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News, photos, mock drafts, game. Giannis Antetokounmpo in second place, while Kawhi Leonard is third.

Full First Round Mock Draft

Thanks for clicking!
This mock will be done assuming the draft order remains stagnant relative to the current standings. In this draft, more than ever, I anticipate there will be unprecedented amounts of picks down under the basis of need. This is due to the fact that there is a lot of uncertainty near the top of the big board. Team fit might triumph consensus BPA quite a few times.
After each pick announcement, I entailed a little lineup projection for each team, basically, what the roster would look like after the rookie addition. While this is a projection for the 2020-2021 season, I used the 2019-2020 roster for simplicity. This will be denoted as Projected Squad (PS). I also have denoted the core members of each team, the foundation players, as members of the CORE list.
Don't be mistaken, the CORE list doesn't mean the best players, it is just the players I feel have purpose/demand for a team and that they have to prioritize/address.
Also, don’t get offended with the Probably Best Case (PBC), though they might seem inaccurate or ill-fitting. At the end of the day, it’s a mock, and though I’m proud of it. It is subject to errors and inaccuracies.
Let me provide you with my stance on this year’s class, in my opinion, this is not a “weak draft class” I feel it runs very deep, much deeper than last year’s, but the only issue is it’s hard to point out any definitive ‘best players’, though people surely do try… So, players that you have last first on your big board could go lottery, players in the lottery on your mock could go late first, this draft was conducted, considering need, instead of talent since that will be very hard to evaluate given COVID-19. Without further ado, as I hope I haven’t bored out potential readers, let’s begin...
(1) Golden State Warriors
Selection: James Wiseman (center)
If the Warriors don't trade their pick, this is who I think they'll select. An immediate impact big guy with terrific size. Yes, I know there are rumors that suggest they aren’t interested, BUT I almost am certain that they will look to trade this pick. I get the rumors, but those could be Red Herrings for all we know. I remain with my stance. If they don’t trade the pick, I still see them getting Wiseman, he’d fit them nicely.
PBC: Better Drummond
CORE: Curry, Klay, Dray, Wiggins, Wiseman, Paschall, Looney, and Poole
PS: Warriors:
(2) Cleveland Cavaliers
Selection: Anthony Edwards (wing)
I originally had Deni here, but after criticism and some research, I decided to reevaluate my stance. I had Deni originally, anticipating it would garner some confusion, but really I think it could be a brilliant move. Advidja might be the most well-rounded player in the draft and plays with good passing skills and IQ. Cleveland was 24th in assists and last in turnovers… Deni would fit nicely, he’s what the Cavs need right now. They don’t need another streaky scorer or guard, a forward would do just nicely.
On that note, I don’t see the Cavs taking the risk, overseas players are very difficult to project and sometimes “the next Luka Doncic” could be the next Jan Vesley. The Cavs take the easy way out, drafting who many see as the consensus number 1 pick. The Cavs PS next season will be one very interesting as it has no established distributors, so finding one in FA should become a priority. However, if improvement is made in either Garland or Sexton, the Cavs could be building an explosive future backcourt. Keep your eye on the Cavs after this one, because you never know what to expect.
PBC: Bigger Victor Oladipo
CORE: Garland, Sexton, Porter, Edwards, Nance, and Drummond
PS: Cavs:
(3) Minnesota Timberwolves
Selection: Onyeka Okongwu (forward/big)
I originally mocked Lamelo here, then thought… nah, doesn’t make sense, then I mocked Deni... And still, it felt a bit wrong.
Minnesota has gotten their stars and they have the offense to back them up, however, they greatly lack in the defensive department.
This is where team fit triumphs consensus BPA most notably. Lamelo would make the team one of the worst defensively in the league, and Deni wouldn’t help too much either. Minnesota rates 28th in points allowed per game. Onyeka makes complete sense to me, Minnesota get a high potential player that they can partner with KAT in the frontcourt, and help fortify their terrible defense. Yes, with the existing question marks around Culver, they might consider adding another wing, but this pick should be used on Onyeka. WIth Naz Reid as a capable young backup, the Wolves could finally be dawning into a new era of two-way play.
PBC: Bam Adebayo
CORE: KAT, Dlo, Onyeka, Okogie, Beasley, and Culver
PS: Wolves:
(4) Atlanta Hawks
Selection: Deni Avidja (wing)
Trae Young is a future superstar, he is the prototypical guard, a great player to build around (unless you value defense). However, when Trae is off the floooff the ball, the Hawks offense stagnates. Collins is the only other established scorer they have as Reddish and Huerter are a year or two away from reaching that status. The Hawks need another playmakeshot creator, and while they’d prefer Edwards, they go with Deni. A solid pick-up for the Hawks as they continue adding to their young core. I can see them making the playoffs in a year or two.
PBC: I have one I haven’t seen before… Draymond Green. Think about it, though surely not as quick or athletic, Deni brings guard-like skills to the forward spot, provides steady shooting, plays with a high bbiq, and has good instincts on both sides of the ball, all staples of Dray’s game. He could be the Dray to Trae’s Curry.
