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Hitting the Escape key while in the chat room will clear your typed text. The only downside I've found thus far is that the Starcraft download is for 1.15.2, and the latest 1.16.1 patch won't install on top of it. You can patch up to 1.60.0, but not the latest. Brood war patch 1.16.1 firefox. When I play it does this just fine. VoyForums: Advices and Vices.

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Rpgboss - Browse Files at SourceForge.net. As resources run short, however, these Confederate nations find themselves looking towards. Install it from CDs, then apply patch - it's on the internet.

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Built in Scala and libgdx. Free descargar starcraft 1.22.0 gratis Download. Results From Direct Downloads [Sponsor] Rating; Win2pdf 3.4 Registration Code Generator Crack: Win2pdf 3.4 Registration Code Generator Serial: Win2pdf 3.4 Registration Code Generator Keygen: Win2pdf 3.4 Registration Code Generator Results. I decided to revert to to play on iccup. If you are experiencing errors while patching StarCraft, follow the steps below to reinstall the game: Move, delete, or rename your "maps" folder, located in your main StarCraft folder.

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They've also published a new Trello board so players can keep an eye on known issues that Treyarch are working on. Read the rest of this post. Rock Paper Shotgun - PC Game Reviews, Previews, Subjectivity. William Hague announced the move during the first visit to the war-stricken nation by a British foreign secretary since 1992. War) Brood War Patch: StarCraft: In the distant future a small group of human exiles have been doomed to fight for survival on the edge of the galaxy. Blog Project to-do list Parts ListRobo-ShirtoOblivion v 1.2 no cd crack by Patty 4.8 For best releases with Firefox think updates 3, 7, or.

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PC folk in the US, as it means you can now grab a new Series X controller to use with your PC for much less than its usual $60 asking price. You can patch up to 1.60.0, but not the latest. I hope to consolidate the knowledge I gained here into a mini-tutorial that will lower the barrier for entry. An API for interacting with Starcraft: Brood War (1.16.1). Create a Project Open Source Software Business Software Top.

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Starcraft: Brood War Game Fixes, No-CD Game Fixes, No-CD Patches, No-CD Files, PC Game Fixes to enable you to play your PC Games without the CD in the drive. Download StarCraft Brood War Patch v now from AusGamers - its free, and no signup is required. Download Starcraft Brood War Patch For Windows. Programming free download. Cmr 2 No-cd Crack Oblivion https://trisha-ls.ru/crack/?key=467.

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WineHQ - Wine Application Database. Found results for Win2pdf 3.4 Registration Code Generator crack, serial & keygen. VoyForums Announcement: Programming and providing support for this service has been a labor of love since 1997. Starcraft Brood War Patch For Windows Direct Link Free. It's a fake virus scanner that wants.

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Read-edid free download. Found results for Bcisive crack, serial & keygen. All trademarks referenced herein are the properties of their respective owners. Starcraft Brood War Patch For Windows Full Download. Play Classic StarCraft and Brood War expansion for free.

So, I just started on Adderall... Can anyone else relate?

UPDATE: In response to today's effects, and at the advice of my psychiatrist's office, I'm stopping the Adderall: http://www.reddit.com/AskReddit/comments/b7lqi/i_just_got_on_adderall_and_now_im_quitting_what/
So I went in to see a psychiatrist about my burnout at work and the doc put me on Adderall for ADHD (I asked for Provigil but he said the FDA denied approval of Provigil for ADHD because 1 guy in a clinical study of 1000 people got a rash due to an interaction with seizure meds, and that I would have to go through narcolepsy and sleep apnea testing for approval). He said to start small, a half pill twice a day and gradually increase the dose up to three pills per day and then start modifying the dose based on what is the most effective for me, with a follow up consult in two months.
Day 1. Took a half pill (10mg) at noon. Got no work done because it made me so chatty I spent the entire rest of the day finding people to talk to and making THEM unproductive. Went home, seemed to come down pretty hard, but then I couldn't sleep so I read Ender's Game until 4 in the morning at which point I just crashed.
