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Melee/Summoner Sorceress [Guide]

Melee/Summoner Sorceress [Guide]

UPDATE: Those who frequent this subreddit are probably tired of seeing this guide. I apologize, but I made a significant change to the build: I made it a Melee/Summoner (as if it couldn't get any weirder). I wasn't allowed to edit the title of the previous guide, so I just decided to make a new guide with the updated information. Although the change makes the build more expensive, it also makes the build far more effective. And yes, I finally recorded videos.
Anyway, this is a guide for a Melee/Summoner Sorceress, which is exactly as the name implies - a Sorceress that utilizes summons, much like a Druid or Necromancer, but also smacks things with a sword. It's definitely not the strongest build in the game, but it's loads of fun. With each new patch, this build became more streamlined and enjoyable, so let's get started!

/How It Works/
In a nutshell: The skills "Enflame" and "Frigerate" have been changed to passive auras, which apply to you and all allies around you, including summons. You'll equip the runeword "Eternity" to summon up to three Revives, which are revived from corpses you spawn with the Desecrate oSkill provided by the unique shield "Radament's Sphere" on weapon swap. Your mercenary provides a large amount of support, while you use your default melee attack for additional damage.
  • Super Unique. Honestly, how many Melee/Summoner Sorceresses have you come across? You'll definitely catch the eyes of other players.
  • Party Friendly. Between Enflame, Frigerate, and the supportive auras your mercenary provide, you'll be welcome in any party.
  • Easy to Play. Once you get the hang of the build, you'll notice it's very easy to play because most skills are passive. Furthermore, you never have to worry about mana because you don't actively cast spells (aside from Teleport) during combat.
  • Gear Dependent. This build requires specific gear not only to summon Revives, but also to increase survivability because most of the build's skills are not defensive. I do not suggest starting a season with this build; I only suggest this build after gathering most of the items.
  • Somewhat Expensive. Eternity itself is a little less than four high runes. The rest of the items are quite specific and can cost a pretty penny. If you want to push this build to the limit, you'll have to invest more.
  • Not for Ubers. It's a meme build and it'll never compete with the end-game meta. I've tried many times, but the build doesn't do well against Ubers. Admittedly, I haven't attempted Diablo Clone, but I don't expect that to go well either.

  • 20 Enflame
    • Primary source of damage as it adds a crap ton of fire damage to you, your mercenary, and your Revives. Enflame also increases everyone's attack rating.
  • 20 Warmth
    • Synergy for Enflame, but also gives a bit of mana recovery.
  • 20 Fire Mastery
    • Self-Explanatory
  • 20 Frigerate
    • Secondary source of damage that adds cold damage to you, your mercenary, and your Revives for dealing with Fire Immunes. Frigerate also reduces target defense, ensuring they're hit more often.
  • 1 Cold Mastery
    • You don't need more than one point here.
  • 1 Teleport
    • Solely for mobility. And yes, your Revives will teleport with you.
  • 5 Prerequisites (Fire Bolt, Fire Ball, Ice Bolt, Ice Blast, and Telekinesis)
  • Rest: Shiver Armor
    • Synergy for Frigerate, but it's also a good defensive skill that increases defense rating and chills any enemies that hit you.

  • Strength: Enough for equipment.
  • Dexterity: 136 (for Phase Blade)
  • Vitality: Everything else.
  • Energy: Nothing
Given these stats, you'll be a Vita Sorc, which are notably more fragile than ES Sorcs. As previously mentioned, you'll need to increase survivability with your gear.

