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Serial key solaris 10 patch set limit

In solaris 10, /etc/inetd.conf howdoi: Set ftp session

Changing Number of Allowable Password ... - Oracle Help Center

Download Free 1z0-820 Exam Dumps. On most modern 32-bit Windows systems the maximum heap size will range from 1.4G to 1.6G. Both dbx 7.8 and gdb 7.1 are able to read core dumps created from a simple "goodbye, cruel world" program (kind of like "hello world", but it dereferences NULL at the end) built with gcc -m64 -g. However.

Activity code 15.2 Tuning the File Descriptor Limit

The reason I'm even bothered by it, is because I'm trying to get mysql to run there, and give it 58GB of RAM, or more, but the maximum I.

Activation code postgreSQL: Documentation: 10: 19.3. Connections and

Solaris 10 (sparc): 119757-43 (deprecated). The default setting is 10; the maximum for Solaris 2.6 is 2GB. It can mean that it used all virtual memory, or that it hit the process limit, or that it's a 32-bit process and hit the 4gb address space limit.

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Setting Environment Variables (Solaris Advanced User's Guide)

How to Use John the Ripper: Tips and Tutorials you can try these out. Solaris command: sshd shhd– secure shell daemon Usage: sshd [-deiqtD46] [-b bits] [-f config_file] [-g login_grace_time] [-h host_key_file] [-k key_gen_time] [-p port] [-V client_protocol_id] Description The sshd (Secure Shell daemon) is the daemon program for ssh(1). Solaris 10 patch set limit.

Solaris Application Memory Management

The following settings are available on the Settings tab of a device. The default for Solaris 9 was 25; Solaris 10 increased the default to 512. Database Installation Guide; Verify that the following shell limits are set to the values shown: Verifying Operating System Patches on Oracle Solaris.

Missing memory in Solaris 10 with ZFS – Sun Solaris System
1 How to Use Solaris command - sshd 74%
2 Ulimit in Solaris-10 zone - Free Tech Support 26%
3 How to set a limit on the number of processes a 46%
4 Solaris 10 Security Essentials 75%
5 It's Time to Disable TLS 1.0 (and All SSL Versions) If You 7%
6 Solaris 10: ZFS Evil Tuning Guide 69%
7 Top 25 Nginx Web Server Best Security Practices 12%

Download indecipherable core dump on Solaris x86_64

The ultimate Solaris sendmail troubleshooting guide – The see this. What is the default value of max-lwps in solari .... Normally ulimit is inherited from the main user, so allowing you to set a value for Oracle might be in the interest of your system administrator.

Crack re: how to set per user process limit on Solaris? (fwd)

While the vulnerability is in Oracle Solaris, attacks may significantly impact additional products. Ulimit setting problem on Solaris - The UNIX and Linux. Description: This procedure describes how to quickly setup a Solaris Domain Name System (DNS) using the h2n Perl Script provided.

Activation key [Top 10] Minecraft Best Cracked Servers

Most work is done with zonecfg which has been mentioned in my Solaris zones: a working example post. Ulimit in Solaris-10 zone have a peek at this web-site. Edit in response to comments and answers.

Serial code solaris - How can a process have a higher open file

In earlier versions this was called SHMMAX and was set by editing the. Oracle Shuts Older Servers Out of Solaris 11. Beginning with Solaris 10 Update 10 (= Solaris 10 8/11) or Solaris 10 with kernel patch (SPARC) / (x86) or higher, setting the priv level for [HOST]-file-descriptor is not necessary when setting just the basic level (the soft limit).


How to increase soft stack limit? - The UNIX and Linux blog. When configuring devices, Solaris 10 uses the SET_FEATURE command on the CMD646 to set the transfer mode to MDMA mode. But in Solaris 10, we can easily manage shell limits using simple prctl command.

Avaya Knowledge - Solaris 10: Enforcing password security

Updated for Solaris 10 05/09, Solaris Next, and Solaris Furure. GC overhead limit exceeded in jenkins. Learn how to Protect your unix / solaris system from internal & external security Generally it takes some time when security loophole is discovered and its patch is developed.