Day 2. Woke up at 7, took a half pill, finished Ender's Game, had breakfast, realized the pill increases my libido when my wife initiated sex, compulsively cleaned up the entire kitchen, then went on the computer to work on my notes for an RPG I'm planning to GM soon. Take a second half pill at noon, then all of a sudden it was 7 in the evening, I had spent the entire day working on my RPG notes, my wife was extraordinarily pissed off, and I still couldn't stop working on it. Finally I closed down OpenOffice and Firefox, pulled myself away from the computer, and made amends with my wife. Spent the next two hours fixing a Magic deck and building another. Finally went to bed around 11, sleep was fairly erratic.
Day 3 (today). Woke up in a state of extreme sexual arousal. Took a half pill and had sex again (We're usually only 2-3 times a week). Spent the morning reading Reddit, discussing a computer game I'm writing with the people I'm writing it fowith, and commenting the crap out of people's statuses and pictures on Facebook. Which brings us to right now.
Overall, I feel like I'm still not able to direct my mind to what I focus my energy on, but the things I'm focused on are super intense. I definitely don't get a sense of "my God, this is going to take too long" like I normally do on extended tasks. Also, rather than craving mental stimulation and brooding about how bored I am, instead I'm going and finding something to do and doing it, which is probably a positive. But I don't think I've been idle for more than 3 minutes except to sleep since I started this dosage.
So I can kind of understand why this is a popular recreational drug.
Anyone else who takes Adderall experience symptoms like this? Do the side effects like chattiness and insomnia go away? Will a higher dose help me direct my mental energy better? Would a higher dose increase the side effects as well? If I increase the dose am I gonna get hooked?
I am sure I have Adult ADHD. I was diagnosed at 9, I have always tested through the roof for symptoms in both self-evaluations and administered evaluations. I was on Ritalin until freshman year in high school, then when I started having fights with my mom over the pressure she was putting on me to get into college senior year, they put me on Wellbutrin, which I stayed on until freshman year in college. I graduated college with a B-minus average because the stress was too much and my coping skills with the disorder just weren't good enough. I went back on Wellbutrin for half a year or so when my parents got divorced, and it helped with depression symptoms but I switched jobs and my new insurance wouldn't cover it.
To the "you just need to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps" type responses: I've done variably well over the years at doing this. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. For the past couple months it doesn't, I have tried lots of things to get past it, and I've finally decided I need the push. This is in no way an impulsive decision. I would certainly rather solve this without drugs but I don't feel like I have a choice right now.
To the "you were misdiagnosed/you had the wrong results/etc and you shouldn't be on adderall" and the "it's a drug and it's dangerous and you shouldn't be taking it" people: I'll be happy to take your medical and psychiatric credentials now, at which point I will be happy to hand you my medical records and undergo a thorough examination on your part.
I'm more than happy to listen to experiences, good and bad, with ADHD and Adderall, and how they compare to mine. But I'm not here to get into a flame war about the controversies surrounding Adderall and ADHD. My doctor and I will decide whether the Adderall treatment is best and whether I truly have a case of bona fide ADHD.
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[Table] InternetAMA: IAmA Professional Gaming YouTuber, AMA

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Date: 2012-10-02
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Link to my post
Questions Answers
1) At what point did you think "I could make a living doing this"? 1) About two months before I quit my day job, when I started making almost as much from YouTube as I did from my full-time position at Microsoft.
2) Do you have health insurance? 2) Yes, I have self-employed health insurance. It's not nearly as good as the insurance I had at Microsoft, but it'll make sure I don't die if I have really bad health problems.
3) Do you plan to do this long term? If not, what are your career plans? 3) I'd like to. Honestly, the entire profession is so new that it's hard to see what'll happen in five years. At this point, I think I can make a long-term profession out of it.
If you are allowed to say, what did you do at Microsoft? Sorry if someone asked already. I did a bunch of prototyping, worked on the xbox platform, and briefly worked for Bing.
