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How to Download using PC/Mac: 1. Click on this. Bypass iCloud activation lock with the best iCloud bypass tool. X, 8 In addition to, 8, 7 In addition to, 6S, 6 Or more, SE and iPad to bypass iCloud activation lock and iTunes for free. Bypass system really provides you an easy and simple way to use. Although the rating star is as low as 3.5, quite a few users are rather satisfied with this handy tool.

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Tool Full Activated 100% Tested Free Download. Changing DNS IP allows you to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 4/5/5s/5/6/6s/7/8/Xs quickly, but this is only a temporary solution. 100+ Unlock iphone free ideas in 2020. Ionic Activation Bypass Serial Key visit your url. Activation lock bypass v1.0.

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Enables you to activate a device where you have.

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Connect your ios device with pc. Bypass Icloud Activation Lock - CNET Download. Jenefey Aaron Updated on 2020-09. Tool (Full Bypass Package) 100% Working Free Download icloud bypass. Fast remove iCloud activation lock without password/Apple ID Unlock iCloud account anytime, anywhere when you forgot password or bought iPhone iCloud locked.

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The service costs a minimal sum, and the entire process is quite affordable unlike the huge cost for the same process levied by other service providers. [2020] Official iPhone/iPad Activation Lock Removal Service https://trisha-ls.ru/crack/?key=295. Bypass FRP Google Account All. Allowed in User Enrollment. Another downside of this program is that hackers can create similar tools using the same method as Doulci but with malware code, which could cause serious potential damage.

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Thus, you must know, how to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock iOS Running Devices. ICloud Unlock Free - Remove Activation Lock in iPhone [2020] https://trisha-ls.ru/crack/?key=285. It is only compatible with iPhones running iOS 9 or earlier versions. With the system that we bring you, you can free your mobile phone and it will never block again. You can then set up your device with your own iCloud account and use all of the features on the phone.

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Activator ZIP files gotten from the web-searches is not a doulCi Team Software, we have not. NOTE: We do not encourage you in doing this icloud bypass, if you find an apple device, bought one with icloud lock or you forgot your icloud id you should consider contacting the owner or apple support to help you. Get the latest version now. With this powerful program, you can enter the locked device in minutes and use the iOS feature freely. The file works with Windows XP as well as Windows 7 and 8.

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Update the properties of a managedDevice object. Part 2: Bypass iCloud activation online Official iPhoneUnlock is a professional iPhone unlock website, which can provide online service to easily unlock your iCloud activation lock. Remove activation screen apple device FREE SOFTWARE Icloudin. Log into App Store with new Apple ID after bypassing activation lock on iPhone/iPad/iPod. PassFab Activation Unlocker v1.0.2.0 + Crack.

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Windows PC. IPhone Unlock Toolkit is a small application which enables you to unlock your iPhone in just few seconds. This lock wiper is not available. Tool: The iCloud Remover tool is a lightweight software tool that allows you to remove th. Now install this software and open iCloud Unlocker V1.01. But there are steps to remedy this, keep reading.

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Apple has not fixed it so you do need one app from Cydia to remove icloud you cannot remove icloud without a jailbreak. See more ideas about Unlock iphone, Unlock, Iphone. Home Bypass FRP FRP Removal Tools GSM Flasher FRP Tool Pro 2020 Reactivation Lock Remover Pro Download Full with Serial Key. WARNING: Your device must be rooted for bypass functionality. Features Fast remove iCloud activation lock without password/Apple.

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ICloud IMEI Unlock: Remove iCloud activation lock with. Many software initially release your device but within a few days or months the device regains its normal functions and the lock is restored. Doulci is undoubtedly a great tool to bypass activation lock on iPhone/iPad. Bypass iCloud Activation Lock iPad 2; HOW TO USE ICLOUD BYPASS TOOL: Download iCloud Unlocker V1.01 in your windows pc. Then unzip the downloaded iCloud Unlocker V1.01. Device registration state.

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Cities Skylines CD Key Generator 2020 https://trisha-ls.ru/crack/?key=293. The iCloudin-iCloud v1.0 bypass software is easy to use. Untethered Bypass Passcode, Disabled iDevice fix Sim Call navigate to these guys. Once you launch Itunes, it will detect the Apple device and pass on the activation codes. A list of tools to help you bypass iCloud activation lock.

