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The (Informed) Youth of the Nation: The Sub-Human Child

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Welcome Sa'Id King, the Broken Son of Discord

General Info

  • Current Age: 20
  • Birthdate: October 5th, 2014 (3:00 AM)
  • Full Name: Sa'Id Ammon King
  • Alias: 'King', 'Ammon'.
  • Birthplace: Carlsbad, California.
  • Health Conditions: ADHD, Dyslexia,

Favorite Things

  • Foods: He loves honey. He generally mixes it with a variety of other foods, though.
  • Drinks: Just give him a glass of water and he's fine. He does have what one may consider a minor addiction to wine.
  • Media: Sa'Id never particularly enjoyed TV or Movies. He preferred stories told by others, retained only by one's memory.


(his entire family except for his godly mother has perished through a variety of grueling ways)
Member Name Age Additional Notes
Father Ali King 36 The father of Sa'Id. Was only a teenager when Eris gave Sa'Id to him. After that, he had to move in with his relatives and tries to give Sa'Id a good life.
Mother Eris N/A The Greek Goddess of Strife and Discord. Neither have met and both hope they never do.


Power Additional Notes
Combat Expertise Is a brutal fighter in most ways. He's most dangerous in a melee fist-fight; if you ever catch yourself against him in these conditions, forfeit.
Ability to Cause Chaos When he uses this power, he essentially throws a wrench in the wheels of fate. Everything becomes more volatile, things are more likely to go wrong. It's like a randomizer.
Ability to Cause Insanity He can cause small bursts of insanity to be brought upon someone's mind. Hallucinations, delusions and a plethora of other symptoms. Every time he uses the ability, there is a bit of a recoil towards him.
Emotional Manipulation Specifically more negative and destructive feelings. Grief, anger, hatred, etc.

Equipment / Items

Type Name Description
Chains 'None' Celestial Bronze chains. He stole them from the corpse of another Demigod.
Wine Glass 'Rihanna' A wine glass he's somehow kept safe on his journey to Camp.


Faceclaim Height Weight Eyes Hair Body Type
Here 6'04" 215lbs Green Black Muscular
Notes: He's extremely tall and muscular. Aside from his towering bulk, he doesn't stand out much in a crowd. Except for a few details.
Across the left corner of his mouth, to where his jaw meets his skull, there is a scar... Riddled over his hands and forearms, there are scars from his own chains.


Sa'Id's personality is not something that is described, it has to be experienced. For the most part, in his most public self, he acts like a fairly confident teenager.
But that's not really the intriguing part of his personality. Sa'Id is rather chaotic in his mood swings. Explosive, Cunning, Deceptive and Strong. He was Not in a way that suggested insanity or anything like it, but he was just... Well, insane might be a way to put it.
Though he's smart and cunning, he also has a bit of a crazy edge to him. He's just a generic teenager, but he flips from emotion to emotion, from behavior to behavior. It's very chaotic and it makes it difficult for him to keep friends close for too long.
Just think of a normal teen. All of them. Chances are, Sa'Id is at least half of them. But, at the same time, not like any of them...