There are two mandatory items for this build: Eternity and Radament's Sphere. Other items marked with [*] are, in my opinion, the best in slot (BIS) for the build. Regardless of whether or not there's a BIS for a slot, feel free to use an item I suggested or any appropriate item you have available. [Here] is my armory, in case you want to use it for reference.
  • Weapon: Eternity
    • This is one of two mandatory items for the build as it gives you charges for Level 8 Revive. It also has many defensive stats, like blind, slows target by 33%, replenish life +16, and cannot be frozen. I strongly recommend making Eternity in a Phase Blade; see the "Attack Speed" subsection near the end of the guide for more information.
  • Shield
    • Stormshield [*]
      • Great choice for its amazing defensive mods, including +3.75 defense per level, +25% increase block chance, 35% faster block rate, 30% damage reduction, 60% cold resist, and 25% lightning resist. Can be corrupted for sockets.
    • Spirit
      • Budget-friendly option with +2 all skills, 55% faster hit recovery (FHR), and +22 Vitality. If you invest in a lot of Strength, you can make this item in a Monarch shield.
  • Helm
    • Harlequin Crest) ("Shako")
      • Solid choice with +2 all skills, +1.5 life and mana per level, and 10% damage reduction. Can be corrupted for sockets.
    • Steel Shade [*]
      • The PoD version gives 15% increased attack speed (IAS) and +66-89 life gain on melee hit. This item is definitely BIS as the life gain is crucial for staying alive in the frontline. Can be corrupted for sockets.
    • Crown of Ages
      • Great defensive option with +1 all skills, +20-30 all resistances, 30% FHR, 10%-15% damage reduction, and up to two sockets.
  • Armor
    • Chains of Honor
      • Gives +2 all skills, +20 Strength, replenish life +7, +65 all resistances, and 8% damage reduction. It's expensive, so only use this option if you have the funds.
    • Arkaine's Valor)
      • Great choice with +1-2 all skills, +0.5 life per level, and 30% FHR. Can be corrupted for sockets. It's cheap and the defensive mods are desirable.
  • Belt: Verdungo's Hearty Cord [*]
    • Definitely BIS for belt slot due to 10% FHR, +30-40 Vitality, replenish life +10-13, and 10%-15% damage reduction. It's also very cheap and can be corrupted for additional mods.
  • Gloves: Lava Gout [*]
    • Absolutely BIS for gloves slot because it offers +10 Enflame. Given how oSkills work with native classes, you'll only get +3 Enflame, but that's still a good damage boost. It also gives 20% IAS and +24 fire resist. Can be corrupted for additional mods.
  • Boots
    • Sandstorm Trek
      • Cheap option with 20% FHR, +10-15 Strength/Vitality, and +40-70 poison resist.
    • Aldur's Advance
      • Another cheap option with 40% faster run/walk, +50 life, and +40-50 fire resist.
  • Amulet
    • Mara's Kaleidescope) [*]
      • Fantastic item that gives +2 all skills and +20-30 all resistances. BIS because that's all you really need for the amulet slot.
    • The Rising Sun
      • Alternative that provides +2 fire skills, +0.75 fire absorb per level, and replenish life +10. Decent option until you can find a better amulet.
  • Rings
    • Raven Frost
      • Amazing item that gives +150-250 attack rating, +15-20 Dexterity and 20% cold absorb, and cannot be frozen. Great option, even if the cannot be frozen mod is redundant with Eternity.
    • Dwarf Star
      • If you're not in need of resistances from a rare ring or don't know what to use for the other ring slot, I suggest having this equipped as the +40 life and 15% fire absorb mods are nice.
    • Wisp Projector
      • The PoD version gives an aura that increases everyone's damage by 10%. It also gives Level 9 Heart of Wolverine charges. It's ridiculously expensive, so only use it if you have the funds.
  • Rare Alternatives
    • For the belt, gloves, boots, amulet, and ring slots, feel free to use any rare items you have available. The best mods for such items are life, resistances, and FHR. For amulets, try to get +X Sorceress skills.
  • Jewel
    • Obviously, you're going to want to place a Melee Splash jewel somewhere on your gear. I highly suggest the other mod be 15% IAS to reach the attack speed breakpoint.
  • Runes
    • For any other available sockets, put as many Um (resistances) or Shael (FHR) runes as you need.
  • Weapon Swap: Spirit
    • Honestly, the only reason for this item is +2 all skills, which reduces the cooldown of Desecrate by a very small amount. Since this item is on swap, the other mods are negligible.
  • Shield Swap: Radament's Sphere
    • This is the other mandatory item for the build. It gives +1 Desecrate oSkill, which you use to spawn corpses for Revives. Since it's on swap, the other mods are negligible. However, you must get used to swapping every 10 minutes to re-summon your Revives.
  • Charms
    • Of course, you want Annihilus and a Sorceress Hellfire Torch for more damage. If you don't have them, don't worry - they won't make or break the build (in fact, I don't have them on my character). Regardless, have as many +1 Fire Skills grand charms as possible; desirable secondary mods for these grand charms are life and FHR. For the rest of your charm inventory, put in small charms with life, resistances, or FHR.