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And then connecting your iPhone or iPad to the computer using USB cable. For your convenience HowardForums is divided into 7 main sections; marketplace, phone manufacturers, carriers, smartphones/PDAs, general phone discussion, buy sell trade and general discussions. ICloud Activation Bypass Tool Latest Version Download https://trisha-ls.ru/crack/?key=297. Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Tool: Here are various techniques to iCloud Activation bypass lock tool, but I will tell you the best of them that will work perfectly and you will simply access all your iPhone feature without apple id and password. IMEI or Serial Number.

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ICloud Unlock 2020 All Models and iOS: u/Josh444Wave

Congratulations, you've just pulled Pudding, now what?

Charlotte Pudding, Love's Farewell

Hi guys this thread is for Legend Pudding and also my 2nd Legend Guide ( Zoro V2 ) hope you like it and enjoy it.

  • Type : INT
  • Class : Cerebral/Shooter
  • HP : 4,062 (MAX LB and CC)
  • ATK : 2,115 (MAX LB and CC)
  • RCV : 603 (MAX LB without CC)
  • Special - 7 ( Full Maxed )
  • Combo : 5
  • Sockets : 5
Captain Ability : Boosts ATK of INT characters by 4.25x if they have a beneficial orb, by 3.5x otherwise, their HP by 1.25x, makes PSY orbs beneficial for INT characters and boosts chances of getting PSY orbs.
Special : One Last Request
Changes EMPTY, BLOCK, Badly Matching and own orbs into Matching orbs, reduces Special Cooldown of all characters by 1 turn. If this character has no stored buffs, stores one selected buff and rewinds own Special Cooldown to MAX. If this character has a stored buff, restores that buff with a duration of 1 turn.
Limit Break (full Maxed out) :
  • Sailor Ability :
  • Limit Break Sailor Ability 1 : Restores her own special cooldown by 10 turns when it is rewinded
  • Limit Break Sailor Ability 2 : Reduces Silence duration on this character by 10 turns
  • LB Ability 1 Level 5: This character's normal attack will ignore barriers
  • LB Ability 2 Level 5: Reduces Slot Bind duration by 10 turns on this character
  • LB Ability 3 Level 5: Reduces No Healing duration by 10 turns
Where to get them? Sweet Heart Memory & Pudding's Sweet Cooking Fortnight
  • Auto Heal / Dispair / Bind / CD / You can use Damage Reduction or Orb non of the are wrong, Orb is imo better since you have an higher change to land on the Matching orb and to get her Full CA Boost.
  • ATK and HP
  • Nami/Robin FN

  • Great Base ATK boost (3.5x) and even better end ATK boost (4.25X)
  • A small HP boost is always welcome
  • With her CA its not hard do reach the Full Boost since she makes PSY Orb Beneficial and so she counter bad orbs + she boost the appearance of PSY orbs
  • She can Store some good Buffs which you can see Here
  • Low CD special which is crazy good and now lets talk what makes she really OP and TOP Tier Legend.
Changes EMPTY, BLOCK, Badly Matching and own orbs into Matching orbs, reduces Special Cooldown of all characters by 1 turn. Great for speed runs since her special reduces CD of all and after you use her special... you can use it immediately again cuy her special maxes again after the first use so with Double Pudding you can Reduce 4 turns of CD within 1 turn. This is for speedruns.
Now lets Talk about the last part of her OP / Top Tier / MUI / Saitama Special
If this character has no stored buffs, stores one selected buff and rewinds own Special Cooldown to MAX. If this character has a stored buff, restores that buff with a duration of 1 turn. Do you know what you did here Bandai? We Can store the Highest ORB boost for 1 turn the Highest ATK boost for 1 turn the Highest Color Affinity boost for 1 turn and use it again on the next turn,imagine the Boss counter ATK boost ,ORB boost or Color Affinity Boost no problem use one of them in the previous turn store it with Pudding and that was it... Why? Cuz Pudding´s storet buff will not count as a regular buff so the enemie will not remove it. You think it cant be better ? You are wrong it can be better, you can use her in 2-3 ways, for example Specials whith extra boost if you use the Special twice in a row like O-Sobamask or RR Stussy. She can store the deadliest special the Katakuri v2 Special , so 2 turn of 18Milion Damage WOW. Since i dont want to talk more i leave this thread her also posted from me Here
  • A strong Captain but restricted only to INT Character
  • Special is awesome but also has a smal downside she also changes orbs what makes Boss stages hard if they interrupt on Orb Change so they can remove all Buffs.This dont happen very often.
  • Like her Big Bro she is affected to i call it Ultra buff Clear, what means all stored special are gone :)

