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[Table] IAmA: We are OverClocked ReMix, creating free game remixes since 1999. We just released a 6 hour free album of Final Fantasy VI arrangements after a $150,000 Kickstarter last year. Nobuo Uematsu loved our take on the opera. Ask Us Anything!

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Date: 2013-07-03
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Love the music on the site and this album is amazing. Thank you guys SO MUCH for the effort you put into this. Regarding the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra, Chad Seiter (the arranger of "Terra's Resolve") was just coming off working on a major Star Trek project and figured, "Hey, since we have the orchestra here and set up to record... let's do Terra!" If you're not familiar with Chad, he's worked on some of the very biggest films & TV shows, so the guy is an absolute pro.
Is the album going to end up on music services? Or do I have to download it and then reupload to (e.g.) Google Music? Most music services like iTunes, Pandora, Spotify (etc) involve revenue generation for the creators, which is not something we want to do and in the case of B&R, is outside of our agreement with S-E. Since we're non-profit & volunteer-run, we try to keep revenue out of things as much as possible :)
So, what new remix albums are there plans for in the future? Larry: Here's an alpha'ed list of in-progress albums that may or may not get finished.
Bionic Commando (NES)
Boss themes (volume 2) - Volume 1 is here: Link to badass.ocremix.org
Dragon Quest/Warrior I-III.
Final Fantasy's 2, 3, 5, 9 (hey, it's popular; we don't dictate what to arrange, and our community's pretty inspired by FF)
Gunstar Heroes.
Lufia II.
Sega racing games.
Seiken Densetsu 3.
Sonic CD (Japanese & US soundtracks)
Super Mario 64.
Super Mario RPG.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time (SNES) & Hyperstone Heist (Genesis)
Tim Follin tribute (I have to get it finished in the 21st century)
In the title it says "Nobuo Uematsu loved our take on the Opera". How did you get him a copy? What were his words? It must be truly incredible to come full circle and create something special for someone who created something special for you in the first place. Larry: Don Kotowski from SEMO, who's awesome, messaged him on Facebook. He's friends with a ton of VGM composers, and great to us as well. He's passed on OC ReMixes to the original composers multiple times. :-)
Regarding Jake Kaufman & Tommy Predrini's "The Impresario", according to Don, Uematsu-san said "I was shocked! I have to buy a glass of beer for this guy!!"
I have been listening to OC Remix for a very long time. More than 10 years, I guess. Wow. zircon A couple thoughts: we only post remixes that people submit to us. We don't scrape content from other sites or anything like that. So, if people are mostly submitting from the NES/SNES era (which is most familiar & nostalgic to a large number of gamers & musicians, and also very memorable in terms of melodic content), we'll end up with lots of mixes from that era. But I think you may be overlooking a lot of the gems on the site from a huge range of games on other platforms; why not grab our latest torrent and check it out?
So my question is: Do you think there's an issue with game repetition on the site? Do you think it's a problem? Are there great or at least memorable game tunes from the 80s and 90s that are getting too little attention? And what can the community do about this? On the other hand, we DEFINITELY don't want to only promote the popular titles. That's why we've repeatedly rejected the idea of a rating system or anything involving mix popularity. The results would immediately skew toward those really popular games. Instead, we're exploring ideas like a tagging system (which is already partially implemented) which would let people browse and discover new mixes in a different way besides sifting through the torrent or using the front page ReMix Roulette.
Again, I really do love the site and please keep up your important creative work. Are there tunes from the C64/NES/SNES era not getting enough attention? Absolutely! We've had projects in the past focusing on fairly obscure games like Teen Agent for example, or underappreciated games in general ("Unsung Heroes"). There is certainly interest in that stuff. I think the best thing the community can do is just download, promote, and share these mixes + projects, post reviews, and encourage musicians/remixers you know to take a crack at the under-arranged material :)
bring back AmIEvil. As for AmIEvil, dude dropped off the face of the map as far as I know... I did invite him to Balance & Ruin, too!
What's one game that the site doesn't have any remixes of but should? Cheers!
Edit: Also wanted to just say that I've been following you guys for more than a decade now and don't plan on stopping as long as you keep putting out great music like this. Can't wait for the CDs from the Kickstarter! DragonAvenger (judge, ReMixer): Legend of Mana. - zircon: Disgaea or Ni No Kuni, particularly the latter; absolutely gorgeous soundtracks! - Larry: Anything by Tim Follin. Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future and Lemmings for PSP were brilliant modern soundtracks of his. Definitely Spider-Man & the X-Men: Arcade's Revenge as well. - Cain McCormack (Fishy): Space Station Silicon Valley - OA: I want Ace Combat 5 remixed ;-)
What does the lot of you do for a living? zircon: Full-time composer and sound designer. Got my start on OCR!
DarkeSword: Professional web and application developer at a university.
Larry: Development/online marketing for The Carter Center. Jimmy Carter is awesome.
zircon -- Is that your sistewife/relative doing vocals in some of your songs? Did she influence you to get into music production? She has a great voice and really adds to many of the songs I've heard. djpretzel -- Any information you can give us on your inspiration in choosing to cover Devil's Lab on FFVI B&R? What did you want to get across in your remix? zircon: Haha, as belthesar noted, that is actually my wife :-) She's going to be performing and touring with Video Games Live in just a couple weeks. We met on OCR in 2005 and started dating in 2006; we've been collaborating every since. But it's funny that you mention my sister; I do have two older sisters, one of whom is also a composer, albeit not interested in video games at all. Growing up in a very music-friendly household definitely influenced me.
Can the judges still djp? Link to img262.imageshack.us
Where do you see OCRemix going in the future? What projects would you like to do given total freedom and infinite resources? Also any plans to do a bastion album remix? Also you guys are amazing. Link to ocremix.org - Darren Korb enjoyed it!
I'm in for a Supergiant Games album. Let's do this. Larry: Oh snap! Dustin, let's talk. :-)
Also, given the kickstarter funding and how big a project this was, what would you do differently if you had to do it over again? And what do you think has been learned from this project that could be applied to future OC remix albums? Can there be a bigger project than Balance & Ruin? zircon: McVaffe and I carefully evaluated everything for the project. Our main criteria, besides polished production and creative arrangements, was the *mood of each ReMix. We didn't want anything to stray far from the mood and feel of the original source tune. For example, we evaluated several different takes on Locke's theme, and ultimately felt "Smoke and Clouds" fit the character's adventurous lifestyle and melancholic past the best. There was a lot of back-and-forth with the musicians and I personally mixed/mastered dozens of tracks myself. In short, the level of musical direction for B&R was quite involved.