CORE: Trae, Collins, Reddish, Deni, Capela, and Huerter
(5) Detroit Pistons
Selection: Lamelo Ball (guard)
The Pistons have young talent in Sekou, Kennard, and Wood, and are led by two injury-prone players with Rose and Griffin. They get lucky at 5, nabbing a guy, though despised by many, some see as the highest ceiling player. A 6’7’’ athletic point guard with sweet handles and amazing passing. I see them going after their franchise point guard at 5, and pairing him with Kennard in the backcourt. Lamelo would give them a new element as he has outstanding potential. Lamelo’s passing, Kennard’s shooting, Sekou’s athleticism/potential, and their promising franchise center, Christian Wood, could equate to relevancy a few years down the line. However, be wary. While he impressed overseas, his numbers were dangerously inefficient. So Lamelo, much like a majority of the other picks, is still far from a sure thing.
PBC: 6’7’’ Jason Williams
CORE: Wood, Lamelo, Kennard, Sekou, Griffin, Rose, Gallo, and Svi
PS: Detroit:
(6) New York Knicks
Selection: Killian Hayes (guard)
The Knicks are in a really weird place. On one hand, they need talent and potential (Cole Anthony has that) but on the other, they also need consistency and unselfishness (not as much). A Cole and RJ backcourt would be very hot and cold at times and ball movement would be nonexistent. That’s why the Cole to NYK rumors need to stop. It makes no sense, a core of Cole, RJ, Randle, Knox, and Robinson would be wildly inconsistent.
That's why I see them taking Hayes as the next guard off the board. He is a good passer, young, has a high ceiling and is much more established. Also, him and RJ are both are lefthanded so they could be lefty-friends!
On a more serious note, some, including myself, view Killian as the darkhorse of the draft.
CORE: RJ, Robinson, Frank, and Randle
PS: Knicks:
(7) Chicago Bulls
Selection: Tyrese Haliburton (guard)
The Bulls are a bit bummed that Hayes is off the board, and take the next best true point guard in the draft. I see them eventually trading away Lavine and allowing White to be the 2, but even if they both remain, Haliburton’s consistency, relative size, and floor spacing/management is hard to turn down.
The Bulls invest in a Tyrese X White backcourt with this pick, before trading Lavine away from more young talent. The rebuild could take some time, especially since it seems like Lauri and Carter both took steps back.
PBC: Prime (projected prime) SGA
CORE: Lavine, White, Lauri, Carter, and Tyrese
PS: Bulls:
(8) Charlotte Hornets
Selection: Tyrese Maxey (guard)
I see Maxey going 8, but he’s one of my favorite candidates for ROTY, especially as three-guard lineups are showing more and more success (The Thunder). Rozier is not the longterm point guard, Graham is. Maxey gives the Hornets a good shot creator and a great defender to pair him with. If they reach full potential, Maxey and Graham could be one of the most electric and fun to watch backcourts in the league, combine that with ROTY honorable mention, PJ Washington, a good backup backourt (Rozier + Monk), and solid play from Bridges, and you have hope in Charlotte... Something no one expected this soon in the Post-Kemba era.
PBC: Two-Way Zach Lavine
CORE: Graham, Washington, Maxey, Bridges, Rozier, and Monk
PS: Hornets:
(9) Washington Wizards
Selection: Saddiq Bey (wing)
Saddiq might be a bit unheard of by many, but he, in my opinion, is the best realistic option for the Wiz. He shot a ridiculous 45% from deep on the vaunted college three-point line, has terrific length, defensive versatility, has the discipline endowed to all those under Jay Wright, and good athleticism. He’d fill in and contribute from day 1.
I actually think the Wizards are in a good position for the coming years. Yes, they struggled this season, mainly on the defensive end, but I think a solid offseason and solid development from the youth can help offset these issues. To be clear, I’m not talking about making drastic moves such as trading for Gobert (a move I adamantly oppose), but merely smart decisions in the draft and in free agency. Prioritize defense this offseason, and with plenty of money coming off the books this season, they could be propelled back into the playoff mix as soon as next season.
PBC: Robert Convington
CORE: Beal, Rui, Bertans, Wall, Brown, Bey, Robinson, and Ish
PS: Wiz:
(10) Phoenix Suns
Selection: Obi Toppin (forward/big)
The Suns have no reason not to try to swing for the fences with POTY, Obi Toppin. He has unreal athleticism, size, and is a scorer on all three levels of the court. Yeah, he’s on the older side, and pretty bad at defense, but I don’t see the Suns, even as a below-average defensive team, turning him down. They’ll have to address defense in free agency, and Toppin would have to play the 4 spot in order to fit with Ayton.
That team would be a blast to watch. Imagine, Rubio and Booker in the backcourt, Oubae as the versatile “do-it-all” wing, and then Toppin and Ayton as the explosive frontcourt!!
PBC: Prime Blake Griffin - defense
CORE: Booker, Ayton, Oubre, Toppin, Rubio, and Bridges
PS: Suns:
(11) San Antonio Spurs
Selection: Devin Vassell (wing)
A great 3&D player that will make an immediate impact and pair nicely with their young core as they overtake Demar and Aldridge. This is a very ‘Spurs’ pick, they get good two-way play from a mature, consistent player.
Murray and Lonnie are the primary building blocks for the Spurs long overdue rebuild. Vassell would make their job easier and possesses promising potential as well.
PBC: More Consistent Josh Richardson
CORE: Murray, Walker, White, Demar, Vassell, Johnson, Gay, and Lamar
PS: Spurs:
(12) Sacramento Kings
Selection: Isaac Okoro