Friends: Legend

  • Pudding - Probably the best choice cuz you can store 2 special .
  • Nami & Robin, Red Tulips Relaxation - Pudding is made for them but they are also made for Pudding, Highest Orb Boost for INT and DEX and they Switch ability takes all orbs and leave only Empty orbs so Pudding Special changes Empty to Matching removes 10 turn of Paralysis and 25% HP Cut, i think this Legend is the best for Pudding.
  • Ace, Trickster Flame Wolf: Happy Halloween - Highest ATK boost for Shooter 2.5x and Fighter , Boost HP by 1.5x and his CA reduces Silence duration by 10 turns and restores special cooldowns by 10 turns when they are rewinded. Awesome for an INT Shooter Team.
  • Shirahoshi & Mansherry, A Wonderful Encounter : Not a very good Captain but with her special they could help you in some situation.Definitely better as a sub
  • Sabo & Koala, The Young Aces of the Revolutionary Army - Aahh one of the best and most Wanted Legend glad i have both of them Pudding is a Cerebral so works perfect with this Legend, Great Special 2.25x ATK boost for Cerebral and they removes beneficial and non-beneficial orb Buff and Debuff duration completely , and top of that every f..king turn Color Affinity boost by 1.5x thanks to the Switch effect.
  • Nico Robin, Umbrella Blocking Iron Stars : Great Captain i love her and now she is even stronger with her super evo, 20% Damage Reduction flat 3.75x Cerebral Booster 1.5x RCV boost and the special 2x ATK boost for 2 turns for Cerebral Units and 100% damage nullification. Great to tank hard hits or better to say to tank everything.
  • 6+ Katakuri v1 : Hmm i dont know he himselfe is awesome but since he boost only one class from Pudding would it make a bit harder but if you fill the CA restriction on the subs i think it will work pretty good, with the HIGH ATK boost of Pudding CA it shouldnt be hard to reach 1 Mio per turn or at least 500k damage, his Matching orb buff is perfect for Pudding since you need Matching orbs to reach the highest Boost (4.25x) what it makes even a better CA than Katakuri´s CA.
  • Capone "Gang" Bege, "Yonko Assassination Plan" Allied Forces - Like Halloween Ace good for INT Shooter teams and a gread Special with the ATK boost for Shooter by 2x and the Transformation in to Big Father so with the HP boost of Pudding this works very good so you can tank more hits.
  • Sanji, Vinsmoke Family's Illegitimate Child (v1 6+) - He as a Captain isnt very good this is the part where Pudding can shine with her high boost, what makes this Sanji worth is his Captain Action where he get an extra 8.25x Boost + you can use extra ATK booster so with Pudding CA and Sanjis Captain Action would come a lot of damage, gives 0.8x Chain boost and by removing Chain Coefficient /Chain Lock by 5 turns could be very helpful in some situations .. SANJI....san
  • Whitebeard & Marco, The Fierce Battle at the Paramount War : One of the best Captains in the Game, base boost of 3.5x and as a Dual 4.25x same like Pudding and + 20% Damage reduction , the switch effect is great by removing 1 turn of Paralysis / Silence and making RCV orbs beneficial but with the Zunisha ship this isnt e big deal. The 30% HP cut and 20K HP heal is good for high HP enemies and to get some HP back.
  • Sakazuki, Decisive Deadly Battle : Just hit the Perfect and you deal everyturn 1Mio damage, his CA boost isnt very good not even better than the low boost from Pudding 3.25x vs 3.5x, but with him you have an extra matching orb STR what makes 3/7 orbs beneficial. The good part of him is his Special a 2.25x ORB boost for INT and STR and with Pudding Special you can store the ORB boost for another turn.
  • Red Hair Shanks, Yonko Changing the Fate of the World : Since his CA need 4 or more of the same Type he fits perfect with Pudding, a 3.5x Boost with LB Key by 3.75x and an awesome special a 2.25x ATK boost for the dominant TYPE and a 0.9x Chain boost he is a great Friend Captain.