How much do you get paid per view on Youtube? My contract doesn't allow me to answer this question. You can find various estimates around the web.
I'll go with, "Enough" for now =). Didn't realize Google kept youtubers under contract. Well, they don't just promise to pay us and then shake our hand on it. When there's money involved, there's a contract.
Are you referring to the official "partner" program as opposed to just having generic AdSense for YouTube enabled? Adsense.
1) Where did you get your username from? 2) Do you love me? 1) It's my AIM screen name from high school. That's how you can tell that I didn't originally plan on internet success.
2) That was just what we call "Pillow Talk," baby...
Then what happened to 'ThatsALogicalFallacy' - your original reddit name? I used SethBling for a while before my YouTube channel became popular. Then I switched to ThatsALogicalFallacy because I realized I spent a lot of time pointing out logical fallacies on reddit. Then, I switched back to this one because I thought it would be more recognizable.
What your favourite thing that you've built? This 11-color display on a map. Until that point, general consensus was that multi-color displays weren't possible.
What was the most difficult thing to build? Honestly, the most difficulty I had building was before I started recording videos at all. It was when I was just learning redstone, and I was trying to build custom logic into a minecart station. Learning the rules of redstone was not the easiest for me. Once I figured them out, I've been able to apply common engineering principles to everything I build, so I don't have too much difficulty anymore.
Is Minecraft still as enjoyable now that you play it for a living? It's still enjoyable, although I tend to do different things now than I did a year ago. A lot more mapmaking and digging into the Minecraft engine.
What other Minecraft YouTube channels/users do you watch? I like Disco and Etho the best.
What did you do at Microsoft? I worked on a lot of prototyping. Also Xbox platform, and briefly on Bing.
What do you do when you're not Minecrafting? Family, hobbies...? Board games with friends, exercise, walking in the park, the occasional TV show. Pretty normal stuff.
Haha, cool. A buddy of mine works on Bing now. Your contributions to minecraft are appreciated! (I would've figured you as a TaviRider fan, given that you both do insane things with redstone.) I like TaviRider too, but he hasn't really been putting out videos for a year or so. We hung out a ton at MineCon, and he's a great guy.
Who or what (if anything) inspired you to start making videos for a living? Karma. Originally, I was creating videos and uploading them to YouTube for the sole purpose of posting them on reddit and reaping that sweet, sweet OC karma. People started subscribing to my channel, which was very surprising to me, and it all took off from there. Once I saw that I could grow a channel independent of reddit, it was a drive for internet popularity. And eventually I enabled ads, and I realized that eventually I might be able to replace my job with YouTube.
What do you think that you will do as you start to get older? ( will you continue to make videos or will you stop and get another job) (or perhaps another hobby) I don't really have any solid plan for more than a year down the road. I hope to be making videos for a long time, although hopefully on more topics than just Minecraft. I'm still looking around for other games that match its sandbox qualities while still having adventuring appeal. And I might start writing my own games too.
What kind of game would you create? Who knows? Before I commit to any game, I want to write about a thousand prototypes.
How often do you record? Is that more than what you used to work at microsoft? And lastly do you still like minecraft or do you ever get tired of it? I work on my videos about as much as I did when I worked at Microsoft. The main difference is that I also have free time now, whereas I didn't back then. I do still like Minecraft, there's always some new facet to explore, especially since they keep adding awesome new features.
1: What features would you like added to minecraft? 2: What town do you live in? Lasers.
I live in the Seattle area.
Lasers like a laser gun go shooting mobs? Or lasers for practical things or as a tool like in Portal 2? More like Portal 2. If powered, they'd provide redstone power to whatever block they're pointing at. And the beam could be interrupted by entities.
What browser do you prefer? Google chrome. Mozilla Firefox. Apple Safari. Opera. Other: ___ I never mentioned internet explorer because it sucks. Chrome.