Sa'Id King was born to Eris and Ali King. His parents had met by pure chance. It was at a rock concert. Or was it at a coffee shop? Hell, neither of them remembered or cared.
It was a night (or morning?) of pure passion. They fell in love and fell out of it just as quick. It apparently lasted long enough for Sa'Id to be conceived.
Nine months later, Sa'Id showed up at Ali and his parents' doorstep. That day where Sa'Id appeared, Eris did as well one last time (or second-to-last?) to explain who she was.
Baffled, the teenaged Ali had no choice but to try his best to care for Sa'Id.
He had a fairly good education and life. From afar, his fellow students loved him (or did they hate him?). He was indeed charismatic and humorous. He was unfairly likable. Until people actually chose to get to know him, then he grew a bit strange and less-liked.
But by the time that happened, he usually had to switch schools due to his father's job. Then he restarted and basked in popularity from afar (he would eventually manage to graduate as sixteen, right?).
By himself, though, he was stranger. He was the kind of self-aware person who looked at his own personality and saw his flaws at they were. He vaguely cared about how strange he was, but it soon got worse.
When he was sixteen (or seventeen?), Eris claimed him. His father explained as quickly as possible. But it was too much for Sa'Id. He fled his life sunk into solitude as he tried to grasp at what the hell he was.
Before he left, he took one thing, a wine glass. His father had kept it from the night he met Eris. A memento of sorts.
His personality became even more easily fluctuating. He was a being of chaos. He lived on his own and actually managed to build a bit of a life for himself. He had a job, relationships, it was great (or was it? Damn, he would never remember).
Then the Cull struck. He had already managed to live without difficulty in a monster-filled world but this was much more difficult. But he survived and -from the demigods he fought- he learned to head to Camp Half-Blood.
He traveled with great difficulty (or was it easy?) through the country before arriving in NYC, unfortunately just as the Last Stand took place. He got the main idea of what was happening and fought brutally. He did well, but at the end of it all... It was reversed.
Sa'Id found himself in Manhattan in a life he didn't recognize. It was like the Cull had never happened. But it did, right? His life he had set up before the Cull had evolved into something else apparently. What had his job turned into? Hell, he didn't know. But it made money apparently.
His memories were scrambled. Warped and torn apart. Any telepath would venture into his mind and go insane from how broken he was. He was unsure of his entire life suddenly. Memories from two timelines. Which were real? Was anything real?
The confused Son of Eris remembered one thing though with clarity. Camp Half-Blood. So, he ventured for the Camp in hopes of answers. Or maybe just a time to party? Hell, he didn't care anymore (right?).


Sa'Id King stands at the crest of Half-Blood hill. He wears a dark trenchcoat over a lavender button-up shirt. He wears slacks which hang over his shining dress shoes. Atop his head is an almost-glistening black fedora. Apparently the life he didn't fully remember having had many perks.
Throwing off the outfit were two chains wrapped around his left forearm, the sleeve rolled up. In his right hand, he held a wine glass. Apparently he liked wine... Maybe.
He begins trudging into Camp. No, he does more of a stride. His body and mind seem more out of sync than they usually were. Hell, his mind was out of sync with itself (then again, that was normal).
submitted by Renwu_Lian to CampHalfBloodRP

HWW GAME VII, BTVS - Winners and Wrap-ups

WINNERS HWW GAME VII, BTVS - Winners and Wrap-ups



01) Universe of Perpetual Wednesdays

SUPERSTAR KILL: BSConnerie (Kit) *(If the lynch vote was the same as the superstar kill it will only be listed as a superstar kill.)

02) Universe without Shrimp

MOB KILL: Keight07 (Sad Angel) SUPERSTAR KILL: bttfforever (Vamp Willow)

03) Universe of Excessive Rabbits

MOB KILL: Flabbergasted_rhino (Ford) SUPERSTAR KILL: HyperAccelerated (Vamp Willow)

04) Universe made of Cheese

MOB KILL: GhostofLexaeus (Vamp Willow) SUPERSTAR KILL: starflashfairy (Vamp Xander)

05) Universe of Speaking English Good

SUPERSTAR KILL: elbowsss (Sad Angel)
1 9 5


Living Faction Winners:


(those that didn't win via alignment survival)
  • Alhambra93 (Ethan Rayne - Self Interest) - Lynched
  • Chronospell (Generic Demon - Vengeance) - Ascension Day occurred
  • kemistreekat (Graham - The Initiative) - Grudge (NON-HUMAN <50% at endgame /*)
  • Lancelot_Thunderthud (Riley - The Initiative) - Grudge (NON-HUMAN <50% at endgame)
  • Mrrrrh (Forrest - The Initiative) - Grudge (NON-HUMAN <50% at endgame)
  • phdiabetic (Worthless Servant - Glorificus) - Grudge (Dawn Summers)
  • Reubenbenkel (Veruca the Human - Self Interest) - Convert (werewolf x1)
  • starflashfairy (Jesse - Self Interest) - Automatic
  • Suitelifeofem (D'Hoffryn - Vengeance) - Convert (demon x1) "
/*The Initiative's goal had been modified early on when we, along with many of you, realized it would have been near-impossible for them to wipe out ALL of the non-humans. We reduced the required amount from 100% to 50%.