Preseason: loose ends in item builds

One patch ago, I've made a more comprehensive post on why Tanks will feel bad to play in the upcoming season. TL;DR of that one is that while the item shop for other classes is expanding, for tanks it is shrinking (loss of mana and health regen, key items like Adaptive Helmet and Catalyst into Abyssal Mask gone, no novelty factor in their options).
But now let's take a look at the full item system and see if there's anything simple to fix. Something Riot might have overlooked that's not the obvious general "oh my God, AD assassins are going to be so busted", because that one is a given.
If you need it, LoLShop by rio_riots is a helpful tool to preview the S11 items.
Let's start with the obvious - some finished items grant less stats than their components:
  • Chemtech Putrifier loses 5 AP
  • The Collector loses 10 AD
  • Youmuu's Ghostblade loses 5 AD
  • Umbral Glaive loses 5 AD
Stat or buildpath adjustments are needed. But what happens when the full items are updated... but the components not?

Components Stat Check

Preseason is a hectic, chaotic time and sometimes things go awkwardly missing. Full item gets nerfed, then its compoments grant more stat than what it used to, then some compoments get nerfed without changing their price - it happens a lot. For example after nerfing Locket of the Iron Solari down to 20% Ability Haste, Aegis had to lose 5% from its 15% AH, but its cost didn't change - leaving it at awkward 1500g cost (S10 Aegis costs 1100g with 0 AH). Similar thing with Winged Moonplate - after nerfs to Shurelya's Battlesong, it's down from 7% MS to 5% MS. Forbidden Idol used to grant 10% CDR, now it has a bit more Healing and Shielding Power instead... Problematic components:
  • Aegis of the Legion should probably just get its cost down from 1500g to 1200-1300 g
  • Winged Moonplate (400g for 5% MS) is hilariously inefficient when compared to Zeal (150g for 7% MS) or Aether Wisp (200g for 5% MS) - Moonplate should cost around 600 gold
  • Bandleglass Mirror is worth 900-950 gold, not 1050, remember it's low-budget supports we're talking about
  • Forbidden Idol would feel better to buy at 600-700 gold
  • Verdant Barrier is barely efficient when fully stacked - even considering it can't be too strong to keep it from being abused in all AP matchups, it could use some love (stacking to 5 more MR?)
  • Hearthbound Axe - considering it's sort of a Phage (passive) replacement with a bit less desired statline (early laning favours Health over Attack Speed), it might actually need a slight buff
  • Rageknife makes you lose damage on completion - this item actually can be thrown away now and replaced by Recurve Bow in Guinsoo's recipe, now that Guinsoo nor Rageknife no longer deal magic damage
  • another possible item to stat check is Crystalline Bracer, which could easily go up to 100% health regen (with price increase?), that way it would finally feel like it has a purpose

Mage Mythics

Mage Mythics are not only expensive as hell but also painfully inconvenient to build when compared to other classes. 1100-1250 combine cost is something uncalled for in the entire item system with the exception of Deathcap. In the laning phase especially the difference between the person with a finished item and unfinished one will be just too painful. Meanwhile, most AD Mythics have around 700g combine cost, some even as low as 200g.
The solution would be simply to add more components to the build path, for example:
  • Luden's Tempest = Lost Chapter + Hextech Alternator + Mana Crystal + 700g
  • Everfrost = Lost Chapter + Hextech Alternator + Ruby Crystal + 650g
  • Liandry's Anguish = Lost Chapter + Fiendish Codex + Mana Crystal + 850g
  • Hextech Rocketbelt = Hextech Alternator + Blasting Wand + Kindlegem + 500g
  • Night Harvester = Hextech Alternator + Blasting Wand + Kindlegem + 500g
  • Riftmaker = Leeching Leer + Amplifying Tome + Fiendish Codex + 765g
There: much easier upgrades, in line with Mythics of other classes. Some further adjustments can be made, differentiating between "easier" builds and "harder" builds, much like it used to be between Luden's Echo and GLP. I would even go as far as introducing Kindlegem to Everfrost's build path and buffing its Ability Haste to 20, but that's another discussion entirely.

Tank Mythics

Laning phase is when you have the most free item slots, so for Mythics upgrading to Chain Vest or Negatron Cloak isn't actually necessary - sitting on two Cloth Armors or two Null-Magic Mantles will do the trick just fine, if needed. What would help the build path of Frostfire Gauntlet and Turbo Chemtank is adding Aegis of the Legion to it - it allows you to gain that Ability Haste a bit before finishing the full item. That should be paired with the forementioned stat/cost check for Aegis.
So the proposed adjustment goes as follows:
  • Aegis cost down from 1500g to 1200g (see first section), armoMR down to 25 if mythics stats can't change
  • Sunfire Aegis = Bami's Cinder + Aegis of the Legion + Ruby Crystal + 600g (can even swap that ruby for Kindlegem with some stats adjustments)
  • Frostfire Gauntlet = Bami's Cinder + Aegis of the Legion + Cloth Armor + 700g
  • Turbo Chemtank = Bami's Cinder + Aegis of the Legion + Null-Magic Mantle + 550g
Like I've said in the beginning, this is only a band-aid compared to the full picture of tank items, but it would still be appreciated.

