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Cannot Load Oculus Home (PC)

Hi anyone who might have had this issue before, or anyone who has an I idea of what to try next. I have been working with Oculus to get back into my oculus home. It does not load.

My equipment:
  1. Rift-S, less than a year old (also have a quest + link cable)
  2. Alienware Aurora R9, less than a year old

  1. I have been downloading GTLF files, converting them, and downloading .GLB files to import custom objects into my home. I also downloaded Simply Home to frame PSVR photos to hang on my walls. Some of the files are not working in the Oculus home, and they show as red exclamation points in my inventory. No problems at all with loading my oculus home
  2. The issue began the day I updated some drivers and updated to Windows 10 version 2004. I wasn’t able to run Alienware support app, and had to call for tech support. Apparently I had two apps - she deleted one and ran the driver updates. Recommended I run the windows update, which I did.
  3. I am no longer able to load my Oculus home. I can run all apps and play, and others can visit my homes. I cannot even visit a friend’s home.

What I have tried working with Oculus support:
  1. Completely deleted/uninstalled Oculus using the directions from support to remove all traces. Reinstalled.
  2. Updated a video driver
  3. Disabled the NVIDIA Overlay
  4. Uninstalled teamviewer
  5. Disable USB Selective Suspend
  6. Ensured that USB power saving settings in Windows Device Manager are not enabled for my USB ports
  7. Completely deleted McAfee Antivirus software

What I tried:
  1. Stopped oculus services/processes and restarted them
  2. Created a new oculus account, reset my quest/link to connect to that account, logged in under the new account to see if I can reach a default home. (No)
  3. Deleted all my added items in my Oculus home directory
  4. Insured all my drivers are up to date
  5. Ran a full diagnostics test through dell site

Appreciation to anyone who has a thought of something else to try. 😦

Fixed when I reinstalled Windows and wiped my PC
submitted by Liresi8 to oculus

I'm an IT Manager attempting to use Continuum for one full day...

Got the dock setup at my desk. Left my Surface at home.
Attempting to use nothing but Continuum and whatever tools at my disposal through it to work for one full day.
Wish me luck... I hope I don't have to resort to a spare junker laptop :-)
Obviously this is just a test to see how far I can take it.

Update 1: The First Hour (Edit: Forgot to mention a wonky thing with TeamViewer)

  • Discovered there's no working Remote Desktop app for Continuum (yet). Tried to download the Remote Desktop Preview app, but it says it's not compatible with my device. I hope they plan to release this soon. For now I've resorted to TeamViewer, which works but the mouse is wonky. You have to hold the mouse left click down to "move" the cursor. Then let go of left click and click again to actually click something. They need to fix that in their app.
  • Working with e-mail has been nice and smooth. The app works very well in full screen and I was able to quickly triage my mail.
  • Popped up my OneNote to check my notes for a meeting and off I go. Will let you know what's next.

Update 2: Meeting Notes

  • Just wrapped up my first meeting of the day. Using just the phone to take notes was a bit clumsy. (I really wish it had pen support). I ended up with simple few word lines and will clean up my notes with this keyboard situation.
  • I'm somewhat worried about leaving the phone docked throughout the day just as it seems to get a little warm. Maybe I'm being paranoid? Is there a "chill-pad" I can put this thing on? 😁

Update 3: Network Shares & Printing (Edit: Figured out how to print. It was right in my face but I didn't see it somehow. It automatically discovered all my local network printers by their name)

  • We utilize DFS shares in some instances for our users. A coworker sent me an e-mail saying he updated the file on the network and wanted me to take a look. Hmm? I can't get to network shares it seems from File Explorer. I had to ask him to e-mail it to me (really trying to hold off using a PC) to workaround this. I am able to access all my other working files that I normally keep in my OneDrive fine.
  • I was able to use Edge to access our web-based Business Intelligence reporting tools (QlikView for anyone curious) to check on the help desk statistics for last week. It worked very well, although it slowed down occasionally. Overall seemed to work well. The dashboards run on AJAX
  • Checking in on the help desk itself was also fine. We utilize a custom modified version of OSTicket. The web-interface was smooth and I was able to assign tickets without an issue.
-(Edit: I got this working. The option was right in front of me) Printing? I haven't figured out how to print. I need to print out an Excel spreadsheet but can't seem to figure out how.
Overall notes on the experience thus far at the halfway mark: - I'm a little worried about the heat of the phone. When it's docked, the screen stays on. I have a keyboard and mouse and don't really need to see the screen. Would be nice if I could turn that off and maybe reduce the heat a bit? - Switching between open apps is fairly quick, but I keep finding myself wanting to de-maximize a window or snap something side by side. I hope they add this. - I've had to use TeamViewer quite a bit to get into things like VMware vSphere Client, remote into Windows 2012 based servers, and use our ERP system. TeamViewer requires me to have a PC running the software here (which we fortunately have 2 PCs licensed for this as backups if we can't VPN in for whatever reason). However, it's not ideal and I'd much prefer the Remote Desktop app so I could just bounce between systems or utilize our VDI servers that our users already use. - I will say it would be amazing to have a vSphere Universal App.

