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TeamViewer Pro 15.12.10 Crack Full Premium License Key submitted by Aksulangi to u/Aksulangi

My experience with Proctortrack error and Western Remote Proctoring help (Calculus 1000A Midterm)

This might be a little long so buckle up.
This is what happened during the calculus 1000A Part 1 Midterm.
Just to preface for anyone that doesn’t know about Proctortrack- it’s basically a software we are forced to download onto our computers that takes control of our screen during a test and records our screen as well as camera video feed and audio. It tracks eye movement during the test to check for cheating and suspicious behaviour.
So, my original midterm date was actually set for Friday October 16th but a few nights before, Proctortrack had a security breach so the midterm date was postponed until October 30th from 7:30-9:30pm (2 weeks later). Before the midterm everyone must complete an onboarding test which consists of successfully downloading Proctortrack, face scans, student ID scan, and a whole bunch of software checking that things like audio and keyboard are compatible. I finished the onboarding the night before the exam, nothing out of the ordinary happened, the system check was completed in 10 minutes and once it was finished my OWL page showed that it was complete.
I just wanted to include that I have an instructor and a course co-ordinator (James). The instructor is who I was emailing throughout the whole ordeal.
Okay so on October 30th I open up Owl and the test is locked until 7:30 so I wait, and when the time arrives I try to open it and the screen is freezing up and not loading. I wait like 5ish minutes to contact my instructor because its probably lagging from everyone opening the test at the same time. After 5 minutes I email her as well as the course co-ordinator to ask them about the issue and she (my instructor) replies to tells me a lot of other students are experiencing the same problem and to give it a few minutes and try again. If it doesn’t work after that to contact the Proctortrack help services. So, after a few more minutes I go to the website she sent me and call the number listed. There is a digital “queue”, and I can’t remember exactly but I believe I was 11th in line. I wait about 20 minutes and it updates where you are in line, and once it said I was 1st in line it tells me to leave a VOICEMAIL. It was such a waste of time and I’m still confused about what the point of the line was if I was just going to leave a voicemail at the end…
As of now the voicemail was never actually responded to.
I email back my instructor who replies within the minute I send her messages, and she replies that I should try contacting the help line for Western Remote Proctoring support next. When I try to phone the number, the number is closed, and I have to go to a website to use their online chat support. So, I find the webpage, wait for a virtual help person and then start trying to fix my Proctortrack. She had me restart my computer even thought I told her multiple times I already tried, I had to download Firefox to see if Proctortrack would work on that browser (I was using Chrome and it worked during the onboarding), which was unsuccessful. She also had me turn off adblocker and turn on all cookies, all which lead to nothing. We tried other things, but I’ll spare you the details. In the end, it was 30 minutes later and not any closer to fixing my issue. She ended up adding another colleague into the virtual help chat because she was out of ideas. This person suggested I re-call the Proctortrack help service.
I want to add here that I asked the virtual chat support if they knew if I would still have the full time to write the test and she said probably yes because the chats are recorded and I would have proof that they could refer to later. I also want to add that I am contacting my instructor as well as James during this and keeping them updated. James has not replied to a single email at this point. My instructor is really really helpful and replied promptly with suggestions but ultimately, she can’t make decisions about whether of not I can have an extended time to write my test. So, I’m in the dark about what’s going to happen about my calculus midterm.
So now, I call back the Proctortrack help services and get back in the queue. I’m 3rd in line now and when it’s my turn they pick up this time! Someone picks up the phone, I explain the problem and he sends an email to me where I have to download Teamviewer and give permission for him to take control of my screen. It’s a little sketchy but I’m desperate at this point its around 8:40 (exam started at 7:30). He has complete control of my screen at this point I can see him moving his mouse and opening my files and deleting things. Around 10 minutes later he miraculously solves the issue I’ve been having for the last hour. Now I can finally start my calculus midterm.
