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Studio Plus v9.3 Multilanguage iso Pinnacle Studio Plus 9.3 Pinnacle Studio. Pinnacle Studio 24 Crack & Full Activation Key. Looking for Pinnacle Studio 12? Pinnacle studio 12 plus crack. With built-in HD disc burning capability, burn your Hollywood-style movies on HD DVD or. Pinnacle Studio 16 Serial Number Generator.

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Download the latest version of Pinnacle Studio Plus free https://trisha-ls.ru/crack/?key=1216. Pinnacle Studio 10.6 Patch Description: Introducing Studio, the most complete, powerful and easy-to-use home video editing software available today. Simply drag and drop your video and stills to preview your show - and watch your content come alive. Studio 12+ needs a good PC base to operate correctly, also download the Studio 12 patch from Pinnacle, + Studio 12 beta patch not on Pinnacle site( type into google to find it ) if you are burning AVCHD onto a DL DVD disc, to test burn a plain DVD first onto a rewritable DVD ( it saves wasting it ), correct it then if you need to before burning your AVCHD to DL DVD disc. One is that you can simply upgrade your Pinnacle (11/12/13) to HD version, you will avoid these problems. Pinnacle media center 4.1 serial.

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Bring out your inner editor with Pinnacle Studio 24 and create one-of-a-kind projects using themed templates plus hundreds of creative filters and effects. As my Pinnacle studio 10 ran on XP I have purchased the Pinnacle Studio Plus 12 and downloaded it on both computers. Pinnacle Studio 21: Review and first impressions. Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate Iso + Torrent. New features, additions or feature enhancements. Crack Ultimate Keygen + Serial Number 2020.

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Pinnacle Studio: video editing software & screen recorder

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Pinnacle strongly recommends installing this patch (79Mbyte) for all Studio, Studio Plus and Studio 10 MediaSuite versions - 10.0, 10.1. Having installed Pinnacle Studio 16 Plus, there is no titles. The following content can currently still be found in your Avid account: Bias SoundSoap 2 PE; Creative Pack Volume 1; Creative Pack Volume 2; NewBlue FX Video Essentials 1; NewBlue FX Video Essentials 2; NewBlue FX.

Pinnacle Studio 16 Patch History – Knowledge Base

That's why you find out that all VOB files in the Video_TS folder are just greyed out when you try to import VOB to Pinnacle Studio for editing. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. How do I access the free Pinnacle Studio HD download for PC? On the other hand, the 12.1 update is available as a free download for all Pinnacle Studio version 12 users. Pinnacle Studio Plus 12 for PC. The Pinnacle Studio family has changed so much in the years following our release of Pinnacle Studio 10. We updated tools and hardware compatibility multiple times over the years to make the latest version of the video editing software the most powerful yet.

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Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate Crack + Keygen Free Download 2020. All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. Edit Like a Pro: Pinnacle Studio HD 14 Video Editing Software, PC World ^ 'Release-Announcement Version 16, from Corel'. Pinnacle Studio 24 is now the newest version available. Pinnacle Studio 12 Plus Free Download (7 Downloads) this website. Lately, the competition in this market has mushroomed, and there are better alternatives available for the same price.

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Pinnacle Studio is a video-editing software for beginners and advanced users. Download pinnacle studio 12 dolby 2ch encoding decoding. License Key: RU38946TY4HFDSJAFA FileMaker, Inc. This review is based on Studio Plus 12 which consists of a DVD, 300+ page User Manual and a Getting Started Guide. Crack + Serial Number Full Version. Corel Corporationthe company behind Pinnaclerecommends that you download and install this patch.

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All new Pinnacle Montage theme based editing designed by professional producers and artists puts incredible creative power at your fingertips. Pinnacle Studio 16 Download Search Tips Your search for Pinnacle Studio 16 may return better results if you avoid searching for words like: crack, serial, keygen, activation, code, hack, cracked, etc. I have movie files in Picture Motion Browser which I believe came with Studio. Pinnacle Studio Plus Review Pinnacle Studio Plus offers a wide array of organizing, editing and exporting tools that make it attractive video editing software. Pinnacle Studio Crack is one of the most famous video editing software. DVD authoring 17 royalty-free tracks.

