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Electronic Arts Reviews

Initial Server Setup with Ubuntu 18.04 more about the author. The Hack has an Anti-Ban Protection as well. These updates are regularly released by Electronic Arts and contain a number of fixes to the game for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, XBox One, XBox 360, PC and also Companion App and FUT Web App. PNG, GIF, JPG, or BMP. FIFA 12 was developed by EA Canada. I couldnt connect to the ea season ticket or the fifa 12 demo either. MP4, AVI, MPEG, WMV, 3GP, SWF MOV, FLV, WebM, M2TS, RM, MKV, TS, DV, ASF, GIF, DVD together with codecs and iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Android, BlackBerry PSP, Play Station Xbox, Wii, Palm, Home windows Telephone, Zune, Mobiles.

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PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Message 3 of 10 (5, 629 Views). Connect with other football fans and feel the game. Ea server for fifa 12 pc patch. The place to talk about every aspect of the FIFA 12 game from EA Sports. You will get various kinds of things in the game. Origin pro Product Key Request page OriginLab to get a Product Key.

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Wine 3.18 Released

The Wine development release 3.18 is now available.
What's new in this release (see below for details):
- Subpixel font rendering with FreeType >= 2.8.1. - Support for OAEP algorithm in RSA encryption. - Array marshalling fixes in DCOM. - Improved DPI scaling in the Wine console. - Various bug fixes. 
The source is available from the following locations:
http://dl.winehq.org/wine/source/3.x/wine-3.18.tar.xz http://mirrors.ibiblio.org/wine/source/3.x/wine-3.18.tar.xz 
Binary packages for various distributions will be available from:
You will find documentation on
You can also get the current source directly from the git repository.
http://www.winehq.org/git for details. 
Wine is available thanks to the work of many people.
See the file AUTHORS in the distribution for the complete list.
Bugs fixed in 3.18 (total 46):
13651 Opening privacy settings in Internet Explorer 6 (inetcpl.cpl) cause crash on unimplemented function wininet.dll.PrivacyGetZonePreferenceW 20613 PVSYST 5 crashed when launched 25687 "Create directory" button does nothing in ARM Versatile Express installer. 28267 winhttp tests fail if ISP has a catch-all dns failure page 32441 winhttp winhttp test changes proxy setting in Windows 8 35504 LibreOffice 4.2 installer copies MSVC++ runtime files into erroneous 'C:\Win\System\' path (directory targets/properties not re- resolved after updates from custom actions) 38402 glDebugMessageCallback has mismatched calling convention 38641 Trying to start a Steam game whilst Steam isn't running doesn't open the game 39051 TabbedTextOut() incorrect output on tab character 39508 Microsoft Office 365/OneDrive for Business installer fails in Win8+ mode with 'advapi:ParseStringSidToSid String constant not supported: "OW"' (failure to decode 'Owner Rights' SID 'S-1-3-4') 40208 Cegid Business Line installer fails in custom script action with "Object doesn't support this property or method: 'ObjRegistry.CreateKey'" (needs 'StdRegProv.CreateKey') 40303 Control Data passed in DIALOGEX Resource passes pointer with offset sizeof(WORD) 40703 MSI InstallService does not respect msidbServiceInstallErrorControlVital (0x8000) flag 41679 netconn_secure_connect: Add calling TRACE, add sock_send retcode to 'send failed' message 41934 Spreaker Studio 1.4.2 fails to install 41953 Guitar Hero World Tour (msi_view_get_row Error fetching data for 1) 42285 Age of empire 3 crashes 42677 Black Desert Online launcher fails to download/update files, reports "An error occurred while downloading file. (errorcode : 12006 or 13403)" 43187 EA Origin 'OriginWebHelperService' (QGuiApplication) non- interactive service process crashes due to null monitor info when determining the primary (default) screen 43242 Hi-Rez Smite (free-to-play online MOBA) SteamLauncherUI.exe (.NET 4.0 app) crashes during installation 43615 32-bit Process Hacker 2.39.124 crashes in 64-bit WINEPREFIX (advapi32.EnumServicesStatusEx returns garbage on Wow64) 43621 Life On Mars remake demo has missing sprites 43878 Multiple apps/games crash on unimplemented function kernel32.dll.GetQueuedCompletionStatusEx (Tokio Rust samples, Star Control: Origins, 1Password-7.2.*) 43898 Steam: Crashes after regaining focus when in Steam Guard email code window 44405 Rise Of Nations Extended edition (Steam) crashes when trying to list mods due to missing NULL output buffer handling in CryptBinaryToString() 44474 Script fails to Run function GetStringValue 44655 Carmageddon Max Damage: Crash on launch 44787 1Password-6.8.496 crashes: System.EntryPointNotFoundException (.Net app): Unable to find an entry point named 'SetWindowCompositionAttribute' in DLL 'user32.dll'. 44902 Baidu Wifi Hotspot crashes in IShellLink::SetIconLocation method due to missing NULL path handling 45509 64-bit PSIM 11.0.3 fails to install, reports 'err:msiexec:custom_action_server Failed to create custom action server pipe' 45566 League of Legends 8.12+ needs ntdll.RtlSetUnhandledExceptionFilter 45588 .Net Framework 4.5.2 (WPF) System.Windows.Media.PixelFormat requires windowscodecs.dll.IWICPixelFormatInfo_{GetChannelCount ,GetChannelMask,GetBitsPerPixel}_Proxy 45680 Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (SP1) fails to install in 64-bit WINEPREFIX 45708 djkaty.com Simple2D demos v1.13: BitmapBrushDemo needs D2D1MakeSkewMatrix 45709 djkaty.com Simple2D demos v1.13 need support for IWICImagingFactory2, CLSID '{317d06e8-5f24-433d-bdf7- 79ce68d8abc2}' 45723 Occlusion queries always flush (Overwatch) 45782 mono needs unimplemented function api-ms-win-crt-math-l1- 1-0.dll._Cbuild 45816 Orbit Profile crashes in Unhandled exception: unimplemented function msvcp140.dll.? [email protected]@@[email protected] called 45830 Fifa 19 Demo refuses to launch past the launcher 45880 Multiple PC/SC applications crash on unimplemented function winscard.dll.SCardCancel (Aruba key, SmartCard test apps) 45891 Steam crashes at launch with "GetQueuedCompletionStatusEx() failed: 120" error 45910 nProtect GameGuard used by multiple MMORPG games crashes on unimplemented function wevtapi.dll.EvtExportLog (4Story, Phantasy Star Online 2) 45915 x64dbg/x32dbg crash during shutdown on unimplemented function msvcr120.dll.?? [email protected][email protected]@ [email protected]@[email protected]@@Z 45923 Regression in register_avicap_devices 45928 Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 10 (.NET 4.6) installer fails, claims KB3118401 is needed ('ucrtbase.dll' missing version resource, >= 10.0.0) 45942 AnyRail6: crashing when open Options 
submitted by catulirdit to wine_gaming