Did you ever attempt to create a computer of any kind in Minecraft? Are you in contact with the Mojang team? Did you ever have a great idea for a contraption, but couldn't make it because the redstone would mess up? Love your videos. Keep 'em going! Nope. It's an interesting challenge, but lots of other people have done that and I think it would take up too much of my time.
How about the other questions? Oh, whoops. Yeah I talk with Dinnerbone plenty. And I have tons of ideas for contraptions that don't work out. There are some things you can't build in Minecraft (yet).
How do you feel knowing loads of people use your creations in their worlds or play your maps? I still have trouble conceptualizing "loads of people." I'm just a guy placing blocks in a world, and then talking to his computer screen about it. But when I see other people playing my games or whatever, it definitely feels nice.
What would you be doing if you weren't as popular as you are now? This can't be something you predicted earlier on. I might still be doing videos, I might not. I'd almost certainly still be working at Microsoft rather than being self-employed :P.
1// on average, how long does it take you to make various minecraft games? It can take from 2 hours to a month. On average, a solid evening or two.
2// how did you meet all of your fellow m.c. friends (etho, vechs, threetwo, etc) Lots of different ways. Some through Race for the Wool, some just through inviting them to events, some through friends of friends.
3// (from my friend Daniel) why are you so awesome? I never eat vegetables.
As a follow up question, what's your favorite kind of food? I'm rather fond of clam chowder. Bacon cheeseburger.
Any advice for new Minecraft Youtubers? Any other Youtubers you would like to work with? Are you going to MineCon this year? Don't expect success. I was lucky to get popular, and I started in a time that was much less crowded. If you do want any chance at YouTube popularity, you need to stand out in an extreme way.
I've pretty much had a chance to work with all the YouTubers that I'd want to. I actually know a lot of them at this point.
I'll be at MineCon.
What do you think are some of the weaknesses in current Minecraft mapediting tools? I actually get along using MCEdit just fine, and I can always add custom filters when I need to, since I'm a developer. There are some things that could be useful if they were added directly to the MCEdit GUI, but honestly I don't have trouble accomplishing what I want to accomplish. It doesn't really get updates, though, so as time goes on, it will become a worse and worse tool. At that point I might start looking at other mapmaking tools.
What do you think are some of the strengths/weaknesses of the current Minecraft engine, design or implementation wise? There are a ton of weaknesses, but overall it's pretty moot since they're in the process of completely restructuring the code. It'll take some time, but I believe they'll get to the point where the Minecraft codebase is actually well-designed and maintainable.
How much time do you spend making videos? Or playing Minecraft? About a full-time job's worth.
How often do you play survival singleplayer? Like a couple hours a week maybe. It varies a lot from month to month.
Have you ever built anything really cool in survival, or built one of your inventions? I typically go for really practical stuff in survival. I did build a gigantic mob trap that took far too long, but lots of people have done that.
If you would do a mod what would it do? The challenge I present to myself is to take the game mechanics in vanilla Minecraft and do interesting things with them. The only mods I would consider would be mapmaking tools that help me make maps that others are able to consume in vanilla Minecraft.
1) What game do you like most to play? (top 3?) 1) Right now, Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft. I played a fair amount of Tribes a couple months ago, but really I'm not much of a gamer outside of Minecraft.
2) How do you drink your coffee? 2) I don't.
3) How did you 'discover' reddit? 3) I think I just always felt it in my bones. Honestly, I don't remember.
Will you ever make an LP? Probably not.
Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or a hundred duck sized horses? A hundred duck sized horses.
What game genre will you go to after MineCraft dies? Hopefully Minecraft will inspire more sandbox adventure games before it dies, otherwise what killed Minecraft?
1) What's your favorite addition to Minecraft from Alpha? Beta? Release? 1) Redstone, Pistons, Command Blocks.
2) Is there anything in Minecraft you'd really like to be added? Changed? Removed? 2) I want lasers.
3) What are your thoughts on the current snapshots for 1.4? 3) One of the best updates for mapmakers ever.
4) What do you do when you're not playing Minecraft and making videos? 4) Normal stuff. Play board games with friends. Walk in the park.
