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***🔬 Fresh Golden Teacher, B+, Moby Dick, PE6, RustyWhyte F9, McKennaii, South American, and Golden Mammoth spore syringes restocked! Limited number of Albino Cambodian F6 spore swabs available!🔬***

Please read the entire post carefully



Please check out my new website to make orders, I hope it will make the process easiefaster for me and customers. Please bear with me as I switch to this new platform and notify me of errors/bugs. Please read text on the website and let me know if the flow is off or if information is difficult to get to.
Shop Here :) Note- you must use these codes for discounts on multiple items.
Looking for handmade, qualify fishing Jigs? Help out My Boi!
Short COVID19 blurb- be safe people! Practice social distancing, wash your hands, wear a mask if you have to go out, and be kind.

New/Restocked item background/info

Golden Teacher- P. cubensis var. "Golden Teacher" was originally discovered as a wild strain in Georga, USA and quickly became one of, if not thee, most popular variety of P. cubensis. This variety is one that all collectors should have in their spore library.
B+- B+ is one of the longest studied varieties of P. cubensis and is extremely beginner friendly. All collectors should have this piece of history in their collection!
McKennaii- The origins of the McKennaii variety of P. cubensis are not entirely clear. This variety is named for Terrance McKenna, an acclaimed mycologist and is popular in the Netherlands where it may have originated as a cross in one of the shops there. The variety has been domesticated long enough to be considered a true "variety" and is a great honorary specimen to have in one's collection. Grab them today!
South American- South American was originally discovered in Venezuela and has been known to the community for a long time. Originally sold by a sponsor and almost lost when they went offline, South American was re-released by other vendors and is now one of the favorites of microscopists. South American is known to give off extremely large fruits in the right conditions (see image by P. Menace- Big Boi ).
Moby Dick- Moby Dick is an interesting variety. It comes from leucistic fruits that have an almost blue look to them. The spores are purple (not an albino, it is leucistic) and produce nice prints. There is some information that this is a result of crossing AA+ and GT; however, it has not been verified.
RustyWhyte (F9)- RustyWhyte is a new variety that was developed over the last few years by a community member. This variety is a leucistic fruit with reddish-brown spores (a stable line that originated from AA+ and CRS). These spores are F9. Be a part of history today and store these genetics in your library.
Golden Mammoth- The "Golden Mammoth" P. cubensis strain has an unclear backstory. As far as I can tell, it was originally created and sold by a Canadian vendor a decade ago. Below is the description from the vendor. Note that is is a P. cubensis variety.
Get your hands on Golden Mammoth!
GOLDEN MAMMOTH’ (psilocybe aureus tantus) is the ultimate, amazing psilocybe cubensis strain. The Golden Mammoth has earned itself a reputation as the best among psilocybe cubensis magic mushrooms strains, the most prolific, reliable and resistant study available.
Developed 13 years ago by an expert mycologist with over 30 years experience, the Golden Mammoth strain arose after extensive research. Professionally perfected, the Golden Mammoth has a pure lineage and virus free genetic line. The Golden Mammoth is the strongest, most vigorous Psilocybe Cubensis strain in distribution. This strain delivers mammoth amounts of research material. General Appearance: Gold colored cap. White veiled stem 8″-10″ tall.” Source: Sporepod.com
PE6- Taken directly from Rose's Advanced Strain Guide from shroomery:
"Shroomery veteran RogerRabbit, "Crossed a standard PE with the Tex strain." The result was PE 6.
RogerRabbit's efforts were an attempt to create a modified PE which produced more spores... but the spores were accidentally released too early... when a few prints were unintentionally mailed out, in a stack of other prints. The infamous print which lead to the public outing of this particular cube was labeled PE #6.
Here's how RogerRabbit says PE #6 came to be:
"A single sector fruiting isolate of PE, and another of TEX were placed on a petri dish with rattlesnake venom added to the agar. The snake venom helped the two dikaryotic strains share genetic information to form a third sector, which was which was labeled PE6. Other Isolates of the PE were labeled PE 1-7, and apparently, some of the 6, which was the cross, were in the same batch of prints. The idea was to get a good spore producing PE, but I never had time to stabilize the strain due to accidentally releasing it early. That's why sometimes they look like texans and sometimes very much like PE."
PE 6 looks like a cross between Penis envy and Texans. The fruits often have LARGE caps, which open fully, unlike classic PE. They also produce spores. While the stems look quite a bit like PE. Thick and textured. Like little logs.
RogerRabbit confirms this description: "the caps that opened fully have fewer spores like PE, and they have the same gnarly stems too. Only the caps seem to be bigger and to open all the way." "
Here is a link to the actual spore solution these batches came from: https://imgur.com/gallery/2EZNC9n
Albino Cambodian F6- This variety of P. cubensis is a true albino. The fruits were leucistic and the spores are clear. This variety arose from a mutation to a P. cubensis var "Cambodian" and has been undergoing stabilization. These spores are F6 from the original mutation (F0) and all appear clear. Swabs were taken directly from fruit bodies (not taken by MM666). This variety stabilization effort is also known as 'Avery's Albino'.
NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ME AND HINT THAT YOU PLAN TO CULTIVATE ACTIVES AS I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COMPLETE YOUR ORDER- ACTIVE SPORES ARE MICROSCOPY PURPOSES ONLY. YOU WILL BE BLOCKED. Additionally- If we do a transaction and you message me later saying you tried to cultivate with my product, you will be ignored and have no chance for a refund (if applicable).
If this is not the most recent of my posts on this subforum, stocks and availability may be out of date. See my website https://mushroom-man-mycology.myshopify.com/ for up to date stocks
ANY previous customers who have left a review:
Free vendors choice spore syringe with your next order, or spore swab for international. This cannot be swapped for other items. Orders of 100$ or more will get a second item :).To take advantage of the offer:
  1. make sure to include a link to your review in the Cart notes when placing an order on the website.
  2. forward me the confirmation email ([[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])) with your review and "1VC syringe freebie"
  3. let me know in reddit (private message) after you send the email and I'll verify your freebie
***Current specials/offers/freebies!**\*
I am offering a 3 for $25 and 5 for $40 cubensis spore syringe pack (mix and match available strains). This price includes 2-4 day shipping with tracking. US only.
I now have a $30 for 5 Vendor's Choice P. cubensis spore syringe and a $35 for 5 P. cubensis spore syringe offer- 3 of your choice and 2 vendors choice. These include 2-4 day tracked shipping. US only. Vendors choice is 100% up to me. I give at least 2-3 different varieties though.
"Cubensis collectors 10 syringe set" on sale for $65 ($75 value). This includes 6 syringes of your choosing, you can mix and match available strains, and 4 vendors choice syringes. You can select 10 of your own syringes for $70, or 10 vendor's choice for $60. These include 2-4 day tracked shipping. US only. Vendors choice is 100% up to me. I give at least 2-3 different varieties though.
Cubensis prints/ exotic swabs: 1 for 11, 2 for 18, 4 for 30, 10 for 70. If US based, highly recommend 2-4 day tracked shipping ($5.50 additional charge). Add $1.50 per letter for international (non-US orders) and I highly recommend the 6-10 day tracked option.