Micro War : MicroTx/lootbox tracking

After watching this video youtube.com/watch?v=Ce5CDrq4dGg I was thinking that we need a microTX check website. Jim Sterling rightfully stated that publishers use gameplay and cosmetic microTX, pre-orders, lootboxes and 8 or 9 deluxe versions of the same games to create a fear of missing out among customers. In a world where IGN saying ‘believe the hype’ is a tagline for a game, in which PR controls the message, in which reviews are strictly monitored and not always trustworthy and in which pre-orders are pushed to the moon is it surprising that many people fail to make an informed choice?

Soon consumers have to purchase a game, then have to subscribe to yearly payment scheme and then livestream the game on Twitch to have access to a lootbox, which in return reveal a consumable item which cannot be used without buying a day 1 DLC, after purchasing the DLC and using the consumable item in singleplayer the consumer will realize that the item will not be available for second playthrough. There is no guarantee in future ‘whales’ will not be called ‘victims’.

PC gaming needs a content checker so people don’t have to suffer fear of missing out. There is microtransaction.zone, which has not been updated for a long time so it doesn't have any newer AAA or indie game. It has a search capability but limited. MicroTX check Steam curator is good but some game gets red card for having cosmetics others get yellow for cosmetic DLC, which is confusing. It has the limitation as it's just a curator page so word count and many other features are limited. A proper wiki should not only list microTX/lootboxes in a video game but also should list all the exclusive items in the game.