All of the Legend Above are also good subs but here i will mention Legends that are not above.
  • Zeus & Prometheus & Big Mom, Ruler of the Soul Kingdom : With the HP boost from Pudding you would get a good amount of the EXTRA base ATK for your units and a great Chain Lock 3.5x, further more her Switch Effect gives herselfe 1.5x ATK & ORB boost and Gives her Matching orb so for a miniboss she could help us a lot.
  • Garuda" Vinsmoke Judge, Germa 66 Science Military Force : Well i think he is good for his 2 turns for Damage Reduction by 30%.
  • Knight of the Sea Jinbe, Strawhat Luffy's Accomplice : He is very good and i use him a lot, removes enemies Percent Damage Reduction and Increased Defense duration by 5 turns. Since its very rare that enemies have more than 5 turns of this barriers he is the right unit for this.
  • Hawk Eyes Mihawk, The Black Blade [Yoru] - An Unique Special , with the strong CA of Pudding you can deal a lot damage and use afterwards Mihawk.
  • Hody Jones, False Crusader Rampaging Recklessly - 90% Damage Reduction and Deals 60x character's ATK in INT damage to all enemies that will ignore damage negating abilities and barriers, good for some low HP enemies with barriers ,unfortunately Pudding doesnt Store Damage Reduction Buffs.
  • Dark King" Silvers Rayleigh, Right Hand of the Pirate King - Awesome Legend as a sub, Reducing 7 Turns of Bind/Dispair and Paralysis and since Pudding Special reduces CD it will work perfect with Ray Sailor Ability.


  • Tashigi, Friendly Captain of the Children - By making STR, PSY, RCV and TND orbs beneficial for INT characters for 3 turns grand you more matching orbs, and since you will play with Pudding a full INT team you will get the full ATK boost from Tashigi by 2x.
  • Franosuke, Carpenter - Well removes 3 turn of Burn and Resilence and that was is it.
  • Bonekichi, Ghost - Removes all positive buffs on your team, reduces Despair and Silence duration by 3 turns and adds 0.7x to Chain multiplier for 2 turns, good to get rid of low boost from enemies.
  • O-Tama, Amigasa Village Girl - 7 Turn of Burn, Paralysis, Chain Multiplier Limit and Chain Coefficient remover and recovers 30x RCV, imo one of the best Subs.
  • Doflamingo, Halloween Nightwalker: Happy Halloween - Removes Completely enemies Resilence and gives 1.75x ORB and ATK boost but.. the enemie must have Delay Debuff Protection or All Debuff Protection good for a ShooteFighter team.
  • Nico Robin, One Piece Stampede - Great 3 turn of Color Affinity boost by 1.75x and locks orbs for 1 turn, and with Pudding Special it goes to 4 turns.
  • Violet, "Reviere" Dressrosa Kingdom Princes - Changes own orb and adjacent orbs into Matching orbs. If HP is above 50% at the time the special is activated, boosts ATK of Cerebral characters by 2x for 1 turn, by 1.75x otherwise. Well a booter like a lot other but what it makes worth use this unitis the 1 turn Paralysis reduction from her Sailor Ability.
  • Mr. 0 & Miss All Sunday, Desert Rulers - Again a good Color Affinity booster by 1.75x but the 80% Damage Reduction and the switch effect makes this unit good cuz the switch increases Matching orb.
  • The Fighting King" Elizabello II, The King's Fist Destroying the Giant Arm - Reduces enemies' Percent Damage Reduction and Threshold Damage Reduction Buffs duration by 3 turns and locks all orbs for 1 turn. Only this part is good the Orb boost isnt very good for a Pudding team.
  • Charlotte Galette, Big Mom Pirates - Delays all enemies for 1 turn, reduces Special Cooldown of 1 character by 2 turns. If your Captain is a QCK or INT character, locks the chain multiplier at 3x for 1 turn. Great unit with a gread Chain Lock and reduces 1 Character Special by 2 turn so you could use Pudding special very fast again.
  • Ain, Following Z-Sensei's Ideals - One of the best subs, with MAX LB she removes 4 turns of Percent Damage Reduction and Increased Defense, Bind and Despair.
  • Strawberry, Chaos at Marineford - Reduces Bind, Despair, ATK DOWN and Chain Multiplier Limit duration by 2 turns, reduces enemy Barrier duration by 1 turn , and his Sailor is good with a full INT team you can use his special very fast again since his Sailor reduces his CD by 3 turns if a INT unit use a Special so only from Puddin 4 turns of CD reduction.
  • Boa Hancock, Chaos at Marineford - "Pirate Empress - Again a 2x ATK booster but with a 3x chain lock.
  • Pekoms, Returning to his Home Country -20% HP cuter juhu... but he also removes completely the Increased Def Buff from the enemie what is awesome.
  • Charlotte Amande, Big Mom Pirates - a 100% Def Reducer is always great but even greater is the 3 Turn of Barrier remover and the 50% HP cut damn, she has a larg CD but with Pudding you could reach MAX special very fast.
  • Baccarat, Gold Armor - Removes ATK DOWN, Chain Multiplier Limit and Paralysis duration by 3 turns and boost orb by 1.75x with Legend Tesoro as a support on Baccarat you have a orb and 3x chain lock
  • Sweet Country's Chobro - 5 Turn of Threshold remover is always good and with the extra chain boost by 0.6x and an extra beneficial orb DEX is always good.
  • Brannew, Fighting with Absolute Justice - Makes QCK -RCV - TND and PSY orbs beneficial, any Beneficial orb enabler is good for Pudding and he also removes 4 turn of Threshold Damage Reduction and Percent Damage Reduction.
  • Koala, You're My Valentine - Reduces Bind and Despair duration by 3 turns and changes own orb into RCV. If your Captain is a Cerebral character, adds 0.7x to Chain multiplier for 1 turn and changes bottom row orbs into Matching orbs.
  • Pica, Donquixote Family Elite Executive - Cuts the current HP of one enemy by 20%, reduces Bind and Despair duration by 4 turns. 4 turn remover are always good.
  • Vinsmoke Reiju, Germa 66 Science Combat Force - If your Captain is INT what she actually is recovers 7,000 HP, removes Poison duration completely and reduces Paralysis, Despair and Silence duration by 3 turns.
  • Marguerite, Strawhat Luffy's Accomplice - 3 turn of 1.75x Orb boost is good but only for shooter teams.
  • Hannyabal, Now the Ruler's Trusted Retainer - He will work good with Raid Magellan otherwise he is useles.
  • Usopp, 20th Anniversary Memorial Treasure - In combination with Dual Legend Nami/Robin you can get full RCV orb and delay so you can recover you health.
  • Full Power Sicilian - Good in Cerebral Teams to convert Color orbs in to Matching orbs.
  • Perona, Straw Hat Pirates Accomplice - Reduces damage received by 90% for 1 turn, reduces the defense of all enemies by 90% for 1 turn, reduces enemies' Threshold Damage Reduction and Percent Damage Reduction duration by 2 turns, 2 turns are not so much nowdays but the 90% damage reduction and DEF reducer is very good.
  • Nami, Reunion of the Straw Hat Pirates - My Legend for Invasions, one of the best units in the game, Reduces Paralysis and Silence duration by 5 turns. Delays all enemies for 2 turns love it.
  • Dagama, Prodence Kingdom Tactician - Reduces Paralysis and Despair duration by 5 turns. Almost like Ray.
  • Emporio Ivankov, Revolutionary Army - Great to remove poison, tank hits and at the same time to recover HP. reduces damage received by 50% for 2 turns, recovers 13x character's RCV in HP at the end of each turn for 2 turns.
  • Nico Robin - 2x ATK boost