What is your favourite thing about being able to do all this amazing things in Minecraft? I'm not good at any form of art, but Minecraft provides a canvas that I can actually use adeptly.
Do you ever expect an invitation to join Mojang? (We all do...) Not really. I'm not sure what I'd do for them that others aren't more qualified for and that would merit a paycheck.
Uhh...Just put the first thing that comes to mind when you read this.. Po-ta-toes. Boil 'em, mash 'em stick'em in a stew.
How'd you get started with RFW/Minecraft PVP? (RMCT, Redstoners, Blame Disco, etc) I watched the videos of the first RFW games with Coestar etc, and fell in love. When the reddit Minecraft tourney came along, it was an easy choice.
1) How do you feel about beating cumbox dude right now? 1) "beating cumbox dude..."
Where do you find inspiration, and have any features been implemented or created by your suggestion? Sometimes I'll think of something external to Minecraft and match it with an in-game mechanic, and sometimes I'll discover an interesting in-game mechanic, and match it to something external. Happens both ways, but it usually involves the marriage of in-game mechanics and external cultural phenomena. A few features have been implemented by my suggestion, I talk with Dinnerbone (one of the Minecraft developers) fairly regularly.
Have you ever considered working for Mojang? I'm not sure what I'd do there.
Do you ever get bored from playing the same game over and over? Minecraft has so many different ways of playing, so not really.
How's your vision after all the Minecrafing you've been doing (full work day every day...)? Vision is no worse than it already was.
Will you be making other tf2 maps or a Mann Vs Machine's version of dustbowl in the foreseeable future? Mann vs Machine isn't really possible, and likely won't be possible, given the mechanics of Minecraft. Definitely looking at other TF2 maps, though.
I want to make Youtube videos and maps like you, but I have terrible equipment. What should I get (happauge? fraps is a little slow) , and how should I start to pump views into my channel? Dxtory is quite a bit more performant than Fraps, especially if you use the lagarith codec. I use a cheap headset microphone, although it could use a bit of improvement. You can use Windows Live Movie Maker for editting when you're just starting out. As for views, that may be hard. For certain types of content /minecraft is a good place to get your name out there. At this point, there are a lot of people making Minecraft videos, and if you don't stand out in some extreme way, you'll have a hard to getting views.
What kind of build/contraption/whatever are you working on right now? I don't have a big project in the works right now. Today I'll probably be updating my Team Fortress 2 map for some of the new snapshot features.
Hey Seth, nice to see your IAmA here. Prior to your explosive expansion as a Youtuber, did you have any connection with Dinnerbone? If not, how did you two first become acquainted? Nope. Once he started working at Mojang and asking for feedback, I offered (via twitter) to give him some mapmaking feedback.
What other jobs have you had? Out of college I worked at Microsoft for three years. That's the only other full-time job. I did some Summer research fellowships during college too.
How do I get a show on YouTube started? What did you do before you did only YouTube stuff? What's your favorite non-minecraft game to play? I love you (and I'm a straight male) Answers elsewhere in the thread.
Do you look into the game code for finding out cool things you can do in Minecraft or do you have insider access from Dinnerbone and Jeb? I've looked at the game code twice to figure out features, but I don't do it most of the time. Recently Dinnerbone has been telling me about some of the technical features, since a lot of them are by my request.
Have you ever wanted to play another game and post it on the channel or all you all Minecraft, all the time? I want to find another game that's as open-ended as Minecraft for my channel. So far I haven't seen anything.
Do you ever get recognized on the street? Whats the best part of having a career off of youtube? I've never been recognized on the street. I like having the freedom to control my own schedule/activities. I can make the choices I think are best without having to convince anyone else.
When did your videos really start "picking up"/ getting popular? After Notch tweeted my Duck Hunt video.
What do you think of this guy who did his own rendition of angry birds? Do you watch any aspiring youtubers? ACTennis is awesome. One of the most creative channels out there. I watch plenty of channels that have ~20k subs, I don't know if that counts as aspiring.