Who should read this? People who want to know what are they missing out by not pre-ordering/purchasing microTX; journalists who want to investigate the situation but lost their minds reading about all these types of microTX; developers/publishers who are out of ideas to implement microTX in their games; in general, people who just want to buy any triple ayyy game these days as there is no way to avoid microTX/lootboxes.

Even though this is a very thorough list of microTX mechanics I might have missed something as corporations are finding new ways to exploit customers. What did I miss?

Somebody make this wiki already, heck I think there should be a kickstarter for this.

(don’t PM me about this, unless you work for google fiber)

Part A Tags/Factors the website have to monitor regarding microTX/DLC

1a- How does the game monetize itself? Does the game has microTX/advertisement/lootbox/donation system/subscription? Or is it purely paid/purely free game?

B Whether microTX/paid DLC/lootbox are cosmetic only or gameplay changer? Singleplayemultiplayer which section has which type of microTX? If the game has crafting system how does it work? Does the crafting system encourage microTX?

C Wiki should also mention paid DLC for singleplayers etc.

d Which tag should the games with paid standalone extensions have? Many games have standalone extensions, they are to be considered seperate game, right? However some standalone extensions can give you more advantage in multiplayer, Age of Empires 2 had extensions which will give you more civilizations in multiplayer.

E How many types of virtual currency is in the game and what are the ways to gain virtual currencies? How long will it take on average to gain virtual currency using each methods?

F For games with paid DLC it has to mention how much is the total amount of DLC? There are games like train simulator which has 9000$ worth of DLC/microTX.

G Some games obfuscate usage of real world money in multiple layers. The wiki should explain how a game obfuscating monetization.
For example R6S has multiple virtual currencies and cosmetic lootboxes. Customer can never pay real world money to purchase lootbox. However if the customer purchase booster pack (which can only be bought with real money, even lootboxes don’t have any booster packs) to get more virtual currency, he can buy more lootboxes.

2a- How many versions are available to purchase and what types of pre-order exclusives does the game have? Most games have virtual currency/rare items as pre-order exclusives.
For example- recent Assassin’s Creed titles have 8 or 9 different versions available for pre-order, some have more virtual currency some versions have collectibles. EA Access subscribers had the ability to play Anthem early and this made Anthem’s pre-order versions extremely confusing.

B Whether the game has Bestbuy/Gamestop/Amazon/Burger King/Totino’s pizza or Steam/GOG/Epic Store purchase or pre-order exclusives. Many games have retailestore exclusives or pre-order-retailer exclusives so customers are always missing out something depending on which store they are buying/pre-ordering from.

c What does the game/DLC/season pass/battle pass/year pass/premium/gold edition exactly cover? Many games have misleading advertisement to persuade people to purchase season passes which doesn’t cover all items in the season. The wiki should display prices of all the things each season pass does not cover.
Many people thought Destiny expansion pass covered all the first year DLC, but actually it only covered first two DLC so the Taken King had to be purchases seperately.
Evolve season pass was released with over hundreds of dollar worth of cosmetic/gameplay items which the season pass did not cover.

D To make matters worse many games unexpectedly have multiple season passes.
Steep has very confusing season passes and gold editions, they also changed many of the content policy in their editions long after they were released. Unless you are a Steep player, it’s not recommended that you try to understand how each versions of Steep works because it is literally as much difficult as rocket science.

E Does the microTX/DLC/Premium edition divide playerbase? If DLCs divide playerbase it indicates that the multiplayer will probably die faster than expected.

F Is it difficult to understand microTX policy.
Many games have 1 paragraph long game mechanics guide and 10 pages long document to describe how different versions of the game work.
For example- Mortal Kombat 11 has quite complicated grinding mechanics to encourage microTX, it even has a microTX to skip grinding matches.

G Non-digital items are not the main concern here, so stuff like collector’s edition/steelbook/action figures are mostly not a part of the discussion here. However some things can be considered cosmetic items, like in-game music pack/background noise/ digital artbook which gives you information about map/weapons etc.
Some games have ‘name in game’ DLC, some variant of this type of DLC can seem like a cosmetic items, because letting user change name is cosmetic.

H Is the game available under a subscription system? If it is, what are the exclusive items available under subscription? Many games now have exclusive items when being played under Origin Access or Xbox Live subscription.
What are the method of subscription? Do you need to bind your credit card to the account or subscription can deduct wallet balance? Does the subscription system support prepaid credit cards etc

I How many microTX in the game needs reward points like Ubisoft club reward points, Origin points, Steam levels etc.? Many game has items which require reward points, but in order to gain reward points you have to buy more games inside the client, which creates a circle of spending. Some store’s customer care will prioritze people with high reward points.

