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Nero, help, guide Created Date: 11/19/2020 5: 17: 09 AM. This suite, specifically for creating, copying, editing, playing, streaming, ripping, converting, burning, and producing high-quality (HQ) and high-definition (HD) multimedia files. Free nero 2020 platinum download software at UpdateStar - Empower your digital life with Nero Platinum 2020 Suite for high-performance multimedia. Nero 11 platinum hd serial.

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Nero 11 Platinum review. Nero 11 serial number or unlock key is available to the public, you can freely download the serial key. Nero Platinum 2020 is a comprehensive media management solution for the Windows platform. Create perfect movies and slideshows with One Click Video Story.

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Remove the Microsoft Visual Software displayed. Today, I am going to inform you the method to hack a Facebook account using Cookie Stealing. Nero Recode supports the following decoding file formats: 3GP, AIFF, AMR, APE, ASF, AVI, FLAC, M2TS, MKV, MOV, MP3. Briefly Nero 11 Platinum can Burn, Play, Sync, Manage, Create, Share, Convert, Restore, Edit, Backup for your Photos, Music and Video in SD, HD and.

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Many businesses licensed SQL Server incorrectly. Download Nero Platinum 2020.21.0 for free. Download nero 11 crack free – todeticre. Nero Platinum Crack comprehensive app also integrated with Video editing tools with which you will be able to edit 4K videos.

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Best for importing, organizing, playback and streaming of music, video, photo, slideshow, movies, TV shows as well as disc playback. Adobe premiere cs3 free download full Nero 11 Platinum big discount version parallels desktop 8 per mac crack tutorial. Always up to date with the latest technology. Nero 2020 Crack Premium is alter or a program created by Nero AG for its most established strategy to compose DVD or even a CD. Reply petr 26/10/2020 @ 11: 33 PM.

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Download Nero Platinum 2020 21.0.01500 for Windows https://trisha-ls.ru/crack/?key=1171. Nero 11 Platinum Freeware anonymous. Nero Platinum Full Crack has come with the Latest Version The new version has come in the market with a lot of new and advanced features. Nero 2020 23.5.1000 Crack + Serial Key Full Download {Latest} click for more.

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Nero FirstAidKit is a tool created by Nero that helps solving installation problems which might exist due to installs and uninstalls of different Nero product versions on the same system. Empower your digital life with Nero Platinum 2020 for high-performance multimedia. The complete 360-degree experience is designed to complete your digital lifestyle.

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Download Nero Burning Rom 11 for Windows 10, 7, 8.1/8 (64/32 web site. Our intentions are not to harm Nero software company but to give the possibility to those who can not pay for any piece of software out there. Nero 11 platinum serial key. Free Nero 12 Platinum(2020) Download Full version + Serial Key Nero 12 Platinum Nero is a famous media bundle application which includes burning apps, video photo and audio editing apps, backup apps, video players, and much more applications for home users as well as commercial users.

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The Official unofficial Devil May Cry/Bayonetta/Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne timeline.