Assassin Mythics

Well, this one is set in stone - there is no AD to add in the builds, so the 1000g combine costs of Duskblade of Draktharr and Prowler's Claw are here to stay.
If anything, some AD support players (Pyke, Senna, Pantheon) may find themselves in an awkward spot as the first item they want to buy (Umbral Glaive) is not a Mythic. But maybe they're meant to go Umbral first, Mythic second.

Fighter Mythics

These actually are the reference point for other classes, the definition of convenience. Four items to choose, all building from the same set of components, with combine costs from 200 to 700g. Components form a simple 2x2 grid - you choose Phage or Hearthbound Axe, and Sheen or Ironspike Whip - and for evey combination of these (plus a Kindlegem), there is a Mythic.
x Phage Hearthbound Axe
Sheen Divine Sunderer Trinity Force
Ironspike Whip Goredrinker Stridebreaker

Marksman Mythics

Again, pretty understandable buildpath, especially with Noonquiver being a neat lasthitting crutch. The main topic of discussion here will be the stat balance and synergies (Kraken Slayer Vayne here we go).

Support Mythics and Enchanter Items

Supports, more than anyone, are often limited to one finished item, maybe two. And their Legendary items were kept cheap on purpose (around 2300 gold) to remedy their reduced gold stream. With that in mind, 2700 for a Mythic might feel a bit gating. A stat check is also needed for Forbidden Idol and Bandleglass Mirror, see first section. As for Ability Haste - late in the game Wardstone is going to grant a high amount of AH, yes, but when considering the second item for Enchanters (which many will finish the game with), there are 4 items with Healing&Shielding Power (by the way, this stat deserves its own short name like Lethality has - consider "Enchanting"), and two of them - Ardent Censer and Staff of Flowing Water - lack Ability Haste, which is the primary Support statistic. Paired with lower H&SP (10% compared to Redemption's and Mikael's 20%) they might feel pretty underwhelming.
Here's a proposed set of changes:
  • All support Mythics down to 2500g-2600g cost (if balance/poaching is a concern, adjust stats as needed)
  • Ardent Censer and Staff of Flowing Water both: Blasting Wand in recipe replaced with Bandleglass Mirror, now grant +10% Ability Haste, Ability Power reduced from 60 to 50
  • Enchanters have 4 cheap items to choose from, tanks who can't utilize healing and shielding power only 2 (Knight's Vow and Zeke's Convergence); consider adding a third option for low-budget tanks (2300g grievous wounds?)

One Trick Ponies

And some items are in this weird category where they are a pretty useful component item that only builds into a single finished item. You could imagine some other purposes for them - and the destination item doesn't fill all the imaginable needs. Examples:
  • Leeching Leer - builds only into the Riftmaker, and I imagine it's to keep the Omnivamp away from assassins?
  • Verdant Barrier and Seeker's Armguard - if we want to use this season to create itemization for AP bruisers, wouldn't this be the time to do more?
  • Bramble Vest - perhaps an armor + MR version that procs on ability hits on you as well? All the other anti-healing items have two upgrades, here maybe a cheap 2300g support item?
  • Hexdrinker - AS alternative?
  • Spectre's Cowl - now it will only build into Spirit Visage, and some champions will really miss Adaptive Helmet (and Abyssal Mask)
  • Glacial Shroud - for non-support tanks it builds only into Frozen Heart now
  • Blighting Jewel - if ADCs can have two upgrades to Last Whisper, perhaps mages could have two options as well?