J How many Steam reward points/Ubisoft club points a game can generate? Store reward points like Steam badges or Steam account levels are not in-game cosmetic items themselves but many consumers actually use them as cosmetic items. People play lot of money to buy games with Steam achievements to rank up.

K What are the kickstarter exclusives (if the game is crowdfunded)?
Star citizen has a handful of crownfunding exclusive as it was the biggest crowdfunding event. This may give crowdfunders an advantage over new customers.

L How many people pre-ordered the game? If a game has too many pre-orders they may rush the game out to either make DLCs or to create another game.

3a- The wiki should display how many months it took the developers to release/announce DLCs after they released the game? Late DLC may indicate the developers used most of their resources to develop the main game and not the DLC.

B The wiki should have a tag for games which did not announce any free/paid DLC on release day. Witcher 3 did not announce any paid DLC on release day. Some games have option to pre-order DLC before release day i.e. Evolve.
Some games even have DLC available to play on day 1.
Battlefield 4 had launch day DLC on Xbox One. Evolve had the option to buy DLC on day 1 . Some games even have locked content on disk on day 1 which can be unlocked with DLC purchase.

C Whether a paid game has paid DLC/microTX/lootbox in while in early access. This may indicate that the developers are taking resources from the main game to build the DLCs. Ark Survival have sold paid DLC while it was still in early access. Many battle royale games have microTX or even lootbox while they are still in beta.
Can you pre-order micro transaction? This can give consumers a red flag about the game.

4a- The website should mention how many hours are needed to unlock all things behind paywall? And in order to unlock/progress how many hours do you have to play same boring mission over and over again (like Anthem)?
Some games don’t even need to be played to do anything or to gain virtual currency, they just require you to keep the game on screen for a long time to complete mission.

B The website should have a tag for games which doesn’t allow consumer to unlock everything just by playing the game. Many 60$ games won’t allow consumer to unlock every cosmetic microTX by playing, some paywall needs to be paid by real world money.
In CSGO some items must be unlocked through lootbox purchases.

5a- The wiki should note whether you can see preview of the cosmetic items before you are buying/receiving. Some games have good preview option, they show how each items/animations in store goes with your existing character etc.
Warframe had somewhat confusing preview system for an animal breeding system and people unknowingly changed the slider too many times and lost their money, so developers later fixed it.

B Many cosmetic microTX can give you an advantage/disadvantage over other players in multiplayer. For example- dark clothing in first person shooters.

c Some cosmetic items have hidden stat boost which can only be realised when tested.

d How regularly will the game allow users to skip mission? Do the customers have to purchase microTX to skip mission? This may indicate that the game is too grindy and painful to be - ironically - played.

E Pretty soon publishers will sell graphics settings like blood decal/motion blucell shaderain effects or other settings like footstep sound, subtitles, localization as microTX. Oh wait, Warhammer Total War sells blood decal for 2$

f Some games (like Garry’s Mod) allow community servers to introduce community microTX. This way you can spend money to community servers to help them and receive cosmetic/gameplay changing items. However it is technically possible for all multiplayer games that supports community servers to allow community microTX and this cannot be monitored.

6a- On which platforms/online stores is the game available? In future what other stores will sell the game?

B What is the store’s refund policy regarding microTX/ unused lootbox?

C What is the region locking policy on DLC/microTX/lootbox etc?

D Whether the store requires credit cards/paypal and acquire your personal info that way, whether it supports third party cdkeys or wallet codes (Although some cdkey resellers are themselves shady).

E What are the payment methods? Does the store allow prepaid credit cards?

F Whether or not by default the store will forget your credit card and personal info. If the store forgets your credit card info it can’t charge you for accidental microTX purchases. This is particularly useful for mobile purchases as children sometimes accidentally purchase microTX using parents mobile, however a few PC stores this can be a problem too. This may also protect against credit card theft or database breach.

G Whether the store has family sharing option/gifting feature.

H From where the microTX have to be purchases? Some games are sold in online stores but their microTX/lootboxes are sold from game server.