Before clicking start, I email my instructor to tell her the good news. I also ask about whether I would have the full 2 hours to write the test as it was 8:50 and the test closes at 9:30pm. She tells me to not start the test unless I think I can finish by 9:30 and to wait as she asks James about my situation. I wait for about 15 minutes when she tells me that he actually extended the time to 10:10pm for anyone having technical difficulties at the beginning of the test. That’s great except now its around 9:10pm and I would have 1 hour to write a 2-hour test. Now, if someone was really good at Calculus this might be enough time for them to finish the midterm but as someone who needs every second they can get, I knew I would not be able to finish the whole midterm in 1 hour.
I email back and forth with my instructor if there is any other option such as extending the time even more but she replies that she’s really sorry but James is the only one who can make those decisions. The problem is that I’ve emailed him throughout my Proctortrack ordeal, and he didn’t reply to a SINGLE email. I decide to try again and send an email at 9:30pm outlining every detail of what happened and spent time finding the messages between me and the Western support system to copy the chat as proof that it happened and I’m not making my problem up. There is no response to this email. I didn’t want to bombard his email because there would be less of a chance of a response, so I wait a little longer before sending my next one.
Between this time my instructor tells me I probably will have to submit a self-reported absence and write the makeup test on November 9th if I don’t write the test tonight in the now 40-minute time window. I have never heard of a self reported absence before so I look it up and it’s a submission where you have to report either the day before, day of, or day after the test and it allows you to not write the test at that time. You have to send an email within 24 hours scheduling a makeup date after submitting the form or else the submission will be null. I email James inquiring if I’d actually have to submit the form since it is usually used for compassionate reasons and I only have 2 submissions per semester and this midterm issue is entirely due to Proctortracks malfunction.
Judging from his pattern of un-responded-to emails, there probably wouldn’t be a response for the night, and I was right.
In total I sent 4 emails to James between 7:30pm – 11:15pm with no response to ANY of them. Just for comparison there were 51 emails exchanged between me and my instructor from 7:30pm-11pm.
Because there was no response from James I didn’t know:
  1. If I could still write the midterm that night by him extending the time
  2. If I had to submit a self reported absence (which has to be submitted within the day after the test or else I will receive a 0 on the midterm)
  3. If I could write the makeup midterm
  4. When I would be writing the midterm
  5. If I could have the full time for the midterm
The entire situation was in no way my fault and I couldn’t even at least have my questions answered by one person.
The NEXT DAY it was 4pm and there were still no responses from James and at this point I decided to submit the self-reported absence for my peace of mind since time was running out. After you submit the form you are required to send an email scheduling the makeup exam within 24 hours, so I sent yet another email to James.
This time, to my great surprise, he responded! Nothing to get too happy about though, I’m pretty sure it was a copy paste email since half his email was talking about Proctortrack flags and problems after starting the test when my emails clearly state that I had not started the test.
Overall, I’m going to be writing the makeup midterm on November 9th, which is 4 days before harder part 2 of the Calculus midterm taking place on November 13th.
I’m very upset and disappointed in the help service of Proctortrack and how they handle their help line. Having me wait in a queue only to turn me to a voicemail is absolutely ridiculous, on top of that my voicemail was never replied to. Western Remote Proctoring help had me do things I have told them I already tried, wasting precious time, and finally I am disappointed that James, the course co-ordinator, could not even be present during his midterm to help students get into the test or even answer questions about whether they would have the appropriate amount of time to complete it or what to do if we were not able to write the midterm due to Proctortrack. Before the midterm, when asked what to do if Proctortrack didn’t work during the test, he deflected all the questions by redirecting them to the Proctortrack website and we were told to contact them if there were any problems. This is also very outrageous because Proctortrack cannot answer our questions about the midterm, especially if the Proctortrack help line doesn’t even pick up the phone…
Part One of the Calculus midterm was a complete disaster for me because of Proctortrack and I was punished for something that was not my fault at all.
I will be writing the Part 1 of the Calculus midterm 24 days after the original posted date of October 16th.
Thanks for reading everybody if you made it this far but overall, I’m extremely disappointed in this situation and hope people gain some insight about how unhelpful the Proctortrack helpline is as well as the western remote proctoring virtual support and finally, James, the course coordinator.
submitted by Suitable-Coast-2511 to uwo

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