Final Touches

Some items could use a tiny bit of love:
  • Morellonomicon without its magic penetration is an inconvenient occupant of an item slot. Compared to Chempunk Chainsword or Thornmail it's pretty underwhelming
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate doesn't have the "oomph" effect that Deathcap and IE do. The previous self-slowing HP increase version felt better. Lack of Stopwatch in the item build is a downside as well
  • Warmog's Armor got straight out nerfed (more cost, less value in Ability Haste), same goes for Spirit Visage which has 15 MR less
  • Tanks will have a hard time going against AP champions now with the loss of old Abyssal Mask (new one is straight up garbage), and no, the new Force of Nature doesn't really come close to it
There's also some roads yet to be explored, like:
  • Mythics and Demonic Embrace are fine, but it doesn't really feel like the "AP Bruiser itemization" problem has been thoroughly exhausted
  • Tanks, as per the linked piece, got the short end of the stick
  • There could be more items/effects gaining more Ability Haste slowly over time, other than just specific Mythics
  • Completely offtopic: None of the Mythic Items are from Demacia? (maybe Stridebreaker is?)
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New kek or cringe list

Decided to document my opinions of things I've tried here. Kek= like, cringe=no like
Tanchjim Hana: a bit bright, shouty upper mids. Reminds me a bit of kxxs in terms of technicalities, which is generally decently textured with decent detail. Overall, a nice package if you can find it cheap. kek.
Empire Ears Hero: Not much to say about this one. A decent iem with some oddity in the treble. Mids were ok. Bass could have been more dynamic. At it's kilobuck asking price, I wouldn't go for it. Cringe, too expensive.
64 audio trio: A good, cohesive iem. Decent bass impact, mids felt natural enough. Kek
Campfire ara: really good impact for a BA, but the mids are pretty screwed. For something that costs so much I would expect more. Cringe
Campfire solaris (2020): decent impact, mids not bad, staging isn't bad either. Could be better, but after listening to the ara I think it's a big improvement. The shell is really well made too. Kek.
Shozy rouge: good looks, smooth sound, overall an enjoyable experience. Kek.
Kinera Freya: looks really nice for the price. Sounds wack. I've heard worse but something really went wrong here. Cringe
Final A8000: Decently resolving with an upper mid/treble emphasis. I prefer a smoother treble, but I think this is a nice package, and the fit is good too. Wouldn't take over blessing 2 though, and it's absurdly expensive. Unfortunately, cringe.
Bl03: decent enough tonality, warm, but far too much midbass. Still my go-to iem for the price. kek
Etymotic Er4xr: cringe. Far too lifeless for my taste and the single BA feels like it's being pushed to the absolute limit all the time.
Etymotic er2xr: a good budget contender, but it's great midrange doesn't save it from bass bleed issues and a lack of dynamics. Kinda cringe
Etymotic er2se: Hands down my favorite ety. The lack of er2xr subbass, and thin sounding er4xr BA timbre make this an excellent choice in my opinion. Reasonably resolving, a fair amount of note weight, and a great midrange without being impeded by bass like the xr. Given its price, i think this deserves a massive K E K.
JVC HA FDX1 (revised review): besides the metallic treble, overall it's a good iem with plenty of dynamics, decent tonality, and an overall satisfying presentation (besides the bad fit). Kek
Mh755/MH750: Obviously a V shape response, but the bass hits hard while staying cohesive, mids are a bit thin but not bad for V shape, though there is some unpleasant shout. Generally a fun, cohesive, and fairly resolving iem that sets the bar for free bundled dirtybuds. Kek.
Tin t2: neutral bright style response, treble can maybe be a bit metallic, overall a very good iem for what it is. Bass is cohesive, treble is tame enough, mids and lower mids are represented nicely. Kek
Tin t2 pro: t2 was bright enough, I don't think this is a step in the right direction. Cringe, buy t2.
Tin t4: has been a while since I tried it, I remember it being a bit boring but overall very well designed. Kek.
QKZ VK4: Bassy, somewhat sibilant, very cheap, nonexistent qc, but still Tonally pleasant. Mids aren't the worst, bass bloat is a problem, but it isn't the worst, treble is sibilant and low res, plenty of complaints but I've heard much worse, and for $10 I guess this is a legitimate option. Kek?
Koss 60 ohm memes: if you like warm , lower mid focused sound, you can't go wrong with any of these. kek