I Some stores deduct account balance if customer doesn’t login regularly

j GDPR compliance.

K What types of data is the store saving? How easy is for the consumer to look at his data which is saved in the database?

L Does the store save consumer telemetry data? Many stores save consumer’s telemetry data secretly.

M Ability to delete user data from the database and AI

n Which company owns the store? Who can have access to user data? In which server a particular user’s data located(because different countries have different data policy/privacy policy)? Will the store let users know if their data leave servers of one country to another country?

O Data sharing policy with third parties/data brokers. Many stores/games sell data to data brokers so data brokers can track all the users and sell information to other game developers/advertisement agencies etc.

p What type of artificial intelligence are using customer data? Is the recommendation system AI opt-in or opt-out?
Can you browse games in ‘private mode’ without the store tracking your browsing activity?

Q How many data breaches have the company suffered from? Do they protect from stolen credit cards?

R How many types of 2-factor authentication does the store support?

S How exactly the advertisement system work within the store? Do they advertise games by pushing them into your game library screen instead of keeping them in store page?

T Do they sell misleading content without proper warning? Some stores don’t warn users that DLC/Expansion won’t work without original game. Some stores don’t warn if online features of a game is shut down.
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 had always online DRM. Couple of months after release online features were turned off then it was on sale on playstation store misleading millions of PS4 users.

7a Same questions for game website, some games are not sold in stores instead they are directly sold through their own website. What are the refund policy regarding microTX/currency? Whether the game website forgets your credit card info by default data etc.
How does the family sharing work with microTX items?

B Does the game have multiple save slot? Some games deny replayability by charging for additional savegame slots.

Metal Gear Survive requires 10$ to unlock additional save slots. Not only multiple persons can’t enjoy the game from a single machine, one consumer can’t create multiple savegame to replay the game without paying money.

C Some games have virtual currency which will expire if left unused for a long time. For example- Metal Gear Solid 5

D What is their Data policy?

8a- Some microTX are consumable microTX like Destiny 2 shaders and camos. This means microTX will be like buying gems in mobile games, they will expire after certain number of usage.
Deus Ex Mankind Divided has lots of consumable items.
Skins in CSGO are not consumables but pastes are.
Many free to play games have premium ammos which are obviously consumables.
Some things in PUBG Royale Pass are consumables/temporarily available.

B Some games have animal breeding system, users can breed cats/pandas to create biggemore beautiful cats/pandas. If one cat is to be bred limited number of times it should be considered consumables.

C The wiki should mention how actually the consumables work and savegames work, whether it supports second playthrough or a second family member playing the same game.
Many consumables in singleplayer games are strictly one playthrough only. This means in many games users have to be extremely careful, have to save their games manually and have to use their savegame files in a complex way to use consumables in multiple playthroughs.
Examples are Deus EX Mankind Divided and Borderlands franchise.
(Well there is a reason why 60$ games don’t have cheatcodes anymore)

9-Some advertisement based games require you/give you option to watch ads in order to save progress/gain additional save slots etc.
Street Fighter V has in-game advertisements as a way to earn in game money which can be used to purchase gameplay enchancing microTX.

B Whether advertisements in a game occupies part of the screen and hinder gameplay.

10- Dynamic pricing in most countries is not illegal itself if it is based on spending habit/credit card balance etc. However if a game has dynamic pricing the consumers need to know that to compare prices with other consumers.
Example of dynamic pricing- Star Citizen will show you an option to purchase almost all ships in the game with 27000$, only if you have already spent 1000$ in microTX in the game.
Instead of dynamic pricing some games have dynamic discount.

11 - What are the types of lootboxes in the game?
Any mechanic/cosmetic item which depends on virtual currency can be considered lootbox if acquiring the item depends on a random number generator. By this definition lootboxes and random card decks are the same. Even looting of corpses and similar mechanics can be considered lootbox if looting depends on RNG in the game.
Assassin’s Creed Unity had random collector edition pre-order reward depending on result of a spinning wheel, this can be considered lootbox.

However not all types of lootboxes can be considered gambling. Firstly, gambling laws differ from country to country. Secondly, random sticker decks like Panini football stickers are not considered gambling at any country as number of stickers for each players are equal and it does not have a normal,rare,premium tiers like Fifa Ultimate Pack has.