Have you ever planned on opening a forum for your site or maybe even a minecraft public server dedicated to fellow scientists of redstone? :) Yeah, I've thought about putting a forum on my website. It may yet happen.
Sorry that I'm 4 days late to the party, but I find this AMA really cool. Okay, questions. How many subscribers would you say you needed in order to make a decent profit? Has your internet success affected your personal life?(excluding your job of course) I had about 50k subscribers when it became viable as a job, but at that point I was also getting a lot views every day from non-subscribers. I still do. I find that I now spend a lot more time working on weekends, because YouTube's most popular days are the weekends, and other people are available to do stuff on weekends. So while I have more flexible schedules during the week, it often eats more into my weekend social life. Otherwise, it hasn't really changed my personal life much (except that I'm generally a bit happier).
Does making these videos ever get difficult, like coming up with ideas? Sure. There's a lot of pressure to be creative, and I'm constantly running out of ideas. Luckily, so far I've always been able to come up with new ones.
1)What are the specs of your PC? 2)What music do you like? 1) I actually use a gaming laptop with Core i7 [email protected], 8GB RAM, Geforce GTX 670M. It's quite a beast.
2) I like rock. My favorite bands are Muse, Silversun Pickups and Metric.
What was it like when you first started out with redstone? How long did it take you to get "good" with it? Some of the stuff you make is just crazy with the amount of redstone in it. Last little thing, the two map display things you made were very cool and such a great idea. I was as bad as anyone starting out. I had to do a lot of reading on the wiki, watching youtube videos, and toying around with things to get good at it. And thanks.
If mojang offered you a job to work at minecraft would you give your YouTube up for it? And do you like bacon sanwiches? Depends what they wanted me to do for Minecraft. I really love my current job. I'm not sure I've ever had a bacon sandwich, but I would almost certainly love it.
1) I know that your son makes video,is it real? 2) How do you get DInnerbone to work with you? 2) I'm one of the most well-known mapmakers, and he needs input from mapmakers. I also provide him with a lot of bug reports.
OMG SETHBLING REPLIED TO ME!!! Ok, now that that's out of my system, I had one more question if you don't mind. Are you trying to say that there are no shortcuts in life and that hard work is the best way to success? There are shortcuts in life, but hard work and intelligence are a pretty surefire route to success.
What version of Minecraft did you start playing? I started playing just before the Halloween update.
What made you want to make youtube videos? All the awesome videos I was already watching. I thought maybe I could contribute, too.
How do you feel about people who use Adblock and don't view the ads on/around your videos? I know it's going to happen, and there are plenty of people that don't use adblock, so meh, whatever. I'd probably make a lot more, and there would probably be a lot more professional YouTubers if people didn't use adblock, but that's not going to happen, so it's not really worth dwelling on.
Can you please, for once and for all, solve the Adblock question? Do you only get paid per ad clicks(so Adblock doesn't matter to people who wouldn't click on ads anyway) or per ad\video views? Both.
Have you ever experimented with tekkit? Nope, I generally stick to vanilla. I want to keep my videos as accessible as possible, and I like the challenge.
What did you study? Were you good at school? Computer Science at Caltech. I had a 3.95 in high school and a 3.5 in college.
1) Without YouTube in your life, what do you think you would be doing now? 1) I'd still be working at Microsoft.
2) How long have you been on YouTube? 2) About 15 months.
3) What made you start to use Redstone? 3) I wanted to build a minecart station.
4) What version of Minecraft did you start playing at? 4) Just before the Halloween update.
Will you ever make an adventure map that includes all of your filters, redstone devices, tricks and other stuff? I have a lot of filters, devices and tricks. I might make an adventure map, but a lot of those things wouldn't fit.
Am I allowed to use and explain your command block filters (and some other ones) in my command block tutorial series as long as I put a link to your channel in the description? Sure. I'd also appreciate if you'd mention my name for any portions containing my filters, but it's up to you.
How fun has the entire experience been? About as fun as you'd think. There's a lot of work involved, but it's all work that I like doing.