This was the hardest pick to project by far. The Kings roster on paper looks solid, they seem to have great guard depth, an upper-tier SF, a good, young rotation of PF/C. Yeah, yeah, I know Bagley has had his fair share of injuries and trading Dewayne surely didn't help, but I think it must be coaching, because they greatly disappointed this year.
I have them picking another forward. One of the best defenders in the draft, you can never have too many scrappy, defensive wings. This is a pretty generic pick, to be honest, but it seemed like the most logical.
PBC: Smaller Jonathan Isaac
CORE: Fox, Hield, Bagley, Bogdan, Okoro, Bjelica, Barnes, and Holmes
PS: Kings:
(13) New Orleans Pelicans
Selection: Aaron Neismith (guard)
This is another tough one, they are built well. But I see them drafting a SG/SF, Neismith would be perfect for them, giving them another marksman to rotate off the bench, and possibly the eventual starter over Jrue. This team could be contending in a few seasons.
PBC: Buddy Hield
CORE: Zion, Ingram, Lonzo, Jrue, Hayes, Favors, Aaron, Hart, NAW, etc!
PS: Pels:
(14) Portland Trailblazers
Selection: Patrick Williams (forward)
A young, long, wing that can shoot, the Blazers continue to garner fire power to surround Dame and co. with. Especially considering the lack of depth and injury woes they experienced, this pick is a safe bet to make. I think that the Blazers are underrated as finals contenders for next season. Really, the Celtics and maybe the Bucks are the only real contenders that will be even more powerful next season. The Lakers (age), Clippers (losing Harrell/depth), and the Rockets (age) are both likely to take steps back, meanwhile the Blazers, who’ll get better upon the return from injury of basically the entire team could be poised to strike in the weakened WC.
PBC: Prime Trevor Ariza
CORE: Dame, CJ, Nurkic, Collins, Simons, Williams, Hood, Melo, and Little
PS: Blazers:
----(no more PBC here on)
(15) Orlando Magic
Selection: Cole Anthony (guard)
Cole Anthony and Markelle Fultz have good potential as a backcourt, Magic take BPA. Isaac is arguably the most versatile defender in the east outside of Bam, and Bamba has potential as well. The Magic built around Cole, Fultz, Isaac, and Bamba could become a defensive powerhouse in the coming years.
CORE: Isaac, Fultz, Gordon, Anthony, Vuc, Fournier, and Bamba
PS: Magic:
(16) Minnesota Timberwolves
Selection: Tyler Bey (SF/PF)
The second Bey is off the board, probably a little high for most taste, but perfectly fitting into the Wolves’ hole at SF, given the lackluster season from Culver. Remember, I’m prioritizing defense with the Wolves and after selecting Onyeka and adding a great defender at 4, they opt to take another forward, this time Pac-12 DPOY, Tyler Bey, who can pretty much switch onto anyone on the court, adding another element to the rising Wolves squad as a potential 3&D.
Tyler, though just a meh 3pt shooter in college, has a promising FT%, a good indicator of improvement in that department. The Wolves, after stocking their cupboard with offense this season, make a concentrated effort to stock up on defense, and nd now have Onyeka and Bey, two long and quick forwards to show for it.
CORE: KAT, Dlo, Onyeka, Okogie, Beasley, Bey, and Culver
PS: PS: Wolves:
(17) Boston Celtics
Selection: Jalen Smith (forward/big)
Myles Turner lite. A good shot blocker and good floor-spacer, Smith is an ideal fit in the versatile Celtics lineup. Look for the Celtics to stock up on defensive bigs this offseason. Smith is the best fit still on the board.
CORE: Tatum, Brown, Kemba, Hayward, Smart, Theis, Smith, and obligatory Tacko Fall
PS: Celtics:
(18) Dallas Mavericks
Selection: RJ Hampton (guard/wing)
A swing for the fences by the Mavs here... A chance to find Luka a worthy backcourt companion. RJ slid far after his underwhelming overseas campaign but the potential remains. No reason for the Mavs not to go for it.
CORE: Luka, Kristaps, Brunson, Hampton, Kleber, Powell, and Winslow
PS: Mavs:
(19) Milwualkee Bucks
Selection: Kira Lewis (guard)
A gem falls to the Bucks as they get Bledsoe’s successor and an upgrade over an aging Hill. Kira, the youngest Sophmore in Division 1, is younger than Cole, arguably better (is, imo), likely will contribute day 1, and has the potential to become an upper tier PG. The rich get richer with this pick.Kira’s combo of shiftiness, speed, and poise is unmatched.
CORE: Giannis, Middleton, Bledsoe, Lopez, Matthews, Donte, Lewis, and Pat
PS: Bucks:
---- (From this point, picks will be brief)
(20) Brooklyn Nets
Selection: Prescious Achiuwa
Defensive forward for a below average defensive team.
(21) Denver Nuggets
Selection: Josh Green
Promising prospect proves to be provided a pick, despite poor play.
(22) Philadelphia 76ers
Selection: Jahmi’us Ramsey
Underatted defensive prospect
(23) Miami Heat
Selection: Aleksej Pokuševski
Potential baby. Also Greek, so Giannis bait.
(24) Utah Jazz
Selection: Tyrell Terry
A steal for a potential future starter.
(25) OKC Thunder
Selection: Jaden McDaniels
Basically just what I said about Josh Green.
(26) Boston Celtics
Selection: Vernon Carey
Though traditional to a fault, Vernon is an ideal target for the Celts.
(27) New York Knicks
Selection: Immanuel Quickley
Building a young backcourt tandem with Killian and Frank, RJ is moved to SF, where he should be.
(28) Toronto Raptors
Selection: Paul Reed
Arguably Achiuwa minus clout
(29) LA Lakers
Selection: Devon Dotson
A better version of Tre Jones, who I originally had here.
(30) Boston Celtics
Selection: Jordan Nwora
After two bigs, Celtics get wing depth.
Thanks for reading, feedback is welcome.
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Bad officiating calls in Warriors-Rockets G7

