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@FaithGoldy: Bernier the libertarian v Scheer the socon. O'Toole's gunnies could go either way, but I think I know how his dairy farmers voted... #CPCldr submitted by thefeedbot to TheTwitterFeed

Humanity's Greatest Gift

It finally happened. Thanks to COVID-19 I'm officially out of work. Which is just as well, I've been wanting time to put into this project for awhile.
This started when I asked myself "What would be the greatest contribution Humanity could make to a galactic stage comprising many different alien species?" I plan to write it as a series of short passages, as even stuck at home my family life only allows me to work in short bursts. I hope you enjoy it, and critiques are welcome!
EDIT: Thanks everyone for the responses so early on! I added date and locations to improve readability.
"You clean up well." Came the familiar voice of my second, Lieutenant Commander Diedrick.
I had to nothing to say to that as I crossed my quarters to the large window with a view of the quarterdeck control room. Using the faint reflection I gave my uniform a tug, ensuring it fit properly. In that reflection I saw Daloris stand up from the oversized chair I brought from my family home on Earth and face me.
"Did the, uh, Dagoths treat you well?"
"No." I started, wanting to explain but finding it hard to put words to memories too painful to relive. There was no use blaming Daloris for not knowing the hell I've been through, the details of my capture remain classified. But I can't help showing the scars of my experience so soon after being recovered.
Daloris shifted, eyes askance now. From her body language I could tell that she had been hoping this whole time that it wouldn't have been the case, that my time as a high ranking POW was spent in moderate comfort. Because the only alternative was that I wasn't coming back. Dagoths didn't keep prisoners. I was the first one.
I fussed with the part in my hair. It was perfect but I couldn't think of what to say. Eventually Daloris found her nerve again.
"What's on the agenda, Commander?"
"You tell me, you're still at the helm until after my formal debriefing, Lieutenant Commander. Think you can handle a couple more hours in the chair?" I remarked coolly, catching her eye in the window before turning around to face her.
She threw me an excited salute. "Aye, sir."
"And when I get back I'll take supper in the mess. I want to hear about the last eight months and all the trouble you got into."
"Oh, no trouble sir. Ask the men, they hardly knew you were gone outside of the pool we started on when Gunny was going to get caught sneaking around with the harbor master." She flashed the faintest smirk, starting to feel more comfortable as I warmed up.
I returned the salute with a smile I managed to muster. "Dismissed."
Watching after her, I still couldn't believe I was home. None of it felt real. My crew on the other side of the glass looked real, and superimposed over them was my image like a ghost. My personal chair seemed flat and two dimensional, like a photograph. Would any of it feel like home again?
It didn't matter. In a few moments I would be transported back to the hell I'd escaped. I'll be asked to describe in vivid, painful detail what the Dagoths did to me. And somehow find it within myself to forgive them so we could finally end this war.
10 Months prior -- Exoplanet Fomalhaut b 'Dagon'
They were waiting on board. Somehow the Dagoths found our skiff and were waiting on board.
"No. No, pleas-AAUGH!" Corporal Delatorre's pleas were cut short as he took a Dagoth caster round square in the torso.
We'd been fighting them from the safety of our firing lines and across vast distances in space. Until now I had never seen the destruction their weapons wrought on our bodies first hand. I'll never forget watching flesh pucker and turn black before dripping hot off of instantly scorched bones. My suits' filter was overwhelmed. The click of the Geiger counter matched the ringing in my ears.
I froze. Three of them faced me in the hold of what should've been my safe harbor. Their iridescent chitanous bodies glowed turquoise under the flight lights. Two round eyes, and a blank line for a mouth. Faces like a child would draw.
No words came to me. What could I have said? As far as we knew, they didn't understand our language and never responded to our hails and communications before. Seven years since first contact and we didn't even know if they could produce sound.
My sidearm clattered to the floor, breaking the silence behind the softly sizzling corpse of my corporal's body. My fate was sealed. Looking down at Frances' face frozen in agony, I accepted death.
Death that never came. Or was this dying? Your thoughts moving terminally slow at the event horizon of where life ends and what comes after begins.
Different. Distinct. Intentional sounds rising above the hum of the ship's power, my breathing, and all the other idle distractions around.
Scared to look up. Afraid to move at all. Yet I swear I heard them...speaking. Stoic and rigid, their bodies were like statues in my peripheral vision. Part of the background. Their presence was massive though, and to think they were discussing me got the better of my fear.
I looked up in time to see one moving towards me. Right before I blacked out I glimpsed into those black eyes and saw it. Curiosity. I don't know what tool or device they used to put me under, but more importantly I can tell you that in that moment I began to understand them.
Today -- Debriefing
"Now wait. Please think back. You said they subdued you, or that you blacked out? Dagoth technology is completely unique and doesn't parallel humanity's advances at all as far as we know. Their ability to medically tranquilize an alien species successfully is a, uh...an enormous feat."
The Naval CSO interrupted from the seat closest to mine. Everyone else put down their various notes and screens to pay heed to the question.
All told there were five people at my debriefing. The Chief Science Officer, breathlessly awaiting my response to his query. Admiral Taboreau at the end of the conference table was the only one listening intently to my story thus far. The Vice Chief of Operations and the Director of Naval Intelligence were here, both very high on the ladder and had until now been completely absorbed in reading the reports that they likely hadn't before today.
And across the CSO, sitting in the other chair closest to me was Chief Warrant Officer Mares. She was from the Defense Institute of Psychological Research and was the first non-medical staff I remember talking to when I woke up two weeks ago. She already knew my whole story. I can't help but feel she was just here to support me.
"Well, er. To clarify, I fell unconscious suddenly. I do not recall being medicated, struck with a weapon or device, or injected with anything. Everything simply went black."
I was confident in my version of events and knew I'd be pressed hard for details. Finding myself finally before my fellow men and women changed things. There were far more important things to focus on than how Dagoth ships worked and what they ate. My mission was to make them understand the aliens the way I had come to.
Before the CSO could rephrase, Officer Mares stepped in.
"What do you think they were saying?" She asked, aloof.
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