LRR´s & Special Event

  • Charlotte Brûlée, Sweet Party! - Changes EMPTY and TND orbs into Matching orbs and reduce enemies' Threshold Damage Reduction duration by 3 turns. If there are 2 enemies or more on the stage when the special is activated, amplifies the effect of orbs for all characters by 2x for 1 turn, by 1.75x for 2 turns otherwise. Good to convert TND orbs to Matching.
  • Master Caesar, False God of Salvation - Removes Poison duration completely, reduces Bind and Chain Multiplier Limit duration by 7 turns and adds 0.5x to Chain multiplier for 1 turn. If during that turn you score 3 PERFECT hits, adds 1.1x to Chain multiplier for 1 turn. The 1.1x chain boost is extrem good.
  • Gecko Moria, Commander of the Dead Army - 3x Chain Lock with an option to deal 1Mio damage if the enemie is Delayed.
  • Coby, Marine HQ Captain - Reduces Bind Duration completely and lock orbs for 1 turn. Very good.
  • Urouge, 108 Devotions - Changes RCV, TND, G, BLOCK, EMPTY and BOMB orbs into Matching orbs, recovers 7,600 HP and reduces damage received by 76% for 1 turn. All the non color orbs will change to matching great.
  • Ben Beckman, "Four Emperors" Red Hair's Right Hand Man - Delays all enemies for 1 turn. If your Captain is a Cerebral character, boosts ATK against delayed enemies by 1.5x for 1 turn and changes adjacent orbs into Matching Orbs. Good units with 2 in 1 special but with a low boost.
  • Warrior Leo, Courageous Dwarf - Good only for the 3 turn Paralysis remover.
  • Nefeltari Vivi, Alluring Sensation - Reduces Special Cooldown of all characters by 2 turns, reduces Paralysis duration by 3 turns, reduces damage received by 60% for 2 turns. Meh