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[WT!] Girls und Panzer - Of Girls and Tanks. Yes, seriously.

Whoever finds spelling errors or other mistakes will be thanked, just remember I'm posting this late at night. I don't take reponsibility for any spoilers encountered on sites I linked. Wer das hier liest, ist toll.

Girls und Panzer - Of Girls and Tanks

There is no path a tank cannot cross. Tanks move on even through a pyroclastic flow. No matter how though things might seem like, we must think of a way to overcome.
- Miho Nishizumi


In real life, there are some martial arts seen as traditionally feminine, highly compatible with traditional womanly ideals, such as Naginatajutsu or Kyūdō. In the world of Girls und Panzer, there's another one: Senshado - The Way of the Tank.
A huge announcement is made in Ōarai Girls' Academy: The student council is bringing back Senshado, the traditional sport for girls in tanks! And they already have the perfect pick for a commander: transfer Miho Nishizumi (Mai Fuchigami). Miho is not without reason: Miho is the youngest member of a old Senshado family and had been trained since earliest age. She has, however, sworn off Senshado and had come to Ōarai precisely for its lack thereof. It takes some time, but Miho is finally convinced seeing the enthusiasm of her new friends, the refined Hana (Mami Ozaki) and the bright chatterbox Saori (Ai Kayano). Together with her tank fangirl loader Yukari (Ikumi Nakagami), her ever-tired driver Mako (Yuka Iguchi) and 16 other students, they will now be Ōarai's first senshado team in 20 years.
So Miho begins training her team and preparing them for the national tournament, something that is easier said than done; few tanks remain in the vicinity of the small town in Ibaraki Prefecture; and none of her teammates have any experience using them. Further, the major players of High School Senshado are quite caught off-guard by this new no-name school entering their sport led by a former champion....


Girls und Panzer was the first TV production in five years by studio Actas, with characters designed by Fumikane Shimada, creator of Sky Girls and Strike Witches; and Takeshi Nogami, manga author of Sailor Suits and Heavy Tanks and Maki of the Shiden. It was directed by Tsutomu Mizushima (later director of Shirobako, Prison School, and Joshiraku) and written by Reiko Yoshida (Bakuman., Non Non Biyori, K-On), featuring music by Shiro Hamaguchi (One Piece, Shirobako, Tari Tari).
The movie won the Sanctuary Award from the 25th Japan Movie Critics Awards, and the Best Dramatic Presentation Award from the 47th Seiun Awards, both in 2016. Additionally, director Tsutomu Mizushima won the Individual Award for his work on the GuP TV series at the 2013 Animation Kobe.
The series also resulted in gigantic tourism to the resort town of Ōarai, promting a very successfull cooperation, and helping out the struggling town in dire needs after widespread destruction by the 2011 Tsunami.
Additionally, in a move that surprised nobody, the creators of GuP collaborated with the creators of World of Tanks, creating intro comics, GuP scenes redone in WoT, and other excusive content.
There's also a PS4 game announced for early 2018, with South Asian releases getting an official english translation.
Streaming: In English, the series can be streamed on Crunchyroll, Hulu, Anime Strike (also dubbed), HiDive and Yahoo View.The Movie and the OVA are also on HiDive


