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Whether you're simply retouching or optimizing an image or building complex composites. Unknown 13 Disember 2020 11: 51 PTG. Its impressive ability is to produce HDR images.

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AnnCoulter: RT @stillgray: This is not a photoshop. Oregon's public health authority announced COVID deaths in clown makeup. https://t.co/Ta4StZHvrW

AnnCoulter: RT @stillgray: This is not a photoshop. Oregon's public health authority announced COVID deaths in clown makeup. https://t.co/Ta4StZHvrW submitted by reddit_feed_bot to TheTwitterFeed

Does anyone remember the free Mars bar scam that was discovered by kids in the '90s and launched a whole summer of free Mars bars across Australia?

There was a legitimate promo competition in Australia the late '90s where 1 in 6 Mars bars wins a free Mars bar. Inside the wrapping, there was printed either "Try Again" or "Winner!" along with some small print. If you found the winning Mars Bar you could take that wrapper into the store and get another Mars Bar for free. 1 in 6 bars would win but there was a trick to only picking the winning bars.
I don't know how old we were but me and my little brother discovered the scam that was too good to be true. After several successful attempts, we had indeed proven our theory and were ready to run the biggest scam in the world of chocolate since the Russians faked a Golden Wonka Ticket.
The scam itself goes like this. If you looked carefully you could read the reverse indent printing caused by the print on the inside of the wrapper. Without actually opening the packaging you could detect which bars were "Winners" and which were "Try Again". The best method for detecting a winner was found by carefully folding back the plastic seam and examining the underlayer just above the ingredients text. With the correct lighting supplied by most supermarkets, you could fairly accurately read the printed reverse indentation of the word "Winner". Keep choosing the winning bars and you could eat free Mars Bars as long as you can find them.
The summer was wild my friends. As a kid fueled on free Mars Bars is unstoppable. Until that is, the Mars Bar stock starts to dwindle and the free cocoa fuel becomes harder to find.
This is where our sugar high story came crashing down. After our discovery and several weeks of free Mars Bars, we couldn't help ourselves and decided to let our community of kid friends know of our discovery so they too can enjoy the seemingly endless supply of free Mars Bars. It was these actions that cut our escapade short and loose lips sink ships was the lesson we learnt as we watched the supply of winning bars becoming hot commodity across town.
Every kid with the key was on the hunt and word was spreading faster than my rollerblades could take me. One day I set out on a mission to find my next Mars. The journey was longer than expected as without luck I ruffled through the stock at 7/11s and the two Petrol Stations, I checked the newsagents and then headed over to Coles and also Woollies. Nothing. Nothing but losers and the whole town was the same.
If you sold Mars Bars in the late '90s you got hit. Shelves upon shelves of neatly stacked Mars Bars just getting totally messed by a bunch of kids handling every bar until they find their winner. The piles of Mars Bar losers were left unturned and unwanted signalling that many a vulture had feasted in that spot. A free bar would be hard to find. Piles of rejects left as a warning to future kids not to bother with this stash.
Cashiers and shelf restockers hated us and together with my brother were even banned from the local 7-11 and Franklins supermarket. In similar fashion, we were also banned from using Civic Videos "Love the movie or swap it free" promo as we were abusing it as well as Baskin Robben free ice cream samples. I guess it was a running trend in my family to try and get free shit.
The Mars Bar summer was coming to an end and adults were starting to catch on. Every source across town dried up with piles of unwanted loser bars left in the wake. There was a shortage. It led to a total stoppage. A town run dry.
The end of that summer holidays we took a family trip and drove from Queensland into New South Wales stopping at various towns along the way. It was this trip that showed us the widespread devastation caused by the Mars Bar scam. Every town from Brisbane to Sydney was hit and hit hard. Some places had even put up signs telling children to not touch the Mars Bar stock unless they were going to buy each one. Some petrol stations had moved the Mars Bars to behind the counter with the cigarettes so you had to ask for one over the counter. The damage was done and in our eyes, the whole country was in ruins. The scam was over and only a small pain in the tooth was left as a memory.
To this day I sometimes wonder if the Australian Mars corporation ever found out about that scam and if anyone ever faced any consequences.