Update 4: Living on the Edge

  • Had my first crash. Came back after grabbing lunch and plugged in the phone. Acted like it was getting ready to display then screen went blank and Microsoft logo appeared. It came back and I plugged in again and everything was working again.
  • Used Edge to do a little browsing and read the news, etc. This thing really needs an adblocker. Ads drag performance way down, especially those annoying video ads that start playing on their own. It would at times cause the page to freeze as all the ads attempted to load. Need an adblocker please!
  • Other than the ad issue above, browsing on Edge in Continuum is very close to the same experience as on the desktop. No tab previews though.

Update 5: Nearing the finish line...

  • I've noticed scrolling lists is sometimes delayed. Notice it particulary in this Readit app. Haven't tried Baconit for comparison though.
  • You can't pin programs to the taskbar or to the "desktop". So, I'm often going into the start menu which takes a fraction of a second to display (because it has to hide the start screen on your phone first before it can show it on your PC screen). I didn't want to pin all the "desktop apps" I use to my start screen, but I ended up making a folder and putting them in there on Start.
  • You can't hit start and instantly start typing to find something (like on desktop). I have muscle memory from years of Windows 7,8,10 clicking start and just typing for what I want to open (I'm sure you'll know what I mean). Hopefully they add that because it's handy.
  • You can't rearrange tiles on the Start screen while in continuum mode. I had to do it from the phone with my finger. Not a huge deal, just figured I'd mention it.
  • I forgot I had to work on Visio document today and get to my team by tomorrow. Looks like I'll be doing that from home later since there isn't a Visio app (yet).
I will provide a summary of my thoughts this evening after my day wraps up. I've been running around the office between meetings and general daily fire fighting. Overall, I've been able to work and get the basics done. Is it enough to be my "sole computer"? Hmm I'll answer that tonight.

Final Thoughts and Summary

I set out to see if I could use nothing more than the Lumia 950, the Microsoft Display Dock, a wireless keyboard/mouse, and a 23" Monitor to work for the entire day.
Was the experiment a success? Yes.
Was it always a pleasant experience? Not yet.
  • Overall the performance of the device in "Continuum" mode is somewhere between a netbook and a faster Intel Atom processor. It's not fast, but it's not slow. It's acceptable.
  • Switching between apps is fairly smooth.
  • The start menu sometimes takes a second to open after being clicked.
  • I didn't like leaving it plugged in all day. Every time I left my desk, it came with me so it would get "a break". Maybe I'm being paranoid but the phone gets hot and the screen stays on in Continuum mode. Will this cause any long term side effects? I don't know - hopefully Microsoft adds the ability to turn on the phone display when docked in a future update.
  • I was able to work on every Office document I needed to (using Word and Excel, didn't get to test PowerPoint). But I needed to use Visio and there's no app for that.
  • I need to remote into servers as part of my job. At the moment, the Remote Desktop app doesn't support Continuum. This left me using TeamViewer which left a bit to be desired only because it doesn't work well with the mouse cursor. I suspect with some feedback, TeamViewer will fix this. Ultimately, we need the Remote Desktop app.
  • Armed with TeamViewer, there really wasn't anything I "couldn't do". If there wasn't an app for what I needed, I used TeamViewer to get to another PC we have setup and did it through there.
  • Near the halfway point of the day, I really was longing for "multiple window" multitasking. I normally work with a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 docked with 3 external monitors. Shifting to the single monitor with only one visible app at time was limiting. Was I able to work? Sure. But at times I wanted a bit more. Maybe that speaks to the overall experience of using it that I was able to think about using this full time.
  • Multiple monitor support would be awesome
In summary, can this be your only computer? It really depends on your needs. I think a typical office worker could get by with this alone if it Remote Desktop/RemoteApp support and you had the infrastructure to support virtual desktops. In fact after my day with it, it will be something we seriously consider in the future if Microsoft adds the necessary support.
If you just need a computer to perform Office, browse the web, or play some casual games (once there are more universal apps hopefully) - this may do it for you.
For me personally I need a bit more horsepower and those multiple monitors. I'll be using my Surface Pro 4 on a daily basis - but the next business trip I take I may attempt to leave it behind and bring just my 950 to really push the limit.
Feel free to ask me any questions and I'll happily answer anything I didn't point out here.
tl;dr Works great, needs more apps, can be a true thin client with Remote Desktop app. For me, I need a bit more horsepower to be my sole computer. Amazing experience overall.
submitted by runamuck83 to windowsphone

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