B Do the lootboxes in the game only have cosmetic items or gameplay mechanics?

C paid or free lootbox? CSGO lootboxes have to be considered paid because you must use keys for lootboxes and those keys muse be bought. Battlefield battlepacks can be earned or bought.

D The wiki has to show what are the exact probability of finding each item inside lootbox?

E If lootbox has a drop probability what is that, exactly? Exact is the keyword here, many companies publish rough estimate of lootbox probability but never reveal the definite probability.

F Whether the lootboxes in the game has dynamic probability for items. Many games have dynamic probability, in first week of a lootbox system the game will drop many lootboxes but after the game hooked people on Twitch, the droprate/item rate will be decreased.

G Can a consumer easily see all lootboxes he used in the past in chronological (and other sort) order? By default EA doesn’t show how many Fifa Ultimate Packs a customer has bought unless they deliberately request that information through GDPR or other regulations. Even with GDPR they don’t usually show what lootbox revealed which player cards in game and other relevent information.

H Do the lootboxes in the game guarantee that there will be no duplicate item reveal?
If no, then in case there is a duplicate what type of rewards the consumer will receive? Will the game return portion of the money the consumer paid to acquire the lootbox?

12- Some games have marketplace/auction house to trade microTX or lootbox items. There have to be specific tags for marketplace enabled videogames. Even though marketplace can be good for a video game, many parents don’t want their children to be exposed to marketplace because they believe it can encourage gambling.
For example- CSGO/Rust/TF2/Payday 2 and many other games have Steam market.
Diablo 3 had auction house which was later disabled.

B Does the game/store have third party API for login? Steam used to allow third party sites to use Steam API and that lead to young people gambling items on the internet.

13a - Does the lootbox system in the game guarantee that no lootbox item will need a DLC purchase if the consumer who revealed the lootbox did not have that DLC beforehand?
Many lootbox items in many games are attachments of weapons/characters which are not available by default and must be/can be unlocked with real world money.

B Whether the game has microTX for microTX. Yes, it is a thing now.
The Sims 4 has microTX which only works if you have already purchased a DLC.
Black ops 4 season pass requires Black ops 4 Special editions, standard black ops 4 can’t work with season pass. To make matters worse, some DLCs can’t be played without season pass.

C How often game UI promotes virtual currency or item purchase. Most games will hit players face with microTX options and annoy them.

D How often an in-game mission promotes paid DLC content? Some games mentions DLC endings to pursue consumer to buy the DLCs to see all the endings.

E What are the marketing policy of the game? Some games deliberately market themselves to children/teenagers, then try to push microTX or lootboxes to them.

14- The wiki should also show which countries have banned the game/part of the game. Many European countries are banning lootboxes, like Belgium banned lootbox from Fifa and Destiny 2.

15- Some games have anti-consumer-consumer mechanics for pre-order or microTX. For example- Deus ex mankind divided wanted people to influence their friends to pre-order the game(they changed the policy later).
This type of crowd pre-order is not technically pyramid schemes, because kickstarters work in the same way. However it’s still shady.

B Some coop focused games/battle royale games can influence people to purchase microTX to save teammates.

C What type of AI and matchmaking are the developers using? Some developers i.e. Call of Duty franchise have matchmaking system that can make a consumer think that the microTX they purchased are more effective than they actually are. They do it by placing a player in a multplayer match where the microTX is useful just after they bought it/got it from a lootbox. Some companies also using dynamic difficulty in singleplayer to force a player to lose a game or win a game whenever the company desires.

D Some games have fundamental social features that will promote lootbox/pre-orders.

Example- Lootboxes used in Call of Duty WWII matchmaking area will be visible to other players in the team (even those who are not inside customer's friendlist). It even gives players rewards to watch other players’ lootbox openings.

Activision and EA are creating mechanics to integrate microTX promotions in replay system/livestream.

E Some ‘Twitch plays video game’ games also have mechanics that will promote microTX/lootbox purchase among livestream viewers.

F Many e-sports games and fighting games have heroes/mechanics behind DLC/lootbox/pre-order, that way if people are to be good with the game they have to pay more.

G Some games have e-sports ticket pass/invitational pass as microTX or lootbox. This way they create pressure on fans to increase prize money for the tournament champions. To make matters worse many e-sportsman have to request fans to purchase more microTX to increase the prizes etc.

