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Welcome to SupergirlTV, a subreddit about the comic-book TV series starring Melissa Benoist. Discuss anything and everything about the show here. The sixth and final season will air on The CW in 2021

Starship Development Thread #11

Quick Links

JUMP TO COMMENTS | Alternative Jump To Comments Link


Vehicle Status as of June 23:
  • SN5 [construction] - Tankage section stacked and awaiting move to test site.
  • SN6 [construction] - Tankage section stacked.
  • SN7 [testing] - A 3 ring test tank using 304L stainless steel. Tested to failure and repaired and tested to failure again.
Road Closure Schedule as of June 22:
  • June 24; 06:00-19:00 CDT (UTC-5)
  • June 29, 30, July 1; 08:00-17:00 CDT (UTC-5)
Check recent comments for real time updates.
At the start of thread #11 Starship SN4 is preparing for installation of Raptor SN20 with which it will carry out a third static fire and a 150 m hop. Starships SN5 through SN7 are under construction. Starship test articles are expected to make several hops up to 20 km in the coming months, and Elon aspires to an orbital flight of a Starship with full reuse by the end of 2020. SpaceX continues to focus heavily on development of its Starship production line in Boca Chica, TX.
Previous Threads:
Completed Build/Testing Tables for vehicles can be found in the following Dev Threads: Starhopper (#4) | Mk.1 (#6) | Mk.2 (#7) | SN1 (#9) | SN2 (#9) | SN3 (#10) | SN4 build (#10)

Vehicle Updates

Starship SN7 Test Tank at Boca Chica, Texas
2020-06-23 Tested to failure (YouTube)
2020-06-18 Reinforcement of previously failed forward dome seam (NSF)
2020-06-15 Tested to failure (YouTube), Leak at 7.6 bar (Twitter)
2020-06-12 Moved to test site (NSF)
2020-06-10 Upper and lower dome sections mated (NSF)
2020-06-09 Dome section flip (NSF)
2020-06-05 Dome appears (NSF)
2020-06-04 Forward dome appears, and sleeved with single ring [Marked SN7], 304L (NSF)
2020-06-01 Forward dome† appears and is sleeved with double ring (NSF), probably not flight hardware
2020-05-25 Double ring section marked "SN7" (NSF)
See comments for real time updates. † possibly not for this vehicle

Starship SN5 at Boca Chica, Texas
2020-06-22 Flare stack replaced (NSF)
2020-06-03 New launch mount placed, New GSE connections arrive (NSF)
2020-05-26 Nosecone base barrel section collapse (Twitter)
2020-05-17 Nosecone with RCS nozzles (Twitter)
2020-05-13 Good image of thermal tile test patch (NSF)
2020-05-12 Tankage stacking completed (NSF)
2020-05-11 New nosecone (later marked for SN5) (NSF)
2020-05-06 Aft dome section mated with skirt (NSF)
2020-05-04 Forward dome stacked on methane tank (NSF)
2020-05-02 Common dome section stacked on LOX tank midsection (NSF)
2020-05-01 Methane header integrated with common dome, Nosecone† unstacked (NSF)
2020-04-29 Aft dome integration with barrel (NSF)
2020-04-25 Nosecone† stacking in high bay, flip of common dome section (NSF)
2020-04-23 Start of high bay operations, aft dome progress†, nosecone appearance† (NSF)
2020-04-22 Common dome integrated with barrel (NSF)
2020-04-17 Forward dome integrated with barrel (NSF)
2020-04-11 Three domes/bulkheads in tent (NSF)
See comments for real time updates. † possibly not for this vehicle