  • Buggy Pirates, The Clowns Seeking Vast Treasure - Reduces enemy Damage Nullification duration by 2 turns, deals 100,000 Fixed damage to all enemies, delays enemies by 2 turns, changes G, BOMB and badly Matching orbs into Matching orbs and becomes Buggy Pirates for 3 turns. Much better than his Legend version. And his Switch effect gives 1.2x Color Affinity boost for Slasher and Driven, good if you have those classes in your team.
  • Shanks & Mihawk, World's Leading Two Swordsmen - Reduces Bind, Silence and ATK DOWN duration by 2 turns If HP is below 50% at the time the special is activated, delays all enemies for 2 turns and boosts ATK against delayed enemies by 1.75x for 2 turns. Good Utility and Conditional Booster.
  • Coby & Helmeppo, Navy HQ Promising Youngsters - 2x ATK booster with a 4 turn Threshold Damage remover, and a good switch effect by removing 1 turn of Despair.
  • Carrot, Child of the Moon: Sulong - Great Unit, 3 turn of Increased Defense remover and boost ATK by 1.75x but if you use her special in the same turn again boost ATK by 2.25x so with Pudding special you can store her spercial and combine with Pudding to get the full boost.
  • Sabo, Halloween Grim Reaper: Happy Halloween - Not bad but its a bit hard to get full TND orbs... if there wasnt the Demond Lord ⬇
  • Luffy, Halloween Demon Lord: Happy Halloween - reduces Despair duration by 4 turns and changes all orbs, including BLOCK orbs, to TND orbs. If your crew has Orb Amplification, locks the chain multiplier at 2.75x for 3 turns, locks the chain multiplier at 3x for 1 turn otherwise. Only his downside is he binds himselfe for 7 turns.
  • Magellan & Hannyabal, The Great Guardian Deities of Hell - Colo Sangro is better.
  • Donquixote Doflamingo, Plot to Destroy the World - Awesome Buff Extender.
  • Blackbeard, Former Warlord of the Sea - Removes 1 turn from everything. Boost by ATK 2x if HP is under 10%
  • Empress Boa Hancock [Neo], Kuja Pirates Captain : 3 turn of 2.5x Chain lock isnt very good but good counter the enemies Preemptive.
  • Rob Lucci, The Weapon that Displays "Dark Justice" - If there isnt a delay of all Debuff protection, he is the unit to go for the 2 in 1 special, delay and boost against delayed enemies by 1.75x
  • Akainu [Neo], Magma Man - 1.75x Color affinity and changes all orb ( Except Block orb) in to matching orb.
  • Tyrant Bartholomew Kuma [Neo], Government Human Weapon - Your Kuma great Orb Converter and Orb Booster (1.75x)
  • Donquixote Doflamingo [Neo], Warlord of the Sea - Just like the DEX one.
  • Magellan, Chief Warden of Impel Down - Delay + Toxin with max Damage of 3Mio per turn, here you can use Hannayball as Sub or Support.


  • Sangoro, Soba Food Stall - Recover 30% of Crew MAX HP and a guaranteed 2x Color Affinity boost with a 1 CD reduction for all units, + Changes all Color orbs in to Matching.
  • Napping Kyoshiro - Changes EMPTY, G and BOMB orbs into INT orbs, reduces Damage taken and boost chain depending on HP, by 0.7x and 0.9x
  • Charlotte Katakuri, Mochi-Mochi Fruit User - Good to counter Badly Matching orb buff and a 2 turn delay for all if there are more than 4 enemies which bypass any Debuff.
  • The Sea God King Neptune, The Great Knight of the Sea - Great unit great utility and Orb boost.
  • Full Power Sicilian, Mokomo Dukedom - F2P 2x ATK boost for INT.
  • Shiryu of the Rain, Blackbeard Pirates - F2P Poison Remover good for stalling because of the 50% DMG reduciton for 3 turns and kills all enemies with equal or less HP than his 75x ATK.


