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Hacked dungeon keeper 2 patch 1.3 firefox

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Game Master Training: Resources, Tips, and Mentors for Online or Offline Play

Hello /lfg!
As many have noticed, it has become exceedingly difficult in the past few months to find an open game or an available GM (Game Master) to host one.
The influx of new prospective players to the Table Top RPG genre due to the recent quarantine situation has led to a lot of amazing beginners that would like to try out their first game; however, the amount of veteran GMs available has not increased at the same rate.
So what's the best way to solve this issue?
You do not have to be a veteran player to be a GM, in fact an absolute beginner can jump in the driver's seat right away and begin crafting their own incredible stories!
This thread will contain a few quick tips, multiple great resources, and willing mentors to help train any prospective GM (beginner or veteran).
If you are an experienced GM and would like to offer help or mentorship to fledgling GMs, please leave a comment to this post with:
  1. Your games of expertise. (DnD 5e, Call of Cthulhu, etc.)
  2. The platforms you have experience with (In-Person, Roll20, Foundry, TTRPG, etc.)
  3. Method of contact.
You can find me in the comments below to see the format or for information on my training, expertise, and available free homebrew materials!
Below I have compiled a list of useful resources for new and veteran GMs! If you know of any other tips, tricks, or resources, please let myself or a subreddit moderator know and we will include it below!
  1. The most important tip for new GMs is to relax and lower their initial goals and expectations. I've found what prevents most GMs from hosting their first game is the anxiety of thinking they will disappoint their players. This often leads to people who dream up incredibly complex branching campaigns in their heads. However, implementing such things as a beginner is simply too much upfront work. First, change your goal from creating the most amazing campaign ever to simply creating a stable and fun environment for people to role-play within and explore. Remember what it's like yo be a player... you're just happy to be playing! What you'll often find is that the more complex adventures are actually less fun to play, while a more basic and free-flowing experience allows for more dynamic fun. Don't focus on "How am I going to entertain my players?!?", instead focus on "How can my players entertain me?" Changing this thought process is the first healthy way to actually get you in the GM chair. Once you finish a session, you'll find you've been kicking yourself over mistakes the players never even noticed.
  2. Consistency is key. Let's talk about the worst thing you can do as a GM. It's not having too little knowledge, it's not under-preparing, it's not even killing off all of your players. The worst thing you can do is give up and leave your players hanging. Yet, this happens more often than any of the other mistakes above. Ambitious GMs often take on too much to handle, and that's ok! Make sure to have open and clear paths of communication with your players. If you have to change a schedule or make changes to your adventures, set-up a GM-Player relationship that values truth and honesty and let them know what's up. To reaffirm the previous idea: Your goal as a GM is not to write the next best-selling novel. Your goal is to simply create a fun and accepting environment where you encourage your players to role-play. Often you'll find that the more basic you make an adventure the more sustainable it is for you to maintain, and the more fun your players will have exploring it and filling in the gaps themselves.
  3. Utilize existing material, but make it your own! A lot of people try and create their own specific universes with all of the intricacies, realize how much work this truly is, then give up. Other people pick up a module, freak out when they think they have to memorize the whole thing, and get anxious about running it. When you buy a module, everything within it is just a suggestion. The encounters, NPCs, items, and more are all just helpful pieces that you can fit into your own puzzle. Maybe in one chapter you really like a certain encounter or item that is introduced, but really hate the area. You can change that! When starting an adventure I'd really recommend taking the material, giving it a very quick skim, then take the pieces you like from it and make it your own. Take it a chapter at a time and don't worry about forgetting something. Most of the best moments will be completely random player interactions that aren't in the module anyway!
Virtual Table Tops (VTTs):
Roll20 - Good to get you started! The free version is good enough to get you going with some set-up. Has a rotating free one-shot adventure available to use in the marketplace if you're brand new and want something to run. Free version does not allow for much storage and does not include features that speed-up combat. For experienced GMs, this becomes an issue. It is expensive if you want to unlock all pro-features with a monthly subscription. (This is what I personally use and teach. I have ~400 tokens and 150 maps I will hand out for free to anyone who wants.)
Fantasy Grounds - Steeper learning curve for beginners. Buy upfront, rather than subscription service. Rich with great features for experienced GMs.
Tabletop Simulator - Very versatile, 3D and VR compatible. Upfront buy for the environment, then buy the modules from the steam workshop. The third dimension adds an amazing addition tool, however all players must purchase Tabletop Simulator to play and 3D set-up and controls may be more difficult for new GMs.
Foundry - Great new VTT currently finishing up development. Upfront buy for the environment. Great tool, and many swear by it's effectiveness. Contains scripts that allow for transfer of content from Roll20 to Foundry. A little less development has been done for Foundry because it is so new, but it has an incredible amount of great features. Keep an eye out for this one!
Astral Tabletop - Seems beautiful and cool (billed as the Roll20-killer). Have not used so cannot comment. Subscription-based model.