In Stock

Spore Syringes

Cubensis Syringes (US only) are 10-11cc and come capped and with a sterile 18g needle. Syringes are $16 for 1, $20 for 2, $25 for 3, $40 for 5 ($30 for 5 vendor's choice or $35 for 3 customer choice and 2 vendor's choice), $70 for 10 ($60 for 10 vendor's choice or $65 for 6 customer choice and 4 vendors choice) and comes with 2-4 day shipping and tracking. Orders over 10 syringes will have an additional $3 charge to cover priority flat rate shipping unless otherwise indicated. I offer deals on 25+ syringes with free shipping.
Note- My spore syringes are made by first homogenizing the spore solution for 1+ hours with a magnetic stir bar before loading into syringes. As such, spore clumps are broken up and spores are suspended in solution. I provide a link to a video of the spore solution before loading into syringes. As spores are microscopic, this may cause the syringes to appear mostly clear. Give them a hard shake and most syringes will have a few small visible spore clumps; however, the solution will have a light purple tint to it due to all the spores suspended in solution.
Here is a post that further explains an demonstrates the process: Spore Homogenizing Video
P. cubensis syringes:
"Cambodian Gold"
"Golden Teacher"
"South American"
"Oak Ridge"
"Puerto Rican"
"Moby Dick"
"Tidal Wave (F3)"
"Ban Hua Thanon"
"Golden Mammoth"

Prints and Swabs

\Any number allowed in your order- $11 each, 2 for $18, 4 for $30, or 10 for $70. Mix and match different strains/species allowed. Any US order over 2 prints/swabs: It is recommended to also add an additional $5.50 for 2-4 day shipping with tracking (US only). This has a much much higher chance of arrival with tracking. Add $1.50 for international orders (per letter). Tracked shipping available for international but it is expensive. Message me for details.**
P. cubensis prints (Check out the previous specific post for any variety for a small amount of information)- Note my print stocks are currently very low, see the stocks on my store and order there to verify you get what you want!
"Tidal Wave (F3)"
"Matias Romero"
Exotic swabs: $11 each but see above for deals
Panaeolus cinctulus- Spore swab
Panaeolus cambodginiensis var "Sandose"- Spore swab
Psilocybe tampanensis- Spore swab
Psilocybe ovoideocystidiata- Spore swab
Psilocybe zapotecorum- Spore swab
Psilocybe stuntzii- Spore swab
Gymnopilus dilepis- Spore swab
P. cubensis var "Albino Cambodian (F6)"- Spore swab