Disclaimer. The Official Unofficial nature of this timeline is subject to change on the account of Devil May Cry 5 or Bayonetta 3's release. Spoilers for all of DMC, Bayonetta and SMT Nocturne.
BR = Before Mundus’s Resurrection. AR = After Mundus’s Resurrection
  • ???? BR: The Conception occurs in an unknown world. Omne (possibly) creates the universe and splits into two beings of light and dark, Jubileus and Queen Sheba. The Universe is split into the Trinity of Realities, Heaven/Paradiso, Hell/Inferno and the Human World with Purgatorio between them. Queen Sheba becomes bound to Hell/Inferno and the Demon Mundus became the King of Hell/Inferno with the General Sparda in charge of his armies. Jubileus becomes bound to Heaven/Paradiso. The God of Chaos Aesir became the Overseer of the Human World. Aesir created the eyes of the world and gave them to humanity but resulted in his power being split into two beings, Loki and Loptr. The Lumen Sage and Umbra Witch factions are created. Madama Butterfly becomes infamous among the Demons of Hell/Inferno and the Infernal Demon Alraune holds an unexplained grudge against her. An Angel falls from Heaven/Paradiso to Hell/Inferno and becomes the Demon Blacksmith Rodin.
  • 2000 BR: Sparda trains the demon swordsmen Baul and Modeus. Mundus invades the human world. Sparda rebels against Mundus sealing his power, seals Temi-ni-gru with the Perfect Amulet, his blood, sacrifices a human priestess, places several Infernal Demons in the tower to act as guardians, nails stakes into 7 fallen angels that represent the 7 deadly sins, takes their names from them and seals his demonic power along with his sword Force Edge in Hell/Inferno. Seals the Hell Gate in Fortuna and serves as feudal lord for the city for an unknown amount of time.
  • 1999-540 BR: The Order of the Sword is established in Fortuna. The Demon Berial becomes ruler of Hell/Inferno. Eva creates the Bracelet of Time and enters into a pact with Sparda. The Demon Argosax overthrows Berial and becomes the new ruler of Hell/Inferno until the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, Umbra Witch Eva and the Vie de Marli clan seal his power with the Arcana relics. Sparda gifts the Perfect Amulet to Eva. The Lumen Sage Balder and Umbra Witch Rosa break the ancient commandment and conceive a child. Cereza and Jeanne are born and become friends. Alan Lowell summons the Infernal Demon Abigail and loses control of it but seals its power away and creates a demon repelling amulet.
  • 520 BR: The Lumen Sages and Angels of Heaven/Paradiso battle the Umbra Witches. Loptr kills Rosa. Jeanne seals Cereza in a coffin which is submerged at the bottom of an unknown lake. The battle ends in the Umbra’s favor but humans instigate the witch hunts. The Lumen Sage and Umbra Witch factions are destroyed. Jeanne (possibly) inspires legends of Joan of Arc
  • 40-28 BR: Balder takes control of the Ithavoll Group. Construction of a man-made island off the coast of Vigrid called Isla Del Sol begins. Jeanne becomes a high school history teacher. Antonio Redgrave begins his research into Vigrid, the Lumen Sages, Umbra Witches and the Ithavoll Group. Balder captures and brainwashes Jeanne.
  • 28-20 BR: Dante and Vergil are born. Sparda leaves the sword Rebellion for Dante and the sword Yamato for Vergil then disappears. Eva splits the Perfect Amulet into two and gifts them to Dante and Vergil on their birthday. Dante takes the name Anthony Redgrave after a journalist from an occultist magazine. Dante befriends a boy named Ernest. The town on Maurice Island is destroyed by an Infernal Demon. Eva is blamed for the fire and flees the town with Dante and Vergil.
  • 20 BR: Eva is murdered by Demons in front of Dante, the twins are separated. Bayonetta awakens. Antonio Redgrave is killed by Angels.
  • 20-11 BR: Luka Redgrave attempts to complete his father’s work researching the Umbra Witches and Lumen Sages. Dante has the twin 45 guns Ebony and Ivory custom made for him. Arkham murders his wife in front of his daughter Mary. Dante hires Enzo as his agent and purchases property on Slum Ave. Vergil visits the city of Fortuna. Nero is born. Dante gets so drunk he proposes to a mop.
  • 10 BR: Devil May Cry 3 Manga – Arkham meets Vergil. Dante accepts a job from Enzo to save a girl named Alice from the White Rabbit Demon. Dante and Vergil reunite. Vergil renames the 7 fallen angels. Dante unleashes the Majin form for the first time.
  • 09 BR: Devil May Cry 3 – Arkham and Vergil raise the Temi-ni-gru. Dante and Mary climb the tower. Dante loses to Vergil but awakens to his true demonic powers. Arkham enters Hell/Inferno and obtains the Force Edge along with the sealed powers of Sparda. Dante and Vergil defeat Arkham and battle in Hell/Inferno for the Force Edge and Amulets. Mary (now Lady) kills Arkham. Vergil loses to Dante in Hell/Inferno and stays behind while Dante returns to the human world. Dante and Lady kill all the remaining demons. Vergil confronts Mundus in the depths of Hell/Inferno. The Yamato breaks. Nelo Angelo is born. Dante decides on a name for his service shop, Devil May Cry.