As for the Kickstarter, I think everything ultimately turned out well once we had our discussion with Square-Enix and came to an agreement with them. Since we haven't ultimately done the fulfillment yet (we're about to print the B&R physicals) it may be too early to say whether we would do anything differently. I'm sure we'll hit some challenges that make us regret one decision or another!
But to answer your second question, yes, doing a project of this magnitude has absolutely taught us quite a bit that can be applied to future albums (namely interactions with professional studio musicians, backend project organization, running a Kickstarter, etc.) I'm sure there will be some project someday bigger than this in terms of # of tracks or hours of music, but when you factor in all of the live musicians involved and the KS itself, B&R is going to be hard to top.
Larry: I'll just add in that I wish we hadn't sent the backer surveys until we were ready to ship the physical albums out, since Kickstarter only allows you to send 1 survey per backer group (which we didn't realize until later). So we do have to keep track of people contacting us about physical address changes, and don't want to drop the ball on that. :-)
Brilliant album guys (I've also been watching the FFIX album for a while now; hope that one comes out within the year, fingers crossed). You might have mentioned in one of the backer emails (if you did I missed it), but is there any timeframe on the physical CDs? Cain McCormack (Fishy): Hi Kal, I'm actually directing the FFIX project. It's definitely on the way and I've got over 40 finished tracks for it. Listening to this FFVI project has got me really excited to get it over the line so I'm gonna get things moving!
Again, excellent job all round, have an internet-pat-on-the-back from me. Larry: We're hoping to finalize the FF6 CD/DVD printing in the next week or two. As you've seen, the other past albums have already been made. We're really hoping that everyone gets their rewards before the end of August (at the latest). Sorry in advance if that timing doesn't quite work out, but believe us when we say we're working on it and making sure it's done right.
I regret not funding for a CD when the Kickstarter was up, is there a chance of getting an official copy after the fact? We did print more albums than were necessary for backer rewards, but we won't be selling them. We'll be giving them away or using them as contest prizes during convention events like MAGfest, Otakon, PAX / PAX East or even smaller cons like Connecticon; check our Announcements forum from time to time and see where we're going to be next. We'll also be providing copies to Video Games Live for them to give away, and anytime we run our own contests/raffles (etc) on OCReMix.org, we'll try to get 'em out to people like you.
I've noticed going through a lot of your remixes that the genre is always up to question, and especially more so when you have a large collaboration. That said, what are some of the more bizarre or intriguing remixes that you could recommend? Any particular artists that always wow you with a remix? Cain McCormack (Fishy): For most bizarre remix, it's got to be 'Zelda Heineken' by Mattias Holmgren (Link to ocremix.org) composed for beer bottle.
For constantly wow'ing me, XPRTNovice. Seriously. He's just infuriatingly multi-talented.
What happens with all the submissions that didn't make the cut for the FFVI B&R album? I love how the 5th track gave a few secondary glimpses at songs that were covered on the first 4 discs. Is there a place I can go to hear the other submissions that didn't make the cut? zircon: To be clear, the tracks on disc 5 definitely made our cut. We had multiple takes for a variety of reasons. In some cases, someone started a remix and said they couldn't finish, so we found another musician to fill their spot. Then, the original arranger finished their track after all. We also ran two contests which produced tons of great material, in some cases multiple takes on the same tune. In any case, anything on ANY disc of the album is absolutely stamped with our seal of quality. Deciding which take to put on which disc was just a matter of subjective preference for which version fit the main track flow the best.
Hey guys. I've loved OC Remix for ages! Thanks for all the great work. We love TotalBiscuit; he's definitely a hardcore fan and we really appreciate when he features our stuff!
My question, TotalBiscuit has started featuring tracks on his "Content Patch" series. Has this boosted site traffic to a decent degree? I ask as I love the site and really want it to be super active. Once again, thanks for all you do guys! We actually don't watch our traffic closely. Part of that mentality has been because we don't want to field questions on "what's the most popular ReMix?/who's the most popular ReMixer", since we don't allow ratings. But we definitely get a solid bump on our YouTube channel and on ocremix.org whenever we're featured on Content Patch and on Penny Arcade's Extra Credits. FUN FACT: Extra Credits' chipmunk-voiced narrator Daniel Floyd has been an OC ReMixer for years as sephfire.
It didn't cost $150,000 to produce this album, what are you guys doing with all that money since OCR is supposedly an NPO? As mentioned in the OP and on the Kickstarter page, the largest costs were physical production and royalties to Square Enix. We're not just printing Balance & Ruin, which itself is a 4-CD, 1-DVD with tons of color detail and thousands of copies. We're also re-printing (or have already re-printed) Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream, Final Fantasy IV: Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption, and Final Fantasy I: Random Encounter. When you combine manufacturing, storage, logistics, and shipping 3-4 multi-disc things to 2000+ backers around the world, and royalties on each of these albums, the costs add up very very quickly.
They do -- that said, those logistics alone would hardly set you back $150,000. Will you be donating any of the remainder to charity? zircon: Having personally done my own album Kickstarter, I can assure you that the costs of fulfillment are incredibly high. There are many many stories of Kickstarter project creators who say they ended up spending far too much on fulfillment. You have to remember that thousands of backers are receiving a package with something like a dozen discs of music; setting aside the logistical costs (even working with Amazon, which we are), shipping alone can easily hit $20+ internationally.
Due to our NDA we can't go into details about our royalty arrangement, but while it IS fair, consider that in total we're paying royalties on 10+ discs of music, multiplied by 7500+ copies printed...