I ask this to everyone who has ever played minecraft. Who or what originally showed you the game? Nice to come home and see you out of the minecraft subreddit and making some more friends. I saw my roommate playing it, and liked the idea of such an open-ended game.
If you could have anything in the world what would it be? Ten tokens that could be redeemed for anything in the world.
1) How do you mainly feel about the change from 1.7 and up? 1) Mainly great.
2) Besides minecraft, do you play any other games you feel people should know about? 2) Not really.
3) Do you know anybody who you think is better at redstone then you? 3) There are definitely people that are better than me at certain types of redstone engineering. I don't do any digital logic, any people have built CPUs.
1) How long ago did you find out about MC? 2) How did you find out about MC? 3) How did you find out you are a freaking redstone genius 4) Are you having a good day? 1) I started playing just before the Halloween update.
2) Saw my roommate playing it.
3) When people started subscribing to me on YouTube.
If you could only have any one feature added to minecraft, what would it be and why? Lasers. The way I envision them, they'd be easy to code, and revolutionize redstone circuitry. Basically a laser block faces some direction. If it's receiving redstone power, the it emits a laser. If the laser hits a block, it provides redstone power. Entities could interrupt the laser. You could chain laser blocks together. You could power stuff without so much redstone getting in the way. It'd be awesome.
How many AP classes did you take in high school? Idunno, like 9?
Once the Minecraft Fad has ended completely, what would you see yourself doing after that? Would you start doing the next indie game that became a hit overnight? I sense hostility.
If you could say one thing to your younger self, what would you say? > Just keep doing what you're doing.
I'm very happy with my life choices. Like many nerds, I had a moderately rough childhood emotionally, but it all built me into the person I am now.
Have you ever considered being a game tester at Mojang? "Game tester" doesn't actually carry the awesome responsibilities that most people think it does. What I do now is much more fun than what a game tester does.
How did you get your partenership/what are the qualifications to get one? I had 4000 subscribers, and YouTube just accepted my application. Now YouTube doesn't have partnership, you can just monetize your videos.
Can you take us through your average day? What is your work schedule, if you have one, and what are the perks of being your own boss? Wake up, check messages, reddit a bit, screw around with minecraft, reddit a bit more, go for a walk in the park if it's nice out, reddit/minecraft a bit more, eat, more serious minecrafting and redditing into the wee hours. That's if I don't have any social obligations.
How did you choose the name Seth bling? ^ It was my AIM screen name in high school. I didn't plan on becoming internet famous under this name.
How did you feel when you first talked to notch a few weeks ago? I was in the call and game with you, and it was really, really cool to hear you talk to notch with such admiration. What was going through your mind then? He's probably the one person in the world that I most wanted to hear praise from, and he called me a "golden god of geniuses." It definitely didn't feel bad.
I'm kinda milkin the questions here but hell, it's an AMA so why not. Do you e joy watching any sports on tv or live? If so, which teams do you support? Not really. Occasionally I'll watch football if my roommate has it on. I do love watching professional Korean Brood War, though, but that's about done with.
Starcraft ? Yep.
Where did you get the idea for your tf2 map, and how long did it take? Also, how did you get so dang good with red stone? It seemed like the obvious thing to do with command blocks. We spent about a month on it. Lots of practice and watching other youtubers.
What caused you to get into minecraft video's, and how did you get so go at making redstone contraptions? Answered elsewhere in the thread.
If Mojang offered you a position in exchange that you stop making videos, would you do it? Really depends on the position.
A developer I guess? Lets say you get paid the same, the exact same benefits. Basically would you choose mojang over your youtube career if everything was exactly the same except you develop minecraft like dinnerbone instead of making videos. As a developer specifically for new Minecraft features? Yeah I'd probably take them up on it. As a developer for backend server infrastructure? No, thanks.
If you could add anything, what would it be? Also, how would you utilize it to make some ridiculous game that you always seem to do? Lasers. I would use them everywhere.
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