13 30 32 - Do these numbers mean something to you?
Well, there is more to this story if you have the time. I have endless tales of childish misdemeanours from a world before the internet. I would also love to hear some more stories from you all as it's great this sparked such a lovely little trip down memory lane and how interesting it is to hear how effective some of this advertising was on young minds.
I have a whole rant about Dr Pepper, about weird Dr Pepper TV adverts, shameless Civic Video and Pizza Hut scams but also want to acknowledge the comments about the Pepsi CDs, the Lift Magic Eye, the Mars Bar wrapper reprints, as well as the other scams you mentioned.
Firstly I want to thank the people who kindly commented positively on my writing or storytelling. You made my day. I am certainly no professional but I was actually a finalist in the "Nestle Write Around Australia" back in 1995 or 1996. My primary school included it as part of the Engish class for that year. My short story ended up winning my region and a spot moving on to the next round. I was invited along with eight other kids to do a writing workshop with a famous Australian children's author. I even got a little bit of money and a Nestle school backpack that was full of Milo and other chocolates etc. No Mars bars though.
I would like to tell you a fun little story to get things going. This is about the staff at the local 7-11 who in hindsight put up with so much nonsense. There was only one 7-11 in my small coastal town and it was the only 24hr shop available. There was a late-night staff member who was extremely well known for being the late night 7-11 guy. He was always there and everyone knew his name because his name tag read "Conrad". Now Conrad was older and a good and hard worker but he wasn't exactly a people person and up to date with customer service standards. He did his job very very well making sure that 7-11 was run in a neat and tidy manner and wasn't afraid to set a kid straight if he was misusing the Slurpee machine. This 7-11 was one of the hardest spots to hit for free Mars bars because of Conrad and his strict rules.
This story also includes my father who ran a youth group for kids on Friday nights at the local school church. Once a year he organized a huge Scavenger Hunt that had groups of kids racing across town trying to discover the answers the various questions. What colour are the tiles on the roof of the Surf Life Saving House? The type of questions that has everyone on the move looking for answers trying to finish first. It was one year my father made the mistake to include the local 7-11 celebrity in one of the quiz questions. Towards the end of the hunt and the end of the night, one of the questions was "What is Conrads last name?".
The first kid who came into 7-11 that night actually did get his answer out of Conrad who seemed confused but happy enough to entertain. This is the '90s and Conrad I guess was not so worried about data security. As the night went on more kids came into the 7-11 to ask Conrad the same question about his last name. After about the 4th kid Conrad had had enough. The poor unsuspecting 5th kid copped it hard from old mate Conrad. The quiz that night was ruined as one of the final questions could not be answered as Conrad refused to participate while also losing his cool and yelling at all the kids trying to find out his last name.
Today in times of social distancing and respecting the hard work of the essential workers I look back at old man Conrad and say thank you. Thank you for putting up with me.
It was this 7-11 that was my go-to for late-night munchies. It was where I tried the new Doritos flavours or where I drank my first V. If I saw it on TV then I had to try it and it was here that got me hooked on the sweet sweet taste of Dr Pepper.
A few comments were talking about the release of Dr Pepper in Australia and all the crazy odds you had of winning a free bottle. The 1 in 2 chances of winning that were clearly targetted to getting kids hooked. I was one of them. They also seemed to have endless flaws in the competition with the easily replaceable can tabs or being able to tilt the bottle and read the text inside the cap.
To whoever was in charge of advertising at Dr Pepper in the '90s in Australia - Well done, you had me hooked. There were lots of normal ads they ran but it was one late night watching TV where they pulled a stunt that had me bewildered to this day.
To give you some soft history, the first ad was when they launched in Australia was in the '90s. The drink didn't exist in Australia before but I guess we knew of it from the movies and tv shows. We knew of it as an American favourite but nobody ever had a chance to try it. The '90s were ripe with Pepsi Max or Mountian Dues and I guess companies were eager to introduce more varieties to get people hooked. They created an ad where the Statue of Liberty comes to life, shaking off the statue dust, breaks free and slowly starts walking her statue legs off into the ocean. She takes off on a mission across the globe heading for Australia where she finds a new spot to stand right in the Syndey harbour. For a TV ad, it was kind of epic and got me interested.
The drink bombed I believe and Australians didn't like the taste of Dr Pepper. "Tastes like medicine" was often used. The product was failing to find a market. I guess they decided to spice things up a bit and this is when the weird ads began.