This show could have only ever been produced in Japan. No company in the west would have ever had the balls to make a product like this. Let's look at it.
At its heart, Girls und Panzer is a sport show like many others. Just, you know, with tanks. The shows did do its research and there is a lot of world building in supplementary material. However, the show deliberately throws out whatever it needs to in order to make a better story. The point, of course, is to just accept the insanity of its premise, and run with it. The rule of awesome is in full effect: Girls flipping over multiple times in their tanks? Just some bruises. Tanks making stunts that are absolutely impossible in real life? Sure, why not. Shots hitting a tank from point black? Tank's fine, just a little white flag pops up to tell you it's knocked out. In GuP, physics takes a backseat, because why be realistic when you can be awesome. Why are the other schools all styled after other countries and more or less their students pretending to be from that country even though they are all japanese? Because it's awesome. Why do they get to drive around in cities and blow up residential homes? Because it's awesome. Why can an assault gun do a Ski with no tracks and one side of wheels left? Because it's fucking awesome, that's why.
Apart from the cool tank battles, GuP also has an interesting narrative with a focus on character relationships, especially between family and rivals. Miho's relationships with her family and with the commanders of the others schools are given great focus. Similar to Haikyuu, the other school commanders are all relatively friendly and worthy of respect, and their reaction to Miho's exploits is always a treat to see.
I don't want to link any videos, simply because I think people should see the awesome (sorry, couldn't help myself) scenes for themselves. What I will link is the miltary music from various countries, who are just the pinnacle of a great OST that needs to be listened to.

Installments and Watch Order

The franchise might be a bit vast at first glance, but trust me, it's easily approachable.
  • 1: Girls und Panzer The original 12 episodes TV series. It has a slow start, but once it gets going it stays great throughout.
  • 2: Girls und Panzer Anzio OVA An OVA elaborating a certain battle. To be watched after the series.
  • 3: Girls und Panzer other OVAs Six short OVAs taking place during or after the series, consisting of mostly SOL scenes happening between the battles.
  • 4: Girls und Panzer der Film Sequel film released in 2015. 2 hour movie. Half an hour set-up for one and a half hour of badass tank action.
  • 5: Girls und Panzer der Film OVA OVA taking place after the movie and mostly showing the aftermath.
  • 5.5: Yukari's Tank Corner Six (plus at least two untranslated) short OVAs with Yukari explaining tanks seen in the series.
  • 6: Girls und Panzer das Finale Upcoming six-part OVA announced to wrap up Miho's story. Not much is known so far, except that it will take place in the winter and will feature a new battle against a newly introduced school.


If you want EVEN MORE GuP goodness, do not miss these manga series. Excluding the main series manga, these are:
  • Little Army | 8 chapters, Licensed | Finished
    Little Army is a prequel giving us Miho in primary school, her previous circle of friends and her relationship with Maho. It mostly explores the Nishizumi family and gives some insight only hinted in the original. It's followed by
  • Little Army II | 12 chapters, all translated | Finished
    A continuation of Little Army I taking place after sometime after the movie. It switches the POV to Miho's old friend Emi, as she transfers schools with the intention of taking over their Senshado team, which is in quite a pinch. While mostly focusing on Emi, it also gives some development to side characters from the series.
  • Fierce Fight! It's the Maginot Battle! | 11 chapters, all translated | Finished
    Set between episodes 4 and 5 of the original series, this manga invents a new practice match against the french-themed Maginot Academy. A nice one-battle manga, that really goes more in the tactics of a match than relationships.
  • Ribbon Warrior | 34 of 35 chapters translated | Ongoing
    Ribbon Warrior is...different. Taking place after the series (and later after the movie), it stars two students inspired by Miho's exploits to take up Senshado themselves. However, as their school lacks a team, they instead take a Te-Ke Tankette and enter another sport: Tankathlon, basically Senshado reserved to light tanks. This limitation is actually played for all its worth, schools shown to be absolutely invincible are shown to be much worse once stripped of their mighty tanks and previously easily beaten schools now shine. It also has absolutely awesome art. Be aware, the beginning is shoddily scanlated, once I take over at chapter 15, the scanlation starts being good.
  • Motto Love Love Sakusen desu! | 39 Chapters of 59 chapters translated | Ongoing
    THE GuP gag mang with usual gag-manga things. That is, yuri, insaneness, chibi, yuri, alternative character interpretations, and yuri.
  • Phase Erika 12 chapters, all translated | Finished
    Another prequel, by the author of the Maginot manga. Phase Erika shows us Miho's middle school time through the eyes of her long-time rival Erika. It also showcases just how the relationship between them got sour and why Erika has such a bad attitude. It's really interesting to see Miho from an outsider perspective and in a less positive light.