Have you guys ever thought of teaming up with game companies such as Nintendo or Capcom? Those are just examples, but often time, you guys blow everything out of the water, and I would love to hear you in a game, most of the time, I think you guys are better than the original. Link to ocremix.org
Of course, we would absolutely love to do more projects like that. Anyone reading, if you're a pro game designer, producer, audio director or know any who call the shots on music, recommend us. We're around. :)
I've been an OCR listener since something like the 100th remix and I can say that you guys have provided the soundtrack to a significant portion of my life. Thanks for everything you've made and the community of music you have fostered. That said, the short list of Hitoshi Sakimoto remixes makes me sad. Do you think there is a reason people don't often remix his work? zircon Thanks for the kind words! Sakimoto is an absolutely brilliant composer. My reasoning for why he doesn't frequently get arranged is because his stuff is so good to begin with. It also tends to be more harmonically complex which is harder for most people to arrange than more simple and pared down source tunes (NES/SNES era.)
I need to say THANK YOU for Threshold of a Dream. Link's Awakening is probably my favorite game of all-time and you guys brought it to life in such a fantastic way. I can't express how much I loved that collection of music. Larry: Someone else on staff can answer for themselves if they'd like to. :-)
, what is the project you have enjoyed working on most? Do you have any regrets, like something you wish you did more of on said project? Credit for organizing and directing Threshold of a Dream goes to Brad "prophetik" Burr, who did a wonderful job, especially since the project had been stalled for a long while and he came in to pick it up! He went for a darker overall tone than most of our albums and that tone honored the premise of Link's Awakening well, i.e. being thrown into an unknown world, and really captured that feel with the talented contributors brought on board.
Lastly, I contribute to a website where my articles revolve around video game music. I would love to do an article on you guys in the future. What would be the best way to get a hold of someone for some Q&A? I've only directed one project, Deus Ex: Sonic Augmentation, which wasn't a traditional one since it was commissioned by Eidos Montreal. My one regret there is that we had talked about distributing it as free DLC on Steam, and it seemed like it was a go to move forward, but that never happened despite the initial interest. I'm looking forward to the day when we partner with a company for an album and they're willing to publish it on Steam, since there's a huge audience of gamers that just don't know OC ReMix or that there's this kind of appreciation for game music out there.
Thanks again, all of you! Keep doing what you're doing! For you or for ANYONE from a blog or outlet, big or small, we always love taking questions about the site in general or about album projects. Hit us up at [email protected] any time to reach out for an interview. Sending us questions preemptively is always the best bet, rather than playing tag like "Hey, would you be willing to answer some questions?" We totally would, VGM is wonderful to talk about. :-) If someone on our staff wouldn't be the one to answer the Qs, I'm the one that will work to get you in touch with the specific people you need. Fire away!
Not including your own works, what are the last 3 songs/pieces you have listened to? IPod/spotify/Pandora/etc zircon: Blueshift by Protodome and a whole bunch of stuff on Pandora's "Brazilian" station.
Larry: I've been immersed in OCR material, so I'll just plug 3 Tim Follin tracks. :-)
Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future: "Aquamarine Bay"
Lemmings (PSP\) - "Earth 1"
Future Tactics: The Uprising - "Main Menu/Common Battle II"
Now that I'm thinking, the real answer is Meine Meinung's arrangement of Chrono Trigger's "Corridors of Time", Austin Wintory and Lisbeth Scott's "I Was Born for This" from Journey, and Smooth McGroove's take on FF6's Decisive Battle. Lots of win.
<3 New York Cheesecake. zircon: Great League of Legends music :-P.
Love the new album! The amount of polish and production value is just wonderful. zircon: Thank you! Our experience with Kickstarter was a net positive, overall. Those following it closely will remember our original Kickstarter was pulled and relaunched over a month later, which was the main 'hiccup' in getting the project funded. Plus, since we're a totally non-profit, volunteer site, we have to be careful about how we raise money. It's also not the kind of thing we would do on a regular basis.
Do you think the Kickstarter approach be used for future projects? That being said, the overwhelming support from fans showed us that it's a very effective way of realizing really big, important projects and we'll definitely consider it again sometime in the future.
off, you guys all squarely hit this album into orbit. It's just heads and feet above anything I've seen come off ocremix before. Relating to the album: how long did it take to pick your jaws off the floor after hearing The Impresario for the first time? Larry re: hearing "The Impresario" the first time: Just a huge smile, and needing to show off the song to my wife.
What West Coast events do you attend, if any? We try to go to PAX when we can; we also had some staff at the Reno Game Expo last month. Other than that, most of what we do is on the East coast, since that's where a big chunk of the site staff live. Though it's not an official event for us, various folks in the community do attend the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco: zircon, Jillian Aversa, Danny Baranowsky, A_Rival, bustatunez, etc.
Long time lurker here (been around since 2000 or so). I have noticed a shift towards album projects as the main source of site content in the last few years. My biggest criticism with this is that generally, album projects tend to encompass far too much musical territory for me to fully enjoy in one listening session. Has there ever been any thought or discussion towards focusing on a specific genre of music for a project rather than a game or theme? Such a project might flow a lot better. zircon Project directors have done that for projects like Chrono Symphonic and Random Encounter, to name a couple. In the case of Final Fantasy VI, the original soundtrack is incredibly diverse to begin with with a ton of different musical styles. We talked about it and we felt the best way to represent it was by sticking to the original mood & feel of each piece but treating them with the same diversity and breadth of instrumentation as Uematsu did. Plus, had we chosen to stick to just one style, I think it would have been very very tiring over the course of 70+ tracks.
That being said I'm all for doing smaller, more focused projects in a given style, I just felt it wasn't appropriate for FF6.
Also, is there any VGM you guys really want to remix but you haven't for any reason? IMO, if you're interested in remixing game music, it's best to just try a few different programs and dive right in using whatever tools you can get your hands on. Don't worry about doing things the 'right' way at first, but just try to have fun with it. YouTube is a great resource for basic tutorials, and there are plenty of free programs & unlimited demos out there to get started with. Trying to learn too much about music theory, production, composition and technology will likely burn you out, whereas if you simply jump right in and make something (even if it's not, strictly-speaking, 'good') you'll at least be getting your feet wet!
Keep up with the great work guys. I first heard about you thanks to project chaos and everything I've heard from you since then has been amazing. zircon: The diversity among ReMixers and composers in terms of their musical background is pretty incredible. Some folks have advanced degrees in composition and theory, others are totally self-taught, and there's everybody in between. I'd say that generally speaking, it helps to have a bit of musical experience - playing the piano, a theory course or two, even a couple years of guitar. Then, a DAW (digital audio workstation) like FL Studio, Reason, REAPER, etc. is generally a must-have so you can create an edit MIDI & audio. Some DAWs come with a variety of sounds and tools built in, particularly Reason, while others are meant to be expanded with external tools like VST plugins and sample libraries.