  • 09-01 BR: Dante accumulates a rather large debt to Lady. The Order of the Sword acquires the broken pieces of Yamato and begins researching the process of binding Demons to objects. Arius and the Uroboros Corporation move to Dumary Island and begin construction of a city. Arius begins researching the Arcana and Black Magic. Dante accumulates a rather large debt to Pizza1. Dante accumulates a rather large debt to the local diner. Arius creates an artificial demon named Lucia but she is not obedient so Arius abandons her and she is adopted and trained as a Devil Hunter by Matier.
  • 00: Devil May Cry – Mundus creates and sends the Demon Trish to the Devil May Cry. Dante and Trish travel to Mallet Island. Dante meets Nelo Angelo. Nelo Angelo dies leaving behind the second half of the Perfect Amulet. Dante combines the Perfect Amulet with the sword Force Edge creating the sword Sparda. Dante enters Hell/Inferno, discovers Trish’s true allegiance and confronts Mundus. Trish sacrifices herself to save Dante. Dante, using the full power of the sword Sparda defeats Mundus and returns to the human world. Mundus is summoned. Trish’s dark soul is filled with light and she gives Dante her power. Dante seals Mundus once again. Dante and Trish escape.
  • 00-01 AR: Trish joins Dante at the Devil May Cry then gets fed up with Dante’s life choices and leaves to become a solo Devil Hunter. Dante accumulates a rather large debt to Trish. Trish (possibly) meets Luka Redgrave. Bayonetta meets Enzo and hires him as an informant. Dante loses a game of poker to Enzo. Dante hires Morrison as his agent. Dante accumulates a rather large debt to Morrison.
  • 01 AR: Bayonetta – Enzo informs Bayonetta of a jewel similar to hers being sold in Vigrid. Bayonetta and Jeanne meet. The Demon Blacksmith/Bartender Rodin creates a set of guns called the Scarborough Fair and gives them to Bayonetta. Bayonetta travels to Vigrid and begins hearing the voice of Balder. Bayonetta meets Luka Redgrave and Cereza. Bayonetta defeats Jeanne and remembers the truth of her past and Cereza. Bayonetta, Luka Redgrave and Cereza confront Father Balder. Bayonetta defeats Balder and returns Cereza to her time causing a paradox. Balder reveals their roles as the Eyes and Jublieus is resurrected. Jeanne frees Bayonetta and the two of them defeat Jublieus. The Right Eye is destroyed and balance in the human world is lost.
  • 01 AR: Devil May Cry Anime – Dante reluctantly accepts a job from Morrison to bodyguard a young girl named Patty Lowell. Dante meets the lessor demon Sid. Dante’s true employer is revealed and he takes care of Patty Lowell for now. Lady and Trish meet. Ernest invites Dante to their childhood home. Dante fights and kills the twin apprentices of Sparda. Baul and Modeus. Patty’s mother hires Dante to watch after a demon repelling amulet known as Alan’s Tear. Sid completes his plan and obtains the power of the Infernal Demon Abigail. Dante kicks Sid’s ass. Patty parts ways with Dante after cleaning the shop one last time.
  • 01-02 AR: Bayonetta 2 – With the balance between light and dark lost the Demons of Hell/Inferno and Angels of Heaven/Paradiso begin acting violently. Bayonetta, Enzo and Jeanne are shopping when Angels hijack a stunt performance by the military’s Platinum Stars unit. Bayonetta intervenes. The Demon Blacksmith Rodin arrives with the “Love is Blue” set of pistols. Bayonetta summons the Infernal Demon Gomorrah but it breaks free from her control. Gomorrah attempts to kill Bayonetta but Jeanne pushes her out of the way and gets dragged to Hell/Inferno. Bayonetta defeats Gomorrah and brings Jeanne’s body back to the Gates of Hell bar. Rodin and Enzo inform Bayonetta of a way to save Jeanne. Bayonetta and Enzo travel to the mountain Fimbulventr, the only place with both a portal to Hell/Inferno and to Heaven/Paradiso. Bayonetta meets Loki. Bayonetta and Loki help each other travel to the mountain. Bayonetta reunites with Luka Redgrave. Bayonetta meets and fights the Masked Lumen. Bayonetta and Loki arrive at the Hell Gate but are stopped by the Masked Lumen and Loptr. Loptr gives Bayonetta a vision of the past showing Balder did not organize the witch hunts. Loki opens the Hell Gate ending the battle. Bayonetta meets the Infernal Demon Alraune and learns that she has possession of Jeanne’s soul. Bayonetta and Alraune battle but Rodin appears and seals the demon in a new weapon. Bayonetta revives Jeanne’s soul, returning it to her body. Bayonetta spots Loki and the Masked Lumen