Strap in boys, it's gonna be a ride. So I've basically reviewed the whole game last night, and here are the questionable plays which I thought should have been calls/were called wrongly.

Calls going against Rockets:

  1. Wrong travelling call against Capela, didn't lift up his pivot foot.
  2. Slight push on PJ Tucker no call, KD gets the call on the other end. Probably a superstar call.
  3. Harden might have gotten shoved in the back by Looney, no call.
  4. Capela called for a goaltend for what seemed to be a clean block.
  5. Harden fouled on the landing, no call. Slowmo
  6. Harden fouled on three attempt, no call. Slowmo
  7. Ref disallows continuation on Harden's three. Slowmo
  8. Eric Gordon fouled by Draymond, no call.

Calls going against Warriors:

  1. Klay gets called for an early 2nd foul which didn't look like much contact, looked like ball just slipped out of EG's hands.
  2. Curry's hip gets pushed by Gerald Green, even falls on the ground. No call.
  3. Jordan Bell raked across the arm by Harden, no call. (pro tip: right click and select 1/4 speed to see the contact)
  4. Klay gets hand checked by Tucker and loses the ball. No call. Slowmo
  5. KD gets pushed into Harden by Ryan Anderson, foul on KD. Similar to this play, albeit less egregious by Anderson.
  6. Klay gets a point removed by Scott Foster.
A major theme which showed itself was the fact that Ryan Anderson literally (I'm not kidding) hand checked Curry every time he was switched onto him. And the Warriors forced that switch A LOT. Here's ALL the plays where Anderson guarded Curry:
Bonus Harden trying to draw foul when there was none & just looking like a fool:
Oh and, inb4 Rockets fans accuse me of bias again, and calling me a Warriors fan. Would a Warrior fan post these?
The entire game is freely available online, if you're so angry why don't you make your own compilation? And u/unklebuckets, still waiting for your refs lowlights thread, or any of the 1+ million subscribers to make one.
Edit: Summary of the night lol. Credits to u/wetjumpshot
submitted by ha1fhuman to nba [link] [comments]

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