,000) Korean Won for each hour taught by the Instructor in excess of the One Hundred Twenty (120) teaching hours per month as overtime pay.
1.13 The Owner may request the Instructor to substitute for another instructor in another class, provided that the teaching hours do not exceed One Hundred Twenty (120) hours per month. Hours in excess of One Hundred Twenty (120) hours will be construed as overtime as stated in 1.12.
1.14 The Instructor will be required to successfully complete orientation and training as stated in Article 1.1. The Owner may provide accommodation at a remote camp training session or at a nearby hotel in Seoul if training is to be conducted at the headquarters. It is the sole discretion of CHUNGDAHM Learning, Inc. which training session the instructor will attend.
1.15 The Instructor agrees and understands that he/she will be paid on a monthly basis with limited hours, duties, and responsibilities which do not qualify him/her as a full-time employee. ** 2. Covenants**
2.1 The Instructor shall use his/her utmost efforts to deliver the highest quality of education in line with the Owner’s requirements and programs and observe all the required Student Management Procedures and the Owner Guidelines specified in Appendix A, attached hereto. The Instructor shall work in good faith to accommodate requests by the Owner’s administration staff. In addition to the foregoing, the Instructor shall:
a. comply with the proper check-in procedures and arrive at his/her classroom at least twenty (20) minutes prior to the beginning of classes each working day; b. comply with the dress code of the Owner; c. prior to completion of six (6) consecutive months of providing services hereunder without any failure to the punctuality obligation specified in (a) above or absence from work, refrain from requesting any of the following: 1) time off; 2) professional development leave or any other leave; or 3) excuse of performance of the obligations hereunder for any reason; d. not request professional development leave more than once within any six (6) consecutive months; and e. refrain from directly or indirectly causing any harm to the operations, management or corporate image of the Owner.
If the Owner determines that the Instructor has failed to observe and abide by any of the provisions (a) through (e) above, it may terminate this Agreement without prior notice to the Instructor reserving and not prejudicing all its rights to pursue any and all remedies at law or in equity, including but not limited to legal expenses and attorneys fees, to rectify or seek compensation for any breach or damages caused by the Instructor.
2.2 Substandard performance. Any instructor who fails to comply with any of the guidelines set forth herein may receive an official notification of sub-standard performance. The consequences of receiving an official notification of sub-standard performance are as follows:
a. instructor may have a number of teaching hours or classes reduced, resulting in reduced pay; b. instructor may be required to attend additional training sessions; c. lack of immediate and sustained improvement by the Instructor may lead to immediate termination of the Agreement; d. Any further infractions of the Owner Guidelines outlined in Appendix A may lead to immediate termination of the Agreement.
2.3 Work Product. All original materials produced by the Instructor in performing his/her obligations hereunder during the Initial Term or any renewed or extended term of this Agreement shall become and remain the sole property of the Owner.
2.4 Unauthorized Disclosure. The Instructor agrees and understands that due to the Instructor's relationship with the Owner, the Instructor has been and will be exposed to and receive information on or of the Owner, including but not limited to technical information, customer information, product information, intellectual property, computer systems, and other information concerning the Owner's products, development, business policies and practices, and other forms of information considered by the Owner to be confidential and/or in the nature of trade secrets. The Instructor agrees that during the Initial Term of any renewed or extended term of this Agreement and thereafter, the Instructor shall keep such information confidential and not disclose such information, either directly or indirectly, to any third person or entity without the prior written consent of the Owner (unless such information is otherwise in the public domain through no fault of the Instructor); provided, however, that nothing in this Article 2 shall prevent the Instructor with or without the Owner's consent, from disclosing documents or information in connection with any judicial or administrative investigation, inquiry or proceeding, if the Instructor is compelled to disclose such information do so by a judicial or administrative order, notifies the Owner as soon as practicable after the receipt of such order, and limits such disclosure to only such information as required to be disclosed by such order. This confidentiality covenant has no temporal, geographical or territorial restriction. Upon termination of this Agreement, the Instructor will promptly surrender possession to the Owner and refrain from using all property, keys, notes, pass codes, memoranda, writings, e-mail accounts, lists, files, reports, customer lists, correspondence, tapes, disks, cards, logs, machines, technical data or any other tangible products or documents in the actual or constructive possession of the Instructor.
2.5 Non-solicitation and Non-disparagement. The Instructor agrees that the Instructor shall not during the Initial Term and any renewed or extended term of this Agreement and for a period of six (6) months thereafter (the "Restriction Period"), intentionally or knowingly, directly or indirectly, (i) interfere with the relationships of the Owner and any of its affiliates, or endeavor to entice away from the Owner and any of its affiliates, any individual, person, firm, corporation or other business entity who at any time during the Initial Term and any renewed or extended term of this Agreement is an employee or customer of the Owner and/or any of its affiliates or otherwise has a material business relationship with the Owner and/or any of its affiliates, or (ii) discourage, or attempt to discourage, any individual, person, firm, corporation or business entity from doing business with the Owner and/or any of its affiliates. The Instructor agrees that during the Initial Term and thereafter, he/she shall not intentionally or knowingly, directly or indirectly, make or publish any negative or disparaging statements, comments or remarks regarding the Owner and/or any of its affiliates, instructors, employees, directors, or officers.