Starship SN6 at Boca Chica, Texas
2020-06-14 Fore and aft tank sections stacked (Twitter)
2020-06-08 Skirt added to aft dome section (NSF)
2020-06-03 Aft dome section flipped (NSF)
2020-06-02 Legs spotted† (NSF)
2020-06-01 Forward dome section stacked (NSF)
2020-05-30 Common dome section stacked on LOX tank midsection (NSF)
2020-05-26 Aft dome sleeved (NSF)
2020-05-20 Downcomer on site (NSF)
2020-05-10 Forward dome sleeved (NSF)
2020-05-06 Common dome sleeved (NSF)
2020-05-05 Forward dome (NSF)
2020-04-27 A scrapped dome† (NSF)
2020-04-23 At least one dome/bulkhead mostly constructed† (NSF)
See comments for real time updates. † possibly not for this vehicle

Starship SN8 at Boca Chica, Texas
2020-06-11 Aft dome barrel† appears, possible for this vehicle, 304L (NSF)
See comments for real time updates. † possibly not for this vehicle

Starship SN4 at Boca Chica, Texas - TESTING UPDATES
2020-05-29 Static Fire followed by anomaly resulting in destruction of SN4 and launch mount (YouTube)
2020-05-28 Static Fire (YouTube)
2020-05-27 Extra mass added to top (NSF)
2020-05-24 Tesla motopump/plumbing and new tank farm equipment, Test mass/ballast (NSF)
2020-05-21 Crew returns to pad, aftermath images (NSF)
2020-05-19 Static Fire w/ apparent GSE malfunction and extended safing operations (YouTube)
2020-05-18 Road closed for testing, possible aborted static fire (Twitter)
2020-05-17 Possible pressure test (comments), Preburner test (YouTube), RCS test (Twitter)
2020-05-10 Raptor SN20 delivered to launch site and installed (Twitter)
2020-05-09 Cryoproof and thrust load test, success at 7.5 bar confirmed (Twitter)
2020-05-08 Road closed for pressure testing (Twitter)
2020-05-07 Static Fire (early AM) (YouTube), feed from methane header (Twitter), Raptor removed (NSF)
2020-05-05 Static Fire, Success (Twitter), with sound (YouTube)
2020-05-05 Early AM preburner test with exhaust fireball, possible repeat or aborted SF following siren (Twitter)
2020-05-04 Early AM testing aborted due to methane temp. (Twitter), possible preburner test on 2nd attempt (NSF)
2020-05-03 Road closed for testing (YouTube)
2020-05-02 Road closed for testing, some venting and flare stack activity (YouTube)
2020-04-30 Raptor SN18 installed (YouTube)
2020-04-27 Cryoproof test successful, reached 4.9 bar (Twitter)
2020-04-26 Ambient pressure testing successful (Twitter)
2020-04-23 Transported to and installed on launch mount (Twitter)
See comments for real time updates. For construction updates see Thread #10
For information about Starship test articles prior to SN4 please visit the Starship Development Threads #10 or earlier. Update tables for older vehicles will only appear in this thread if there are significant new developments.

Permits and Licenses

Launch License (FAA) - Suborbital hops of the Starship Prototype reusable launch vehicle for 2 years - 2020 May 27 License No. LRLO 20-119
Experimental STA Applications (FCC) - Comms for Starship hop tests (abbreviated list) File No. 0814-EX-ST-2020 Starship medium altitude hop mission 1584 ( 3km max ) - 2020 June 4 File No. 0816-EX-ST-2020 Starship Medium Altitude Hop_2 ( 3km max ) - 2020 June 19 File No. 0150-EX-ST-2020 Starship experimental hop ( 20km max ) - 2020 March 16 As of May 21 there were 8 pending or granted STA requests for Starship flight comms describing at least 5 distinct missions, some of which may no longer be planned. For a complete list of STA applications visit the wiki page for SpaceX missions experimental STAs



We will attempt to keep this self-post current with links and major updates, but for the most part, we expect the community to supply the information. This is a great place to discuss Starhip development, ask Starship-specific questions, and track the progress of the production and test campaigns. Starship Development Threads are not party threads. Normal subreddit rules still apply.
If you find problems in the post please tag u/strawwalker in a comment or send me a message.
submitted by ElongatedMuskrat to spacex

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