Your mercenary provides an extraordinary amount of support for you and your Revives. You'll want an Act 2 Combat (Prayer) mercenary because you need a reliable source of health recovery for your Revives. Remember to hire him from Normal mode for better stats. Regarding his gear:
  • Weapon
    • Infinity
      • Widely regarded as the BIS for any build that deals elemental damage. It gives Level 12 Conviction, which reduces enemies' resistances and defense rating, thus increasing damage and a chance for everyone to land hits. Conviction can also break some fire immunes, allowing for greater damage flexibility. But of course, Infinity is expensive.
    • Silence
      • The PoD version gives Level 7 Cleansing, which reduces the time you, your mercenary, and your Revives are cursed and poisoned. Cleaning also applies the healing bonus from Prayer, essentially doubling the healing. The item also gives +75 all resistances, 20% FHR, and some crowd control mechanics. Silence is a great defensive option.
    • I've tested both Infinity and Silence. They're both amazing in their own right, so it's up to you if you want something more offensive (Infinity) or defensive (Silence). I personally prefer Silence because I dislike being cursed and poisoned.
  • Helm
    • Vampire Gaze [*]
      • Gives 6%-8% life stolen per hit and 15%-20% damage reduction. It's BIS because a good chunk of your mercenary's damage will be physical (which allows for greater life stolen per hit). Can be corrupted for sockets.
  • Armor
    • Shaftstop
      • A staple mercenary armor with 30% damage reduction and +60 life. Great choice that's also cheap. Can be corrupted for sockets.
    • Treachery
      • Another cheap option that gives 45% IAS, 20% FHR, and a chance to proc Level 15 Fade (which gives 15% damage reduction and +60 all resistances).
Remember to put a Melee Splash jewel in any open socket on the helm or armor. For the remainder of sockets on the helm or armor, put Um (resistances) or Shael (FHR).

If you haven't used Revives in PoD before, there are some things you should know about them:
  1. For basic information about Revives, click [here].
  2. In PoD, the maximum number of revives is scaled down; click [here] to see the scaling. To compensate, Revives now last 600 seconds (10 minutes).
  3. Eternity hasn't changed in PoD, but the changes to Revive persist in Eternity's Revive charges. In other words, Level 8 Revive charges means you can have up to three Revives.
Desecrate [from Radament's Sphere] spawns corpses of four specific enemies:
/Revive Comparison/
Here's a table that compares some key characteristics of each enemy in Hell mode ("AR" reflects the attack rating of "Attack 1" on Arreat Summit's tables):
HP AR Defense % Block F. Resist C. Resist L. Resist P. Resist
Death Zerk. 5034 - 8463 3788 1518 50 25 25 25 0
Hell Temp. 2730 - 5460 5223 1879 50 66 50 50 25
Hell Lord 10920 - 18201 6066 2124 50 33 135 33 33
Urdar 8346 - 13600 3748 1320 42 75 75 75 0
While this table is useful for a quantitative comparison, we still need to know about the mechanics and behaviors of each enemy-turned-Revive:
  • Death Berserker
    • They're an interesting Revive that's half melee and half ranged. Depending on proximity to their target, they'll prefer either the melee attack or ranged attack (spikes). Unfortunately, both of their attacks are quite slow and are easily dodged. Death Berserkers are durable against physical damage, but rather susceptible to elemental damage.
  • Hell Temptress
    • They're also half melee and half ranged, but they almost always prefer using their ranged attack (bright red orbs). Although they attack quite fast, the projectiles of their ranged attack move slowly. Hell Temptresses can also cast special curses, but do so very sparingly. However, their high AR and ranged attacks make them formidable ranged Revives.
  • Hell Lord
    • They're purely melee and very aggressive. They use Frenzy, which doubles damage output (due to two hits from the skill) and increases their attack speed and movement speed. They have high HP and AR, but most of their resistances are lacking. Regardless, Hell Lords are fantastic options for melee Revives with very few drawbacks.
  • Urdar
    • They're also purely melee, but more crowd control-oriented. These Revives use Smite, which can easily stun-lock single targets, and have a chance to deal a crushing blow. They have high HP and most of their resistances are topped off, but they suffer from low AR. Regardless, Urdars are great for more a more defensive frontline.
/Revive Compositions/
Given all this information (and since we can only have up to three Revives), we need to be very selective in which Revives we use. Here are the main "compositions" of Revives I've used during various situations:
  • Most Damage = 3 Hell Lords
    • Probably the most commonly used composition as Hell Lords provide the most damage output. Not to mention their inherent Frenzy ability makes them super fast and able to keep up with you when you're not teleporting.
  • Party Friendly = 3 Hell Temptresses
    • More suitable for parties, especially with melee party members and other summoners. If the frontline is saturated with melee combatants, your summons might not be able to land attacks. As such, use Hell Temptresses to ensure your Revives are doing some damage.
  • Meat Shield = 3 Urdars
    • When you want something more defensive, use Urdars because they are excellent body blockers and can stun-lock single targets. It also has some applicability in parties, particularly those with less durable party members.
  • Balanced = 1 Urdar, 1 Hell Lord, 1 Hell Temptress
    • The "jack of all trades" composition as it's versatile; I tend to use it when rushing friends.
As you can tell, I never use Death Berserkers because their attacks are slow and they're outshone by the other three Revives in nearly every aspect.
/Other Revives/
This section only covers the Revives possible from Desecrate corpses. You're welcome to use any other Revive, but ensure the Revive has an actual attack that can carry the flat damage given by Enflame and Frigerate. Also remember your limit of three Revives.