H Some games create direct stress in consumer’s mind to instigate a panic.
Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery will choke a kid to death if a user don’t pay money to save him.

16A- The wiki should note how many times developers changed DLC/microTX/lootbox policy in the game. Many games nowadays changing XP gain/currency gain post release as that will help them get good reviews on metacritic while still earning revenues from microTX.
Example- Mortal Kombat 11, Fallout 76 etc.
Destiny 2 also blocked many levels behind DLC purchase which was previously allowed to be accessed by standard edition buyers. They did it through a DLC rank lock.
Steep editions were already very confusing, to make matters worse Ubisoft changed lots of content of Steep standard and gold editions. There are many editions of Steep and some of them have swapped content, sometimes even secretly. It’s rocket science.

B In some cases developers actually change policy which was previously promised. For example- Payday 2 introduced gameplay changing lootbox even though developers previously promised no lootboxes. Fallout 76 added non-cosmetic microTX.

17A- This is getting quite common lately. Developers secretly change XP gain/lootbox mechanics to encourage purchase of microTX/lootbox. Most of time people have to listen to what publishers are not telling them rather than what they are saying.
Example- Destiny 2 and Fallout 76. Bungie later apologized for secretly decreasing XP gains and changed it back.

B It is possible when developers/publishers get sued for lying to customer about dynamic pricing/dynamic reward system etc. they will just blame their AI and neural network instead of their corporate practices.

18 What type of DRM the game uses?
Online only DRM can leave game unplayable if DRM server is down. Many games use 3rd party DRM so if the DRM service goes out of business it will make the game unplayable so consumer investments on microTX will be wasted.

B Does the DRM breach privacy?
Many 3rd party DRM also compromise privacy by monitoring and storing information about applications running in the computer. The wiki should mention whether consumer can delete personal info from DRM servers.

C Whether the multiplayer has LAN feature. If developers of a multiplayer only game shut down server the consumer will lose all microTX/lootbox spent on the game, but LAN feature can keep the game alive.

D The website has to show how many open source mods are available for SP/MP. Modding can allow consumers to be non-dependent on microTX and guarantee more content.
Modding friendly means game either has a modtoolkit or even for a amateur programmar it’s possible to alter simple stuff such as swords or weapon props. Some game developers are calling microTX as mods, which are not actually true.

E Does the game have cheatcodes? Many singleplayer games have killed cheatcodes to sell microTX or even lootbox in singleplayer games.

F Whether the game requires/ has the option to rate the game within the game.

G Whether game will ban you from online servers if you rate the game low on store.

H Whether the game will ban you from online servers if you simply mention that the developers broke promise or mention some game bugs in their forum.

I What type of anti-cheat service the game uses? Does the anti-cheat service compromise privacy/security by monitoring activities? Will the anti-cheat falsely ban people from a game they have invested money in?
A rogue PUBG employee was secretly selling cheating data and player information to Chinese hackers and were later fired from his job from Bluehole Studio.

J Some games have rather confusing anti-cheat policy, and they will not engage the banned players with all the details of the alleged crimes they have committed.
For example PUBG bans people for alleged stream sniping even though streamers can always delay their streams by 10 or 20 minutes. GTA 5 will ban user if they ever possesed any hacked currency, even though it’s pretty common to pickup in game money from a deadbody.

K Some games have Redshell and other spywares to track and sell all user data on the computer. Although most games removed Redshell lately.
According to Jim Sterling, while game is online, Deus Ex Mankind Divided spies on every in-game clicks a user does to optimize microTX even more.
Some game softwares/clients require permission which can possibly breach privacy. War Thunder used to require special permissions.
(Although many hardware manufacturers and operating system developers are themselves using telemetry/keyloggers these days)

Additional suggestions regarding game reviews etc

19 Maybe the website should mention how many DMCA takedowns a publisher have claimed over youtube videos? If a publisher is claiming copyright after release of a game it may indicate either they are immature or they don’t want microTX policy to become public. Same thing goes for Nintedo Creator Program.

20 How many times the developer tried suing journalists over leaked information? Example- Take Two threatened to sue journalists over leaked information claiming they were stolen.

21 Did the game have review embargo? How long before the game launched did the reviews show up in review sites? Some developers misuse review embargo to censor game’s bugs. Assassin’s Creed Unity pulled their review embargo 6 hours after the game was released, obviously that game was a bug infested den.