What's the likelihood of seeing anything remixed from Gitaroo Man? The game has a special place in my heart and I just feel like no one knows about it <_< ● You may rely on it.
Sir Jordanius did an AWESOME job with the sole Gitaroo Man mix we have right now. Link to ocremix.org
It's a great soundtrack, as we'd love to see more ReMixes from it. :-) - Larry.
So larry, when was the last time you had a mcrib? It's not on sale right now as far as I know, so you're are a cruel person for reminding me. Any answer other than "just now" is too long ago. :-P -L.
Which songs were you most excited to remix from the soundtrack? zircon: I think everyone on the project would have their own answer for this - part of the bonus materials for the DVD is a series of interviews with various ReMixers discussing their involvement with the project, their memories of FF6, etc. Personally, I was really excited to realize my vision of an Ennio Morricone-inspired take of Shadow's Theme for "A Fistful of Nickels"!
What is the screening process like on the site for remixes, how many remixes get rejected and for what reasons? Many submissions are rejected because of production issues. For example, an orchestral arrangement with very fake-sounding MIDI instruments, an electronic piece with cheesy / dated sounds, songs that are too loud, too quiet, distorted, and everything in between. Arrangement issues can include staying too close to the source (not adding any original interpretation and basically just covering it note-for-note), straying too FAR from the source (unrecognizable / not enough connections), 'medleyitis' where the remix uses tons of source tunes in an incoherent way, an arrangement that is too long/short or lacks cohesiveness (sudden changes in tempo or style, no transitions)... the list goes on. I think this process is very unique and really ensures a high standard of quality in every piece that gets posted. Whereas anyone can post a song to Bandcamp, SoundCloud, or YouTube, we take the time to listen to every single submission... and believe me, there are a lot of them. I'm not sure what the current rate is but it is definitely on the order of 600-700+ a year at a minimum. (EDIT: Larry: It's about 900 a year at this point. It's grown.) The MAJORITY of these are NOT accepted to the site. Again not sure what the current figure is - someone else can weigh in tomorrow - but probably 70-90% are rejected.
Will you be at the upcoming Magfest in January? Larry: We've been at MAGFest every year since MAGFest 5, including a panel presentation. Our house band, OverClocked University, performed there this year. :-)
Are YOU gonna be at MAGFest? Anyone reading this, GO TO MAGFEST! You won't regret it.
It's 4 days, 3 nights of video games and video game music, taking over a HUGE, top-notch hotel just outside Washington, DC and running it 24 hours a day. Celebs, panels, tabletop room, LAN room, video room, 24 hour arcade room full of cabinets AND consoles. Tons of VGM bands in concert. No shameless advertising plastered everywhere, not corporate in any way.
It's always amazing and always worth it. They don't pay us to pimp it this hard. If you have friends, share a car and/or room to cut down on the costs and have an awesome time. GOGOGO.
What do you think is the key to making a successful music arrangement? zircon: When it comes to video game music, I always try to stick to the elements of the original tune that make it unique and memorable. I can respect different approaches, but personally, I work hard to make sure the feel and mood of the source material is preserved. Beyond that, I think creativity in the arrangement is really important as well; not just using the original notes + chords but building around it with new material, new harmonies, counterpoint, solo sections, etc. I enjoy listening to straightforward covers as well, but personally I much prefer to kick things up a notch and actually expand on the material.
Really polished production helps too!
Plan on doing more work with Big Giant Circles? Larry: Of course! Jimmy's awesome; it's inevitable.
So, I stop paying attention for awhile and you do this?! Congrats on the super-awesome new release! Thank you! The good thing about the site is that if you choose to just lurk every once in a while, the torrents make it pretty easy to catch up on everything you might have missed.
Why isn't there a Zozo track on the album? Larry: I was about to say "there is," but that would be incorrect.
There are. :-) The Zozo town theme's officially known as "Slam Shuffle." Mazedude arranged it for track 2-12 ("Slam Davis") and bLiNd tackled it for track 5-11 ("Slam Shufflin'").
On a tangent, this is a different thing entirely, but the situation sort of reminds me of when people claim on our YouTube channel that a ReMix has almost or literally nothing to do with its source tune, when really it's just an extended intro that moves onto a pretty overt rendition of the original song. In other words, "wait for it... wait for it... ah, there it is!"
No worries, it's there, we promise!
Will Larry ever love anything more than the McRib? No.
It's official. Larry loves the McRib more than his wife. flees She's cute, buuut... the McRib is slathered in BBQ sauce. -L.
Hey guys. I am working on becoming a full timing video game composer currently. I am doing a degree in composition and OCR has been a massive influence in my musical decisions in life. So Thank you for that! zircon: Thanks for listening to our mixes! I'm responding to this because your background seems similar to my own. I became interested in music production & composition not from taking years of piano lessons (which I did), but by discovering OC ReMix and participating in the community. That led to me applying to Drexel University's Music Industry program to learn more about composition, music business, and technology, and I ultimately got a full scholarship. I now do music & sound design full time so it would not be a stretch to say OCR changed my life.
I was wondering how important you guys think 'Remixing' is, in terms of musical development. I write my own originals as well as remixes but I find remixes take a lot longer to make for me. Should I stick to originals or have a healthy balance of both. In my opinion, remixing and arranging music is a great way to practice and hone your skills. It helps train your ear, and it will give you a better understanding of what goes into a great piece of music, as you'll be transcribing various elements from it. More importantly, it's FUN, and if you're just starting out can be more satisfying than solely writing original music (which can be difficult if you have minimal experience). Of course if you want to be a professional composer, you'll want to get involved with some indie game projects as soon as possible, but remixing is absolutely a great use of your time.
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WEEKLY EVENTS 10/17 – 10/24

Holy shit, am I busy or what? Gaines Street Fest 6 is fast on the way and I’m to my neck in it. Trivia needs to be written, this event page has to be maintained, and it’s my buddy’s birthday tomorrow so I just made a karaoke video for a song from a local band so we can sing it tomorrow night at 926 Bar & Grill. But hey, idle hands are the devil’s playground, right? (Except that I’m pretty sure that saying is about masturbation.) So let’s see what the future holds this week!