Neumann ndh20: Something sucked out in the upper mids, not sure if soundstage or resonance is occurring, midbass a bit boomy. Not the worst tonally, but not good. Cringe.
Hd25: Fun, U shape cans. Not expensive. Not bad. Kek
Hd25 light: similar to the hd25, dynamics may have taken a hit. Still pretty kek.
Hd280 pro: weirdly sharp, mids are pretty screwed. No idea what's happening here tbh. cringe.
Hd300 pro: not as bad as the 280, seems okay but I don't see a reason to buy it at $200. Cringe.
Hd560s: not the hd600 replacement some claimed it to be, but it's definitely a fresh take from sennheiser. Much more exciting in the low end and the mids when given the right music. Maybe a little shouty or sharp in the high end, but it's not a bad package. Stage is decent, it images decently. Kek.
HD58x: cringe. Grainy, very low resolution, a poor excuse for what it wants to emulate.
HD580: K E K. My benchmark reference for midrange tonality for years to come.
HD600: kek
HD6XX/HD650: kek?
HD660S:. Sacrifices the one reason as to why people buy the 600 (midrange timbre), copies the tuning of the weakest of the bunch (the 650), all for a modest increase in techs. Kinda cringe bro.
Hd800s: tonally a bit thin, takes very well to ifi bass button though. Detailed, wide, imaging isn't the best. Generally seems competent enough, but maybe not enough to justify the price. Barely makes it to Kek.
Hd820: holy shit this thing sounds like a bath tub. Cringe
Sennheiser he1: cringe. Spend your 60k somewhere else.
Moondrop Spaceship: cringe. No dynamics. Warm tuning was pretty alright though.
AIRpod pro: CRINGE
OH10: kinda cringe. Bassy with rock ergonomics
Noble k10: cringe. Somewhat odd tuning. Bassy.
Magaosi k5: K E K. Weeb mid supreme, decent bass for a BA, only complaint is treble extension.
XB50ap:mega crigne. Literally just insane amounts of midbass/upper bass and some upper mid shout (the kind that isn't pleasant). What is mids?
Meze empyrian: cringe
Meze 99 classic: mega cringe. So much resonance
M1060: cringe
Shp9500: CRINGE. Grain train, sharp treble shelf, barely passable mids,and nobass.
Fidelio x2: cringe. Less grain, but now it's muddy
Fidelio x3: sharp, aggressive highs, decent bass extension, dynamics aren't great, mids are okay, but upper mids make things sound weird. Overall a serviceable Headphone, however at over $300 MSRP, this was a pretentious move by phillips, and I would not recommend this to anyone when the hd560s exists. Cringe.
All of the grados: cringe
Delta buds: audio equivalent of a septic tank. Cringe
Mdr1am2: kek warm sound, fluffy and comfy fit. still low res but enjoyable
wh1000xm3: great features, ANC is nice, but the thing sounds like an aborted mdr1a. Cringe
Z5 (stock): tuning is way too warm in a really weird way, borderline mud but with some resolution (maybe). Cringe
Z5 (unfiltered): not even the same IEM. Not nearly as warm, pretty kek
Kse1200: kek
Vido: kek. You literally can't get anything better than this under $5
Yincrow x6: kinda cringe. Mine was extremely muddy.
Yincrow rw9: somewhat kek. X6 but with treble
Focal sphear S: painful sibilance. Cringe
Focal Utopia: out of a pair of good sources, I was very impressed. Detailed, dynamic, great mids. Slightly metallic but overall a very good headphone that I wish I could afford. kek
Focal Elex: A very clean sounding Headphone. Maybe a bit boring but still a great Headphone. It has plenty of detail, and great dynamic range. The bass is a little lacking in quantity, but the texturing and detail along with the impact is pretty great. The mid range has a bit of a recessed upper mid (which I'm not a fan of) but is overall well represented and seems to be Tonally accurate. The treble is a little metallic but overall is pleasing. I think there's a lot to appreciate with this Headphone. KEK
Focal Stellia: Tonally fucked. c r I N g e.
TRx00: good V shape Headphone. Nice slam. Im not a fan of V shape though, and personally I think the CAL is a better option if I just wanted a fun sounding Headphone with biodynama bass. I guess it's pretty kek.
Cal!: If you like V shape, and don't have a lot of money, this is a godsend. If you need a relatively neutral closed back, look elsewhere (psst, k361). Kek
B&W P5S2: cringe. Just mud.
B&W P7: Anglo cringe. Sounds less muddy than the p5, but still a mess of a headphone. Also the left driver completely died on my unit after not using it for a few months.
Airpods: cringe
Kz zst: sounds like a half blown subwoofer and a tizzy ba that struggles to push a note at a time were just stuck together. cringe