One example was a campaign they ran on late-night TV where they just photoshopped a Dr Pepper into another companies advert. Like there was an NMRA or RACQ car insurance ad type of thing that played all the time on repeat. Do you remember the ad playing over and over again? This young guy in his car is pulled up on the side of the road with a lot of smoke and a serious engine problem. He calls roadside assistance. The service guy comes out and pulls a busted engine part from the bonnet and goes "here's your problem here". The confused kids just looks at it in bewilderment. The ad ends and we all buy car insurance.
Then one night. Late at night. The Pepsi sugar high is just about to lose the battle to the Pizza Hut food coma. Laying out in front of the TV. I witness the same car insurance ad again. The ad plays but something is different this time. The serviceman appears from behind the bonnet as normal but this time the busted engine part he is normally holding is replaced by a really poorly photoshopped can of Dr Pepper. They just stuck it into this other ad. A cut-out photo of a can of Dr Pepper, that they then stick into another company's car insurance ad. Not even hidden like casual product placement. Really obviously stuck in there to get your attention.
It was weird as hell and both me and my brother sat up and in confusion pointing at the TV as if we had just spotted aliens. It was so random and it tripped every teenage sensor in my body. It was great advertising by them and honestly to this day I still enjoy a nice cold can of Dr Pepper and think about that weird ad.
On the same topic, there was a comment about the Lift stare at the TV ads. I remember these but remember always missing the beginning of the ad and it never working. What was the story here again? You get dizzy starring at the hypnotic ad and then look at the bottle and it was supposed to look trippy or something? What were you suppose to see? Can you explain what you remember a little more?
As far as scams go it all seemed to come down to shame. If you had no shame you could get away with anything.
Maccas Monopoly was mentioned. With no shame and you could go through all sorts of trash finding unclaimed freebies. Having a friend working behind the counter was always best though. Pretend you don't know each other and leave with six extra cheeseburgers at no extra cost.
Pizza Hut did a deal where they accept competitors coupons. We would call the pizza in the be collected and tell them we had a 5 dollar Eagle Boys coupon. We show up to collect the pizza but accidentally forget the coupon that never existed in the first place. With no shame, you pull that off for a long time. Trust me the staff don't care.
Civic Video. They were maybe only a regional video rental chain but had lots of stores in Queensland and ran lots of ads. They had a never-ending deal as part of TV ads slogan which was "Love the movie or swap it free". If you rented a movie and didn't like it all you had to do was tell the staff when you return and they would let you pick out another for free. If you had no shame then you could constantly return videos for the most ridiculous reasons and get another rental. We worked this for a long long time before getting banned from Civic Video. We even roped my father into this scam after we were banned and he ended up pulling a couple of fake bad movie reviews in our place.
The local Birch Carroll and Coyle never caught onto my scam but I would always come out of the movie while the trailers were playing with both my ticket but also my friend's ticket. I would go back to the ticket counter and ask for a refund as i was feeling sick. As long as you have a valid ticket and the movie hasn't started they always just give it to you without even thinking. You then slip into the crowd and head back into the cinema showing the ticket checker your friend's ticket to get back in. Free movies at the cost of no shame.
To end my storytime I will leave you with another fun family travel adventure that also features chocolate. I was almost too young to remember the experience but certainly remember the story as it was retold 100s of times. The whole family took a trip to New Zealand in 1992. We had plans to visit the famous Cadbury chocolate factory in Dunedin. We had heard stories from families who had gone before who tipped us to arrive with empty pockets and to bring plastic bags. The advice was to take advantage of the offer of as much of the chocolate rejects as you can carry. The story goes that at the end of the tour of the chocolate factory they take you past the end of the assembly line where they have piles of chocolate rejects. Perfectly fine chocolate but with slight defects such as logo being smudged or all the nuts not covered. Piles of chocolate that would be discarded if it weren't for the lucky tour guests.
The whole family signed up for the tour and came ready with pockets full of bags. The whole tour we can't wait but get to the end and see what rejects we can claim. The tour guide leads us into what must be the final room and begins her speech about the assembly line and how the staff are removing all chocolate with slight defects. Our mouths are salivating as shes explains. The chocolate ends up in these piles that she points out and continues to explain how they have been known for offering samples to the guests. Our hearts stop.
"But due to new health and safety regulations. We now just send them off to the farms to use as pig feed."
submitted by finegrindberlin to australia

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