(those that didn't win via alignment survival OR neutral goals)
  • barmen1 - 05) Universe of Speaking English Good (Vamp Willow)
  • coolscorpion_83 - 04) Universe made of Cheese (Lydia)
  • Dirtymarteeny - 03) Universe of Excessive Rabbits (Superstar)
  • DruidNick - 03) Universe of Excessive Rabbits (Lydia)
  • elbowsss - 05) Universe of Speaking English Good (Sad Angel)
  • Gingy120 - 02) Universe without Shrimp (Kit)
  • Icetoa180 - 05) Universe of Speaking English Good (Vamp Xander)
  • Idk_very_much - 01) Universe of Perpetual Wednesdays (Vamp Willow)
  • midnightdragon - 02) Universe without Shrimp (Superstar)
  • Penultima - 02) Universe without Shrimp (Lydia)
  • qngff - 03) Universe of Excessive Rabbits (Nigel)
  • Savant-Bard - 03) Universe of Excessive Rabbits (Kathy Newman)
  • SharkToons - 04) Universe made of Cheese (Nigel)
  • Team-Hufflepuff - 01) Universe of Perpetual Wednesdays (Ford)
  • TheFeury - 02) Universe without Shrimp (First Slayer)
  • thursdayxox - 04) Universe made of Cheese (April the Sexbot)


  • pezes - 04) Universe made of Cheese (First Slayer)"



Voted for Best Dramatic Presentation with 5 Votes is... Futuretiwinner
  • “hyena”
  • List.
  • I don't negotiate with terrorists.
  • He, er… put on a show?
... Voted for Best Networking with 2 Votes is... Savant-Bard
  • They received many good whispers and translated them very effectively, coming up with the codes enabling us to use fewer characters and jam more info in
  • So much info flows through him. He's a walking telephone by this point.
... Voted for Best Supporting Actor with 2 Votes is... a_sneaky_meerkat
  • Constantly gave us good info from the shadows
  • Gave us so much discussion material from the shadows, yet never got any credit for it.
... Voted for Face of the Future with 1 Votes is... Lancelot_Thunderthud
  • He seems to be adapting to this game and getting acquainted with it fast. (Faster than myself anyway :P)
... Voted for Funniest Comment with 2 Votes is... mindputtee
... Voted for Heritage Award with 2 Votes is... Savant-Bard
  • Very helpful insights. Trustworthy. If indeed evil, very well played!
  • He's either played a great town game or an amazing vamp game. Either I think would put him as the best veteran player
... Voted for Outstanding Achievements in Drama with 7 Votes is... Futuretiwinner
  • because ""LIST""
  • pretty self-explanatory
  • Always exaggerated his comments
  • Pretty self-explanatory.
  • The attention was on me for like 8 phases.
  • LIST
  • Same as Dramatic Presentation. He drove us bonkers.
... Voted for Outstanding Makeup with 1 Votes is... xX_00mps69_Xx
  • Took a long time to find out who he was. (His alt. Not the role)
... Voted for Saddest Death with 5 Votes is... qngff
  • Seriously, poor guy!
  • Honestly, the game seemed like it was actively screwing him over.
  • Q was impacted by issues with the spreadsheets and it ultimately led to his death. Watching him beg to live was one of the hardest things I have seen in HWW history. The fact that it still led to his death was heartbreaking.
  • I had to kill him to protect the vampires even though he was called out. Either I play to win the game or I play to please the crowd because of a PM mess up.
  • Essentially a Moderator death. Nothing could be worse, seeing Q beg for their life and the village to reply ""No"". As ghosts, even when we had a kill that very phase, it felt so darn helpless for us
... Voted for Town Protector with 5 Votes is... Diggenwalde
  • Figuring out the dead messages
  • Did the best job helping town
  • Navigated the town through two ghost events with success
  • He correctly predicted how the ghost whispers worked! And did his best to protect the town and serve them to the best of his abilities.
  • Their prediction of the ghost events was on point. They organised the town well and knew the right incentives for Neutrals to help. Even though they were somewhat ignored by the rest of the town, I think they were one of the most solid town
... "