battling and goes to intervene. The Masked Lumen removes his mask revealing himself to be a younger Balder. Loki transports them to Vigrid 500 years ago during the Witch Hunts. Bayonetta meets Rosa. Bayonetta battles a younger Loptr. Bayonetta and Balder watch as Loptr kills Rosa. Bayonetta and Balder join forces. In the present, Loki escapes from Hell/Inferno and is found by Luka. Luka takes Loki to the top of the mountain but they are apprehended by Loptr. Bayonetta and Balder return to the present and with the help of Jeanne reach the top of Fimbulventr. Loptr absorbs the Left and Right eye’s powers from Balder and Bayonetta. Loki destroys both of the eyes in the present, weakening Loptr. Bayonetta and Balder summon together a fusion of Jubileus and Queen Sheba kicking Loptr into the sea where Jeanne finishes him off with Gomorrah. Loptr’s spirit attempts to escape but Balder absorbs him despite warnings that he will be corrupted by Loptr’s essence. Balder makes Cereza promise to stop him if he should ever stray from his path. Balder returns to his time. Loki, having completed his task begins to fade away. Bayonetta and Loki say their farewells. Days later, Bayonetta and Jeanne enjoy another shopping trip. Luka helps Rodin advertise the bar. A woman and baby in a pram walk by and one of Loki’s cards flies out of it. Bayonetta realizes she forgot Enzo in Noatun. Enzo’s plane crashes in the street as Angels are chasing it. Bayonetta and Jeanne continue fighting Angels.
  • 09-10 AR: Nero confronts a group of Assault demons outside of Fortuna breaking his sword the Red Queen and injuring his arm. Nero’s arm changes into something demonic and he begins to hear a voice craving for more power.
  • 10 AR: Devil May Cry 4 – Lady hires Dante and Trish to investigate the Order of the Sword. Trish, disguised as Gloria infiltrates the Order and gifts them the sword Sparda. Dante shoots Sanctus, kills several order demons and battles Nero. Nero is sent after Dante. Nero stumbles upon the Hell Gates created by Agnus and defeats the demons they summon. Nero meets Agnus and repairs the broken Yamato. Nero returns to the Orders headquarters and is confronted by Credo. Nero defeats Credo but reveals his demonic power to Kyrie. Dante and Nero battle again but Dante lets Nero keep Yamato for now. Nero confronts Sanctus and the Savior but is defeated. Credo tries and fails to rescue Nero. Nero and Kyrie are placed in the core of the Savior. Dante accepts Credo’s last request, destroys the Hell Gates killing the demons they summon, educates Agnus and acquires Yamato. Dante battles the savior and returns Yamato to Nero. Nero kills Sanctus, rescues Kyrie, returns the sword Sparda to Dante and destroys the Savior. Dante leaves Yamato in the care of Nero and returns to the Devil May Cry where he is offered another job by an unnamed client.
  • 20-21 AR: Devil May Cry Volume 2 – Enzo and Dante travel to a temple. Dante meets Beryl. Beryl hires Dante to help investigate the Beastheads statue. A demon carrying the Beastheads drops through Ducas’s roof. Chen examines the demon. Ducas retreats to another house. Dante and Beryl track Ducas to that house but Ducas escapes. Ducas meets with Chen. Chen sends demons to slow down Dante and Beryl. Ducas retreats to a yacht, Dante and Beryl confront Chen. Ducas eats the Beastheads and transforms into a three headed dog. The Beastheads track Dante and Beryl. Beryl becomes stricken with fear as Dante battles it. Dante defeats the Beastheads but they are transported into an alternate dimension where Mundus captured him and Vergil as children. Nelo Angelo leads Mundus’s former Lieutenants in a war against their master. The town the rebels reside in is attacked by an army of Trishlike Demons. The rebels sacrifice themselves to aid Dante. Griffon takes Dante to Mundus’s castle. Dante defeats Mundus once more as Beryl watches. The duo awaken in Chen’s laboratory. Chen acquires the Beastheads. Dante and Beryl defeat Chen and destroy the Beastheads. Months later, Lucia invites Dante to a museum on Dunmary Island.
  • 21 AR: Devil May Cry 2 – Lucia is attacked by Demons at a museum. Dante arrives and kills the Demons. Lucia invites Dante to the home of Matier. Dante arrives but the building is destroyed. Matier hires Dante to investigate Arius and has Lucia track down the Arcana. Dante confronts Arius on an off shore platform but Arius escapes. Lucia confronts Arius and Arius reveals to her that she is actually an artificially created demon. Dante meets up with Lucia and she gives him the final Arcana to take to Matier. Lucia heads to the Uroboros Building to kill Arius but she is captured. Matier requests Dante save her. Dante confronts Arius and gives him all four of the Arcana. Dante and Lucia escape the building but Lucia begins to doubt herself. Dante