Kz zsa: like the zst but the BA can now produce slightly more than one note at a time, and slightly less scratchy. cringe
Kz zs10pro: nubbad for hard V shape iem at this price. Reasonably cohesive and the high end has some resolution. Kek I guess.
ATH-M50x: Immediately sounds off. V shape that's bloated and harsh on both ends, with unnatural midrange and nonexistent stage/imaging. I see no reason to take this over similarly priced options. Cringe.
ATH-AD500x: all around pleasant sounding budget open back. Detail is alright, the imaging is accurate enough, and the sound stage isn't all that wide, but certainly not narrow. The generally response tends to fall apart past the upper mids, and subbass doesn't exist, but overall, not a bad budget open back all things considered. Kek.
Dt770: boomy, no upper mids, crappy dynamics, meh detail, some treble I guess. Just feels like a pillow of bass and disappointment. Cringe.
Xb950n1: Distorted bass and not much else. cringe
MDR100abn: probably kek
MA900: Nice warm sound, very open, nice bass impact for what it is. Kek
K1000: Big stage, weird sound. cringe
QDC Neptune: Way too warm. cringe
Moondrop SSR: As polarizing as the massive 3k pinna is, I find this to be a very good iem for the price range. Bass dynamics and texture are on point, there's plenty of detail, and the imaging is brilliant. Mid range, although a bit too weeb for my liking, is still generally very well articulated. There's a lot that this iem does right for the price, as long as you don't mind the Tonality. KEK.
Moondrop KXXS: Nice harman tuning. Slightly metallic treble. Comfortable. Doesn't isolate a whole lot. Fair price. Overall well rounded. kek
Moondrop Starfield: Similar FR to kxxs, but it's far from just a cheaper kxxs (the driver is different). The isolation and comfort are the same as kxxs, and the paint is really cool in my opinion. However, the lack of detail and a feeling of overall compression make it feel like something that isn't nearly as good as the kxxs, which is reflected in its price. Maybe its good for the price, but I don't like it. cringe.
Moondrop blessing 2: An all round excellent iem. The bass has enough impact, texture and presence to keep things interesting, but isn't intrusive at all. The mid-range has a tasteful upper mid boost with a beautiful, clean presentation and plenty of detail. The treble adds plenty of air and isn't peaky or problematic. The imaging is great. The staging is pretty decent for an IEM. Very kek 69/10.
Mrspeakers Aeon Closed: No dynamics, weird tonality, feels congested. cringe.
Mrspeakers Aeon C flow: Somewhat better dynamics (maybe?) better detail and tonality, generally a less congested feel. Still, its not a big enough improvement over the original. Cringe.
Mrspeakers Ether C: cringe.
RHA MA750i: kinda cringe. Has better tonality than the t20, and overall a better sound signature though it's still pretty strange. Midrange is succ.
RHA T20i: cringe af. off tonality, lacks dynamics, weird tuning, very little perceived treble extension or detail. Midrange is even more succ.
B&O H9: surprisingly decent for a Bluetooth headphone. Bassy and warm. Maybe too much emphasis on lower mids. still Kek
AKG K361: Well balanced, a little lacking in dynamics, and runs a bit too lean for me (lacks midbass). Might have a peak in the upper mid-range that bothers me but is otherwise a very well tuned headphone, decent imaging, and plenty of detail. Subbass hits nicely when you need it to, vocals are well defined, and treble sparkles. Not bad for a closed back. Kek
AKG K371: similar to k361, but with better feeling materials across the construction, a bit of a more present midbass, maybe a bit more detail in the mids, and a somewhat smoother treble. Along with the cheaper model, it's one of the only closed backs I think are worth anyone's time. Kek.
RAAL: Wtf is this. Nubbad in high end, but lots of harmonic distortion, gets much worse as you go lower. I dont know why this thing exists. Cringe.
Stax sr007: kek.
Koss esp95x (vesper pads): Man this thing is weird. No note weight in low end, and Tonality is strange, but the mids are surprisingly natural, and the imaging is really nice. It's no sr007, but it's a really interesting package that easily deserves a kek.
E-MU Teak: wonderful biodynama meme. Decent imaging, dynamics are pretty good, and the slam is really nice. Generally loads of fun. However, CAL is the better buy in my opinion, If all you want is biodynama meme cans, due to the high price of the teaks relative to sound quality. Regardless, I enjoy this one, and I think It deserves a kek.
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