It’s FAMU Homecoming and here is the list of events. By the way, the parade is amazing.
Tally’s Independent Cinema and Theater Offerings:
  • First off, there’s a Halloween season run of Rocky Horror Picture Show starting this weekend at the Junction @ Monroe. “New Stage Theatreworks is excited to present Richard O’Brien’s “The Rocky Horror Show” this Halloween season at The Junction at Monroe at 2011 South Monroe St. With two shows a night (8:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.), we’ll be doing the Time Warp with this raucous, fun musical delight... for mature audiences only. Shows are Fridays and Saturdays October 21 - 22 and October 28 - 29 at 8:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. For tickets and more information, please visit http://nstw.org/tickets. For ticket related questions, please send email to [email protected] or call 850-807-9684. This event is the live stage version, there will be no "film" presented. Audience participation kits will be available, however outside props are not permitted at this venue.”
  • All Saints Cinema: “The Tallahassee Film Society was formed for the purpose of bringing foreign and American independent films to the Tallahassee area.”
  • Monticello Opera House: “A historic theater in Monticello featuring musical performances and local theater.”
  • Quincy Musical Theater: “Quincy Music Theatre is North Florida’s largest and only all-musical community theater.”
  • Ruby Diamond Auditorium: “The primary performance venue for Florida State University.”
  • Student Life Cinema: “Florida State University's Student Life Cinema (located in the Askew Student Life Center) is one of the nation's leading campus film programs, featuring five to six nights a week of everything from the most recent blockbuster movies to documentaries, alternative and foreign films, to restored cinema classics.” General Public permitted.
  • Theatre Tallahassee: “Serving the community since 1949, Theatre Tallahassee has been a leader in professional-caliber community theater featuring your friends and neighbors.” Currently showing Avenue Q.
  • Young Actors Theater: “YAT is a non-profit youth theatre and school for the performing arts founded in 1975. YAT provides quality theatre and theatre education to the community.”
  • Camp Folks runs day or weekend excursions all around the area. River tubing, kayak trips, camping – anything you’ve been wanting to do but couldn’t find a group to go with. Check it out. This weekend is the last of their tubing trips, so don’t miss it.
MONDAY 10/17
  • Burrito Boarder: Bar Trivia With Hank. $30 food & bar tab for first place. $2 margaritas! That’s right, I said MARGARITAS FOR TWO BUCKS EACH! 7:30pm
  • The Warehouse: Lost Mondays with Belmont & Jones. 8pm
  • Waterworks: Patio Theater featuring Incredible World of Mr. Limpet. “Don Knotts has a terrible wife but his dreams come true when he enters the sea and falls in love with Ladyfish! It's the classic boy becomes fish and battles Nazi U-Boats. All this under the stars on The Patio and it's the kickoff to Mullet-thon week!“ 8:30pm/21+/free
  • Side Bar Theater: Open Mic Mondays with Karaoke and Games. “Open Mic: Drums, Guitar Amp, and Bass Amp will be provided. (Bring your own guitars and various instruments!) Karaoke, Nintendo 64 ( Mario Kart, Starfox, and more!), Foosball, Cornhole.” 9pm/free/18+
  • Atmosphere Pub: Hip-Hop Open Mic Monday's // Dj T Wixx on site // Bring your Tracks. 10pm
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Karaoke with Nathan. “Best selection of songs in town. Non-judgmental crowd, great drinks, surprisingly good burgers and fries. Oh, and this is where I, clearliquidclearjar, will be this week after trivia. Some come make fun of me or sing or whatever.” 10pm/free
  • Retrofit Records: ALEX CAMERON (Australia - Secretly Canadian Records). 5pm/free
  • Club Downunder: Islands w/ Alex Cameron. 8:30pm/GP $12/18+
  • Junction @ Monroe: Live Rehearsal Tuesdays. “Tuesdays are Live Rehearsals at [email protected]. Sponsored by the Tallahassee Area Musicians Guild. Utilize our complete backline and PA for rehearsals, jams, or hold auditions. Up to one hour slots (or more depending on number of signups) per artist/group.” 4pm
  • Madison Social: Trivia Social. They do half and half theme and miscellaneous, so check their FB every week for an event page. 7pm
  • Brass Tap in Midtown: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Northside Pies: Bar Trivia With Hank. 50 questions of sweet, sweet trivia. This is a great geeky date night option. If you’ve got teens or kids that want to go to trivia (hey, nerds come in all sizes), this is a PG/PG-13 night. 8pm/free
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: Trivia With John Carpenter. Lively and fun. 7:30pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: Trivia Factory. 7:30pm
  • Fourth Quarter: Trivia With Professor Jim. AUCE wings. Truly a trivia favorite. 8pm
  • Krewe de Gras: Karaoke With Pete. 8:30pm
  • Brass Tap on Gaines: Karaoke with DJRah. 9pm
  • Atmosphere Pub: Open Mic "SingeSong Writer" Edition. 9pm
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Trivia Tuesday! 9:30pm
  • Applebees on the Parkway: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Pockets Pool: Karaoke with Dwight. 10pm/21+
  • Florida’s Historic Capitol: Wine and Cheese Curator’s Tour. “During this after-hours tour led by Museum staff, guests will enjoy three different stations of wine and cheese while discovering interesting architectural elements that one may not find at first glance. There will also be a special stop in the temporary exhibit, Irreplaceable Heritage: Florida and the Preservation Act at 50.” 5:30pm
  • Aloft: Old Soul Revival. 7pm
  • 926 Bar & Grill: The Abominable Beard w/ Carrion Curse, Hellhound, Burn This Down. 8pm/$7
  • Club Downunder: Polyphia w/ Teen Baby. 8:30pm/GP $10/18+
  • Bird’s Oyster Shack: Wednesday Night Lab Session With Jim Crozier, TD & Kathi Giddings with Dick Kraft. 6pm-8pm/free