2.6 Remedies. The Instructor acknowledges that any breach of the terms of in this Article 2 would result in irreparable injury and damage to the Owner for which there would be no adequate remedy at law. The Instructor therefore agrees that in the event of said breach or any threat of breach, the Owner shall be entitled to an immediate injunction and restraining order to prevent such breach and/or threatened breach and/or continued breach by the Instructor and/or any and all persons and/or entities acting for and/or with the Instructor, without having to prove damages, and to all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees and costs, in addition to any other remedies to which the Owner may be entitled at law or in equity. The terms of this paragraph shall not prevent the Owner from pursuing any other available remedies for any breach or threatened breach hereof, including but not limited to the recovery of damages from the Instructor. The Instructor and the Owner further agree that the provisions of this Article 2 are reasonable and the Owner would not have entered into this Agreement but for their inclusion herein.
2.7 Drug Testing. The instructor agrees and understands that it is the policy of the Company to maintain a drug-free work place. Instructors must undergo drug testing during the initial training session prior to the start date in section 1.1 and may be subject to random drug testing anytime for the duration of the contract. As soon as notification is given to the instructor’s location, the test must be taken within 48 hours of notification. The Company will pay for the cost of the initial test and any random test. Refusal to take the test without reasonable grounds or failure of the test (positive identification of drug usage) will be subject to termination per Article 3.
2.8 The provisions of this entire Article 2 shall survive any termination of this Agreement, and the existence of any claim or cause of action by the Instructor against the Owner, whether predicated on this Agreement or otherwise, shall not constitute a defense to the enforcement by the Owner of the covenants and agreements of this Article 2.
****3. Termination
3.1 The Instructor may terminate this Agreement by providing Sixty-five (65) day advance notice in writing. In order to protect the continuity of education for the Owner’s students, both parties shall faithfully fulfill all of their duties under this Agreement until its actual termination.
3.2 Notwithstanding Article 3.1, the Owner reserves the right to terminate this Agreement without prior notice to the Instructor.
3.3 Notwithstanding Article 3.1, in the event that the Instructor refuses the teaching schedule as provided in Article 1.2 prior to the Commencement Date or anytime thereafter up to the End Date, the Owner may terminate this Agreement without any prior notice.
3.4 In the event this Agreement is terminated prior to the End Date and the Instructor wishes to apply to any CHUNGDAHM Learning school, other than the one where he/she has provided services hereunder, he/she shall be required to produce a signed letter of release or recommendation from the Owner. In the absence of such document, the Instructor shall not be eligible to apply to nor be hired at any other CHUNGDAHM Learning schools until the End Date, unless the Instructor has terminated this Agreement due to any material breach of this Agreement by the Owner.
  1. Non-Waiver of Rights. The failure to enforce at any time the provisions of this Agreement or to require at any time performance by the other party of any of the provisions hereof shall in no way be construed to be a waiver of such provisions or to affect either the validity of this Agreement or any part hereof, or the right of either party to enforce each and every provision in accordance with its terms.
  2. Entire Agreement. This Agreement sets forth the entire understanding of the parties hereto with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior agreements and plans, written or oral between them as to such subject matter. No party has been induced to enter into this Agreement by, nor is any party relying on any representation or warranty outside those expressly set forth herein.
  3. Severability. If any provision of this Agreement, or any application thereof to any circumstances, is deemed invalid, in whole or in part, by a court of law or other governmental authority, such provision or application shall to that extent be severable and shall not affect other provisions or applications of this Agreement.
  4. Governing Law. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea, without reference to the principles of conflict of laws. Any and all conflicts shall be resolved by a competent court in the Republic of Korea, unless the parties hereto agree in writing to arbitrate the relevant conflict.
  5. Modifications and Waivers. No provision of this Agreement may be modified, altered or amended except by an instrument in writing executed by the parties hereto. No waiver by either party hereto of any breach by the other party hereto of any provision of this Agreement to be performed by such other party shall be deemed a waiver of similar or dissimilar provisions at the time or at any prior or subsequent time.
  6. Impracticability of Performance. In the event of calamity, including but not limited to riot, insurrection, war, or other emergency conditions, as well as significant changes in the law occurring in the Republic of Korea and caused by acts of nature or of man, which may hinder or alter the normal operations of the Owner, this Agreement shall be deemed null and void and all obligations arising herein shall be immediately terminated.
  7. Headings. The headings contained herein are solely for the purposes of reference, are not part of this Agreement, and shall in no way affect the meaning or interpretation of this Agreement.
  8. Counterparts. This Agreement may be executed in two or more counterparts, each of which shall be deemed to be an original but all of which together shall constitute one and the same instrument.
  9. Confidentiality of Agreement. The remuneration and all terms of this Agreement are strictly confidential. In the case of violation of the foregoing by the Instructor, the Owner may immediately terminate this Agreement.
  10. Instructor Representations. The Instructor represents and warrants to the Owner that the Instructor is not subject to any agreement, written or oral, any law, regulation or similar enactment, or any decree, order or similar action by any tribunal or government authority, which could, in any way, restrict the Instructor’s ability to negotiate, enter into this Agreement or fully perform any obligations hereunder.
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