/Gameplay Videos/
  • [Here] is a video exhibiting basic gameplay of the build. Nothing fancy; just mowing through some Hell Cows while highlighting how the build functions.
  • [Here] is a video of the build doing a Tier 3 Map. My apologies on the video cutting short right before I killed the boss - I forgot about the 10-minute limit on free Bandicam.
  • Attack Speed: 50%
    • As mentioned, Eternity is best made in a Phase Blade. This is because its base speed is -30, which makes it much easier to reach the 50% breakpoint for 2.5 attacks per second.
      • Lava Gout gives 20% IAS, Steel Shade gives 15% IAS, and your Melee Splash jewel should also have 15% IAS.
      • The vast majority of your damage comes from skills; therefore, the low physical damage on the Phase Blade is negligible.
  • Faster Hit Recovery: 60%
    • You definitely want to reach the 60% FHR breakpoint to reduce chances of stun-lock.
      • Arkaine's Valor gives 30% FHR and Verdungo's Hearty Cord gives 10%.
      • To cover the remaining 20% FHR, you can either equip Sandstorm Trek, place a Shael in an available socket, or have FHR charms that add up to at least 20%.
  • Faster Cast Rate: 0% or 63%
    • This is mostly personal preference. I don't have any FCR on my gear, but I found it's not super necessary. Also note it's hard to solely rely on Teleport for movement because the build lacks mana recovery. If you really want faster teleporting, I'd aim for the 63% FCR breakpoint.
/Isolate the Weapon Swap Key/
Your Revives were summoned using the charges from Eternity. Therefore, if you swap out of Eternity [or simply remove it], your Revives will die. As such, I strongly suggest assigning weapon swap to a key you know you can't/won't accidentally press.
/Repair Costs/
If you're not used to hoarding gold, you'll have to for this build. Three charges of Revive costs about 35,000 gold. You must get accustomed to picking up high sale valued items to pay for these repairs. Items with high sale values (i.e. things that sell for 20,000+ gold a piece) include staves, wands, armors, Barbarian helms, Druid pelts, and Necromancer shrunken heads. Alternatively, transmute Eternity, 1 Ort, and 1 chipped gem in the Horadric Cube to fully repair your Eternity. PoD changed the weapon repair recipe to not need a chipped gem, but for some reason, you must include a chipped gem to repair charges.
/Why not use Beast & Rain?/
I've done extensive testing with Beast and Rain, but I generally found them subpar for this build. Beast gives some great mods, namely Level 9 Fanaticism aura, +3 Werebear oSkill, and charges for Level 13 Summon Grizzly (and the PoD version of Rain allows you to summon up to two Grizzly Bears). It seems like these two items fit the build's theme; however:
  • When you're transformed into a Werebear, you cannot cast Teleport. This is highly undesirable because Teleport is the only way to gather your summons. Without Teleport, your Grizzly Bears will oftentimes get lost and take a while to walk back to fights.
  • Level 13 Grizzly Bears are not nearly as durable as your Revives, primarily because we can't invest hardpoints into synergies for Grizzly Bears to increase their life and defense; they die rather easily. Also, their inherent knockback is rather annoying when you're trying to hit a target with your sword.
  • Rain, which offers little aside from the extra Grizzly Bear and +30 lightning resistance, uses up your armor slot - one of the more important slots for increasing your overall survivability.
/Where's the Old Guide?/
The old guide explained the original Summoner Sorceress that uses Harmony instead of Eternity. While Harmony gives more Revives, I strongly believe Eternity is better for two reasons:
  • The default ranged attack of Harmony (which is made in a bow or crossbow) only targets one enemy at a time. On the contrary, the default melee attack of Eternity (which is made in a melee weapon) can deal AoE damage thanks to the Melee Splash jewel.
  • The Harmony variant couldn't wear a shield, which reduced the build's survivability. Also, the inclusion of a shield gave more opportunities for sockets, which allowed greater flexibility.
I will not delete the old guide in case anyone wants to build the Harmony variant, even though the guides are extremely similar.

I thoroughly enjoy this build because it's amusing to see a Sorceress commanding a mercenary and a trio of Revives. Thank you for reading, and please let me know if you have any questions or feedback!
submitted by kpmetaverse to pathofdiablo

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