Recommended to fans of:

  • Military Moe in General
  • Good Sports shows
  • People who can turn off their brain to enjoy pure awesomeness
  • People who don't take WWII parodies amiss


Great! A rewatch by my friend atonofbacon is starting today! Watch out for the thread in the next hours!

Thanks to

submitted by Taiboss to anime

Dead Motherboard. Looking for new upgrade

Today marks the death of my ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING (Due to both A RAM channels dying due to trying XMP for the 2nd time and no chance of repairing) after around 5 years of owning 2... It is time to upgrade and it hurts me a big lot.
Previous build:
ASUS Z170 PRO GAMINGIntel 6700KCrucial BALLISTIX 1 stick 16GB DDR4 3000mhz CL16 (Had a 2nd one but died due to the XMP thing above)
The rest of components seems to work just fine, wich are:
Corsair AX860W PSU +80 Plus PlatinumGIGABYTE 2070 RTX Super White OC2 SSD + 1 HDD (SSD for OS, SSD for backup, HDD for big downloads)DVD BurnerThermaltake Frio OCK (CPU Cooler)Windows 10 Pro 1909 buildThermaltake Core V71 (Full ATX tower)
New build purposes:
-Real gaming (no Fortnite nor Minecraft. Think of DOOM ETERNAL and any other upcoming demanding games)-Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 + illustrator CC 2020 + Premiere Pro CC 2020 + Paint Tool SAI 2 + sometimes Clip Studio Paint Pro
-Office 2019
-Nvidia GeForce Experience recordings
-Pinnacle Studio 12 (TV Recording using an external USB Device from Pinnacle itself. VERY IMPORTANT APP/HARDWARE!!)
Important notes for new build:
-I am NOT going to overclock anything. NEVER AGAIN. I don't want to kill another motherboard.
-RAM that i get must reach it's Mhz WITHOUT OVERCLOCKING . X570 motherboards have specs saying that they can reach 3200mhz without OC, yet some people says to get 3000mhz for a safe spot, besides of "Latest BIOS update fixes a 3200mhz issue".
-Must have a lot of actual generation USB ports behind the tower (USB 3.2, 3.1?..). I use 5 (Logitech gaming Mouse and Keyboard, Pinnacle Studio device, External HDD and PS4 Capture device). It must also have a Type-C port incase i get a Type C External HDD one day.
-Since i'll have to buy a new CPU Cooler, and since i won't overclock, i want it to have space for the RAM clearance, so it fits without issues (Normally 2 sticks of 16GB RAM each). It can be with or without LEDs/RGB
My thoughts on components...Since AMD has been the king of everything as for late, i was going to head on a X570 motherboard (To evade the "Use an old RYZEN CPU to update the BIOS" on B450 boards, get it?)..
Motherboard: ASUS X570 PRIME PRO (270€)CPU: AMD RYZEN 3700x (325,90€)RAM: Crucial BALLISTIX 2x16GB DDR4 3000mhz or 3200mhz CL16 ( 175-188€) (Had a Corsair LPX and it gave loads of BOSD trouble)CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED. (40€)
If you have better ideas for the 4 elements above (Intel / AMD CPU for my purposes, RAM, CPU Cooler) please let me know. Remember: NO OVERCLOCKING + RAM speeds should be met without OC/XMP if possible!.
-Regarding AMD, i've heard that 1st time booting might require various reboots or loops to load or set/configure the components. Is it true?
-Other people says that AMD motherboards sometimes boots on the 1st time but other times it'd force the users to reboot manually because the PC won't post or show the brand's logo or something. Is it true?
Anything else that i should know before buying the stuff or after installing it..?
submitted by DV2FOX to pcmasterrace

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