22 Some games allegedly break price gouging laws. Website should be able to monitor that. However not all types of price hikes are unlawful.

23 Asset flipping- Some indie games buys cheap assets from Unity marketplace then sell it as game/DLC. Asset flipping is relative, not all usage of marketplace assets are asset flipping.

24 If the website has a review section it should compare E3 screenshots/video demos with actual games. Famously Watch Dogs, Colonial Marines and many other AAA games lied with their screenshots/E3 demos. Watch dogs secretly disabled many textures and Colonial Marines did not actually develop a game.
Even Witcher 3 announcement trailer had misleading graphics which was not possible for them to release in full game.

24 b- It should also compare features announced and released. No man’s sky.

25- Whether the Steam forum/subreddit is controlled and curated by developers
Many games’ reddit community is controlled by developer and they delete criticism of their policy.

26- Some game publishers promise free cdkeys or other incentive to fans if they help them get approved/greenlit in stores by upvoting etc.

Part B Website suggestions

1- The website has to have tags/factors to seperate games.
Whether microTX/paid DLC are cosmetic only or gameplay changer? Singleplayemultiplayer which section has which type of microTX?

2- It has to be a website so it is searchable for a game’s tag/rank and other information.
The wiki can work as an aggregate site like metacritic. Many of the suggested features are difficult to implement without hiring actual journalists. So having a aggregate review/news section will help consumers.

3- It’s better to have a factual wiki, not subjective one, but it’s difficult to stick to only facts. Some things have to be subjective. For example there is no proper distinction between DLC and microTX. For a gameplay based DLC, you can say microTX will give you gameplay advantage over other players while DLC will give you/other players more content. However for cosmetic DLC, you can’t easily differentiate between DLC and microTX. That’s why many stores like Steam doesn’t differentiate between DLC and microTX.
However for most part it is possible to stick with facts. Facts like whether or not the game had day 1 DLC or how many hours neeeded to unlock each items in game etc. Let the game reviewers give opinion about microTX policy in each game.

4- It should have a rank system, A+ for older games like doom series/elder scrolls which had no microTX or paid DLC. A for games like witcher 3, B for R6S which solds mostly cosmetic microTX and you can earn most of them by playing (it also has cosmetic lootbox).
Rank system will be highly argumentative, of course. Rank is supposed to be a summary of all information, so it can be misleading. It’s always better to read whole microTX wiki.

5- It has to be updated regularly otherwise it will die. Game devs often update their game to include microTX as many games are early access games. Each game’s wiki have to show when the wiki was last updated.

6- It may have a subreddit or forum so people can express their own microTX feedback for games.

7 The wiki should be properly searchable by tags/factors. It should even be searchable by developer or publisher name. So if a user clicks on a publisher they can see all other games they have made and what type of monetization those games had. User can easily see if the company previously secretly changed XP gain to lure people to the game etc.
For example- Many company sells pre-order exlcusives 1 year after release, this can indicate that in future they will do this again, so better to be patient.

8 The website may have a section for comparison and recommendation.

B It should show prices of microTX compared to previous games of the same franchise.
Some game sells microTX items which were free in previous games in franchise.
Solitaire was free for 3 decades then Microsoft released subscription based Solitaire for Windows 10, priced 10$ yearly. Minesweeper is also subscription based now, both games have advertisement based free to play versions.
Call of duty black ops 4 sells red dot on screen for 1$, previously things like this were free in call of duty franchise.

C Some remastered games have paid DLCs which were free DLCs in original game. Wiki will compare prices of original and remastered DLCs/microTX.
For example Modern warfare remastered was a DLC of infinite warfare. Remastered had it’s own DLC which was priced at 15$, which is 5$ more than the original DLC for call of duty 4.

D The wiki may have a recommendation system, when you are browsing a first person shooter which promotes lootboxes by showing your lootbox purchases in multiplayer lobby, the wiki will show other fps games coming out this year which doesn’t have lootboxes.

E How differently does the microTX/currency system work compared to other games/previous games?
For example- Destiny 1 and 2 microTX works completely differently. Destiny 2 cosmetics are almost always one time use. This led to people losing their money in the game.

F The silliest example of microTX from the game and maybe the best example too.
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