  • The Glorificus Award for Closest Potential Victory goes to u/Keight07 for the round she protected Giles instead of Warren and how she would have taken out 3 Scoobies in an instant.
  • The Andrew Wells Award for Best Bluff goes to u/qngff for his incredible cover story after our error revealed his role! You really showed your excellence as a player in this moment, and did a great job of making the best of a bad situation. We were all astonished at how well you were pulling it off. K9 says: "I wish his role explanation was what we had down. Loved it!"
  • The Harmony Kendall Award for Best Whisper goes to u/DirtyMarTeeny for whispering to Buffy aka u/HyperAccelerated that she was Ben and needed to find Dawn to keep her safe from Glory (despite the fact that she converted every phase between the two roles). Sean says: "DMT, you played such an excellent game. You were probably my favorite player to watch, and you were the perfect person to take on what I consider my favorite role of the game."
  • The First Evil Award for Best Evil Strategy goes to u/pizzabangle for devising the perfect code for evils to whisper with surreptitiously. (Could also be the Jenny Calendar Award for Best Coding, but she was our first Master, so this felt fitting.)
  • The Riley Finn Award for best Good Strategy goes to u/HyperAccelerated for their bluff about being a Monk of Dagon to hide how they knew Dawn's identity (when in actuality, it was due to them being Buffy, who needed to know who Dawn was to prevent Dawn's lynch, which would result in Buffy dying, but only for one phase).
  • The Marcie Ross Award for Invisibility goes to u/Lady_Hucklefuddy for lack of being considered for lynch for an amazingly long time, despite being evil from the beginning, and being selected for a lot of the vampire kills.
  • The Warren Mears Award for Excellence in Jetpack Escapes goes to u/39alaska39 for being brought up for lynch SO MANY TIMES but being the last surviving evil player. If you had avoided detection one last time, the game would've come to a draw.
  • The Watchers Council Award for Best Neutral Gameplay goes to u/HibbertsHugeFish for almost doubling their win condition, surviving until the end and having nearly 100% of the remaining living players infested with your sexy, desirable eggs.


u/seanmik620: My first time hosting is complete! What a wild ride. It was truly fascinating to see you all use these roles in unexpected ways, and also miss things that I thought would be obvious. Cordelia is one of my most favorite characters in the whole series, and it made me chuckle when people thought she was a bluffed role. In case you were wondering, her power was to get a vision of the person that received the second most vampire votes, which probably would've been a lot more useful if the evil sub stayed closed a lot longer so that they couldn't discuss their targets during the phase. It was originally supposed to remain closed (aside from the Halloween episode) until the Mayor's Ascension, but we changed course when he was killed relatively early.
We had SO MANY MORE CONVERSIONS THAT COULD'VE HAPPENED! That really would've rounded out the rather lacking list of Big Bads that showed up. Gameplay-wise that may be the only thing I'm disappointed in. I'm a fan of utter chaos, and conversions were the mechanic I was most excited about for this game. INCLUDING an evil-to-neutral role that you all doubted would exist. u/ryacoff wasn't lying about his role description, he had just not converted to that role at the time. If he had managed to visit an Initiative member at any point, then he would've lost access to the evil sub and was forbidden from revealing any evil names. He would've just needed to survive. Oh, and shout-out to u/chefjones for avoiding getting killed. If he had been, Willow would've converted to a Big Baddie and she has a bunch of spells.
I know there were some technical issues that screwed things up for a few of you, and I want to publicly express how horrible I felt in each of those moments. I know it's just a game, but we all play and stay involved with the community because of how much fun it is, and I apologize that our oversights soured that feeling for this game. Mistakes happen, but I personally will try my hardest to prevent that sort of thing from ever happening again in a game I host. (Side note: Anyone like Big Brother? I've got some ideas floating around for a game based on it.)
I had a great time hosting. I haven't done that much creative writing probably ever. Shout-out to my mom for designing the banners for this sub and ForcesOfDarkness! My co-host and shadows were AMAZING, so please give them some love. Especially new mama u/k9centipede, who may or may not also post some host notes, but is understandably a bit preoccupied right now. We will both be around in the comments answering any questions you guys may have. AMA!


P.S. I'll give gold to the first person that can tell me how the Hyena was passed along. - Sean
submitted by The_Watchers_Council to HogwartsWerewolves

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