Edibles/Medicinals and Cultivation Supplies

*Colonized agar wedges $8 each, 4 for $25 and 10 for $55 (add $5.50, USA, for shipping on any order with wedges if shipping is not included with other products). Wedges almost always get processed and shipped Tuesday*
Edible/Medicinal wedges:
3015 Pearl Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus- Amycel Info Page)
Sporeless Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus var "sporeless")
Blue oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus var columbinus)-
Pink Oyster (Pleurotus djamor)
Yellow Oyster (Pleurotus citrinopileatus)
King oyster (Pleurotus eryngii)
Warm fruiting Shiitake (Lentinula edodes; above 18 deg C)
Red Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum)
King Stropharia/Wine Cap (Stropharia rugoso-annulata; Strain AM4)
Hen of the woods/Maitake (Grifola frondosa)
Glowing Bitter Oyster (Panellus stipticus)
Lion’s mane (Hericium erinaceus)
White Morel (Morchella rufobrunnea)
Cordyceps militaris var "CordyKong"
Cordyceps militaris var "CordyZilla"
Cordyceps cultivation-
Cordyceps nutrient premix- Nutrients for 1 L of Cordyceps specific nutrient broth, $11 + $5.50 shipping (domestic)
Cordyceps cultivation kit- Nutrients for 1.5-2 L of nutrient broth (10-15 containers worth), 1 agar wedge of either "CordyKong" or "CordyZilla" (your choice). $21 each + $5.50 shipping
How to start growing cordyceps- Cordy Growing Guide
Medicinal products-
1 oz dried red reishi (G. lucidum) antlers- $11 + $5.50 shipping (minimum)
Mycology supplies- I do not promote the use of these products for illegal activity. These are available to all US states
Filter patch myco bags- gusseted, 8″X5″X19″, 2.2 mil PP, 0.5 um filter. $11 for 10, $40 for 50, and $75 for 100. Shipping is either $9, $15, or $19 depending on quantity to US states. international will vary.
Empty syringes and needles- I can offer a set of needle and syringe (all sterile) for sale (1 set ~$2, 2 set ~$3, 4 set ~$5). Note, the inclusion of syringe set requires an additional $5.50 (US) for shipping and packaging unless your order is already being sent as a tracked package. PM me for pricing and details.
If you are looking for something and don't see it here, feel free to PM me with questions! I currently am not offering prepoured agar, pasteurized substrate, or sterilized spawn bags.


I accept paypal, credit card, debit card, or Venmo. There are also other quick payment options on the website- check them out!
Trying to use venmo? Check your settings here: how to set up your personal venmo to be used at checkout
Paypal/credit/debit cards strongly preferred- NOTE- I accept cards through shopify and paypal invoicing which only requires an email, I do not see any of your card or banking information.
Paypal only for international (you should still be able to use cards)
I do not accept crypto currencies.
Billing charge is discrete as well, no mention of mushrooms or mycology.
All listed pricing is before taxes and fees. Where applicable, I indicate when shipping costs are included and when shipping needs to be added.
P. cubensis (and exotic "actives") prints/spore syringes/swabs are for microscopy purposes only; please cultivate the edibles/medicinal species though!


Almost all orders are sent in manilla bubble mailers that are 9" by 6". They are discrete and show no indicitations of contents on the outside. All envelopes are indicated as "FRAGILE" with a red stamp.
Wedges are sent in microcentrifuge tubes, wrapped in parafilm.
Other orders are sent using USPS bubble mailers, or USPS flat rate boxes and, where necessary, padding is added to ensure safe delivery of items. I ship from within the USA
Check out all of the (positive) reviews from past customers, almost 2040!
Mushroomman666 Reviews!
Additionally- If we do a transaction and you message me later saying you tried to cultivate with my product, you will be ignored, blocked and have no chance for refund (if you were applicable).


If you made it this far you deserve to order!! To do so, send me a private message with the following information or order through the website HERE.
  1. Order specifics- what you want and how many of each.
  2. Shipping state/country (I cannot ship active spores to CA, GA, or ID)
I will then direct you to my website if you haven't gone there first.
Make sure to be aware of the discount codes to order online
If you cannot order through the website, or need a custom order for a large/complex order, we will sort it out through messages and a custom invoice. You will need to message me if:
  1. You want to order edible/cultivation products and you are in GA, CA, ID, or international.
  2. Orders, including international, that want prints/swabs sent as a letter (not available for India).
  3. International print/swab orders who want tracked shipping.
  4. You want to pay with venmo- I belive I have enabled venmo payments on the website, you need to enable on your end (see this)! Check your settings first and let me know if it is not working for you
Disclaimer- If you contact me and place an order (send funds), you agree that you have read the above in full. You agree that you understand these spores are for microscopy only, you have seen the spore solution video of your selected strain(s) are happy with the spore load, you have read and understood the order complications policy (linked below) IN FULL. You are also 18 years old or older.
Policies on order complications
submitted by mushroomman666 to sporetraders

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