  • Fermentation Lounge: Quizmaster General Knowledge Trivia. “Quizmaster is hosted by Bennett Miller from 7-9pm every Wednesday, and features three rounds of general knowledge trivia (and a weekly food special). It is free to play and teams of up to 6 are welcome. The winner of each round receives a sample flight, and the Quizmaster for the night receives a $25 gift card and serious credit on Geek Street.” 7pm
  • Brass Tap on Gaines: Trivia. Check their FB page for the theme. 7pm
  • Hurricane Grill & Wings: Trivia With Greg. 7pm
  • GrassLands Brewing Company: BYOBG! Bring Your Own Board Game. “Our gracious host, Trevor Bond, will be featuring one game each week. Feel free to bring your own games to play & share.” 7pm/21+
  • Proof: Bar Trivia With Hank. Drink delicious brews and show off all those random factoids you thought you’d never use. Local beer, local trivia in the heart of Tally’s Art District. A food truck is always out front for this, too, or you can order and pick up something great at the Crum Box Gastgarden (the caboose in RR Sq). Bar tab for 1st and 2nd place teams. 7:30pm/21+/no cover
  • The Warehouse: Open Mic. “There is a lottery for time slots. Now smoke free!” 8pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Bike Night. “Live music on the deck featuring Tim Russell of the Whiskey Bandits and Karaoke inside. $2 Bud Light drafts, $3 domestic bottles, and Food Truck onsite.” 8pm
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Karaoke with Nathan. He’s got all the songs. All the songs you want to sing. If you see me there, don’t make too much fun. 9pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • Bird’s: Comedy Night. I’m pretty sure this is both a performance and an open mic. 9:30pm/free
  • Waterworks: Midtown Merchants Quarterly Social. “Come to Midtown Merchants Association's Quarterly Social! Food, drinks and find out what's happening in Midtown Tallahassee.” 5pm
  • Fifth and Thomas: The Turnpike Troubadours. 6pm/21+
  • Aloft: Tony Young. 7pm
  • The Globe @ FSU: Queer Open Mic. Presented by the FSU Pride Student Union. 7pm
  • Proof Brewing: Accio Trivia! Harry Potter Night. “Okay, all kinds of Harry Potter stuff is going on these days, from books to movies, and this coming Friday is the Million Muggle March in Tally's Beer District. But more importantly, this Wednesday will be ALL POTTER ALL NIGHT at Trivia With Hank. From the creatures to the spells, bullies to professors, ghosts to goblin gold, we're going to see who the biggest fans are in town. If anyone on your team wears a costume or Potter-themed teeshirt, earn a point! This is going to be a hell of a good time, so be there!” 7:30pm/21+/free
  • Opperman: Concert for Joel Hastings (1969-2016). “Florida State University piano faculty with distinguished guests will gather in Tallahassee to honor the life and musical legacy of pianist and FSU faculty member Joel Hastings. Sergei Babayan, Read Gainsford, Caroline Hong, David Kalhous, Joel Schoenhals, Kevin Sharpe, Logan Skelton and Heidi Louise Williams will perform works by Bach, Brahms, Rachmaninov, Janáček, Respighi, Pärt, Bolcom, and Carter Pann. Joel Hastings' beautiful Steinway concert grand piano will be brought to Opperman Music Hall for this occasion. The concert, which is free and open to the public, will be also streamed live on the FSU website. There will be a reception following the concert in the breezeway between the Housewright and Kuersteiner buildings.” 7:30pm
  • Brass Tap Midtown: CYR Presidential Debate Watch Party. “Join the Capital Young Republicans and the Leon GOP as we watch the third of the 2016 Presidential Debates. Plan to be there for the October CYR meeting which will be held at 8:30. Brass Tap will setup a projector on the outside patio. Look forward to extended happy hour drink specials!” 8pm
  • BFF Haus: Dead Neighbors, Jerry Fels, Teen Baby, TRAGWAG. 8pm/$5/all ages
  • Waterworks: Debate III Watch Party Patio Theater. “The LAST debate! Will he hover and sniff, will she not go lower and again do her best to promote her policies and record? We probably know the answer already, but we still need to put up with it all one more time before heading into Election Day.” 8:35pm/21+
  • Side Bar: The Mantras w/ The Heather Gillis Band & New Earth Army. 9pm/$14
  • Coliseum: Lucci & Blac Youngsta. 10pm
  • Lake Ella Area: Food Truck Thursday featuring Bedhead Betty. 6pm
  • Beef O’Brady’s: AJ Johnson Trivia. 6:30pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Open Mic. “The only open mic that pays the performers! Bring your instruments and play an open slot or just come and be entertained in Tallahassee's best sounding room! Free draft beer for performers.” 7pm/$10
  • Gaines Street Pies: Bar Trivia With Hank @ Warhorse Whiskey Bar. With a picture round! Sound round! Speed round! Hoarder’s Delight drawing! And all the other trivias! Win a delicious 18” pizza! 8pm
  • Dux (Crawfordville): Karaoke with Big Bob. $25 bar tab given away every week. 8:30pm-12:30pm
  • Midtown Caboose: Trivia Factory. 8:30pm
  • Unique Wonders: Live Comedy with Big Hou! 8:30pm/$5
  • Pockets: Karaoke Dance Party with Keith Welch. 9pm/21+
  • Applebees on Cap Cir: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Birds: Karaoke. I hear they have a new DJ. Anybody have details on that? 10pm
  • Perry, FL: Trucks Gone Wild Super Bog at Iron Horse Mud Ranch, Oct. 20-23. “Our Annual Fall Event in Perry, FL with Iron Horse Mud Ranch and Trucks Gone Wild. World Freestyle Championship Weekend + so much more.” 8am
  • Fith and Thomas: Carson McHone and Old Soul Revue. 5pm/$5 if not dining
  • Club Downunder: Jazz Night ft. The Leon Anderson & Scotty Barnhart Student Combo. 8pm/$8/18+
  • The Vineyard: Guts Club, Wood Thrush, Sarah Morrison, German Balloon Parade. 8pm/$5/all ages