leaves telling her not to worry and Matier arrives giving her the confidence to continue fighting. Arius’s ritual is interrupted when he discovers one of the Arcana is fake. Dante arrives and defeats Arius. Lucia confronts Dante and asks him to kill her because she is a Demon. A portal to Hell/Inferno opens. Lucia offers to enter but Dante flips his coin to let fate decide. Dante leaves his coin with Lucia enters Hell/Inferno and confronts Argosax. Lucia waits in the human world but Arius returns to life as an Infernal Demon. Lucia kills Arius in the human world. Inside Hell/Inferno, Dante confronts the former Demon King Argosax and defeats it like Sparda before him. With the portal closed, Dante travels deeper into Hell/Inferno. Lucia waits at the Devil May Cry with Dante’s coin and hears a motorcycle outside and runs to see who it is.
  • 21-22 AR: Dante travels to the deepest part of Hell/Inferno and meets Lucifer himself. Lucifer hires Dante to hunt and kill the Fiends that carry the Candelabrum.
  • 21-22 AR: Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne – Dante arrives in Tokyo and begins gathering information on his target. The Conception occurs and the world outside of Tokyo ends. Dante arrives at the Shinjuku Medical Center and begins hunting the Demi-Fiend. Later, in front of the Mantra headquarters Dante confronts the Demi-Fiend but loses his desire to fight him as he senses the Demi-Fiend is more than just a common Demon. Dante starts investigating Lucifer, the Candelabrum and the Labyrinth of Amala. Dante encounters the Demi-Fiend again while exploring the Third Kalpa in the Labyrinth of Amala and attempts to convince the Demi-Fiend to give up his quest for the Candelabrum the other Fiends hold. The Demi-Fiend refuses Dante’s request and the scariest chase sequence in all gaming begins. The Demi-Fiend nearly escapes but Dante catches up to him and the two engage in battle. The fight ends when Dante spares the Demi-Fiend claiming “Killing you would only help the old man, and I don’t want to do that.” Dante then hands over his own Candelabrum to the Demi-Fiend and resumes his investigation. The Demi-Fiend defeats the remaining Fiends and arrives at the Fifth Kalpa to find Dante waiting for him. Dante offers his services to the Demi-Fiend with the price varying upon the outcome of his coin toss. The Demi-Fiend accepts the offer and Dante assists the Demi-Fiend throughout the rest of his journey.
Additional Notes: This timeline assumes that Bayonetta and Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne are canonical to DMC of course. The SMT Nocturne elements can be ignored but one of the games endings gives Dante a better ending than DMC2 so I include it. I focused on Dante’s perspective during the events of SMT Nocturne as the whole games story is much too deep to sum up. Sparda and Madama Butterfly are more than likely related, siblings perhaps? When Demons appear in the DMC games they are quite clearly in the normal human world and not Purgatorio so it could be they choose not to hide in Purgatorio to incite fear in the people, their powers are weaker there, or they simply can’t enter it and on the opposite end. Angels probably don’t enter the human world for the opposite reasons. Maybe they wish to remain hidden from human eyes, they’re stronger in Purgatorio or just cannot enter the human world. With nocturne in the mix we can assume Demons and Angels are 100% the same types of beings just on different polarities and both require a summoning ritual to enter the Human World. We can also infur that characters like Arkham, Sanctus, Arius and Balder are trying to cause the conception to occur. Dante doesn’t fight Angels as they probably see him as an ally and leave him to his devil hunting. I could probably turn these fake dates I added into actual years with information on character birthdays thanks to Bayonetta but that would be too much work. The evolution of technology is almost impossible to keep track of at any given time in these games so any inconsistencies like Nero's wireless headphones, Dante owning a jukebox and the human characters of SMT Nocturne using flipphones should be ignored.
Sources: The Devil May Cry wiki. The Bayonetta Wiki. The Shin Megami Tensei wiki. My experience playing these games yes, all of them and this video for the base of the timeline.
Disclaimer: I did not read the novel Devil May Cry Volume 2 I just summed up what was on the wiki page.
  • As pointed out by amazingflower, Jubileus did not create the universe but all three games agree that it was an event that just sort of happened. For all we know Asura's Wrath is the canon start of the timeline.
Let me know if there are any mistakes and I will correct them.
submitted by Superspider51 to DevilMayCry

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