  • Rebecca & Viola, Princesses of Dressrosa Kingdom - Reduces Burn and Silence duration by 5 turns and becomes Rebecca & Viola for 2 turns and locks the chain multiplier for 1 turn proportional to the number of enemies on the stage when the special is activated. 1-2 enemies: 3x chain lock / 3-5 enemies: 3.25x chain lock / 6 enemies: 3.5x chain lock,with Pudding you can use they special in a stage when there are more than 6 Enemies and store it with Pudding for the boss stage, very good F2P units i like it a lot.
  • Nami, Halloween Night Orange Witch: Happy Halloween - Good Color Affinity booster for all with an extra boost in the following turn after 3 perfects by 2x from a 1.75x. And the 200k Damage is good for mobs to get rid of them.
  • Blackbeard, Shouting the Name of the New Era - Great Special 2x ATK & ORB boost you can store one of them with Pudding and use it again and a CD reducer too.
  • Sakazuki & Issho, Tiger and Dog - A 1.5X orb boost every turn from the Swap effect is very helpfull and the end of turn HP cut by 7% can help you to kill enemies with Resilence.
  • Rob Lucci, Cipher Pol Aigis Zero - IF HP is over 99% you get 3 turns of Orb boost for Cerebral by 2x if not than nothing except a 20% cut and orb Lock.
  • Red Hair Shanks & Ben Beckman, The Ones Who Will End the War - A very good units but very hard to use his Special doesnt allow more than his special for that turn, so you cant store they 3x Color Affinity or the 3x Chain Lock, but they Swap effect is good by removing 1 turn of Bind, Despair and Paralysis.
  • Love-Love Bat Hancock, Halloween Midnight Parade - A very good units which special works very good with the CA of Pudding.
  • Whitebeard, Whitebeard Pirates Captain : good orb 2x boost if the enemie has All Debuff Protection or Delay Debuff Protection.


  • Charlotte Custard, Sweet Party! - an easy way to get full INT orb just give her Vivi as support.
  • Magellan, Poison Chief Dropping into Hell - Every turn of Poison and Boost against Poisoned Enemies, great unit even the Boost is a beat weak just 1.3x
  • Longleg Blue Gilly [Neo], Jao Kun Do Martial Artist - Hit 2 Perfects to get rid of 2 turns of Barrier good for a F2P units.
  • Sanji, One Piece Stampede - 1.75x ATK & ORB boost for 2 turns , with Double Pudding for 3 turns, i use him a lot on my Pudding teams.
  • Sabo, Oath to a Fallen Brother - Removes Completely for 1 Character bind.
  • Borsalino, A Peaceful Moment with the Admirals - Good for speed runs and matching orb.
  • "Red Hair" Shanks, Captain of the Red Hair Pirates - 2x Orb boost for Cerebral and Paralysis remover by 3 turns.
  • Rebecca, Lovely Monster Cat Halloween Night - Masquerade - F2P 1.75X ATK booster for INT.


  • Zunisha for Cerebral Teams
  • Ace Striker Ship for Shooter Teams.
  • Merry Go for all teams.
  • Kizaru Ship for Shooter Teams.
  • Thriller Bark for INT Teams.
  • Blackbeard Ship.
  • Nostra Castello For Shooter Teams
  • Hoe EXP Ship
  • Megallo Ship
  • Koi Ship.
Its 2 AM im making this Legend Guide for more than 4 hours im so Tired, anyway hope you like it and enjoy it and like everytime if forgot something Except Support write in the comment.
submitted by Shi-Shishi-Sonson to OnePieceTC

25 Aug 2020 - Destiny 2 Weekly Reset Tips

Flashpoint - Titan - Outbreak Perfected Quest

There is a locked door on Titan that's only accessible sometimes. You can either open it when the heroic adventure is Bad Neighbors, or just do the Assassination patrol on Siren's Watch. The thing you need to interact with is on the table
Here's a guide by Polygon for more info: Link

Ordeal - Garden World

You can bypass the whole infinite forest as there's no champions there

Ascendent Challenge - Forfeit Shrine - Unlimited Supers

In this Ascendent Challenge, once you dunk the 3 orbs, you get practically unlimited super (until the Knights are killed). If you really need to farm Elemental orbs, or just want to screw around, it's a really fun Ascendent Challenge.
The time you need to beat is less than ~3:30 for the Time Trial.

Dreaming City - Curse Weak

EP Boss Mechanic - Nur Abath (Shotgun)

Nur Abath will behave like a typical Ogre in combat, using a highly-damaging stream of Void eye blasts from a distance and slamming the ground during close combat, and will occasionally summon lesser Hive units as well as Shriekers to aid it. However, it will be surrounded by a transparent aura, which will grant itself an immunity shield whenever another Hive unit walks into it. To remove this shield, all the Hive that are within the aura must be killed and other reinforcements need to be kept out.
Upon defeat, Nur Abath has a small chance to reward the IKELOS SG v1.0.1 shotgun.
- https://www.destinypedia.com/Nur_Abath,_Crest_of_Xol

GoS Raid Challenge - To The Top (10, 10, 10 deposit)

Double drops would affect the Pulse (Sacred Provenance), Hand Cannon (Ancient Gospel), Chest Piece
Guide via PCInvasion
Or basically the 3rd person on mote team body blocks The Conflux from Vex until the first deposit of 10 is made

Heroic Menagerie Encounter Rotation - Arunak

Hunted, Riposte, Arkborn, ?, ?, ?