Online Tools:
Dndbeyond - I use dndbeyond in conjunction with roll20. Dndbeyond has an amazing character creation tool that is much more user-friendly for beginners than filling out a character sheet. The Beyond20 chrome and firefox extension also allows players to directly roll from their dndbeyond character sheet to Roll20. Issues are that, unless you have someone with content sharing enabled, players will have to buy modules to play certain classes and unlock certain spells / abilities.
https://donjon.bin.sh/ - An amazing tool for new GMs that need to generate random and balanced items, monsters, shops, etc. This is exceedingly useful when their players start to wander off of the path of your story. Use this to come up with what's inside that random sack they decided to loot, or the encounter they decided to chase in the woods. This allows for more dynamic, free, and emergent storytelling.
https://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/dungeons-and-dragons.php - In a similar vein as above, this name generating site allows for GMs to come up with names for unnamed NPCs that the players take an interest to on the fly. Did they just ask for a random Kobold's name who they captured? This website lets you take one click and come up with a good, thematic name for that Kobold, or whatever you'd like, on the fly. You can also generate names for towns, stores, rivers, and more.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1V_udNPxlTk_ufSyLsZ4caIO5LqFmE5LO/view - Link to a shopping catalog which gives you a price breakdown for each item or service you may find in a DnD 5E shop and it's likely price in multiple scenarios. Amazingly useful!
http://rolladvantage.com/tokenstamp/ - Great tool for creating custom tokens! Just drag and drop an image into the editor and within seconds create a token with background transparency with a customizable border!

/dndmaps - A catalog for user created maps and links to maps by other artists suitable for use in any D&D campaign, adventure, or encounter.
/dmacademy - A subreddit for Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters to ask questions - new and experienced, all are welcome.
/dndbehindthescreen - A subreddit for Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters to trade tools, guides and resources.
/dungeonmasters - A group of people trying to pool the resources to help each other DM or perhaps your looking to find an active DM.
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[Online] [5thEd] [BST/UTC+1] [Campaign] [FoundryVTT and Discord/Zoom] [Voice only] Secrets of the Greenwold

I've been getting the boxes from Dungeon in a Box for a while to use the minis/maps for in-person one-shots and personal campaigns, but I've never actually used the storyline from it.
This is in an effort to redress that, but please don't let this being pre-written put you off. I'm an experienced GM (10+ years at this point) and am very comfortable improvising/added material based on player choices.
I've got a game set up over at startplaying.games. Sessions will be $15 per person, take place around 1pm British Summer Time/UTC+1 and last for 3-4 hours one/two Mondays a month (see below). The website does require registration for a free account and payment info so that they can handle the payment side of things and provide some security for you as players. The first session will be free and cover character creation, and any expectations that we all have as a table, and is scheduled for October 26th; after that I'm happy to run this as fortnightly/biweekly, or monthly, game (whichever the players prefer).
I'll be using FoundryVTT which requires a stable internet connection, Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Edge (basically anything with a hardware acceleration option and Safari is not officially supported) and a resolution greater than 1366x768, for the tabletop and either Discord or Zoom for the voice stuff (players' choice).
If you're interested, the game can be found here: https://startplaying.games/join-game/dd-5e---secrets-of-the-greenwold-1600904379467x491452826188775400
Feel free to ask any questions you may have!
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