  • Edison Restaurant: FAMU Homecoming 2016 FUNKFest Kickoff & Alumni Mixer (Thursday Night). “Rattlers Kickoff your Homecoming with us Thursday Oct. 20th at The Edison for 470 Suwannee St. The FAMU Homecoming FunkFest Kickoff & Alumni Mixer with sounds by DJ Neaux and DJ Bo Weezy Hosted by several Rattlers Alumni: Joe Bullard, Daryl Parks, Angela Suggs, Marvin Greens, Cecka Greens, Eric EB Butler, Leo Bennett, Sharon Lettman, Keshia Walker, Daryl Jones, Alan Williams, Richelle Ranson and more.” 10pm
FRIDAY 10/21
  • Parlay Sports Bar: Karaoke with Big Bob. 8pm
  • Hobbit South: Karaoke. 8pm
  • Leggetts: Karaoke with Paul. 8:30pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • Skyzone: GLOW- Featuring DJ LooseKid. “Grab all of your friends and get your jump on with live music featuring Dj Loosekid, glow lights & laser beams! Check in early to take advantage of the full 2 hours of jumping! Each jumper must wear a reflective shirt, or purchase a shirt in the park. Due to the popularity of this event and early sell outs- we highly suggest you reserve your tickets online beforehand. We cannot guarantee tickets for GLOW will be available in the park at the time of the event.” 9pm-11pm/$25/no one under 5yo
  • 926 Lounge (Formerly Pugs): The Friday Night Party. “Get your pre-game on at Happy Hour with Tom from 4-9 and the dance party getting rolling at 10 pm with our favorite house DJs slinging sound all night long. At midnight, join our talented Queens for an amazing show!” 9pm/$5, $7 under 21/18+
  • Stetsons @ The Moon: Karaoke with Johnny Ray. 10pm/$5/18+
  • Tallahassee Junior Museum: Halloween Howl 2016. [Please check out details here.(https://www.facebook.com/events/301048366933458/) Always fun. Happens Saturday night as well. 6pm/$15 for adults, $12 for children for non-members and $13 for adults, $10 for children for Museum Members (children under three free)
  • Southwood Town Center: Fright Night. “Costume Contest, Cookie Decorating, Hay Maze, Pumpkin Painting, Balloon Art, Face Painting and more.” 6:30pm-9:30pm
  • Tallahassee Brew District: The Million Muggle March - Harry Potter Bar Crawl. “We all may be muggles, but all muggles love a great bar crawl. The Tallahassee Brew District has 4 locations and there are 4 houses at Hogwarts, coincidence? We think not. Each brew district location will transform into a different house for the evening and offer a unique Harry Potter inspired beer choice, and yes, one of them will be Butterbeer. Madison Social – Gryffindor, The Brass Tap – Hufflepuff, GrassLands Brewing Company – Slytherin, Proof Brewing Company – Ravenclaw. As muggles we will make our way from house to house and enjoy a wizarding good time. You know it's going to be an epic night because we solemnly swear we are up to no good.” 7pm
  • Knott House Museum: The Mummy (1932) Outdoor Screening. “Following the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, Universal Studios produced a film starring Boris Karloff that set the prototype for all mummy-themed movie. The Mummy uses lighting, tempo, and mood to build the tension that characterizes classic horror. Film historian Mery-et Lescher will describe the movie’s cultural context.” 7pm/$5
  • Bragg Stadium: FAMU Homecoming Pepsi FunkFest. “Get READY Rattlers as we step FAMU Homecoming up a notch with The 1st Annual FAMU Homecoming PEPSI FUNKFEST 2016 Going Down Friday Oct. 21st inside Bragg Stadium. Performing Live is FANTASIA, BBD, T-PAIN, 69 Boyz and Friends, JT Money, 95 South, Jeremiah hosted by Uncle Luke.” 7pm
  • Aloft: Miles Bozeman Trio. 7pm
  • American Legion Hall: Grant Peeples & The New 76ers: The Songs of Guy Clark. 7:30pm/$15
  • All Saints Cinema: Tallahassee Premiere Nights. “One of our main goals at Tally Shorts is to help foster and cultivate local filmmaking. That's why we are super excited to announce our newest event, "Tallahassee Premiere Nights!" This is an event for local filmmakers to show their work to an audience, network with other filmmakers, and get feedback on their films.” 8pm/free
  • Fire Bettys: Sway Jah Vu and Sgt. Bear. 8pm/free/21+
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Benefit for Keegan. “Keegan Whitehead is an incredible friend, father, and community leader. This is a special 926 party event that will raise money for his trans related health costs. Let's show Keegan how much we love him. There will be a talent show with princes and princesses looking to earn their crown as well as a couple of kings coming out of retirement to bring it one last time for their good friend Keegan. The benefit will be held from 8 to 10 pm and 100% of the cover during this time will go to benefit Keegan so arrive early (before 10). And remember, you are allowed to stay for the regularly scheduled drag show at midnight for no additional cost! Many of the performers and bartenders will be donating tips to Keegan as well. We will also have a bin for donations and a silent auction.” 8pm
  • Bad Girls Club (1675 sharkey street): "PET PARTY" w/ Nate McManus/Tall Dog/David Settle/Cooper! 8pm/$5/all ages
  • Mickee Faust Club: What.the.Faust Cabaret. “Shows: October 20, 21, 22. "I'm here to make America grate again!" In a campaign season where down is up and up is down, the Mickee Faust Club answers the question on our mind: "What the Faust?" Drinking may have become an option for some to get through the election but Faust has a lineup that will get you laughing rather than crying in your stein. So, don't sit at home watching pundits and campaign hacks sputter and bluster and make chaos out of nonsense. Instead Come.to.the.Cabaret!” 8pm
  • Carolina Haus: RC: Summer Cicada, The Cryptics, SPEW, The Wabbits. 9pm/$5/all ages
  • 1902 HIGH ROAD: Spooky Halloween Show with Faking Jazz, Winded, Edward Mank, Livia. 9pm
  • Bradfordville Blues Club: Paul Oscher. 9pm/$25
  • Tabu Nightclub: 21 Savage. 10pm
  • Park at Monroe: The Downtown Marketplace. 9am
  • Corner of Georgia & Macomb: Frenchtown Farmers’ Market. “The Frenchtown Heritage Market offers a wide variety of fresh, naturally grown produce. Live music, cooking demos, fruits vegetables, and honey sold directly by farmers.” 9am – 1pm.