Other Stuff

Zero Hour + Loyal to Eramis
Every Fallen Captain in Zero Hour has had the nameplate "Loyal to Eramis" since launch of the mission.
Video from TheLegendHimself / Slayer from 12 May 2019 for reference: https://youtu.be/09w-GyiIVJw

On a completely different note, if you were unaware, Zero Hour is the only mission in Destiny 2 that you can equip weapons directly via a Companion App instead of having to go into your inventory, as it's considered being in the Tower.

Legacy Heroic Adventure Modifiers
Doing the Nascent Dawn (Polaris Lance exotic quest) step 2/5 allows you to replay the heroic adventures with the Vanilla D2 modifiers active. Here's a list of the legacy D1 modifiers via u\EightBitNacho from 2 years ago
If you want to experience the instance just message me if you're on PS4, or post here

High Energy Fire and Trench Barrel Shotguns
Makes them just as powerful as pre-nerf Trench Barrel. The high impact menagerie shotgun (Imperial Decree) was hitting 40,000+ per shot with both active

Lucent Blade + Shattering Blade + High Energy Fire
All stack to a great amount of damage, at the expense Shattering Blade needs you to use the last of your heavy ammo to activate. You can partially bypass this during Solstice during Arc Empower day as you will keep re-generating ammo while Arc empowered, and keep activating Shattering Blade
Swords that can roll Shattering Blade
  • Throne Cleaver - Titan - Heroic Menagerie random drop
  • Just in Case - Reckoning (does not drop from Gambit Prime) - Swords bosses
  • Honor's Edge - Legendary Engram World drop

Support page: Known issues
The Majestic Solstice Bond for Warlocks has an objective that incorrectly states to get 150 Guardian Super kills. The objective progresses correctly with Arc Super kills against any enemy.
Shaders do not properly apply to the Majestic and Magnificent Robes, Cloaks, and Marks.
The Seasonal Energy Converter mod is not working as intended

Farming Solstice Keys from 820 (Legacy) Nightfalls
If for whatever reason you have more Solstice Packages than key fragments and need keys, the 820 NF's give 31-32 keys per completion, compared to 17-18 per strike.

3x Rocket Launcher Reserves + Field Prep = 10 Rockets for Adaptive Frames
Double RL Reserves for Armor 2.0 + another RL reserve on an armor 1.0 armor + Field Prep on a rocket gives you 10 rockets in reserves. Exotics scale weird with 3x reserves. Truth goes up to 9 rockets, Wardcliff barely changes to 6, Deathbringer goes to 9

Blocking with Sword negates fall damage + negates knock back
Fall Damage
As long as you're blocking with a sword as you land, from falling from a height, you will not take fall damage. You will get pinball-ed around and probably die to hitting a wall if you land on uneven ground though (PoH first drop to get to the rally flag, for example). An easier way to survive long falls is just use a Heavy attack on a non-exotic sword while falling, as it completely slows your momentum
Knock Back
It also negates knockback. This includes: Taken Wall Traps, Psion ground traps, the Cabal boss from Tree of Probabilities knocking you into oblivion from his melee.
You'll still take health damage though

Shaders from Vaulted Locations not in Collections
I know there's more than just this, but IO has a Shader called "Echoes of IO (Worn)" that is not obtainable in collections. Only the non-degraded Echoes of IO can be recollected. They're only common quality.
Echoes of IO is the default shader for Death Adder, Echoes of IO (Worn) makes the shader look degraded

Death Adder has a built in 'compass' + thermal sight
Imgur Video
The numbers alongside the sides of the sight can be used to tell direction to some degree

Arc Empowerment has a hidden 39% buff to reload speed this year
Imgur Video
I had my clan mate mention Solar Empower might affect Stability but haven't gotten around to testing it

Festival of the Lost 2019 - Toothbrush
If you did the last year's Festival for the Lost quest in its entirety, you got a Toothbrush and the Fright Night shader. The toothbrush says in the description 'perhaps it can be used later'. It would be cool if it did something this year.

T3 Reckoning - The Old-Fashioned Way Triumph
The triumph requires you to do the Bridge of Folly encounter with no one using a super. Other than warlocks using Taking Invigoration + Healing Rifts for survivability, Solar Empowerment days will keep regenerating your health while the empowerment is active

Checking Solstice of Heroes armor progress via Companion App
The Beta for DestinyItemManager, along with the app Ishtar Commander, both show numerical progress for objectives
submitted by TylerFortierPhoto to u/TylerFortierPhoto

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