  • Wakulla Springs Lodge: Bob Carey on Piano. “Come on out and bring along your vocal chops, browse through my lyrics book, pick up one of my pass-around mics and sing your heart out, or just grab a stool and enjoy a fun filled evening of music and dancing. Full bar open til late.” 7pm
  • Salty Dawg: Karaoke with Paul. Family friendly! 8pm
  • Leggetts: Karaoke with Cowboy Chris. 9pm
  • El Patron: Pasion Latina. Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton. 9pm
  • 926 Lounge: Sanctuary (formerly Blue Monday). “Tallahassee's Longest Running Dark Dance Night is here again! Wear your finest for Darkwave, EBM, Industrial, and some of your other favorites with some of the best and weirdest people in town. Fetish Friendly.” 10pm/$5/18+
  • St. Mark’s: Stone Crab Festival. Details here. Tons of great music and food. 10am
  • Waterworks: Mullet-Thon Patio Party!. “Waterworks first ever Mullet-thon will be a celebration of the fish that deserves all the respect and none of the jokes associated with a poor choice of hairstyle. On The Patio and inside Waterworks. Kid friendly with activities and games. Educational tables. Live music with Success, Pat Puckett, and The Flatheads. Smoked mullet dip and tacos + our regular food menu and drinks. All the fun for all ages until 8:00pm.” 2:30pm/free
  • Tallahassee Auto Museum: Brewfest Tallahassee 2016. “This is the 10th anniversary of Brewfest Tallahassee. Enjoy an evening of sampling 200+ beers at the Tallahassee Automobile Museum. This beer-tasting event is presented by Tallahassee Sunrise Rotary Club and all proceeds are donated to charity.” 5pm
  • Integration Statue: National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression. “We will be meeting at the Integration Statue and marching to the Capitol in protest against police brutality.” 5pm
  • Krank It Up: Talloween 12. “Krank It Up's annual Halloween themed bike race. Whether racing or riding with friends your gonna have fun. All proceeds go to keeping KIU open!” 6pm
  • American Legion Hall: CLC Monster Mash Fundraiser. “Wear your scariest Halloween costume and join us for a concert featuring Two Foot Level and The Adventures of Annabelle Lyn. All proceeds will benefit Cornerstone Learning Community, a 501c3 non-profit school, to fund their eighth grade trip to Washington D.C.” 7pm/$15
  • Hurricane Grill and Wings: Invented Truths. 7pm
  • Wolf’s Den: Ryley Walker & Circuit Des Yeux. 8pm/$5/all ages
  • Crum Box Gastgarden: The Coma Kids, Former Planets, Casual Sam and Doorsmasher. 8pm/$5/all ages
  • The Warrior: Scotty Mills. 9pm
  • Birds Oyster Shack: Megalops with Form and Galactadactyl! 9pm
  • Play Sports Bar: Yo Gotti, Yepwekan, Party Boys, Money Mark. A FAMU Homecoming event. 10pm
  • Bradfordville Blues Club: Muscle Shoals Music Revue Show with The Amy Black Band. 10pm/$25
  • Coliseum: Gucci Mane. 10pm
SUNDAY 10/23
  • Lake Ella: Sunday Brunch. “Come out to Lake Ella every Sunday for food trucks and live music! Brunch specialties will be served up by the food trucks from 11am-2pm.”
  • Salty Dawg Pub & Deli: The Famous Acoustic Jam w/ Wayne, Glenn, and Bo. Open mic, free beer for performers. 6pm
  • Atmosphere Pub: Something New Sundays "Alternative Night" hosted by Fendi & Destiny Iman Valentino. I’m really pretty sure this means gay night. 9pm
  • Tom Brown Park: Ales & Trails 2016: Madison Social. “Love to hike? Love craft brews?! Camp Folks has teamed up with Tallahassee Brew District to present Ales & Trails! Explore Tallahassee's most scenic trails and grab a beer at your favorite Tallahassee Brew District locations, including GrassLands Brewing Company, Proof Brewing Company, Madison Social, and Proof Brewing Company. A portion of the proceeds will go to support Keep Tallahassee Beautiful and Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics in their efforts to educate and promote environmental sustainability.” 9am
  • Bread & Roses: Kombucha Party. “Join us and see how to make your very own Kombucha tea, you will also get the chance to learn how to create and care for scoby . Bring a mason jar and leave with a starter scoby. $2 suggested donation to help cover cost and remainder will go to the Co-op. Bring a friend or two! Bonus points if you eat at the bread and roses kitchen for brunch! Note: if you're already making tea and want to share some samples, tips or recipes please let us know. We are hoping to make room for more people to share.” 3pm
  • FAMU Way: NightFire - a community performing arts celebration. “NightFire is a free family friendly community celebration featuring local performing artists who specialize in fire and dance. NightFire will feature live musical performances by community artists as well. The event will also feature special guest and FSU hero Ronny Ahmed along with the Pyro performance team! Come join the community and enjoy this night of fire, dance, and music at Lake Anita on Famu Way!” 6pm
MONDAY 10/24
  • Burrito Boarder: Bar Trivia With Hank. $30 food & bar tab for first place. Specials on shots and $2 margaritas. 7:30pm
  • Waterworks: Patio Theater. 8:30pm/21+
  • 926 Bar & Grill: Karaoke with Nathan. He’s got all the songs. All the songs you want to sing. If you see me there, don’t make too much fun. 9pm
  • Side Bar Theater: Open Mic Mondays with Karaoke and Games. “ Open Mic: Drums, Guitar Amp, and Bass Amp will be provided. (Bring your own guitars and various instruments!) Karaoke, Nintendo 64 ( Mario Kart, Starfox, and more!), Foosball, Cornhole.” 9pm/free/18+
  • Atmosphere Pub: Hip-Hop Open Mic Monday's // Dj T Wixx on site // Bring your Tracks. 10pm
  • Garages on Gaines: Tallahassee Pre-Fest 2 (Oct 24 & 25) featuring You Vandal, Irish Handcuffs, Dan Webb and the Spiders, The Randy Savages, Boss' Daughter, Aloha Broha, Indian Shores, Success. “Garages on Gaines and Gaines Street Pies + Warhorse present 2 nights of Pre-Pre-Fest action. Catch bands from around the globe as they descend upon the Sunshine State on their way to THE FEST 15 in Gainesville!” 5pm/all ages/free
  • Wolf’s Den: Dowsing [IL], Ratboys [IL], Slingshot Dakota [PA], Whateverer. 8pm/$5/all ages
Keep checking back, sometimes I update. Got anything to add?
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